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The Crown: The Official Podcast is the exclusive companion podcast to accompany the Netflix Original Series The Crown. Hosted by Edith Bowman, the podcast follows the show episode by episode, diving deep into the stories and taking listeners behind the scenes with insights from many of the people involved in making the show. The podcast is back for the launch Season 4 of The Crown on November 15th and will feature guests including showrunner, writer and creator Peter Morgan and cast members Olivia Colman, Gillian Anderson and Helena Bonham Carter. The Crown: The Official Podcast is produced by Netflix and Somethin’ Else, in association with Left Bank Pictures.

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  • Texas KJ
    Fascinating companion to The Crown
    I’ve never written a podcast review but this podcast is so riveting, I had to! It’s a fascinating and in-depth companion to the show with the behind the scenes info, cast/writers/producers interviews, historical background about the events. I discovered this while watching Season 4, craving more info about the episode I just watched and love it so much that I plan to start over watching Season 1 and listen to this podcast episode by episode while I rewatch the show. Thank you for giving us this gift!
  • Nina_EAM
    Absolutely an ideal companion podcast in every way - real, in-depth, and answers all my questions!!! Very high quality and truly an insider look at each episode. This pod makes me love they show so much more.
  • MIObsessenach
    Great supplement to the Netflix series!
    I appreciate the variety of guests, from actors, directors, and other “behind-the-scenes” experts who are doing research to make the series as authentic as possible. Fascinating to hear how much work it takes to produce each season.
  • layla70
    Episode 2
    Episode 2 is on their website if you’re looking for it! I loved this episode and needed the podcast!
  • EmBPo
    So well done!
    I stumbled upon this recommended by a friend after I finished The Crown Season 4 and I wanted more! I love the variety of guests and you are able to receive invaluable information from unique perspectives. Amazing job!
  • chelsea dext
    Love this show (but need correction please)!
    Hello! I love the show and I love hearing these deep dives of each episode! It appears that episode 2 and 3 of season 4’s podcast are the same audio. Can this please be corrected as I and I am sure many others would love to hear the behind the scenes of episode 2 season 4!
  • vityach
    Almost great
    Some critical approach sometimes would be nice, instead constant praising of everybody in the cast and crew.
  • Royalist in the 'Burgh
    Please fix Episode 2!
    Love the podcast, but you need to upload the correct file for Episode 2! It’s playing Fairytale not Balmoral Test. I’m not the first person to post this, please fix it.
  • Cubone&NatutrainerLannisterfan
    All Hail the 👑👸🏼
    The Crown is one of the most insightful shows that centers around the Royal Family. I live in the US but I am so into any show that is British or focusing on the British. I find them to be more entertaining than my own country. The cast is amazing! Helena Bonham Carter is really well amazing (a nice change from Bellatrix), Matt Smith was awesome and now Tobias Menzies is doing a great job taking over. And I can’t forget about Charles Dance, the ultimate villain in GoT and Godzilla, but as Mountbatten he gets to play the role of someone who I find interesting. Haven’t seen all of season 4 yet but I hope it gets a 5th and goes as close to modern day as it can!
  • ryanevanballard
    This podcast has great candid conversation and really fascinating questions are asked by the host. I appreciate that the people who work on The Crown behind the scenes (costumes, props, researchers) are being interviewed, and not just the actors.
  • Veronica NYC
    Brilliant podcast
    Epis 2 and 3 are same. Please please fix. Ty
  • KJHJewett
    Wrong episode for Season 4, Episode 2
    It’s actually playing the podcast about Episode 3. Please fix!
  • clio999
    Wrong episode
    Episode 2 is a repeat of episode 3 (so to speak!)
  • rahrahsooner
    Do truly enjoy listening to this podcast. So much information to go along with each story. Do wish the podcast would have been around for the first two seasons.
  • ronmintz216
    Episode 2/3
    Episode 2 and 3 are the same. Can you please fix? Thanks
  • 3510yogi
    British history never ceases to fascinate me. I look forward to hearing the head researcher, the creator and the actors. Such compelling tv and a podcast to go a little deeper.
  • blc14
    Season 4
    Episode 2 And episode 3 are the same podcast
  • LindaVistaGirl
    Wrong Episode?
    On ITunes, the podcast for Season 4 Episode 2 actually covers Episode 3 instead. Will this be corrected soon?
  • Mackypooh
    Lovely but Season 4 epi 2 mislabeled
    Balmoral test is actually Fairytale’s content 🌹
  • MissMellieSue
    Wonderful Podcast!
    What a great podcast! I just want more episodes especially information and insight for the two previous seasons. I hope the podcast resumes when the subsequent seasons are released. It’s a well done podcast and a wonderful companion to the series! 🤗 👑 🥰
  • Carp2033
    Season 3
    This season was the worst! Very dark and boring!
  • Magnetman2002
    Please go back and do Seasons 1 and 2!!!
    This podcast is stellar! It gave so much back story and insights. I wish all TV shows were covered as well. Edith, you’re a delightful to the ears!
  • Patti R.
    The Crown Season 3 episode 3
    Martin Charteris was the assistant secretary when this tragedy took place. He didn’t become Private Secretary until 1972.
  • marg220617
    A great companion to the series!
    I only wish that this podcast existed for the first 2 seasons :). I look forward to listening after each episode, so many great insights from all the insiders. Please keep the podcast going!
  • Chrissy68
    How to make a favorite show even more lovely!
    This is so very fun!! I love the show and the podcast only helps to bring out all of the things I love about it!!! Thank you for doing this!!!
  • MKKinch10
    Well done!
    I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to this podcast! I love listening to the actors discussing their experiences and hearing their stories while filming! The thoroughness and thoughtfulness that went into this podcast was spectacular!
  • DinaRose27
    So sad it’s over!
    Truly, the most engaging, informative, entertaining podcast I’ve ever had the privilege to enjoy. Thank you 🙏🏽 and ... I cannot wait till Season 4!
  • ADM+
    Love it. Grateful
    I’ve been utterly fascinated by the supplemental material in this podcast and wish the beautiful voice of Edith Bowman would make longer episodes.
  • Shandizlo
    Recap Seasons 1&2 while we wait
    This was perfect and timely. It actually talked about the show. Unlike other podcasts about tv shows. You could do seasons 1 & 2 while we wait for season 4 . I wouldn’t mind at all
  • chihollander
    No Substance
    If you’re looking for more detail on the actual history involved in the show, don’t waste your time. Lots of fluff with no substance. If you’re expecting something like the Chernobyl podcast, this pales in comparison.
  • Kyfrancik
    Background Greatness
    If you like or love The Crown, Season 3 and you enjoy hearing about the creative process of a piece of visual art, this is the podcast for you. I have absolutely enjoyed the first 8 episodes.
  • HermesOrange
    Brilliant, Insightful and Educational
    Just when I am longing for more after watching each episode, I know I can look forward to The Crown Podcast for discussion, insight and many uncovered nuances. Highly entertaining. I so appreciate all the research that goes into every storyline and character persona. It all unfolds beautifully. It whets my appetite for watching the episodes again. Thank you. Bravo...well done 👏🏼
  • Estavilt
    Perfect addition to the show.
    I have already binge watched. But it is so great to listen to the podcast and then rewatch the episode.
  • Figure5InGold
    Why Not All Episodes at Once?
    A rich supplement to a brilliant series. What doesn’t seem brilliant is that even though an entire season of the show drops at once, the podcast is released only one by one, on a weekly schedule. I would guess most viewers are well beyond the most current podcast episode. To go backward to listen to the out-of-sync podcast, when the viewer has moved episodes beyond, is not very appealing. A puzzling oversight.
  • mohawk street
    When are the podcasts for further episodes going to appear?
    Brilliant casting and writing. The podcast is a wonderful addition. Since this is a streaming show, many viewers, if not most, are watching several episodes in one sitting. It seems illogical to publish podcasts as if this is a weekly show.
  • Fgomike
    Like the show, this will be great. I hope there will be podcasts on the previous seasons
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