The Catch and Kill Podcast with Ronan Farrow


For the past two years, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Ronan Farrow has been following a trail of clues from his investigation of Harvey Weinstein to other blockbuster stories about the systems that protect powerful men accused of terrible crimes in Hollywood, Washington, and beyond. But he didn’t bring that information to light on his own. A compelling cast of sources—from brave whistleblowers to shadowy undercover operatives—decided the fate of these investigations, sometimes risking everything in the process. The Catch and Kill Podcast brings you their stories, in their own words, for the first time.

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  • mooncake14
    Riveting, heartbreaking, and infuriating.
    Riveting, heartbreaking, and infuriating. Thank you Ronan for your part in exposing this insidious network of power and abuse, and for electing to advocate for these brave women—and by extension all women. You and the women who came forward have my endless gratitude. The importance of journalism and fighting back has become more important than ever.
  • whatheever
    Powerhouse Reporting
    Thank heaven for reporters like Ronan Farrow, and all the other reporters who kept after this story. I’d really like to see a follow up book or podcast about the pressures journalists face to stay quiet, the systemic dangers of policies and money catching and killing stories that matter.
  • RottiWeiller
    Boys Club
    There is a secret society, sans handshakes, understood and condoned, ions old, protected. They are called Men. They wear suits. Some have evolved, many have not and keep their clubs and loin cloths hidden away, their entitlements allowing them to subjugate their victims, even kill them. Bc they understand women really do have the supreme power except force. These brutes destroy everything in their path. They even rape their own daughters. These knuckledraggers have not evolved yet run, then destroy their societies. Weinstein is but one who has been caught. The women he has harmed are scarred but brave. We must continue to turn over the rocks, and tame, restrain or destroy what crawls out. Listen to women. They will make you human and you can still keep your dicks. Thanks Ronan, well done. Keep it up. Now THAT is a real man.
  • Happy Elena
    Great podcast!
    My respects to all these women who had to endure this trauma. You ladies came forward in spite of your pain. You ladies are heroes! Ronan is wonderful at telling their story!
  • SFgURL28
    Courageous work
    Kudos to Ronan for exposing the toxic masculinity of Hollywood and shame to Harvey Weinstein and his enablers (which includes women).
  • i am enough.
    Thank you!
    Because of you Ronan, women have the power to take back their bodies. Men so powerful to get charges dropped because of money or influence are so evil. Thank you for showing evil God’s light.
  • J. Lord
    J Lord
    These women are heros and Ronan is a beautiful catalyst ... thank you
  • RennyMeix
    Courageous, essential investigation. Riveting.
    When I hear the voices of the women telling their abusive experience (s) by H.W., I wish they could hear me cheer for them!!! You are so courageous! Ronan and others who contributed to this, who refused to abandon the investigation, reflect the very best in journalism and WHY it is so essential to our freedom!! Catch and Kill’s reporting is exemplary. While I know investigative reporting does not set out as it’s purpose to bring hope, this Podcast does bring hope. Reporting abuse by someone in power brings consequences and devastation to the victim/ survivor to an even higher level. Having someone who listens to and reports the truth who is in a position of authority (journalist), brings so much hope and healing to survivors! You have THE TRUTH on your side. Be strong. Excellent podcast!!!
  • P Stirk
    Heroic work, thank you!
    Thank you, Farrow & McHugh. EVERY woman thanks you guys. The podcast is fantastic, but the book is even better. Dear media: treat victims carefully.
  • Amy c a
    Must listen
    You hear about this story on the news but the story of how it got reported is incredible. Thank you!
  • skrrtbott
    Podcast of the Year!
    I forgot what honest and unbiased journalism sounded like. Kuddos to Ronan and his squad for having the balls to stand up for the victims even as NBC gave in to the Weinstein machine’s pressure and intimidation. When will NBC own up?
  • Real bogus
    A masterpiece!
    Fabulous and unbelievable reporting and investigation. Superb storytelling and narration by Ronan is outstanding. A must listen for certain!
  • Laney Mabin
    Eye opening
    Ronan thank you so much for your amazing work, It’s so fulfilling knowing there are people like you out there. Thank you
  • hummingbird95
    Great Podcast
    I am loving this podcast. Great detail and reporting. I am having trouble downloading episodes 5 and 6, so I haven’t been able to finish. I’m hoping this is fixed soon.
  • ldavis0910
    Ronan Farrow is my hero! This podcast is a great addition to his book Catch and Kill. I highly recommend buying the book and listening to every minute of this podcast.
  • KayMichigan
    Painful but liberating
    This is such an important story. I am struck by the kindness, intelligence and generosity of the women who came forward. Harvey Weinstein is the exact opposite of the women he abused, a mean, exploitive and vindictive bully. Finally, he has been stopped, thanks to Roman and the women who told their stories.
  • lovetolisten10
    I thought I knew the Weinstein story before listening to this...but I really didn't! So, so fascinating (and dispiriting) to hear about all the work it took just to get the story out there, and sheds a lot of light on how sexual harassment cases work. Heartbreaking at points, especially hearing the women tell their stories. It really made my blood boil at points, but I HIGHLY recommend it!
  • neil J V.
    Well Done, All Around
    After a friend turned me on to this podcast, I went ahead and binged the first 4 episodes and was hooked. I couldn’t wait for the next one to be released, so bought the book and filled in my time with that. Ronan (first name basis now I guess?) deserves the accolades he’s received. The podcast is riveting and well-crafted, the guests are interesting and add such depth to the story, Ronan’s investigation is refreshingly solid and I can’t say enough about the brave women who have stood up amidst intimidation, abuse, and accusations. THANK YOU ladies, thank you to the allies who have supported them, and thank you Ronan for bringing these stories to us. Also, go read the book - it’s worth it!
  • FayeMurphouse
    Really grabs your attention
    A riveting listen. Ronan covers all angels of this story. Under the current political climate, it’s so refreshing to hear about a powerful, rich, white man being held accountable for his crimes and abhorrent behavior. Thank you Ladies for coming forward!!
  • Mgonser07
    What a great story that needs to be heard. The bonus is Ronan is at the helm of it. I wish the episodes were 2hrs long.
  • Becky_Socal
    Ronan is exactly what our country needs
    At a time when American democracy is on the line and our country has entered a post-truth world (which didn’t just start with Weinstein or Trump), Ronan Farrow is exactly what we need—a true investigative journalist with balls! Someone who exposes this corruption, rampant abuse, power and control over women and our unfair justice system favoring rich white men. I’m a fan and support Ronan 100%!!!
  • Hamalah
    You will listen to every episode in a day
    This is such a good podcast, I immediately bought the book after binge listening to every episode in a day. It’s been so informative on the coverup of the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault scandals. It hurts that I had to say scandals, meaning this happened numerous times. I applaud Ronan Farrow for bringing this story to light, even when NBC failed to. Seriously, NBC is garbage. I also applaud every woman for their bravery with coming forward, even when so many people tried to tear them down.
  • Jen ❤️ Magic
    So impressed!!
    I have been obsessed with you and your reporting on this as well as your undying love for assisting these women in telling their stories. I am looking forward to listening to Catch and Kill on Audible. You give me hope and I am grateful you are a GREAT man. Your mother has done a fantastic job and your kindness and goodness is so genuine! You both are on the top of my list of great humans! Thank you for using real love and truth as your motivation in this life. We need more of this! ❤️❤️
  • Cali1980!
    Superb podcast!
    Thank you for this excellent reporting and podcast!
  • koenigfan
    Smart, Detailed and Brave
    Ronan Farrow has had me riveted since the first time I saw him interviewed. I love the way he thinks, the way he expresses himself and that he is rather fearless. Each week, I am more impressed. Way to go, Ronan.
  • Rama Dey-Rao
    The brave few pull us all forward ..
    This podcast made me go back and watch The Insider. One might wonder where such men are today. Such men who stood taller than mountains and spoke truth to power? Bergman and Wigand hopefully trained many of the next generation as educators. Ronan definitely carries forward the tradition of investigative reporting. The world turns upon the shoulders of a few good people who give their 100% .... the rest are pulled forward relentlessly. Well done and thank you. 👏🏽👏🏽
  • TJVegan
    I am HOOKED! Can’t wait to read the book! PRAYING FOR THESE WOMEN! 🙏🏾
  • ilooovebubbly
    Blades Ford is a Liar
    I had respect for this reporter a bit after he exposed Harvey fearlessly but his book with the Lauer BS accusation of an@l rape nonsense puts him back in the smug dishonest smear merchant category with all the rest of the clowns. Gross.
  • SD-shopper
    This series and all I have heard about HW is riveting and infuriating. I appreciate the journalistic ethics and persistence! Don’t stop. There are so many more predators out there who have been protected and not brought to justice. Thank you!
  • bdfyi
    Every bit as riveting as Reveal
    I’m a dog walker so I listen to LOTS of podcasts (The Daily, Reveal, Throughline, Fresh Air, Wait wait...). I thought I had heard enough about Weinstein, but this podcast is so much more. It’s about the investigation and the victims. Ronan is a master storyteller. It’s all I can do to resist walking the dogs for miles and miles just so I can binge listen to another episode.
  • word-o-woman
    Persistence Personified
    Never give up when it comes to telling the truth. Keep going Ronan.
  • Gina Maui
    Perfect storytelling
    I thought I’d heard all I wanted to hear about this monster’s story. But Ronan’s podcast is so captivating and the new episodes can’t come soon enough for me. Ronan I can just listen to you talk 24/7. I love your intonations and it just makes your story telling so much more compelling. I look forward to the rest of the series.
  • the modern medusa
    Journalism is not dead
    Good stuff! Well done! More of this!
  • sarai234326
    So Good!!
    Very interesting and Ronan is very down to earth and likable. I can’t wait for each weeks episodes!
  • RCGR123
    A great podcast!
    Absolutely top reporting.
  • Bshulg
    Great stuff
    Ronan gives some of the engrossing backdrop to his stories about predatory sexual behaviors of Weinstein, and how W. and other perpetrators have been protected by powerful organizations, like NBC. Ronan’s smart, engaging and has a nice voice.
  • PodWalker50
    Production and Content A+
    Intrigued and fascinated by the book, but I think I’m already enjoying this podcast a little more. Great production quality and well done, Pineapple Street Studios. (Also, thanks Ronan for poking fun of your accents in the audiobook during the commercial; they gave me a chuckle.) Thank you for your professional integrity!
  • no thanks 52
    I loaded podcasts back on to my iPad to simply listen to this. Just brilliant. Loved the book but the behind the scenes aspect is mind blowing. Thank Ronan for your strength and doing what was RIGHT rather than looking the other way, which is what was/is easy. ❤️❤️
  • Konyeboy
    Dear Ronan
    Lovely listening to such a smooth tonality if voice, succinct and well researched reporting and in interesting detail. Amazing!
  • Lovmsc
    Thank you
    You are incredible. Thank you for your honesty and courage. I am so grateful for your work.
  • MLH5555555
    Love the podcast
    Thanks for your work, and so glad you did the podcast. I knew I wasn’t going to have time to read the book but listening to the podcast is better!
  • simconis
    Wow do I share this? It’s empowering! People, rallying together to do the right thing, even when your entire career is on the line. Integrity. NBC should be ashamed of themselves
  • SabrinaWench
    I love this podcast. It’s so interesting & fantastic to hear just how all of this Weinstein exposure story unfolded! Bravo to you Ronan Farrow for all your incredible investigative journalism to get this disgusting bully -predator exposed!! I’m so glad you persevered. Thank you for all your hard work. Let this be a lesson to all- if Ronan is doing a story on you, be worried, start sweating! Seriously, joking aside....Good luck with your future endeavors! Can’t wait for the next episode & other future journalism work that you do!!!!!!!!!!! 👍👍👍👍👍 100 stars!!!
  • Cocomoe!
    Thank you! You Julie and Ken are my new hero’s!
  • TnMaria
    One of the best
    This podcast is one of the best out there.
  • AtlMomPodcastAddict
    This podcast is riveting with incredible interviews, more details than you get in the news, and Ronan is a great investigator, host, and interviewer. I’m so impressed. Ronan rocks.
  • LattaLuv
    I “met” Ronan Farrow on Armchair Experts, and have now binged Catch and Kill in half a day. I cannot get enough if his intellect, how articulate he is, and that buttery voice. I want him to investigate all the stories and I will listen to them all, enthralled.
  • crime cara
    Love Ronan
    Thank you for bringing the truth to light. You are a real journalist.
  • meowmack
    Ten Stars!
    Ronan Farrow is without a doubt the preeminent journalist of our time. He dedicates himself to uncovering the truth despite potential harm to himself-both professionally and personally - something few others would do. He is a brilliant writer and this podcast proves his storytelling is riveting. You feel the pain and angst of the victims through the sincerity of his reporting. I was also impressed with his generosity and recognition of other like-kind journalists, a trait truly admirable and rare. Not only does he strive to uncover the truth but makes one begin to understand how truly difficult it is to do so. This is a podcast that all other podcast producers, writers, narrators should use as 10 on the quality scale of podcasts. As most are 4 or 5 (I’m being generous!) they are lucky to have a model of what a podcast should be. When this podcast ends I will feel I deep void.
  • Els in Amerika
    Great podcast!
    From the beginning of the #metoo movement I wondered why Ronan did not get the credit for his brave exposure. I applaud you for all that you have done! Thank you for your grit and fearlessness
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