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A team of active duty Combat Control (CCT), Pararescue (PJ), and Special Reconnaissance (SR) leveraging our 70+ years of special operations experience to make the next generation of operators smarter, faster and stronger than we ever were. We are the PREMIERE resource for all things Air Force Special Warfare. The Ones Ready Podcast is honest talk about what it is like to go from a know-nothing high school graduate to an elite Special Operator. We will cover important practices for success including physical training, nutrition, recovery, and mindset traits essential to any team. Join us in The Team Room to get all your questions answered!! With battle-tested operators from across USAF SPECWAR and far-reaching web of recruiters, subject matter experts, and friends, there are no questions we can’t answer- and if we can’t, we know exactly where to look. See you in The Team Room!Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by the OnesReady team are those of the team and do not reflect the official policy or position of the DoD. Any content provided by our Podcast guests, bloggers, sponsors, or authors are of their opinion and are not intended to malign the DoD, any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, individual, or anyone.

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Recent Reviews
  • RianRagle
    So helpful
    It is so very helpful for me to prepare. I have no military in my family so I would be going in blind without this podcast.
  • Glamis93
    Great content!
    Great content!
  • IntrepidMoto
    Excellent Resource
    I’m a 18 year NSW guy and I really enjoy everything about what you guys are doing. Great guests, exceptional discussions and just a great resource for current and future Americans to utilize if they’re considering service in the SOF community. Keep up the outstanding job!
  • Jones1of1
    Best Of The Best
    These guys are absolutely awesome!! I've been listening to these guys since the begging and there great to listen to because they combine knowledge, good humer, good guests, awesome stories, and inspirational notations. I'd recommend them to everyone. Military minded or otherwise. 👍
  • jgwhunlv
    Jason Ellis Ep 62
    Love the show but this episode was hysterical and 10/10 motivation.
  • aeron.olson
    I love you guys, I’m trying to cross train into cct and I’m training and you guys are in my ears while I workout and run! Keep up the great work guys and keep up the great info!
  • Steve.Powers80
    Great Podcast
    Very well done and great info coming from people doing the job
  • Thatguy_312
    I currently am a medic and 22 looking to transfer over to Air Force/ PJ beyond determined to change my whole life set up and get into more interesting job/ career/ life style. This podcast is beyond amazing and they are very responsive with questions via email
  • NathanO.17
  • cheffarmerva
    What a great thing for my son and I. I thought he was crazy in the beginning of the year when he told me how things were happening with his recruiter and a developer. It was not at all how I thought the military worked. These guys got me up to date on the changes and how things were happening. Alway great info. Thank you for all that you are doing.
  • Wadeoutthereflyguy
    Outstanding Resource
    This podcast is gold for anyone who wants to become involved in our nations special war fighting community. The topics are valid added from minute one and the discussion is entertaining and relevant. Excellent men with an excellent purpose in this podcast.
    PJ2PA 20 years later...
    Found this 20 years after starting Guardian Angel at AFSOC. Very interesting to hear the real drop from a very diverse panel of subject matter experts. Excellent advice to those seeking to start the journey, it’s great to have dreams while you sleep, so long as you stay focused on the task at hand! Hooyah.
  • outdoor-cat
    We are ones ready
    Ones ready is a wonderful group of gentleman who exemplify everything that makes AFSOC such an amazing community. On the bigger scale, the powerful feelings of support we as grateful Americans have so unapologetically for our servicemen and women. The sheer glory of camaraderie is on full display with these four, and I appreciate each of you for totally different reasons. Trent’s cool demeanor feels familiar to even the most disconnected of us, and makes it all the more hilarious when he inevitably whips out a well-timed zinger(usually in Brian’s direction). Brian’s drive is wonderfully evident, and keeps the often lengthy conversations on track. Aaron appears on screen as a highly genuine professional, who wants to share his experiences with the viewer. Peaches’ wealth of time as an operator is evident, and is a refreshingly laid back presence on the podcast. All in all, as an aspiring PJ, I can say that this podcast has shown me how accessible AFSW is for the candidate that is willing to do the work. Thank you guys for all you do to bring this awesome content to us!
  • BrokenRunner17
    Amazing Content!
    Thank y’all very much for sharing! Definitely helps those of us in other AFSCs to better understand what y’all do. I’ve told several younger guys about your podcast, so that they can have the best info to prepare to cross train over. Thanks again!
  • AC-130 Pilot
    A+ Solid Group and Knowledge Bombs
    Finally, a podcast for the SOF community, hopefuls and loyal fans. Every episode has been loaded with actionable intelligence from dudes who have been there, done that and are willing to share their knowledge and experience with those who wish to step into the arena and carry the torch. Laser focused delivery, great personalities, a plethora of information from real life heroes and role models. Highly recommend this one to everyone on the path.
  • Steve R., PJ Doc
    PJ Med
    Informative, entertaining , motivating. Great content, advice and guidance. For those interested in AFSW, these guys have given you the key, and a way to professionalize yourselves from the start. Good luck to all of you!
  • Bobby Varner
    Best source of info you could ask for
    Could not recommend more highly. Ones Ready has helped me immeasurably over the past few months with both my training and general knowledge of the career field. Peaches, Brian, Trent, and Aaron are experts in their field and know how to deliver their content in a fun way that keeps you coming back for more. They are all genuinely nice guys who want to help you in whatever way they can. 5/5 stars.
  • Ragemeline
    Ground breaking
    These guys are laying the foundation for young people that aspire to be Air Force special warfare operators. This show provides points of view from all sets of AFSC within the special warfare community. The insight provide in this podcast gives the listener the tools to be successful within these communities in the AF. If you are considering a career in the Air Force special warfare community “Ones Ready” should be a staple in your preparation.
  • pham.adam
    Teaches about life as well
    These guys have taught me alot through their podcast. Not only about the pipeline and sof but how to better myself as a person for the people around me and myself. I listen to it when i go around town and honestly prefer it over music now.
  • Aidan Forrest
    Best source for information for AFSPECWAR
    As a junior in high school wanting to go into special operation and be a CCT, this podcast and the people on it have helped me significantly. From information to motivation this is the ultimate and best tool to have. The people at ones ready go out of their way to talk and answer question to help the future generations.
  • nathaniel09
    Wise lessons from guys who care
    This is a great podcast by guys who genuinely care about the future of AF Special Warfare and the people working to join it. Even if you have no interest in the SOF community, however, these episodes contain wisdom for those working toward all types of goals, and the mindset these guys practice can advantage anyone in any industry.
  • used to be cool...
    Life skills
    Got Goals? It doesn’t matter if you are not aiming for AF Special Warfare. This podcast is for everyone on a mission to improve their lot in life. Keep focused, keep pushing, each step puts you closer to your target. Plus, these guys are really funny! Thanks
  • Dìck
    Needed Knowledge
    I needed this. such a gold mine of information. on top of that, these are guys that you want to do life with. listening to them is a highlight of my day. much appreciated.
  • Awesome97352
    Never Quit
    I’ve been in the recruitment process for just about a year now. Many medical papers, doctors visits, and meetings with my recruiter were necessary to even get me through the door at MEPS. Since I got a metal rod in my spine 4 years ago everyone has told me to give up on this dream, to throw in the towel, that it’s okay to have excuses. Not these guys. They told me and countless thousands of prospective AFSPECWAR candidates that excuses are unacceptable and failure is not an option. After nearly a year of listening to this podcast, I’ve visited MEPS 3 times and have a SG waiver pending acceptance. Whether I get in the airforce or I’m two factor qualified for special warfare, I know one thing for sure, I can hold my head up proud because I did what these men taught me to do. Not to quit. And if they let me in, god forbid if they let me in, I know I’ll crush the pipeline. I. Will. Not. Quit.
  • Jody (USAF)
    Excellent Well-Rounded Subject Matter
    I highly recommend these guys for their leadership & instructional abilities when it comes to Air Force Special Warfare. Their messages are spot-on and apply not only to the Special Warfare AFSC’s, but to the overall Air Force/other branches as well. The leadership & personal demeanor lessons discussed also apply to civilian life, so very important for our country’s younger generations. Great podcast! Joe Daniels USAF Security Forces Oceano, CA
  • ThrustRabbit
    Road map for life
    I stumbled upon this podcast almost by accident on instagram and saw that what you were talking about applies to more than selection preparation. The mindset you look for is the same mindset that college sports scholarship boards and employers look for. People listen to this may not make the cut to join the team but if they maintain the mindset path points to, they will be successful in life.
  • tinakang_clan
    Search no further.
    If you’re looking for a podcast that not only provides useful information regarding the special ops. community, but also shares abundant insight related to life experiences—then search no further. Every episode from these down-to-earth guys encompasses a level of professionalism and entertainment combined, and highlights unique guest speakers that provide beneficial knowledge. Solid podcast, with inspiring individuals. Give them a listen— you won’t regret it.
  • LanceTharp
    Civilian Love
    My buddy Nick is heading off tomorrow for the pipeline, and thus I started listening a while ago to have a better understanding of what he will go through and how best to support him. In doing so, I also found so many golden nuggets to help me in my daily life as a guy who loves to stay motivated, push myself, and expand my potential, both physically and mentally. Props guys. You guys are a blast to listen to. 100% support
  • TadlockNick
    One of the best podcast out there!!!
    Great insight, stories, guests, and knowledge bombs on every episode.
  • evantucker
    Garand Thumb
    We need a Garand Thumb episode!!!
  • Matuskiruski14
    Constant kindling that helps me keep the fire inside burning
    This podcast has really helped me to keep moving. I have lots of struggles, but this podcast—alongside my SOR, my developer, and my family— have really helped me to gauge my focus and get my head out of what others may think, or ANOTHER person’s concept of what success is... especially as it concerns MY LIFE. I want to be a pararescueman because I truly believe that on the other side of this path— this furnace of a path— is the best version of myself— as some of you have put it. Thanks again, guys. God bless. PS: the last episode (with Trey) was awesome—very helpful— and I Loved the story time episode too... hope there’ll be more of those. 😁
  • danbolino
    Motivation to the max
    Listen to it during every workout 💪🏽💪🏽
  • Ted furgerson
    Amazing podcast
    This podcast is entertaining, informative, and inspirational. Every episode makes me so much more excited to train and get into the pipeline. Thank you guys for doing this for us.
  • Afrostry
    Absolute MUST
    Prior service USAF here and let me tell you... if these guys were around when I joined there is no question in my mind my career choice would have been different. Amazing content with SMEs that absolutely know what they are talking about. Keep pumping out content because it is 5x5!
  • Dakota Briggs
    I’ve been on the edge of deciding about joining again. The inspiration and information you guys put out is phenomenal. Hearing all the background and how you all went through the pipeline. Has motivated me to take that step and train for the big decision of re-enlisting.
  • Adventravel
    Great Info regardless of if you’re going in the pipeline or just a business owner
    While a lot of this is geared toward getting you ready for the pipeline, as a business owner I must say that a lot of this info is adaptable to just about every situation people deal with in the normal career field...dealing with stress, nutrition, getting through obstacles. Highly encourage everything to take a listen.
  • Brennan_Pjdrean
    Best podcast EVER!!!!
    love the information you guys are giving, it’s very helpful and I’m so great full to have the resources that you guys didn’t have back then to support not just me but everyone who desires to pursue this type of career field. Such an awesome podcast, you guys give the best information and are also funny as hell (especially you Erin). Keep up the great work y’all, and thank you for ur service and the podcasts.
  • ukchamps
    Love OnesReady!
    I have watched every single podcast on YouTube and I love the amount of information they give out and they manner in which they deliver it. All of them are funny guys and like able all for their own reason. I am someone who is trying to join as we speak, although it’s not easy for me unfortunately. But the info these guys give me about my mindset, different ways to train, and recovery methods; help me train to be a better candidate for the Cadre. Thank you for all you do OnesReady
  • Grunner41
    Why spec Warfare
    Being a prior force recon marine that just got out a few weeks ago, I can honestly say you all made the right choice to join the Air Force! So much great knowledge and stuff I can relate to in these podcasts!
  • iamamandajoy
    The resource you NEED
    Wanna be spec warfare? Don’t do it alone. Use the wisdom and experience of those who have gone before you. This podcast will help you get there. Amazing resource.
  • thegoldenfrill
    Excellent Home improvement podcast!
    Great podcast on home improvement! I’ve learned so much from these guys on how to keep the yard squared away while watching my kids practice buddy breathing in the new above ground pool I installed(thanks to their pool episode). Would recommend this podcast to anyone who wishes to get their houses good to go. Watch as your neighbors DOR as they take a look at your magnificent fescue and tire swing. Make sure you inform your neighbors with a sharp knife hand that it would behoove them to tune into the ones ready podcast. That’s a check and a roger. The podcast also offers great marital advice. If your wife thinks having sex a couple times a week is good enough, promptly remind her that exceeding the standard is the standard. I hope this review bared truth to what the podcast resembles, if not... it’s still a good podcast.
  • dksjgava
    Pipeline prep
    Started listening to these guys at the beginning of the year, and it’s helped me a lot in my training for the pipeline. Quality advice from these professionals and it has given me the confidence that I will be able to be a good candidate when the time comes to cross-train. #Didtboyz
  • Roofus 1206
    Amazing Podcast
    I love hearing you guys talk about Air Force Special Tactics!!!! I hear so many podcasts talk about Green Berets, Navy Seals, and such. It’s great to hear about how the Air Force is going behind enemy lines and truly changing the battlefield!! Thank you all for what you did for us and please keep the podcasts coming!!!! Love It!!!
  • USAFrecruiter
    Valued Resource to a recruiter
    As a Special Warfare recruiter - part of OUR mission is becoming as learned as possible about these career fields. Since most of us aren’t actual operators, this podcast has been invaluable to my continued knowledge gain. I can listen to these podcasts and better explain to new recruits what to expect and career descriptions. As Aaron said in the latest episode “A rising tide raises all boats”. Thanks for what y’all do. 🤙🏾
  • LifaAlexis02
    Thank you guys!
    Awesome to hear the SR episode in this circumstances... I got more drive & focus in my mind. Thanks again. #earneachbreath #PJ #CCT #SR #onesready
  • Ⓑⓘⓛⓛⓛ
    I really dig how thorough the podcasts and constantly change it up with different guests from various special operation communities. #EARNEACHBREATH
  • A44Mc
    Absolutely extraordinary
    Truly inspiring, and very educational for future and current military members. #earneachbreath
  • Ryan H57
    Awesome podcast!
    Awesome podcast! Can you guys make a podcast all about special reconnaissance? I’m thinking about going into Air Force spec ops and would love to learn about all the jobs!
  • badamps
    Awesome people
    Awesome podcast and people. Truly care about helping those aspiring to be SOF members. #earneachbreath
  • Gabejack
    Absolutely amazing content for everyone! Thanks for all you do for the SW community. About to smash this PAST and see you at A&S!
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