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Dear Alice is an Interior Design podcast brought to you by Jessica Bennett and Suzanne Hall, the spunky geniuses behind Alice Lane Interior Design. These two ladies break down the highest end of the design and interior fashion world through their beautiful lifestyle approach with a heaping dose of wit and taste.

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  • boob0056
    The fake posh vocal fry accents are insufferable. Not sure if they feel the need to fake them to try and fit in with high end clients… it does the opposite.
  • charlotte3552
    Tone Deaf & Underlying Misogyny
    “Ladies dressing like ladies” As an interior designer for the last 25 years, I’m a casual fan of the show when J &S focus on design principals and the discuss the organic approach to interior design. This latest episode on 5/25/23 urged me to write a review. We have come too far as people to now gender stereotype and pass judgement on how women chose to present themselves. Being “called out” by a male professor is not an epiphany; it’s a misogynistic and patriarchal attack on a young naive women. I think perhaps she needs to think very hard about why it feels good to conform to a societal standard and stereotype. Isn’t questioning that what real courage starts? To find your own style? Isn’t that where truth and inspiration live? Do better, Alice Lane.
  • 3774761846618&
    Suggest you listen to yourselves
    I love your content and you seem like really nice people but I recommend you listen to your own shows. I can’t listen to more than a few minutes of your shows anymore due to the excessive use of “like” in every sentence. That, and the vocal fry by all, are “like” nails on a chalkboard. Pun intended. Hope to be able to listen again soon!
  • Abbeyb1609
    Designer Fav
    As a interior designer, I love listening to the helpful insight this podcast provides!
  • Blushhhing now
    Check your pride
    I’ve know Mormons in Utah. I’m assuming you are no longer practicing bc you have no sense of humility. Your homes are great but mine are better. You’re in Utah . I’m in NYC. Ppl here wouldn’t be that impressed. Still, in a million years never would I communicate that ppl who shop at Marshall’s/Home Goods/ Ikea are fools. Do you hear yourself through the lens’s of maybe a struggling single mother, a middle class family, a family with disabled partners, a family who lost their job, a mother trying to create a home on a tight budget? The sometimes mocking tone you use to underscore why a person shouldn’t do something or other, is disturbing. Are your kids brats yet? I just listened to you talk about your favorite sheets. Do you realize some ppl skip chemo or other expensive medical treatments because they can’t afford it. And you ramble on about a $700.00 set, or a long day trying in perfumes. It’s not if, but when. If you don’t want a podcast for middle income ppl just say so. But please, stop with the attitude. You’re in Utah
  • aubperk
    Best podcast ever!
    I love learning from Jess and Suzanne. They’re so fun to listen to and I’m not even an interior designer! It’s a good time! I look forward to it every week. They’re high-end designers with a high end brand with a specific style and if that isn’t your style then find a podcast that is your style!
  • Bill20190512
    Bless their hearts
    I listen to this podcast for its comedic value. I guess it offers a few nuggets of harmless to decent design advice, but mostly it’s condescension and judgment, forgotten slang from 1990-2010, and generally out-of-touch conversation between charicatures of middle-aged white women. In this way, the latest episode on “the TikTok” is one of their best - certain excerpts would be great SNL skits - but to the extent it was intended to be serious, it’s tragic. The hosts speak of TikTok as an institutional author they either agree with or disagree with, rather than as a platform for multiple creators with various backgrounds and opinions. Where they disagree, they are condescending and judgy as usual, characterizing creators as young, stupid, and/or poor. (“One word: ‘gross’”; “We had a client—her housekeeper, bless her …”) Even where the hosts “agree with TikTok” (huh?), they still manage to be catty about it. The hosts refer to the TikTok creators they are gossiping about as “teenagers,” “not experts,” and “homeboy.” All in all, this is a trainwreck. It’s cringeworthy. As comedic content, it’s pretty good. But as serious content, it comes across as unfortunate commentary from sheltered, out-of touch adult mean girls.
  • emmaruthr
    Great and Informative
    I look forward to this each week !
  • 3 Dog Pack
    All the design advice is is focused on high end homes
  • jennette q
    Best design podcast
    this is good and informative. I bought a new house, and this podcast is helping me tremendously. But the designer accents are just too much, sounds like they are trying to be so “aah dahling” pretentious. And quit saying “RAD”. It makes me cringe
  • CC max
    Like, they just say “like”, like all the time. It’s like so annoying!
    Good design ideas but they all have very bad habit of inserting the word “ like” into every sentence- often multiple times. I just can’t take it anymore. Sorry to say
  • Woot2348
    Fun and inspiring!
    I love all forms of visual design, and this is hands-down the best podcast for interior design. The hosts have a great dynamic, and they are brilliant at painting a picture with their words. I feel like I've seen all of the beautiful homes they describe. I especially loved both episodes of "Design through the Decades", and the House of Harrington episode. My home is styled more beautifully because of the lessons from this podcast. Thank you!
  • Margot in CdM
    Next level interior design advice
    I love this podcast! I’ve learned a lot from Sue, Jess and Cory. The cabinets podcast was a lifesaver. We are renovating a 1944 Spanish revival home and had thought knotty pine would meld seamlessly. Thank goodness I realized our home would have looked like a cabin! These three are funny and knowledgeable. Thank you all for taking the time to record the podcast- you are all awesome!
  • Silvanna28
    Love All Angles
    I absolutely adore you ladies! From the first episode I listened to, I was instantly impressed, hooked & inspired. Coming from a background with a career in multiple design areas, now in construction project management to currently working my way into lead interior designer for a wonderful small business in Chicago suburbs. My commute to & from work usually consists of listening to your podcast. Thank you for putting your beautiful work into the universe & sharing it with us!
  • ysfjoihvnhcgjmn
    Tone deaf
    I really love love following Alice Lane interiors, the shop, the podcast etc…it’s all beautiful work produced by clearly very talented women. But ladddddddies I can’t count the amount of times I've listened, winced, and thought “did they really just say that?” From the completely inaccurate and offensive use of the phrase “me too” (note: it’s not about a cafe rio) to the most recent episode which stated “we’ve never seen women marching in the streets and distrusting our leaders like they were in the 60’s” …. Well, it all just comes across as very out-of-touch. I personally don’t mind the “elitist” side of the podcast (they’re allowed to speak to a millionaire market and there is more than enough diy/affordable home content out there ) but the frequent misogyny-enabling undertones is disappointing and I think the brand could be eeeeeven more successful if they looked a bit more outside the utah/lds mindset.
  • tricia9114
    I love this podcast! In a world where there is a lot of heavy conversations, this brings such a light to my day! Feels like I’m at lunch with friends discussing such fun topics!
  • tcatanio
    Designs Through the Decades
    Wow! That was so much fun! It was like traveling through time and getting a sense of how people were feeling about their lives, experiences and surroundings. I know space travel in the 1960s also made a big impact on fashion and lifestyles. Great job!
  • fblistens
    I wish I could listen….
    I wish I could enjoy this podcast because so much of the content is really helpful on some level, however the general elitism and judgement of homes without every Alice Lane approved design detail (and budget) is nauseating. Constantly reminding us that we should look “successful” just speaks to a showy, Utah attitude which does not align with my priorities. Also I wish Jesse would clear her throat once in a while and use another phrase besides “I love that.”
  • laura1014
    My favorite podcast
    I mainly used to listen to True Crime podcasts until I found Alice Lane. Jessica and Suzanne are too cool for school ! The podcast is fun and informative in an elevated way. They are in the know and it shows. I hope the show goes on. Laura- #traditionalhippie1014
  • Sarah N1
    I’m notes every single episode!
    This is the only podcast that I find myself pausing over and over to jot down notes. I’m finding beautiful things to give as gifts on Beautifully curated items and the podcast is just so full of info. Thank you for putting the time in to this! The question answer format is awesome. I also love the episodes where you specify measurement guidelines.
  • kdheisgfkfgskgbf
    I’m a designer and my training is simply my life experience. I don’t have any credentials. I love listening to you all because it is so affirming. I agree with so many of the things you say and my name is Jessica and I feel like Jessica is my long lost cousin/sister! I too love watching movies in bed and licorice! You have even affirmed my guilty pleasure! Thank you, thank you, thank you for your wisdom, wit and wonderful design! P.S. I recently bought the blue and white dragon vase and I am constantly complimented on it. It is difficult to find unique pieces. I too am always forging for branches with friends from our yards (and maybe others!) and this vase displays them magically. Thank you!
  • schmigs
    Look forward to Thursdays
    This is one of the best design tip podcasts I have found. Love the episodes with basic tips and tricks are shared.
  • imrunnerchica
    Love your podcast… especially the Oscar Yague episode!
    I love Thursdays because it means a new Dear Alice episode! As a fan of everything Spain, I was so excited to hear your latest guest, Barcelona’s Oscar Yague. Love all of the wisdom he shared about entertaining and plan to put his advice to use this holiday season. Thanks for a great interview and keep up the good work! Abbey
    90% of us listening aren’t doing a new build
    Wonderful podcast. Love the tips and banter. Please consider that most of us aren’t doing a new build. We need tips for living within the space we have. I’d love to use your services but feel that the podcast tells most of us we can’t afford you. Otherwise amazing listen.
  • jack jack891073051
    So much motivation and inspiration
    I love this pod! I have to listen with a sketch book by my side for when inspiration hits or a good tip comes. I always end with some new inspiration or idea to add to a dream board! Thank you! Can’t wait to visit the store when I go to UT 💛
  • Gigioften
    Your forever home
    I lOVED this episode so much. Great ideas and advise to think about if you are lucky enough to have a forever home!
  • abdmiller
    Pretentious, Condescending & Rude
    In a world filled with negativity, I look to design as an escape and as a positive outlet. I love design and really gave this podcast a shot, hoping it would improve; after all, you don’t always love the teacher but they may have a lot of helpful information to teach you. But while these women offer plenty of expertise in the field, they’re just incredibly rude. People from all demographics and income levels are listening, but they mock what people choose to do in their own homes simply because they believe it’s not on trend. And while that may or may not be true, people spend their hard-earned money on these projects. Saying things like, “I’ve seen homes where people actually do this” and go on to talk about how awful it is is so marginalizing and rude. How absolutely condescending and pretentious to laugh at what someone loves in their home. Talking about how false brick is like people with veneers on their teeth because you can tell they’re fake? Really? You’re here to offer advice, not bully people. There’s such a better way to go about offering a “lifestyle approach” to design and this is not it. Also making fun of brands that don’t align with their style or luxury price point (a price point that the majority of people cannot comfortably afford) is absolutely unprofessional and immature. The snobbery is just off the charts. Just because you can afford a $400 mini lamp and “real cedar” on the exterior of your home doesn’t make you better than everyone else. I guess this is an ugly side effect of finding success but these women would do well to find some humility. I’m truly so shocked this podcast has so many positive reviews.
  • chrissiedahl
    Home decor junkie
    I am obsessed with this podcast! I found it about 6 months ago and started with episode 1 and caught up in no time at all. These 3 are amazing and funny. I have learned so much through listening to them talk among themselves. Suze has incredible insight and has given me much to think about in the way of adding art to my home - something I found intimidating. Cory asks the questions I would ask myself if I were in the room and Jess always makes sure when they are using industry terminology to unpack what they mean to the rest of us. If they could open a store in the Boston area I would be a happy girl!! Thanks for all your episodes and sharing your lives with us. (Esp loved the episode with Jess and her hubs) also, your story of creating Alice Lane is inspiring. Taking a leap of faith is scary and in this case, incredibly rewarding / successful. Blessings to all of you
  • Rebecca Mullen -Nashville
    Favorite podcast ever ever ever. Love all things Alice Lane/Dear Alice… The perspective, the wit, the opinions, the intro tunes. Their voices make me happy. Thanks for the laughs and most importantly the opinions!!!
  • Dcredhead
    I tried
    I tried to listen because the content is compelling and useful. But her vocal fry is so much that I had to turn it off. It became a distraction from the content, which is disappointing.
  • Printemps X
    Love it, Informative
    Kudos to you three making this podcast! I’m obsessed and binge listened to so many episodes.. didn’t quite like the Adam-interview-wife one that much - a bit contrived. But please know you are so loved! It’s not going to please everybody and it’s not supposed to. You don’t need millions to create a beautiful home and I think that message has been conveyed in each episode. “Like” in between sentences is also endearing :) keep up the great work, thank you Alice Lane.
  • B.Dissapointed
    Toooo many “likes”
    I’ve learned so much from this podcast and The owner of Alice Lane is witty, funny and seems to love the lifestyle she’s selling. However, it is so painful listening to one of the hosts using “like” in between each word and the condescending attitude. As if we’re all a bunch of morons and they’re the only cool kids on the block who know anything about style and “the people” are idiots. I know this is a podcast for millionaires, but some people are listening who only have a 4,000 sq ft million dollar home on a 1/4 of an acre and don’t want to feel like trailer trash bc we’re not living in a 4 million dollar house with 200,000 dollar lighting budget.
  • E dizzy
    Dear Alice
    The newest episode with Jess and Adam is absolutely wonderful. I should not be surprised that Adam is as charming and gracious as Jess. They are such a beautiful example of a great partnership in life and business. Their conversation was so inspiring, I’ve listened to it three times. The more I know about Alice Lane and the more beautiful items I add to my home from their store, the more I love them!!
  • charlottePGT
    Pretentious accents and really annoying conversations. Love interior design but don’t love this podcast.
  • lvjaimes
    I look forward to the consistency of the weekly episodes. Jess & Sue make interior design feel approachable and make me feel excited to live better (or as Jess would say; successful!). It’s nice to see interiors a little different now but also appreciate my personal style. Thank you Jess, Sue and of course Corey!
  • Ren Annette
    Love this podcast
    Always interesting and helpful information and I love their relaxed presentation style. Just listened to the Pattern episode—especially enjoyable.
  • BrittanyCurtis
    Please introduce yourselves
    I have been listening to the podcast a lot and I know who the hosts are, but I feel an intro would be nice. Sometimes I listen and then 37 minutes in I hear a man speaking. And I think he’s the only one I actually know by name, but it just comes out of nowhere. I listen to the Ballard Designs podcast religiously and feel like I actually know who’s talking and can relate to them bc of the intro. Just a thought.
  • reynowa
    Invaluable advice
    Great advice, great chemistry with the hosts. It’s effective because now I shop Alice Lane. And Ms. Jess, I, too, have no doorbell.
  • Uniq1
    Fun and Informative a Love!
    I enjoy listening to all 3 on this pod. and I love your voices Jessica, Suzanne and Cory. You guys crack me up a lot. I get loads of info. on your design process, and yes unfortunately products that stand the test of time are usually more expensive but can still be found in different price brackets nowadays for all price levels of design. I do think any advice you receive from this pod can be adapted to any level of design anywhere in any style. I love binge listening which is what I’m doing now and I’m so happy I found it bc I enjoy Design/fashion so much and there’s only so many to listen too. I absolutely LOVE the pics on your IG and portfolio and the Kennedy kitchen was a fav of mine the whole project practically I adore Kelly Wearstler (who doesn’t) and that bathroom mirror that wallpaper the bathroom knobs the tile layout and the paneling up the stairs OMG and the dark sexy fireplace room I really liked it. I loved everything in that kitchen minus the black/white kitchen chairs used at the table that was next to that gorgeous orange bench. Sorry those clunky chairs just didn’t fit that beautiful scene. Chairs aren’t ugly just didn’t fit my eye. Thank-You so much for sharing everything with us! We people behind keyboards anonymously can be mean so don’t listen to the bad unless it’s constructive of course lol !
  • Sweetlittlekumquat
    I have been struggling
    The use of the word “like” is excessive. Also, ending every sentence with a question mark, I am Ron Burgandy?” The content is good but I can’t listen anymore. Nails on the chalkboard. Please work on reducing the “likes” and question marks and I’ll be back.
  • itsmorgie
    Smart, funny, talented girls! Great podcast
    I read through the reviews and I agree with the majority of people. I think Jess & Sue are great! I’m listening to an interior design podcast to hear two incredible designers talk about their craft, and that’s exactly what you get! Sorry people, but this isn’t a DIY podcast. It’s also NOT a podcast about mixing high end and low end in your home. Do you go to a Chinese restaurant wondering where the Greek food is? No. Why are there complaints about these women not catering to everyone’s needs? This podcast is simply about interior design through the eyes of Alice Lane and how they typically go about business. I also love their sense of humor. Neither one of them try to walk on egg shells. They’re themselves, and that seems to be pretty rare these days! I cannot wait for the day that I use them for my own home. 5 stars, girls! Keep it up : )
  • anabelly
    I don’t know where to start! Such rude, snobby, condescending attitudes. They talk as though there weren’t thousands of people from all walks of life listening. If I didn’t know better I’d think it was a conversation that was taped when they didn’t know anyone was listening. Laughing and mocking styles that they don’t like, acting like every house should be a new build, presuming everyone wants or can throw hundreds of thousands into design. I tried to like this podcast but I will NEVER listen again. The absolute worst podcast hosts. They should be embarrassed by their behavior.
  • Ashmelon16
    This podcast is a MUST for anyone who loves design
    If you love anything involving interior design or decorating then you will quickly be inthralled with this podcast! i love the mix of personality’s and perspective that you get with the host. I feel like I’ve honestly learned so much, and it hasn’t been the same old basic information that you get from a lot of decor podcasts this one really dishes out valuable information while still staying light and interesting. I never miss a release and have listened to each episode at least twice! I’d recommend to anyone who loves decor or interior design or for anyone looking to build/remodel/purchase a home because there are so many tips that will resonate with the listener! Seriously you will love it!
  • dindikrqpkhdudjajfijwjzhjsi
    Amazing design explained by amazing people
    Absolutely love this podcast. The discussions, tips and look into their design world is so informative and very elevated. Not to mention these talented ladies and fun and playful. You can tell they love their work and care for each other.
  • k ackles
    Excellent design podcast
    I find this podcast to be not only educational but also very pleasant to listen to! The hosts are knowledgeable by their experience in this profession and down to earth. Just an excellent podcast all around that I’ve gleaned a lot from and has helped me as I moved into my new home.
  • Promenade House
    I always look forward to Thursdays! I love that Jessica and Suzanne answer design questions and give us a glimpse into their design minds. The podcast is perfect for those of us who crave a life in design!
  • Jeanna Bloom
    Favorite podcast
    I’m 70 and have lived in my lovely home for 30 years. But I still love the inspiration, education, and especially the first hand experiences - both the good and bad ones. By this age I know my style, but thanks to this team I have made many changes that keep it fresh. If only you could tell me how to decorate a mid-century stone fireplace that has three stair step stone shelves instead of mantel??
  • Becky in PV
    Poorly Done
    I listen to a lot of podcasts, and a lot of Interior Design podcasts, but I have never heard two more inarticulate people talking on one. One of them uses the word “like” so often that it’s so amateurish, I thought I was listening to a teenager. They clearly don’t use a script, and the overly-conversational presentation is distracting. If I had heard anything on here that wasn’t instinctive or rudimentary, I cannot think of what it would be. I’ve never heard of Alice Lane Interiors, but they should stick to one job. Successful Designers who are entertaining and insightful are out there—these women are unfortunately not among them. I wish I could have given them NO stars for not hiring this job out to someone who’s competent; as it is, they are sorely lacking in their ability to be interesting at all. Know when to call in a professional, ladies!
  • Ev Evy
    Love these talented designers!
    I’m so thrilled to come across this podcast! There’s always great design information, in the most elevated and sophisticated way.and Sue’s voice is magical
  • soaopy
    Enough wit the LIKE
    First time listening and the content is helpful but I will not listen to another because of all the grammatical “like” thrown in. Eg. And the, like, we did, like, dark floors. The pillows were, like, and on and on til it drives one crazy!
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