What About Water? with Jay Famiglietti


"What About Water" connects water science with the stories that bring about solutions, adaptations & actions for the world's water realities. Hosted by Jay Famiglietti and presented by the Global Institute for Water Security and The Walrus Lab. Formerly known as "Let's Talk About Water".

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  • findmeajobplz
    talk about edutainment
    okay, firstly i MUST shout out that opening music track. i never thought i would be getting so PUMPED to be talking about water, but that track really pulls me in. seriously though — this podcast is a great example of edu-tainment; i’m learning so much about the current situation with our world’s water supply, but also just genuinely enjoy listening because of the host! he’s got such a welcoming, down to the earth energy and it makes me it feel like i’m just listening to a friend talk. definitely gonna tell my friends about this, it really is such an important topic that i don’t think a lot of people think about..but i’m glad someone is leading the conversation. cheers!
  • ian f wren
    Making water fun again
    The ‘delightfully glum’ Jay Famiglietti and his team do a great job interviewing a diverse set of water experts - bringing optimism to otherwise dreary topics. Also has decent theme music!
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