I Think You're Dope w/ Eric Nam


Singer-songwriter and personality, Eric Nam, carries out authentic conversations with fascinating and people he finds "dope".

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Recent Reviews
  • HaoNhi27
    Great Voice, Great Content
    I love Eric Nam and this podcast. He has a way of making a natural conversations with his guests, and he seems genuinely interested in what they have to say. I already knew that he has a lovely singing voice but never realized how nice his voice sounds just talking. Very clear and soothing. I love getting to know more about his guests through this podcast.
  • Chelseasea23
    This podcast is so interesting. I love Eric Nam interviews they’re so funny and it feels like a fun conversation that you just wish you were apart of
  • 1800JUNGW00
    ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆
    dudes legit just the funniest person ever and the podcast is really just a great way to relieve stress :D
  • officialbob
    wow i love this podcast sm. i’m always excited when a new ep comes out. can’t wait to see what eric has in store
  • WiJonasGirl
    For clear skin & good grades
    Listening to Eric Nam have fun is the best favor you can do yourself in 2020. That's it; that's the review. Ok, maybe not quite: seriously, Eric's just having a blast talking to interesting people, hearing their stories, and sharing them with us - and it's a joy to listen to since he's pretty f***ing dope himself.
  • KiwiSweetCheeks
    Enjoying the show
    Listened briefly and didn’t know Eric Nam was so funny.
  • thisisnther_kosplay
    Hey! Little Nam Nam! I think you are pretty....dope
    You ask how do I keep myself from not going insane being stuck in LA traffic day in and day out? How do I keep myself entertained while driving to my first job in Koreatown and then my second job in Silver Lake, back to my humble abode? Simple, I listen to the lovely people at Dive Studios! It all started with Eric Nam and my love for his voice. Man can that man sing! And talk! Can’t wait to see him on his North American Tour...shame-less plug, (like there is no shame in hyping this man up, like seriously I plug his show at the Kpop store I work at, I sneaked his beautiful Before We Begin poster on to our walls, which gets compliments everyday, I downloaded every single song off his new album to play in the store just so customers could hear talent while they shop) In other words STAN Eric Nam. Eric Nam is so funny. Period. His laugh makes me laugh. (That’s a plus) The laughs of the producer, Dianne, lift my spirits into another dimension. What can I say!? These people are Dope! Eric is an insightful man and he didn’t need to read to be one! (By the way Eric I’m right there with you, I didn’t even read this post while reading it...Also, when are you going to have your brothers on your show again, because I think they are pretty dope too...well at least Brian is. Maybe Eddie...on a good day. Perhaps they can make a jingle for your new show looool) Anyway, I can’t wait to hear all of the awesome interviews with all of the dope people you will be bringing on, but remember in the end, you’re pretty dope too! And just remember all your fans are waiting for the debut of DJ Little Nam Nam...
  • Lina.Mel
    I love the laid-back and comfortable feeling this podcast gives off as we listen to Eric talking to inspiring people, who often seem detached from our ordinary lives because they're out there doing such incredible work, and we get a more real and candid sense of who they are when we listen to what their thought processes are like. I guess, all in all, I'd summarize this as a cozy podcast that lends itself to humanize beings that most of us would rarely get a chance to see away from the spotlight. Keep it up, Eric!
  • thisgameee
    a scorpio allowed to publicly interrogate others? genius
    just listen to it, srsly
  • Lyn_Sab
    5 Stars!
    A great podcast to listen to while I do daily chores
  • christiannaxl
    all right, i ain’t gonna lie and say i’m not here to gain some entries for vip eric nam tickets but in all honesty, this podcast is one of the funniest and most relaxing podcast i have ever listened to (especially considering i listen to A LOT of true crime podcasts). i personally like watching the youtube videos better than just listening because i think it just makes the overall experience a lot better by having the opportunity to see their exact facial expressions/reactions along with their vocalized expressions. it might also just be because i’m a visual learner so like i’m into visuals to get the whole point across you know? anyways, i’ve watched like 5 episodes (that’s basically 5 HOURS!!) just today & have been laughing so much. it really is such a relaxing show because you feel comfortable just listening to the open thoughts of eric and the guests as well as seeing how natural and comfortable they are being in their element and that environment. i really enjoy how eric goes through the guest’s background (??) to give viewers a more in-depth/quick bio about them so that we can get a better sense of who they are, especially when they get excited about wanting to further explain a certain detail. this is getting pretty long so i’m gonna end it with the fact that i HIGHLY recommend this podcast/show it really gives the viewer a better understanding of the artist, their start up, the industry, and who they truly are when they’re in a small room with someone they’re comfortable with, speaking freely and i find that beautiful and relaxing as heck, it also gives really good outburst laughs that’ll make whoever you’re with question if you still have your sanity in tact. alright, i’m ending this now, go watch (or listen if you’re into that) to an episode and i promise you won’t regret it.
  • Herecomesthesung
    Wholesome Podcast
    The best part of this podcast is Eric’s honesty and thoughtful insights into various issues and kpop songs. He is honest and does not sugarcoat his thoughts and that makes the podcast so enjoyable to listen to. Amazing all around!
  • underwhere
    Great lineup of guests so far! I love the chill interview style & appreciate that Eric shares as much about himself as the guests do.
  • MayaLiane
    Love being introduced to new music
    I love listening to the podcast I’m general. Eric does a fantastic job of interviewing people! I’ve enjoyed being introduced to different artists as well who I wouldn’t have explored on my own. My playlists are starting to look a bit more diverse. Definitely worth listening to (and following 😁)
  • princessgrace4
    I love listening to Eric Nam & I am so proud of his accomplishments! This podcast is a must! Being able to hold conversations with his guests confidently and comfortably is a plus!
  • JessicaPerez_
    The good stuff
    This podcast be the best thing ever
  • schncyvkhdv
    Best Podcast
    This is one of my favorite podcasts!! it brightens my day when i listen to it!!
  • Honest Army
    Stan Talent Stan Eric Nam
    Best. Podcast. Ever. Eric is such a great interviewer and there’s such a great atmosphere every time. Love listening to him!
  • jeonginnn-
    I love Eric Nam
    this is perfect, i love hearing what Eric thinks, and this is so entertaining
  • Elle@me
    Great New Podcast!
    I love the fact that Eric has ventured into podcasting and continuing to introduce us to cool new artists and things he loves. Dope host! Dope podcast!
  • 🐶🐰🐬🐳🐟
    this podcast has already brought me so many laughs and it’s helped me to discover people who i never would’ve known about otherwise! thank you eric for all of the hard work you do <3
  • ariel.ef
    Legends supporting legends
    You know that saying “legends supporting legends” welcome to I Think You’re Dope. Honestly Eric is really good at keeping conversation with his guest in away that sounds to comfortable and friendly. It’s great to be able to learn about other people in the public eye but also it’s great just to hear Eric Nam’s personality. 10/10 would recommend very good. muy bueno should listen to. 👍
  • NerdyNT
    Hands Down Amazing
    I’m very picky about podcasts so I don’t really listen to them except for “I Think You’re Dope” because Eric Nam is just very entertaining and I like to support him because he’s taking his own time to make this podcast as well as releasing his own music. Love from Atlanta! ❤️
  • K as in K-pop
    Gosh, Eric is good.
    Eric Nam is engaging with his guests, and since he’s such a fun guy, his guests like to talk to him in a very natural way. Highly recommended.
  • k_hope18
    I stan anything Eric Nam
    Anything. He does no wrong.
  • Hansang nerdy
    Fun Podcast
    I love having Eric Nam as a host❤️ He always makes things enjoyable to listen and watch. He is really funny and crazy.😂 Thank you for this amazing podcast🙏🏼
  • Xarria
    I love the content Eric Nam delivers! 🔥
  • meh_its_morgan
    So Amazing
    I have honestly listened to each episode over 3 times. I find them so funny and insightful.
  • thania_rb
    support eric!!!
    honestly love this podcast. love eric in general 😭 support him pls
  • hannahhallman
    So funny!
    Eric Nam is seriously so funny! This is a great podcast to listen to when you want something light-hearted and entertaining! Keep up the great work!
  • nikki lara
    This is such a great podcast Eric is such a good host and overall it’s just funny
  • lazypotato247
    Very interesting and entertaining podcast
  • Nadia Dad
    The energy
    I love how you feel very connected to the podcast 💕 it feels like your just sitting there and talking to friends
  • SydMeck
    Love this podcast! This one and K-pop daebak are my favorite podcasts!
  • iamevelyng
    Such a great podcast to listen to as a senior in High School....not too long nor too short, just right!
  • AngelinaYLN
    I love how the podcast is diverse and how you don’t talk about just one single topic. Every episode is genuinely interesting. I love to listen to them when I’m in the car or getting ready in the morning. 10/10 recommend.
  • sabeanalee
    biggest accomplishment of 2019
    My biggest accomplishment of 2019 is listening to this podcast. Thanks to Dive Studios and Eric Nam my car rides are much more bearable and there is now something to look forward to every week! Thank you for being amazing and I think everyone at Dive Studios is dope 💓💓💖✌️
  • Junk130
    I love this podcast! Eric is doing amazing stuff with it and works really hard to produce quality content. All of the guests are awesome and I always look forward to new episodes!
  • jaxxda
    Eric is such a kind person and he really asks interesting questions with the guests. Dive studios podcasts are all really amazing and entertaining. I 100% recommend 😊
  • Sonny7707
    Perfect balance
    This has been a very lovely balance of comedy and interesting content. When they say “I think you’re dope” they really do bring dope people who bring in a different viewpoint and it’s not just the common people.
  • SkyChim04
    I love to hear Eric’s stories and jokes! Brightens up my bland day!!!
  • anniexxeinna
    Needed this all my life
    Apple podcast is what everyone needs, there are huge varieties that I can never get enough of, whenever I am bored and need motivation, Apple podcast is the way
  • jjules16
    This podcast gets me through the day🤤
    My FAVORITE thing to listen to. Do not sleep on this podcast!!!
  • lhuang0794
    The best!
    This podcast is so fun and refreshing! Eric is a great host and really engages both the guest and the audience.
  • itslyssa271
    Love it
    I love this podcast and the other one kpop daebak they’re so interesting
  • 아니아이폰6유전데
    Love this show
    I really love this show with host eric nam. He is so funny and warm-hearted!!
  • irish mae tivar
    its really good i want to hear more of eric nam podcast
  • Aarya Mahajan
    First off I love Eric Nam do anything he does is amazing :) but moreover the podcast is so fun bc of the people being interviewed and Eric’s humor. I hope there’s only good things to come in the future :)
  • MsCarryBerry
    Love this podcast
    I think you’re dope is so interesting and fun to listen. I learn so much of what it takes to pursue what you love when it’s not necessarily mainstream. This inspires me to start my own podcast. I hope it will be as amazing as this one! Keep up the “dope” work!
  • hoseoks_wifey twt
    loved lil Nam, and Alec ofc
    Love Eric Nam and checked it out for Alec Benjamin :)) 💛
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