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Questlove Supreme is a fun, irreverent and educational weekly podcast that digs deep into the stories of musical legends and cultural icons in a way that only Questlove and Team Supreme can deliver. Led by Each episode is driven by conversation ranging from the guest’s origins (along with a few never-before-revealed secrets to their success) to their life passions and current projects. This is not your typical interview show. This is about legends and legends in the making bringing their legacy to life in their own words. Previous guests have included Usher, Michelle Obama, Chris Rock, Steve Miller, Maya Rudolph, Weird Al, Chaka Khan, Babyface and many more.

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  • livfinn
    Almost perfect
    I love this podcast. Perfect for anyone into hip hop history. My only complaint is how people talk over each other. The most blatant example was Q interrupting Solange nonstop. Now I can’t not hear it. But I’ll keep listening because it’s that good.
  • Pugglelo
    Great podcast 💯🙌 female gots to go
    Podcast at the top of my list always, love hearing music history and chemistry between hosts. QLS music encyclopedia mind and obsession with Prince and Soul Train is relatable and entertaining to say the least. Fave episode was Alan Leeds and Chris Rock I’m still thinking about it months later. Agree with the other reviews there’s too much talking over each other, but not enough to deter me from bingeing episodes. I definitely want to turn it off when the female host constantly speaks over everyone, interjecting her self involved, narcissistic opinions (& I’m female). Would give 5 stars if she wasn’t on it. I disagree with reviews who said she was being talked down to. She gots to go!
  • BK11226
    Good Podcast...could be great
    Overall, this is good podcast. Phonte and Amir are very knowledgeable about music and I learn something from each episode. The Boyz II Men, Q-Tip and Mariah Carey episodes were excellent. There is room for improvement with the interview style. Hosts seem to interrupt often and can be long winded. It would be nice to hear more of the guests since that’s who we are tuning in for. Maya Rudolf, for example, spoke less than the hosts. And then there was a name that tune segment, with music that only Questlove seemed to know, right in the middle of the interview. It was at least 10 minutes that would have been better spent asking Mrs. Rudolph more questions about her career. Please try to keep personal anecdotes quick, to the point and to a minimum. Also, the woman host comes off like a know-it-all but is often incorrect. I cringed when she was assuming she knew where in Africa Chris Rock’s girlfriend was from.
  • Alexandra.S.
    Narcissistic and sexist
    Questlove’s dismissive and condescending treatment of his female co-host is infuriating. Also, his narcissistic need to insert himself into every story is annoying. All your knowledge and name-dropping, Questlove, ain’t impressive when it’s wrapped in hubris. Guest list is great, though.
  • Johhhny
    I always feel like I’m getting an education in music and life when listening to this podcast. Here’s to hoping you get Arlo Parks before she blows up. Much love and respect to you and all. ✌🏽
  • Nickad100
    Love it
    In depth interviews with the best in the business. Bravo!
  • Hrrdidfhd
    Could Listen All Day
    New subscriber. I could listen to this podcast non-stop, all day! I especially loved the episode with Branford Marsalis. Can’t wait to check out the other episodes. Dr. Carey Yazeed Host Baldwin Was Right
  • Incognegro65
    Nerd Heaven
    Love the show. I really appreciate the thoughtful questions and curated guests. Quest and Phonte’s encyclopedic knowledge of musical history, performances and the music industry is incredible. Stand out episodes: Justin’s Blow /Sophia Chang Alan Leeds / Jimmy Jam Kenny Gamble / Babyface Greg Phillinganes / Ray Parker Booty Collins / Al B Sure Great podcast. Really not feeling Laiya’s questions. Most are not relevant or very juvenile. Keep up the great work.
  • brocwhit
    Listened to Q-Tip session. Had to listen twice. Very informative and refreshing. Hip Hop dialect at it’s finest!
  • Lique1974
    Christmas special
    I love the podcast...have been listening since the here is my Christmas Wish...a re-airing of “A Very Phone Christmas” RICO stories and all.
    The many facets of Bradford.
    QLS and Friends is such a top notch pod. I peep them all out. Thanks for having Bradford on the latest. He’s a perfect guest for the show. I’m glad he broke down the myths and kept it way too real. Salute ADJNAMEDSLASH/ from the Westbank of New Orleans. ✨✨✨✨✨
  • LandofHoney
    We Love Laiya <3
    What a show, right? I just wish it didn’t feel like Questlove doesn’t respect Laiya as much as the other (wonderful) hosts. Her vibe is lovely and allowed, but you can tell he feels a way about her. Very uncomfortable to hear him refer to her as loud as if her energy
  • TracieBroom
    Questlove is a national treasure.
    I hold Questlove in such high esteem. I really, really appreciate his deep, broad knowledge of music, and he’s a great interviewer. Love his episode with Rick Rubin!
  • BigPostal24/7
    Love background and little known facts
    This is my favorite music podcast. I especially loved Jimmy Jam, Babyface, Bobby Brown, Johnny Gill and the Al B Sure interviews. Hope to hear from LA, Teddy Riley or Tim Gatling in the future
  • ProfeMeny
    Used to like the podcast
    I used to REALLY like the podcast, but it don’t seem as if Q and others listen to the feedback. Ask a question and get out the way. Sounds simple, but obviously it ain’t. Would hate to see the podcast end because of something that could be corrected. Tonight was the first time I just passed on the podcast to avoid the cringe moments. Try this: Listen to other people interview and learn! Try this: Listen to Studs Terkel talking with (not talking over) James Baldwin. Please do not tell me you all think you are too hype to listen to feedback. It ain’t just me sayin’ this.
  • CFA Lover
    Stop interrupting the guests!
    This is such a good podcast because of the amazing guests that you have but...the frequency in which y’all interrupt the guest is awful and makes it difficult to listen. And it doesn’t seem like the interviewers have done research on the artist and I even wonder if some are really hip hop heads. Asking very basic questions and not knowing certain things about hip hop history (except Quest). Please just let the artist talk.
  • Haygd
    I love this podcast.
    I just wish Amir would stop interrupting the other host from asking questions. Sometimes it’s overwhelming. But THE POINTER SISTERS ROLL CALL WAS THE SHIZNIT!! For real. The Musiq interview is not good at all. He just rambles and rambles. This AL B SURE interview is horrible.. he could not answer a question to save his life. This my friends is a prime example of a NARCISSIST. Amir shut up!!!
  • AnitraMichelle
    We love Quest! BUT....
    Quest, I love you! YOU ARE DOPE! Please consider not guessing everything the guest is gonna say. We know that you’re the quintessential Music man and know every song on the first note, HOWEVER dang, I wanna hear the guest...sometimes without the behind the music interruptions. All due super respect!
  • CabriniGreeny
    Appreciate the podcast. Follower from day one. Not a fan of the ads. Is there an option to listen to an ad free stream?
  • Doppelgangster8
    Favorite podcast
    Definitely my favorite podcast and I listen to dozens. Smart, insightful, inspiring, serious, hilarious. Love it!
  • lerangis
    Based on the Huey Lewis ep
  • TommyBoy D.
    Love the show
    This show is one of my favorites! Please try to get Prince Paul as a guest if you can!
  • dk_night
    Jamele Hill interview should be required listening
    ...for everyone. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Wonderful job leading that along, QLS crew, and thank you Jamele for sharing your unique, profound, and inspiring perspectives 🔥
  • Thomas jakes
    How can you hate?
    This show is so dope with so many jewels. I swear after every interview I go back and listen to the artists catalog they ask the right questions. Anyone that gave them less than 5 stars is either a hater or doesn’t know music.
  • Yessar
    This Week’s Episode....
    Was it me or this episode was glitching a bit?
  • Sss7890
    The one
    Quest you breaking down the one is incredible with bootsy! I’m done for the rest of the day.
  • blaquebyrd
    Let the Guests Talk!
    I tried Quest I tried. It started with the Bootsy interview. There were times when you actually raised your voice in the middle of Bootsy’s stories to make your point. It’s like you have a list of questions that you force your guests to answer. Quest we want to hear their stories. Please stop over talking your guests. Final straw was the George Clinton interview. Dr Funkenstein rarely gives interviews & I put this on the level of interviewing James Brown before he passed. 15 minutes in & I had to turn it off in disgust. Too many chuckleheads in the studio diverting his attention while you again, over talk & guide the guest away from telling his story. It’s not about you Quest & all your technical questions. We won’t have these legends forever, please allow us to hear THEIR stories. I wants my funk uncut!
  • Ikie
    Backstories Galore
    Didn’t realize just how much of a music nerd I am until I started listening to this podcast! Y’all got me googling the name drops and pausing the podcast only to go to YouTube or my music library to play songs that influenced the sings y’all talking about! I miss reading liner notes and these backstories are wild!
  • TheChucksterofLove
    Ray Parker Jr
    One of my favorite podcasts going. I’ve been a Ray Parker Jr. fan my whole life, but to learn so many more things from his whole career was amazing. Plus, y’all were killing me with the Antoine Fisher bit at the end
  • sjjdrums
    Great Guests
    The interviews are smart and informative. Ray Parker Jr’s interviews was incredible. So worth the time.
  • Jse1233
    Great Podcast
    Excellent interviews, but at times everyone is talking at the same time and it’s quite distracting. I’m a huge fan of Musiq Soul Child, but found his interview to be bizarre. I agree with the others...the female cohost...well she’s not good-at all.
  • leahnovak
    Great show for a music lover
    I love this show so much! I would give it 5 stars, however, the people who are being interviewed cannot speak without constant interruption. I can’t listen to this podcast without constantly adjusting the volume. The amount of times they interrupt their guests is cringeworthy. I’ll continue to listen because I love music, Quest Love and his connection to music and the artists that he interviews. Hopefully it improves!
  • ladytyp
    I’d love it more if....
    I’d love this podcast more if the artists weren’t interrupted so doggone much!!! It’s annoying to say the least! I want to hear what they have to say but, they always seem to get cut off. I don’t care to hear all of the host’s banter.
  • Madmike9687
    I wanna love it, but...
    My love for The Roots naturally gravitated me to this way back when it was on Pandora. I love hearing the behind the scenes stories and the development of many musical and cultural icons. I even have an appreciation for Questlove’s musical nerdom. The problem is he rarely allows whomever is the guest to actually SPEAK! It quickly went from endearing for annoying. I hoped that a switch to iHeart would come with better structure, but he’s still eating all his guests up with his own stories about himself or the Latin Quarter. You’d think he’d get how to properly cultivate a conversation with a guest that allows them to shine. He watches Fallon do it on a nightly basis, but here we are.
  • sm_carter
    Johnny Gill
    Chose the JG interview to be my first listen. I’m a NE fan from the top of head to the bottom of my feet. Absolutely loved the interview!!!
  • Mr. Purple Sky
    Not THAT Randy Jackson
    Love the podcast!! Look forward to every episode. Have you had former and current bassist for Journey, Randy Jackson on the show? If not that would be a great interview. A 2 or 3 part interview maybe? I know he has a lot of history and I’ll bet some great stories. Just a thought.
  • D Roberta
    Good job
    I love this show it’s light, fun, and interesting I love all the host. They all add something to this show. Keep on doing a great job 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿😊😊😊😊
  • TheRareElement
    Definitely my favorite podcast right now.
  • TakiVick
    Where Have I Been!
    Questlove Supreme is a great podcast. You are like Stern in the way you are able to get these Artist to open up so genuinely! I can’t believe I JUST found this podcast!❤️
  • Harlem Gal
    Where is Jill Scott?
    It’s a disservice to your guest and listener’s not allowing your featured artist to speak. Everybody speaking at once is like being interviewed by a crowd!😳 It comes across messy and unpolished. Jill Scott is an eloquent and captivating artist and storyteller. Sadly this platform blocked some of her natural flow and shine.
  • moonfaces333
    Get rid of the female host
    She tries too hard She’s awkward She messes up the flow
  • ready2soar
    Let your guests speak
    This is a great show filled with great stories. Please let your guests speak and stop talking over them. The Chris rock interview was amazing but you wouldn’t let him talk. Luckily Chris just kept talking over you. It takes quest like 5 mins to ask 1 question lol so I would just fwd if he got long winded. Also the young lady asks great questions but some of her jokes are uncomfortably not funny. You can tell this group is trying to work out their mojo
  • tomtombearclub
    Jimmy are you recording this?
    I think you are! What kind of ugly world would this be without the beautiful music of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis? I listened to all 5 hours straight. I had a couple questions about the amazingly good/bad movie Graffiti Bridge so I could have went a couple more hours. It was awesome. Love will never do about you!
  • deprogrammed75
    Love this but not iHeart
    Quest you need to keep playing the classics because listening to you avoid what I know everyone is thinking about this pandemic is painful. iheart media is a liberal propaganda machine.
  • anrmusic
    Jimmy Jam 3 Part Series
    The Jimmy Jam series was incredible! I thoroughly listened to every single second closely. Being a music nerd myself and from St. Paul, MN i learned so much about the greatness that was going on in my own backyard. I didn’t want it to end. Thank you guys so much. Keep up the great work.
  • EK Hines
    Thank you, Quest. Seriously. I’m so happy that these are now available on Apple. Thank you. Thank you. You’re a jewel.
  • The Cannonball
    Yes LAWD!!!
    I digs!!!
    My favorite podcast right now. Love it‼️💯🙌🏼
  • drew's House
    dawn lewis
    I haven’t listened 5 minutes and I’m rating now….
  • KL the Writer2
    Great Interview
    It’s like listening to Inside Story for Hip Hop. Well done. Love the intro.
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