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The Wannabe Minimalist Show is for people who are tired of the chaos in their life, but not sure this whole “minimalism thing” will work for them and their busy family. Through personal stories and guest appearances, this podcast will help you discover how to live with a minimalist mindset without having to throw EVERYTHING away. It’s practical, doable, and simple for those of us that wannabe minimalist.

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  • HappinessRider
    Overall Good Tips But Contradictory As All Get Out
    Was listening to some of the podcast and completely turned off by the host posting g a question to a guest about how to achieve a home where people who visit are impressed. Minimalism is also about not pushing consumerism or encouraging the desire to feed insecurity over working on why one has them. A home should not be designed or decorated to impress anyone- that’s half the problem we have with all the decorating addiction in the USA. For many parents , scouring the latest decor magazines takes priority over being truly present with the children. Implementing changes for the purpose of impressing others also takes precedence over family and friends and volunteering time or just time for self care. Would like to see this host delve a little deeper and be more consistent in her message. How many women use cosmetics to alter their appearance in order to make ululate how others feel about them or even theirselves? Why? Can we stop all this need to manipulate each other into accepting each other using physical symbols as the yardstick? Can we just say enough is enough and we are good enough and use our extra resources to support our communities achieving mental health, financial, food, education, jobs and shelter security? This can only begin as a trickle down message because unfortunately the poor among us feel the most rejected and in need of mimicking those with more resources in order to feel they are worthy of being lived and cared about. During the Victorian era, multitudes of self serving people indulged themselves at great cost to societies mental health. Then when the masses could buy some of their favorite items they rejected those as well turning to new things. The need to be better than someone else to validate self worth is destroying our souls and our planet and our humanity and compassion. Our homes are shelter from elements and adversity. Decorations are optional and neither what is stylish or trendy need be part of any discussion. Comfort is not always stylish. Even having a chair that takes up floor space but can’t be used to sit on shows a level of insecurity that one could well work on uncovering the roots of. Anyway- there is a lot of hidden marketing going on here as well as some useful tips.
  • happy brit in the usa
    Saliva mouth
    Want to listen but all I hear is the up close microphone and the saliva sound in her mouth.
  • Cee D Bell
    I just started listening and love this podcast. I was looking for concrete tips, and Deanna delivered. In my quest to find a decluttering podcast today, I listened to three prior, and Wannabe Minimalist Show towers over everything else by miles. I’m so grateful!
  • AnonMinimalist
    Very awkward narration. It seems like there’s a seven year pause betweeen each sentence.
  • @toad.and.cake
    Gets better and better!
    I’ve been listening for a while and it’s been good but the guest interviews have really elevated the podcast! They’re great! I also love that she always leaves you with a little challenge to tackle. Keep up the great work!
  • mmpeach
    Thought-provoking content. Needs to use a de-esser on the audio
    I really like the content of the podcast and I frequently find myself applying the idea to my daily life. I would listen to more episodes, however I listen on headphones while walking outdoors. The recording would be vastly improved by using a de-esser. The S sounds in the recording hurt my ears when listening on headphones, in order to avoid discomfort from every third word , I need to put the volume down low, but then I can’t hear every time a car drives by. The podcast is probably losing a large percentage of listeners who primarily listen on headphones. I hope this is rectified in the future because I would really like to include this podcast in my weekly lineup.
  • Justice777890
    Great voice - easy listening
    I enjoy the episodes.
  • BeautifulMinimalMillennial
    Lovely Minimalist Podcast
    Always positive about minimalism! Love the easy to implement suggestions and tips.
  • epapz
    Very helpful
    Very helpful and thoughtful podcast with great instructions.
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