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The Late Kick with Josh Pate delivers College football the way you want it. Behind-the-scenes whispers and intel thanks to a network of team insiders. Game breakdowns and rapid reaction along with the occasional gambling and recruiting twist. No offseason, no low-hanging fruit, no hot take — just the information you need to know on a show built with YOU in mind.

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  • DeReal60
    Pate State Material
    Where else can you get a healthy dose of real college football content fans want from a true fan, a dose of storm chasing stories, the knowledge that Forrest Gump contained ping pong, Fleetwood Mac and football; info about the former girlfriend of the storm chaser who is now the Atlanta Hawks billionaire owners wife… enjoy it all so much like you just had a conversation with your best friend? It’s a rhetorical question - you can’t touch this (immunity)!
  • smsmurray
    just subscribe
    he’s really talented and entertaining!
  • Here for the Game
    Awesome College Football Show!
    Josh is great. He still really tries to focus on college football as a sport, and really maintains a focus on sport as a whole, as opposed to just micro-focusing on the game’s current elites. College football has always been a community-driven sport, where 60,000 people will sell out a stadium to watch two 4-3 teams play head to head on a random Saturday. Josh feels like one of the last of a dying breed, who still sees the sport for what it is, as opposed to just another season of Alabama vs. Georgia for another national title. Keep it up Josh!
  • Emmie Gracie
    Best college football podcast EVER!!!
    Love Josh Pate’s podcast. I listen to it with my husband all the time. So information and interesting! Literally love it so much!!!
  • Viral1035
    Josh Is the smartest most genuine voice in college football. His passion and dedication for the sport never fail to come out in every pod. A very tough task as a one man show, but there is no moments of dullness. Thanks mate
  • AstroParrotKing
    Josh is the GOAT
    12/10 fun podcast.
  • Buddyintx
    Great podcast that is ALL college football. Thanks for the year-round coverage of the greatest sport on the planet presented in an informative yet light-hearted and comedic manner.
  • ECD Studios
    Mail bag submission
    What do you think are the winning chances that LSU has next SEC football season?
  • drewyang96
    The best college football podcast in the business!
    Josh is the 🐐 Also shout out to director Collin, producer Jesse and Bradley.
  • EMAWrica
    Mail-Bag Question
    Dear Josh: Please talk more about Kstate. Thanks
  • Alaskan bullworm
    C+ grade for Cristobal is a joke
    I’ll give you five stars because I like the show. But have to chime in here. You just gave him an above-average rating for getting blown out by Middle Tennessee State and Duke in year 1. Smh.
  • ChrisDionne
    Late kick
    Great stuff!
  • theestradas05
    The Best
    This is the best and most objective CFB show around… hands down!
  • ernieyeager3
    5 stars
    Great show
  • hailmari1
    Slow down
    Josh has a lot of good info and things to say, but he’s gotta slow down. Add some quick pauses or transitions or something. It’s hard to keep up sometimes.
  • Cheat(-.-)Code
    Pate state for life!
    Very objective while keeping it fun!
  • Dr.. Shrimp Puerto Rico
    This guy just said CFB Playoff was ludicrous. I instantly turned I’m the podcast off. How can a fan of college football say that.
  • jjredraider
    The Late Kick with Josh Pate
  • Zack maize and blue
    Good content but it’s mainly an SEC podcast.
    Josh is great and do enjoy the show. Only reason it’s not 5 stars is because 75% of the show just focuses on the SEC. He then gets upset when he’s called out about that and then proceeds to spend 10 min on Arkansas or another mid SEC team. Stopped listening to every episode since it turned into that. Now more just pick and choose the ones that aren’t all SEC for an hour. I get it though he’s a southern guy and grew up in SEC country but would rather be more honest about what this pod is about because it for sure is not a balanced podcast.
  • Not a tween girl
    SEO-Driven. Shallow
    It’s fine, Josh is entertaining, but he only talks topics that will be good for the SEO. Zero coverage of mid-low tier teams that aren’t in the SEC. A lot of “flavor of the week”-type stuff.
  • HSqueezy77
    Great show for CFB enthusiasts
    I consume an embarrassing amount of college football podcasts and this may be my favorite one right now. Very good insights and he keeps it from stalling out, which is hard for a one man show. I usually find at least a few good angles for betting each week too. Appreciate the good work, my man. Keep it coming!
  • meemee gamer
    Best podcast.
    The best podcast, period!
  • go tsjkddu
    My go to college football podcast!
    Two faced pandering
    Listened for about a calendar year to conclude this: Typical media show. Keep it moving.
  • D-Rock64
    Great listen
    First off, I’ve listened to Josh and producer Collin since day one on the podcast, and the quality of the content, the way it has been presented and the unbiased opinions of each program has never changed!!! I’m happy for you guys and the success that has came y’all’s way! Keep up the great work and God bless!
  • Ahpetty33
    CFP Lover’s Dream
    This show is fast-paced and gets through every important matchup, reviewing the previous week and previewing the next week. Features an oddsmaker’s perspective for those who enjoy point spreads and betting odds, but that isn’t necessary to enjoy the fantastic game breakdowns.
  • Javerill757
    Late Kick is the Best CFB Show
    Late Kick is the best CFB show in the business, and watching JP’s brand grow has been awesome. Go Gators #PateStateMaterial
  • Fhu770
    Columbus, GA represent!
    Josh Pate never forgets where he came from. He has paved the way for broadcasters everywhere. He is the gold standard on how hard work pays off!
  • Joe diggs
    Best original college football content
    If you are a college football fan, Josh is a must listen. His original perspective on various college football stories is simply the best. Thank you Director Collin and Josh for such a remarkable pod.
  • Japplewes
    On Josh’s first trip to Oxford
    “Everything they say about Oxford is true except for the State Fans, and-and, they have good reason not to say it!” #YOUTELLEMJOSHYOUTELLEM #HAILSTATE #THELATEKICK
  • MarkTSU10
    Pate is the best CFB media personality out there
    Pate is the best CFB media personality out there. No contest. He’s objective and honest, yet passionate and engaging. Keep up the great work.
  • ChrisKy91
    SEC heavy
    I really enjoy Josh’s passion for the sport and ability to do a one man show and hold interest. My main complaint is that there’s too much focus on the SEC. Not to say the SEC isn’t the best conference and the foundation of the sport but when your recap show is hyper focused on mediocre games featuring SEC teams, it’s not what I’m interested. Good games with good teams from the SEC, sure of course but a game featuring a bad Auburn team getting dragged, I tune out. I guess I can’t blame Josh, SEC fans are the most vocal and bring the most viewership/listens that can insulate from the rest of the country. Josh knows where his bread is buttered. Also seems most of his connection and sourcing around the sport is via SEC personnel. Last thing, attitude era wwf was overrated, please stop making references to them as a notion you’re a wrestling fan when you don’t both to watch the current product that is vast and good.
  • PreyedOn
    Easy 5 stars
    Best college football show out there. Informative, unbiased, and always entertaining. Pate State for the win. Go Vols.
  • cheesecoopa
    Pate State to the 🌖
    Just switched from Android to a IChase today and I knew the first thing that had to happen. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️review for the Pate State crew. Go Dawgs🐾
  • Nyctide
    Best in the biz
    That is really all I have to say. There are a couple of others shows I listen to, but you hit to the heart of all the hot topics I appreciate that!
  • $m&m$mattingly
    Straight shooter
    Like it because no politics in your show an you stand for CFB an the teams . Don’t forget about them Kentucky wildcats xoxoxoxox lol GO CATS …!!!! Stoops best inSEC
  • JRs BBQ
    Pate is your favorite podcaster’s favorite podcaster! Seriously though, he is very measured and not a talking head going for clicks. Much respect.
  • EZGator3
    Zach Smith
    Long time listener, first time caller. Probably the only person in Football Sports Media that I listen to regularly. Josh is the best in the game… and it’s not particularly close. Just subscribe and listen daily… don’t be an idiot.
  • gphmiles
    Great show !!
    Listen all the time…..enjoy the straight up reporting without a lot of nonsense…..thank you Academy for making it possible.
  • BigDMill
    Must Listen
    This is the best College Football analysis show I’ve come across. No hot takes, no flashy graphics, or contrived arguments, just solid and entertaining analysis.
  • smawjaw1
    Posh Josh
    We need more Mee Maw!
  • Tarkovskyfan
    Drinking Game
    Take a shot every time Josh asks for 5 star reviews, subscribers, likes, etc. you will end up in the hospital. Can we just limit that to once per show please? This is otherwise an awesome product.
  • bdubs2423
    BraxtonWinters Purcell Oklahoma
    Wrestle mania 17 was greatest ppl ever
  • big daddy berg3
    Fantastic podcast if you’re a college football fan. I’ve been looking for a solid college football podcast for the past few years and I finally found the right one. Great intel and very unbiased opinions from Josh. Love the pod!!!!
  • DarienDJR
    Best College Football Podcast
    Hands down Josh Pate is great and head and shoulders above other reporters.
  • 2837492
    Must watch!
    Josh you are the future of college football information. When I listen, I feel as though I’m a kid in the early years of game day knowing that what I’m watching and listening to is a the next big thing. I appreciate all your guys hard work. Fight On!
  • Asif Delawalla
    The College Football Podcast I've Been Wanting for Years
    Josh and his team are great on each episode. They talk about a lot of the things going on in the sport (both on and off the field), but they also don't hesitate to let the fans steer the wheel about what the topics are from episode to episode. They also cover a wide variety of teams and players which keeps the show interesting and engaging.
  • dnaaggie
    Texas A&M will not even be a borderline top 10 class
    We will end up with a smallish class (they say), 20-21 recruits, and will end up around 300 pts and be in the top 5 (think Ohio St.’s class last year). We’ll have one of the highest avg. recruit rankings… top 3 probably. Ans then get ready for our 2023 & 2024 back to back National Championship years.
  • dawgmatic
    Too much talk about the Josh Pate brand. I listen to hear about college football, not to hear about how great the show is.
  • DtsJr
    Best College Football Podcast By Far!
    Never miss an episode.
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