Welcome to Cinephobe: The Podcast where Zach Harper, Amin Elhassan and Anthony Mayes review movies that are poorly rated on Rotten Tomatoes, and try to ascertain whether or not those movies are accurately poorly rated, or maybe just didn’t get a fair shake. Cinephobe! Wherever you get Podcasts!

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  • CVaughn46
    Great pod
    Just listened to the Maximum Overdrive episode again. I have to agree with Amin about that song from White Chics. I never heard of it till the movie. I thought it was made just for the movie. I was shocked when I found out it was real song. Love the pod.
  • SparkyNuggets
    76% rating difference
    Out Cold. Submitting my submission
  • jayher17
    Relistening to Cinephobe
    Currently up to the Year of Our Phobe “Futuresport” and have enjoyed hearing the bits/show staples develop and be refined by you guys. Salute to Mayes and his exceptional producing skills.
  • phillysheeshsteak
    Do balls out Gary houseman story
    Y’all should do BALLS OUT the gatehouse man story 26% on rotten tomatoes. Didn’t get a fair shake. Please ascertain!
  • kcouser
    Van Damme
    Lionheart and Kickboxer
  • I’m gambling again 20
    David Samson guest
    Watch Paycheck.
  • I’m gambling again 19
    Keep knocking out those episodes fellas.
  • I’m gambling again 18
    Plot thickens?
    More plot bits.
  • I’m Gambling again 17
    Top off camera voices.
  • I’m Gambling Again16
    Top Cowards.
  • I’m Gambling Again15
    Film Noirs.
  • I’m gambling again14
    CT5’s. Almost there.
  • I’m Gambling Again13
    Top Villains.
  • I’m gambling again 12
    Plot lift off
    Love the new idea.
  • I’m gambling again 11
    Runs Hot
    Phones are hot here, like Amin’s mic from time to time. What happened to your mic Zach? Disappointed.
  • I’m gambling again 10
    Al Pacino movie.
    Honor the new kid on the way?
  • I’m gambling again 9
    They really don’t care over here. No one has checked in with me and I’m almost 10 deep. How deep will the daisy chain go? Love it.
  • I’m gambling again 8
    Quantity over quality.
    That’s the goal here today. This pod is always quality with lots of it.
  • I’m gambling again 7
    Who should the next guest be?
    Dan, but he only wants to talk Succession? 🤔
  • I’m gambling again6
    What’s the plan for 200?
    3 hour episode? Do it. One of those sorry Jurassic Park movies should do it.
  • I’m gambling again5
    How long will the daisy chain go?
    I think they do it all through ‘23. Then they change it up. What a ride though.
  • I’m gambling again 4
    Summer time.
    No work for me, but maybe let’s daisy chain to some summer blockbuster flops??
  • I’m gambling again3
    The next bump.
    Can I pick a daisy chain link? That would be fun.
  • I’m gambling again!2
    From Vegas
    Here for game 1 with some time to kill. Has there been a sports month? How far can the daisy chain go?
  • I’m Gamblin Again!
    New Reviews just dropped.
    You know who this is. Fan le batard again stepping up. CT top 5 bridges cowards.
  • JimmyFishkin
    John “Daisy Chain” Pinette!
    Amin!! Don’t get trapped!! You can chain John Pinette as Micro to a little movie called Junior, starring Repeat Offenders Arnold Schwarzenegger and everyone’s sweetheart, Danny DeVito. From there the world is your oyster. Thanks in advance.
  • Quietchu
    CT5 Suggestion
    Top 5 disembodied voices
  • John of
    5 Stars - How Many Millions?
    Just spent the better part of 2 months re-listening to all 182 episodes available through Apple Podcasts. All caught up once again and ready for more!!! This show is evergreen and I have cycled through at 3 times since the inception. Love it!
  • matthewn78
    Could we please get Zach’s top 5 Oakleys while Amin reads more from that Oakley forum?
  • Lamontced
    Liam n
  • Everyone's momma
    references from non show reviewed movies, I don’t have a prepared list im not doing your job for you, i’ll hang up and listen
  • Cnat790
  • tdavsi12
    Makes my Week
    I'm a FedEx driver (CT5 listener jobs?) and the best day of the week, every week, for me is Thursday because it means 2 hours of listening to Cinephobe which always makes the day easier/feel quicker to get through. I'm sure you all have heard it plenty of times, but the substantive impact your work has on the overall happiness of the day-to-day lives of (doubtless) so many people is something about which you should be immensely proud. The bits, the call-backs, the arguments about spite-phobes and Amin getting drunk... keep it all up because, in its own little weird and niche way, it's important work (and an important conversation which I'm glad we're having). That being said, here is my CT5 of Cinephobe bits which will make me life every single time, no matter what: 5. "Isn't it? Welcome to Cinephobe" 4. Referencing the train 3. Amin as Jack Palance 2. Zach talking about Oakleys (or working there) 1. "They got us running errands for the DA!" (and pretty much all other It's Always Sunny clips)
    Please never stop this pod
    My favorite podcast of all time. You guys are legends. Never stop making this pod. Thank you. Top notch podders
  • Koolarrito
    Top 5 Bingo’s!!
    Love the show!! You all got to do a CT5 of Bingo’s!!!
  • Rapper+martial artist=PHILE
    Jet Li movies you cowards
    Cradle 2 the Grave and Romeo Must Die are begging to be linked to the Daisy Chain. They both perfectly encapsulate 20CB era of action movies not unlike Belly. Love the show but you’ve ruined movies for me🫡
  • jascsoobn
    Do Air Bud, you cowards
    Air Bud: Golden Receiver also qualifies
  • renotarq
    Well Worth Your Time
    Suggestion - Top 5 Cheeks/No Cheeks
  • Vccchvbczxvbbb
    PLz more billy Gil guest
  • StarHayzer
    Been awhile
    I just love this podcast
  • dpainter2
    Future Cinephobes?
    Ace Ventura-When Nature Calls Fast and Furious (4) Pirates of Caribbean on Stranger Tides Night at the Roxbury Freddy got Fingered
  • yaddamin
    Goatdog my boy
    Love the show, best podcast at the lark. Ya need to invite the ginger.
  • b-tils
    Just listened to the Gotti episode - Zach said antidote?
    I usually listen at 1.25 speed, so sometimes I mishear things. For a year, I thought the end of the intro was a gravelly voice saying, “I… am aroused.” Imagine my surprise when I listened to the “I Am Wrath” episode. Thanks for the laughter, guys. The pod is amazing.
  • Abrandnewme182
    Did y’all get fired on your day off? Still Meadowlark owned or no?
  • Jrod_2002
    Finally getting Waiting!!!
    Have thoroughly enjoyed the daisy-chain year thus far!
  • Random Hero 88
    Olivia Cockburn’s super future callback
    My lesbian homegirl who only listens to the pod whenever I play it around her favourite drop is “I wish I knew how to quit you” she giggles every time she hears it.
  • 41 down
    Have you guys done Body of Evidence?
    A gem came up while watching TikTok, Body of Evidence from Madonna and Willem Defoe. If you guys have not done this, it’s awfulness needs to be enshrined. If you have point me to this episode.
  • TheOriginalMochababy
    CT5 dirty mac hall of famers
  • Line finder
    The great debate to watch before or after the pod
    I’ve been torn on this topic is it better to listen before or wait to after. This is a great pod adding to 20k five star reviews
  • timmy the k man.
    If you’ve got a submission, submit it.
    2000’s Romantic/Comedy, “Loser” starring Jason Biggs.
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