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Get ready for some legal drama and a whole lot of sass on The Emily Show, hosted by none other than the internet's favorite legal analyst, Emily D Baker. With over 17 years of experience as a lawyer and former LA Deputy District Attorney, Emily gives you the lowdown on the hottest legal stories everyone is talking about. Her unique blend of smarts, sarcasm, and colorful language will have you laughing and learning at the same time.But that's not all, y'all! Emily shares her wild and hilarious stories from her time as a LA County Deputy District Attorney and gives you a glimpse into the life of a YouTube creator with millions of monthly views.Don't miss out on the legal commentary and behind-the-scenes action, head over to YouTube at www.WatchEmily.Com and connect with Emily on Instagram @TheEmilyDBaker for even more law, life, and coffee chat. With The Emily Show, you'll be a law nerd in no time!This podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: Chartable -

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    Emily is great but there is a major flaw
    Emily is great but the way the podcasts are listed are unlike any other podcast I follow. The oldest show up first and you have to scroll and scroll to get the latest one which is super annoying especially since I don’t listen to each episode. Please fix this!!!!
  • GCS1978
    Really Like
    I really enjoy Emily D. Baker podcasts. Always a great show.
  • todd lincon
    So good
    Emily makes the law fun because she’s fun :)
  • simpleguh
    Clear, concise & COOL
    Thanks for covering the cheer stuff. Please keep covering it! Would fully support covering the gymnastics stuff too.
  • ShawnKathleen
    EDB ♥️
    If you’re listening to this podcast and don’t love it, that’s a you problem. 5-stars, baby! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • KeelHomePC
    Emily is the Best
    I love all of the content from Emily. She connects with audiences from so many backgrounds and presents the information fairly from multiple viewpoints and adds in a legal perspective. We are professionals here people.
  • Mar-C1221
    EDB is a Queen!
    I found Emily on YT when Depp v. Heard trial started! She has always been amazing at explaining “law” terms for me who has no clue about law.(until I came upon Emily!) She answered all the questions being asked to the best of her ability with great depth and left you feeling more knowledgeable and understanding. As a fellow neuro-divergent I love how Emily makes us feel seen and heard! She is an absolute Queen! Thank you Emily for all you do and we all appreciate your hard work! 💜
  • Knottyneedle
    Well worth it!
    I really enjoy how they maintain a ‘civil and thoughtful’ audience. Emily D. Baker explains the law and why things are happening the way they are from the legal point of view. She does her research and doesn’t just throw things up without checking her facts first. And checking to see they are legitimate sources.
  • NStFrancis
    Not worth listening
    Sorry but I found nothing worth listening to - no expert opinions but an endless number of questions that never get answered.
  • Subwife1223
    I love listening to The Emily Show! I’m a lawnerd and also tend to watch her BTS for the podcast when I’m able. Also the trial streaming is fantastic, along with her weekly streaming. Emily’s commentary is great and she breaks down the issues so anyone can understand the law.
  • gypsyprincess1
    Ii love hearing about the Chrisley’s, I thought that there was things that would’ve been considered before their trial was over and I hope that it gets the proper look at the evidence that it needs.
  • Euphemianna
    Learning is Fun and Mental, or, Fundamental
    Smart, sarcastic and always a great teacher. Thank you EDB.
  • Momof2byz
    Please follow Todd & Julie’s case.
    Love everything you do!
  • D - Dar
    Emily D Baker
    Emily is the person I go to for following trials. Whether it be one of her live streams, Quick Bits, or a podcast she will break it down, with knowledge, and a lot of laughter too. She is seriously the best and you will leave feeling smarter and in such a good mood because of her demeanor.
  • Bagofmoney
    Absolutely love this podcast and her YouTube channel. And her random Bravo references are fantastic. I have to explain them to my sister bc she doesn’t watch.
  • SillySar2
    So Smart, So Good
    I typically watch on the YouTube’s but this is great to listen to on it’s own. Emily is incredibly smart and witty. I have been listening since she started covering a beauty YouTuber years ago and I swear this show only gets better and better. You won’t go wrong with this podcast. It’s a 10/10 and I highly recommend. Love to all the LawNerds 💜
  • SeaShell5381
    Emily is my favorite Courtcaster! Must listen!!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Pandafet
    Witty but very repetitive, literally
    Although I think Emily is funny and has a great legal mind, I find the intro grating. The term law nerd is tiresome and the helium voice. Just stick to legal analysis and less bits. I want to like it more but the negatives are so bad.
  • Jude's'Tude
    ALL THE STARS! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
    She’s incredible!
  • Jess910
    The best. She wins the internet.
    I’m not even gonna lie, Emily’s show has saved me from some of the hardest days of my life. She’s so funny. She’s so smart. She’s so articulate. She’s so inclusive. I listen to her shows on repeat when I am spiraling. She’s the actual best. We need 1 million more people just like her. And in this community? You will find them.
  • Nightfallsnow
    The Queen of law
    No one does it better. Emily can explain law and facts into better then anyone I have heard and I have listened to many!. Emily has created a community that is so accepting and supportive. My daughter who has horrible C.P.T.S.D and lawyers have a role in giving her some of that… She loves Emily and is the only law channel that she will watch or pod cast she will listen too as far a law is concerned. We find her so relatable and warm. She is the cursey word purple haired fabulous lawyer and a great human being . Thank you for all you do. #1 podcast for me!!!
  • xxLavanderxx
    Just for her
    I am not a law student, I am not a lawnerd, I don’t understand law, I prefer to knit and bake ( kidding), I listen to Emily just for her. Her personality, voice, commentary, way of explaining things (and her purple hair) are so wonderful and enjoyable her show is my go to when I need to relax,feel accompanied and beat boredom.
  • HBSVs Mom
    Amazing! Law Nerds Unite!!
    Come join Emily D. Baker and the Law Nerds! Amazing commentary. Interesting. Fair. Easy to understand. Patient. Great chat Law Nerds!
  • Tessofthenorth
    Love this podcast! Emily is smart, fair, and entertaining. The perfect place for law nerds:)
  • AMCaulder
    EDB is the best thing to come to YouTube and Podcasts!!
    I have always enjoyed watching live court and reading what is happening illegally in pop culture. Once I found Emily, it all changed for me. It changed most definitely for the better. She is so knowledgeable, humble, funny and a joy to listen to. I recommend her podcast and YouTube content to anyone who ask me and I always will!! Love you EDB and fellow law nerds. 💚
  • mtdsmom
    Love all the Facts and non of the F***ery!!
    Love how EDB breaks it all down. Entertaining and quirky. Keeps my interest. Would recommend!!!
  • Sym38
    How did I not know about Emily D. Baker?!?
    I came across Emily’s you tube channel from a friend that sent me a link. I can tell you now, when any high profile case is in the news this will be where I come to learn about it! Emily is a fantastic commentator and highly knowledgeable as she is an attorney herself. Come to her channel once, and you’ll be hooked! So glad someone sent me her link!!
  • DaDerpStar1
    Emily has the Best Law Community Around
    I love listening to Emily’s podcast and her livestreams. Her extensive knowledge of law combined with her love of pop culture makes for very entertaining content! Never miss an episode!
  • Eagles=Dawkins
    4.9 out of 5 is not a high enough score.
    Emily is best. She is just a good person. Her shows are always fun. She has 4.9 out if 5 stars. After reading the negative reviews i had to laugh. The complaints were the things that we love about Emily. Attacking her for adhd is laughable. She is real and honest. She doesn’t need a crystal ball.
  • quippppppppppp
    EDB is a Queen ✨💜
    Been a Law Nerd for years and this Podcast is so entertaining and informative. All the love for all the things you do queen 💜
  • Yippppeee
    Super Knowledgeable, Unique and Entertaining
    Love listening to Emily D. Baker, both on her podcast and YouTube. Keep up the awesome work! 💜💜
  • CiaoBella!dw
    Emily D Baker
    Found your niche during Covid and Depp vs Heard case via YouTube. Love all things social when it comes to you, your thoughts and the energy that you bring. Informative + Entertaining = 💕 Stay amazing… cheers CiaoBella! dw
  • Rybaklive
    I’m here for it
    All the things
  • marjoriemarysaint
    Wonderful podcast
    Such a smart lady!! She breaks down information in a way that is easy to understand. I love her individuality!! Smart, funny and definitely herself! Just great
  • Justabi
    I can’t take it, I. Can’t. Take. It.
    Love Emily, hate her need to say SO MANY phrases twice in a row. Twice in a row! (Almost feels like a tick?) It drives me crazy and overshadows the otherwise excellent content. (Also do not enjoy when she reads an entire legal document…so tedious. We are listening for your summary. If we wanted to read the document, we could do that ourselves…? We could definitely do that ourselves.) I’m out. I’m out ( for now at least).
  • taramcp
    ❤️ it !!!
    I love smart women, saying smart things. You are a real testament to women as you don’t just have to be a… Fill in the blank. You can go to school to be a something like a nurse and wind up as a executive nurse for a healthcare system. You go, girl, show us how it can be done. FYI I’d prefer this podcast several times over the YouTube channel.
  • jenalee76
    I love all things Emily. If you want someone to explain the law, but in a way that makes sense, without dumbing it down, then you’re in the right place. My only criticism is the layout of the podcast. The most recent episode should be at the top. You shouldn’t have to search, especially driving. Other than that perfection. 💕🏳️‍🌈
  • Loulou592
    Awesome content
    Love ya Em & always here for it!❤️
  • Sue de
    Love your podcast! I love how you break legal information so we can all understand!
  • j.hamm
    The best!!! Love the vibe and your outlook
  • bpdreamin09
    EDB is the Queen of Law
    EDB is amazeballs and I value her commentary on legit ANY topic.
  • Simfin1427
    I love Emily!
    I learn so much in such a fun way. It’s one thing to talk about pop culture. But it’s another thing entirely to listen to a very experienced former DA break it down. Thanks for all you do!
  • Winglovingirl
    I love the breakdowns!
    Emily makes it so easy to understand the complexities of the law. I love how relatable she is and it just feels like we’re sitting down have our drink of choice and chatting like old friends. So grateful for finding the podcast and her YouTube channel!
  • DeeDee 3230
    Love Emily D Baker
    Found her on twitter during the Johnny Depp trial. Went to get you tube channel and then subscribed. She has great commentary, talks about current issues I am interested in. and she died it with flair. But she is also fair and remains civil. She doesn’t let her chats get crazy and mean. Doesn’t fake anything. Doesn’t lie about things she may not know but will direct you on where you can get correct information. Great character and demeanor. Love love love listening to her here and YT. Thanks for sharing you and your commentary Emily!!!!!! P.S please do a show on sovereign citizens and stealing houses etc. I would also like an episode just on your time as a DA and stories from your cases you can tell without getting in trouble 🤗😊😂
  • Slylutions
    Emily is like any other great friend
    You miss her when she’s sick. She sticks up for the people she cares about. She’s always fair, even if she disagrees, and her content is always enjoyable.
  • Bobbie from the Bu
    I Never thought I would become a Law Nerd
    Emily is so gifted at breaking down legal jargon and putting it into a way the average person can understand. She does it with humor and compassion and makes for great content . I have turned so many of my co-workers and friends onto her channel. Even my husband is a fan ! I know she most likely will never see this , but if she does, I want her to know that since this trial ended , ( I own a mental health facility in SoCal ) we have had about a dozen men admit for DV . I spoke to a few of these men personally , and one of them even watched you ! Anyway, at least half of them said Johnny gave them the courage to come forward . They thought they had a chance to be beloved . I’m going to get this info to JD himself . God bless you Emily , I I’ll continue to watch and support you !
  • KatePaynedeChavez
    Love the podcast and the YouTube channel
    Emily D. Baker is a unique intellect who manages to educate AND entertain! One of my favorite podcasts!!
  • MaemaeABT
    I started listening to Emily during the whole Tati thing. But I’m a fan for life after JD and amber heard. The lives were amazing. Emily is the best legal commentator!!! Down to earth. High energy. Funny. And super smart.
  • becccynn
    In love with this podcast
    Literally started your podcast like I believe last week sometime and I’m already on episode 41! It’s so good!
  • Monet Exploding Foot
    From Youtube
    Omg! Found the pod!
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