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Elsie + Emma are sisters and co-founders of the top DIY blog — A Beautiful Mess. They have written over seven thousand blog posts, so it seemed like a good time to start a podcast! The sisters have a lot to say on everything from home and DIY to family life and business. Visit abeautifulmess.com/podcast for show notes.

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  • Scarlett11595
    So fun I wish there were more episodes per week!
    Love these gals! They keep it real honest, practical and fun. Its like having a chat over coffee with good girlfriends 👯‍♀️☕️✨
  • planta01
    Fantastic podcast!
    I love how down to earth Emma and Elsie are. I started reading their blog about 2 years ago and like the podcast even more! They have a great variety of topics and some really fun segments.
  • Brn86
    Fun and easy to listen to!
    I live in an old house with no dishwasher so I have to wash all of my dishes by hand. This is my most hated chore, but now I put on the ABM podcast while I’m doing it, and I feel like I’m just listening to friends chat. It makes the time go by quickly and I might even be looking forward to my chore time now :)
  • SeeJaneCraft
    Love these girls!
    I’ve been following A Beautiful Mess via their blog since it’s inception and am so stoked they are doing a podcast. Definitely my new favorite and look forward to it every week!
  • chelseadianem
    I have loved Elsie and Emma since the beginnings of their blog. I still call Elsie “Elsie cake” from the old Flickr / MySpace days. Needless to say, I’m a fan. I have been loving their new podcast. I look forward to hearing from them every week! I love hearing about what they are into but also their wisdom on owning a business. Keep it up!!❤️❤️❤️
  • lisamc1212
    Love them so much!
    This is my favorite podcast by far. I look forward to it every week!
  • izedak
    Very Enjoyable
    I look forward to their new episode every week. Love listening to their stories and advise.
  • kristinmth
    I’ve been “with” ABM for years and years and years, so maybe I’m biased but I feel like everything they touch or get involved with is pure GOLD. This doesn’t disappoint. I’m so glad to get more of them and their personalities! And I love that they cuss sometimes! It’s real. They’re just who they are and I feel like I’m listening to my friends talk. Love itttttt.
  • lofidiy
    Refreshing and pleasant
    I like getting to know the real people behind aesthetically pleasing online content. Keep it up girls!
  • birdmom1994
    5 Stars
    Love this podcast. I love listening to it at work because it keeps me calm and focused.
  • vfarrell
    Hot Cinnamon Spice is life!!
    I’ve been reading the blog for almost a decade (🤯) and I’m so glad Elsie and Emma made this podcast! It’s so fun and still scratches that DIY/home/goals itch they’ve always had cornered but with a more casual tone. Also I love Harney and Sons hot cinnamon spice tea, and I’ll always associate it with the time I binged watch Twin Peaks while inhaling that tea 😊
  • jess2640
    I’ve only listened to 2 podcasts so far, but am so hooked already! Great tips and great podcast to listen to at work to make the day go by faster...OR with a hot cup of coffee while listening to how to fight the winter blues! That one was SO helpful! Thank you Elsie and Emma for being open and vulnerable enough to start a podcast!
  • APeterson1991
    New go-to podcast!
    This has quickly become my new go-to podcast. I follow A Beautiful Mess blog but after a crazy fall (lots of travel and a big move) I managed to totally miss that they had started a podcast! I’ve spent the last few days binging old episodes and I’m obsessed. I find their content fun and relatable, their voices are oddly very soothing and I love the length of each episode. I have started to find that anything over 45 minutes loses my interest. Way to go, girls! Can’t wait to hear more updates on life, projects and so much more!
  • Tarreyn
    Fan for life
    I’m what you might call a bit of an ABM Stan. I’ve been following the blog for TEN years, am a huge fan of both sisters’ IG accounts, and have purchased many of their products including both books, oui fresh lipstick, happy mail, two different e-courses, photoshop actions and more. I also love Elsie’s family blog, and if I’m being honest she’s one of the major contributors to why I’ve decided to adopt my future child. However, this podcast has endeared them both to me more than anything yet. It’s showing me such a different, fun side of their personalities and relationship with each other, and they’re covering such more personal and broad topics than I’m used to. I look forward to it every week and love being enveloped even more into their world. If you like the blog, you’ll love the podcast.
  • cynt504
    So personable!
    I feel like I’m just listening to my close friends having a chat. Loving the content so far!
  • tmmfan7
    Look forward to their podcast all week! So fun and informative and perfect!! Thank you for putting it out! 💖💖💖
  • NicoleInLA
    Love the blog, love the podcast!
    I love these boss babes! They things they share and discuss here are helpful and I love their dynamic! I relate to them so much because I have a sister, and I really like seeing sisters succeed together.
  • CleftLifeGoodLife
    Bad Language
    I love this podcast and blog and used to recommend it to everyone on my own blog. Sadly, I am disappointed with the bad language on the podcast. I’m thirteen and have to listen to this from kids my age but it would great if adult podcasts had clean language. Unfortunately, I can’t recommend it to people and I have stopped listening. I can’t give it more than two stars because of the language. I love the podcast and blog topic choices but I can’t listen anymore. 🙁
  • Julie B Brown
    Inspiring female entrepreneurs
    How refreshing to listen to these two women openly and authentically share the successes and failures of their business ventures. It gives the listener the confidence to give something a go or the wisdom to take a pass on an idea due to the limitations and lack of opportunity for growth.
  • alluvialplains
    Fun and inspiring
    I just binged every episode of this podcast and I can’t wait for the next one! All the segments are so fun, it feels like you’re chatting with your best friends. It’s full of great tips and good ideas! Love love love!
  • TheBlissfulAbode
    Easy Listening
    Love the format of this podcast so much. A conversation between two sisters, it is easy listening and by the end of the episode I feel I’ve been entertained and informed through a series of anecdotes ranging from personal growth to house hunting. Definitely 5 stars!
  • Slim2k16
    Like chatting with old friends
    ABM has been such a huge source of inspiration for me for almost a decade. I started reading the blog in college and now listen to the podcast throughout my days working from home as a freelance graphic designer. This podcast feels nostalgic to me, like chatting with a couple of old friends, and it brings so much joy to my day.
  • Darlingdove404
    Love it!
    I listen to a lot of true crime podcasts but I realize that’s not exactly adding any positivity to my day, go figure! This podcast is exactly what I needed. I literally feel happier after I listen. I loved hearing their app story and I felt so inspired after. I use A Color Story almost every day for my job as a social media manager and it was interesting to hear the story behind it. So glad you two started this podcast!
  • Bree Batton
    Best Friends!
    I’ve been a long time reader of ABM and the podcast was the icing on the cake! Listening is like having a chat with old friends! ❤️
  • E McMahon
    Like talking with your best friends over glasses of wine!
    LOVE this podcast! I wish they had new episodes more often because I can’t get enough! I’ve followed Elsie and Emma through their blog/social media for years, and I love feeling like I know them a little better through their podcast. They are funny, down-to-Earth, and talk about relatable and interesting topics. Totally recommend!
  • Hannah Lanz
    Lighthearted and Real
    This is one of my favorite things to listen to, not only because I’ve followed their blog for about 8 years but because they are so real. They are also so interested in what topics interest the listeners that it feels interactive and not at all one-sided. They’re so funny to listen to together that it makes it a really great break from a long day. They’re also just really encouraging and I’ve really been able to better develop some of my personal life goals from listening to how they achieve theirs. I definitely recommend listening!
  • Mdlnshw
    I was so excited to hear about this podcast! I’ve been following Elsie and Emma on their blog for 9 years and love them. The podcast is super fun and such a great listen.
  • Catagogo
    Feels like hanging out with friends!
    I’ve been a fan of ABM for a long time now and was thrilled when Elsie and Emma started this podcast! Their honesty is refreshing and it feels like hanging out with old friends. Excited for more!!
  • A Smoen
    Already look forward to new episodes every week
    Already love this podcast. I am sad it hasn’t been around for a few years so that when I found it there would be a ton of back episodes! Love the variety of topics and can’t wait to hear more
  • carmn_rosa925
    So much fun!!
    I just recently started getting into podcast and I’m so glad ABM decided to start one. It’s so much fun hearing their voices rather than reading. It def makes me feel like I know them more. I’m learning so much! Thanks for creating this space!
  • jadeedurf
    I’ve been following A Beautiful Mess blog for years since moving to Springfield and learning about this amazing sister team, so I am happy to be entertained by their actual voices—it’s like having a conversation with my own sister while I’m getting ready for work. But I also listen to a variety of different podcasts, and fangirling aside, it’s just a great podcast. The content is either super relevant to my life and/or inspires me to try something new (non-toxic skin care or romance novels!) and/or maybe is not applicable to my life but is fun to listen to them discuss (raising children and running a business). It’s edited well and I love the theme song. Thank you gals!
  • Nbotter
    Just like a conversation with friends
    I look forward to listening to these podcasts! So much good info and in a format like a conversation with friends. Thank you Emma and Elsie for creating a wonderful podcast!
  • Lindsmac
    Favorite new podcast of 2019
    Love this podcast!! I downloaded it a while ago but did t really start listening till Christmas break. Now I’m obsessed and binged all the episodes so far. Love that it’s fairly new so there aren’t too many past episodes. Also, you don’t have to go back to start listening now, although you should. Elsie and Emma are so easy to listen to, and have a great rapport. I love the different subjects and asides from them. I’m not a super crafty person, so don’t let that dissuade you. There are so many different subjects and tons of helpful information. Listen immediately!!
  • tyneb
    Fun and easy
    Love this podcast! The ladies are fresh. Love hearing their tips, honesty, and just their sister banter. I’ve loved following their blog since 2010 and the podcast makes me love them ever more. Also, I finally sat down and made my music jar. So inspired to do this with my kiddo.
  • Afhund4s
    Great new podcast
    I love the blog and the podcast is even more fun. You really get to know their personalities.
  • juniper&elowen
    We finally get to hang out
    I’ve followed Elsie and Emma since 2011 and have always loved their content. Now it feels like we are totally hanging out chatting and I am here for it! Thank you for making this podcast! I especially loved the book recommendation episode and when Elsie talks about motherhood.
  • Catdelacreme
    Sisters, diy, tips, kid stuff
    What more could I ask for? I love listening and relating to these two as they talk about their lives, goals, kids and all sorts of stuff! Funny and interesting. I only wish each episode was longer and longer so I could chat with my “friends” longer!
  • RedKJDD
    The podcast I’ve been waiting for
    These girls are super practical and honest! I love the advice and recommendations. They are relatable and inspiring! Thank you Emma and Elsie for making this podcast! ❤️
  • KeshaAlex
    Love! Inspiring & relevant.
    These podcasts from Elsie & Emma are inspiring and relevant. After each one I feel like I learned something fun and am inspired to go do, read, create. Good vibes after each episode.
  • hopegabrielle
    Great listen!
    I’m a longtime reader of the blog and I love hearing the dynamic between you two! Also, looking forward to more embarrassing stories!
  • MacaroniGF
    Only positive things.
    But like, please give Nova her own podcast.
  • roseannbath
    Entertaining, easy listening
    Everything these sisters touch is quality and entertaining. If you like their blog or instagram feeds, you will enjoy their podcast. They are candid, relaxed, and clearly enjoy recording each episode.
  • esmegam
    Interesting, entertaining, and comforting
    Interesting and entertaining but also light hearted. Its a good break from heavy news podcast I usually listent to
  • awalkthroughthecity
    Easy, fun, inspiring listening!
    I have been following along with A Beautiful Mess since 2009, and this podcast is the perfect addition to every other fun and amazing thing Elsie and Emma create! Very easy but inspiring listening when I want a lift at the end of a long day.
  • Rachelrachellllllxgh
    So Relaxing
    This is my new favorite podcast to listen to at bedtime! It’s not focused on sleep at all but I just find it soothing and comforting. The topics are always chill and good for de-stressing. I’ve loved every episode so far!
  • smnoon
    Self Help Books
    I really have fun listening to you two. I think we’d be friends.💓
  • AIgnotus
    Love your banter...
    ... but not crazy about how many times you intersperse the word ‘like’ in your sentences. It’s especially grating when you are listening to the podcast with a pair of headphones. ~Mika
  • Sweethearoftherodeo
    Enjoying every minute!
    I am loving this podcast, and I especially love the Nova cameos at the end asking for reviews! It worked, because I just did! Great job girls!!
  • AshleyKalhagen
    A new fav
    I really put off listening to this podcast because I honestly thought it would be boring. I love YHL’s podcast and when I saw that people were reviewing this one and saying it was similar I decided to give it a try. I ended up binging all the episodes in 2 days! It’s easy to listen to, fun, lighthearted, and entertaining. I love that it’s not super serious and just kind of for fun, but I’ve also already gotten some great ideas from it. It will be added to my “listens to the day it comes out” list for sure!
  • amdutt62
    Love love love
    One of the very few podcasts that I look forward to and listen to every single week! So light hearted, inspiring, and motivating! You two are the best!!
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