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The official podcast dedicated to Prince, the singular artist and visionary. Featuring explorations of Prince's massive discography and new discoveries from his legendary vault of unreleased recordings, each podcast episode features unforgettable anecdotes and insights from his trusted collaborators. Brought to you by The Prince Estate, which passionately presents Prince's life and work and aims to immerse fans, old and new, in Prince's story.

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  • Gryphon MacThoy
    Educated and just bawling my eyes out.
    Thank you for the education. Hearing from all of the musicians who worked together is an ear and mind opener. Also, I am just bawling my eyes out. It’s the overabundance of love flowing outward.
  • Jer Ho
    Thank You
    From the moment he left there has been a void. These stories and voices help keep us a little closer to him. Thank you for sharing and keeping his spirit and the music alive. LoVe SiGn ~ Jeremy
  • IceColdRocker
    still being impressed by this guy and of course the musicians and the music i really like the songs he would have pulled or not released because i could see where he was with the music. he would have the songs at faster tempos live to get more dance or rock tempos. wow 😯 this guy. 🙏🏾👍🏾👍🏾
  • dsimp08
    Awesome 1st episode! Does the music in the background sound sped up or it just me?
  • route4bus
    I love these podcasts! I can’t wait for the new ones! 💜
  • funky 6
    Now People are taking credit for Prince’s Work
    I’m sure if Prince want this album releases it would have been .. this man released Dirty Mind and The Rainbow Children.. listening to album When She Comes is the only jam.. and he rework that song .The estate has to better this .. Hot Summer one of the worse Prince song I have ever heard Running Slave Master .. wow the last 10 albums Prince there are plenty of songs talking about the music industry.. I’m sure there are song in the vault that don’t have that subject manner .. and when has Prince had a co produce record?
  • jaymatic23
    Just listened to “Welcome 2 America” and it to me is the most amazing album since “The Rainbow Children”
    Welcome 2 AMAZING!
    Incredibly excited for this release even more so now! Thank u Andrea. Hearing Shelby, Liv, Elisa, Tal, and Chris share their memories is a blessing. Memories & music heal. And Welcome 2 America will be a massive force for healing. 💜
  • Jay Chappell
    A look inside!
    Thank you Shelby J for sharing the information about this podcast and to everyone for giving us a look inside the magic of Prince! 💜#TheTeacherWithTheCardinalTattoo
  • TEP💜
    Wow!! Thank you so much for this inside/behind the music information. Well done Ms. Andrea 👏🏽👏🏽💜💜
  • Ch!cosMom
    More please
    Really enjoyed these. Hope there are more in the near future !
  • Ronisha Shead
    I can’t get enough of this Podcast!
    I love that this podcast is so well researched. Us Prince friends really appreciate being able to look at Prince’s music in an orderly fashion and with a historical approach alongside the colorful thoughts of those who worked by his side during those times!
  • Hopeless gardener
    Heaven for prince fans!
    So interesting, stories that have me very emotional one minute and then giggling the next. Great work!
  • I Like Pods
    Phenomenal Podcast
    As a Prince fan, I’m always looking for the behind the scenes info, the stuff that led to the songs and albums and performances we all know and love. THIS PODCAST DELIVERS!!!! Can’t wait to hear about another album soon!!!
  • Michaels VH
    Really great series
    This series has been great. Wonderfully produced, researched and fin to listen to. I worked for and was around Paisley for a while and I’ve loved this podcast.
  • opuskv626
    Excellent podcast!
    I loved the series on SOT, Prince’s magnus opus. I would love to hear all about the background story relating to the Black album! Please do a series on that secret album! Thanks
  • shasbrou
    The man behind the icon
    Love this on every level. I love getting insight to the purple one’s creative process and hearing the people who knew him best talk about him as a person and an artist. Getting to know the man behind the icon.
  • mneronava
    Stop with the useless celebs
    This is a well researched show, wonderfully produced. It loses credibility when it insists on using celebrity fans as sources, or crowbarring them into the pod. It’s NOT necessary. It’s a waste of time. I don’t need to know what Fred Armisen, Questlove, or Maya Rudolph think or feel about Prince
  • Leakor💜
    Treasured Memories
    Five Stars! These treasured memories are truly appreciated. Takes us to a place in time and allows for more appreciation of Prince’s music, his bands and the love that existed between them amidst challenges, and hard work that subsequently led to these masterpieces. These podcasts are truly a must listen. Prince, loved and missed❤️ Thank you all, so much🙏🏾
  • Love Bizarre
    Can’t get enough of Prince!!!!
    This is a must listen podcast for all Prince mega fans. I love the enthusiasm from all of his purple family including the host. Just another peak behind the mystery of the genius we lost too soon.
  • TheMcHubLegend
    What’s That Song?
    During the podcast, #3, a song was featured that sound like Wendy &Lisa are singing backwards. I would LOVE💜 2 know the name of that song
  • theworld4
    Perfectly Prince
    These episodes are so great! It’s so refreshing to hear the “behind the scenes” reflections of the people close to him in the moment. Thank you for sharing the beauty and genius of Prince. 💜 Well done.
    Sign O The Times
    This has been one of the best podcasts. I don't want it to end. Thank you to everyone. ☮️🧡🖤🧡🖤☮️
  • Muso nerd
    New shows
    New SOTT shows are great ! Thank you
  • ernchamp
    The host isn’t very good
    Andrea Swenson is god awful as a host ! It would have been a much better podcast had an R&b or funk aficionado been the host . The show is too Eurocentric . White folks didn’t get into prince until the purple rain album . His most revolutionary and iconic work was done before that . For old real prince fans purple rain was pop .
  • DanVillage
    Purple Genius podcast
    Andrea Swensson does a magical job of asking all the right questions, talking to all the best People from the world of Prince, and narrating the listener through some of the most amazing times from Princes extraordinary career. I would rank this the best music documentary podcast out there!! My only wish is that each episode was longer! They are so good! There’s truly joy in repetition!
  • Caucasian Persuasion Invasion
    Not long enough.
    I listened to every episode in one afternoon. We need more.
  • Julianna9
    Keeping Prince Alive
    I love this Podcast and the insights it offers. Very well produced.
  • Shellyboo77
    Love Podcast...Want More!!
    Loved listening to the stories and background about songs, producing, etc... When they discussed Prince’s website and the One Night Alone tour it brought me back to the intimate simple days! I remember being in his music club and walking by Prince as he sat in the audience seats during sound check at the Kodak theatre! It was the best being with other Prince Fams and just enjoying the love and authenticity of his music together! So much fun and greatness! 💟☮️✝️
  • El Lobo Negrón
    OMG This is brilliant and awesome!!!! More please and Thank U💜💜💜💜💜💜
  • Suzy Six.5
    Thank u!
    Keep it up! It’s great! I’m loving the interviews. Andrea asks the questions we want answers to. It helps that she’s also a fan. Prince has the hardest working estate in showbiz. Please don’t stop. 🙏🏽
  • phxprincefan
    So Happy
    Love this. Thank you
  • edotgilk
    Stellar & Insightful
    This podcast really hit home since I was blessed to tour Paisley Park in October 2019. So I can truly envision The Atrium, the studios, the doves, the small kitchen, the entire vibe of that unique place. Plus, the Rainbow Children is 1 of my fave Prince albums. Especially dig Family Name, truly expresses what it means to be an African American aka person of color. Truly dope Episode 1 and I look forward to subsequent ones!
  • BrownBearFarr
    Solid Podcast, But I Wish There Was More
    I liked all of the interviews and insight. This was very informative for music and Prince lovers. The downside is that it’s only 4 episodes. It should have been 7, right?
  • X45north
    It’s good but...
    It’s good and interesting but it took me a while to realize it was a commercial for the re-release of the 1999 album. I was wondering why they kept talking about the re-release. But, it’s an extended ad. Still - good interviews and stories.
  • Zawfer
    Well-made Infomercial
    As someone who was indifferent to Prince back in the day, I found the first episode of this podcast very interesting and informative. I"d never heard the story about the Rolling Stones' fans throwing bottles and rotten food at him and his band...what a horror. People can be so vile. The racial issue underlying this mess is not glossed over, but it's not turned into a big political thing either. At some point towards the end of the episode I realized I was hearing over and over again about the new boxed set with a ton of new songs and versions that we haven't heard before, and I realized this podcast was constructed around its release. In other words, it's a commercial. Fortunately, it's not a cheesy commercial, it actually has substance. I will keep listening to the next episodes and see if it holds my interest. One downside is that the woman narrating the story has a sing-songy, annoying voice that makes me want to tell her to tone it down or stop talking. She's enthusiastic, but it would have been good if someone had given her a few lessons on dialing it back a few notches. Oh well, nobody's perfect. At least she doesn't have a vocal fry, which is way, way worse.
  • Silver State Kid
    Heirs to the Estate Looking for More Money
    Interviews are great. Some background information very interesting. Well worth the listen. Only issue, and don't be fooled it is an informertial for the heirs to sell the box set. What is next, the heirs suggest a to use a prince song in a capital one commercial. Strike that, they already did that.
  • gaileanne
    So many awesome interviews! This is a one of kind podcast you all did an excellent job. I can imagine Prince would like what you all have created.
  • aramey04
    Love this!! Thank you guys!! 💜💜
  • drjmia
    So many rare glimpses into Prince’s life. I couldn’t stop listening!
  • journeyjess
    Wonderful! Beautiful! Lovely!
    Wonderful! Beautiful! Lovely! It makes me happy to hear all the stories and appreciate the man and the gifted genius he was. I wish there were never-ending episodes! Thank you for this great piece of work!
  • Dugan🐈🎧⭐️
    Purple Power☔️
    Insightful Inspiring Pure fun and amazing ☔️☔️☔️
  • Anneland
    Purple Treasures & Ear Candy!
    I LOVED hearing these candid interviews with people that Prince worked with & knew on a deeper level. Each time I heard a familliar song from a performance I've never heard, my Heart stopped to listen with me! Thank you to all who contributed, the writing is informative & amazing, the music is delicious and I am forever grateful to these wonderful Podcasts a la Prince! (ps: to all the haters of "voices" and seeing these Podcasts only as ads, you're missing the PURPLE POINT, people) This is about Celebration, Peace & Love for the real Prince Lovers!! Deep Gratitude & Namaste to The Prince Estate!
  • jkdanthony
    A MUST-LISTEN for Prince fans
    The stories are great and from arguably Prince’s most glowing era. Best of all are the talks with Bobby Z, Lisa Coleman, Matt Fink, Dez Dickerson, Vanity and other key personnel who give you all sorts of behind-the-scenes stories that are awesome. Please, please so this for Purple Rain (album and movie).
  • caraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    Prince would vomit
    This is just an ad for the reissue. Gross.
  • Brent0626
    Gives you a great insight to the artist as well as the band. Hoping for a Revolution album in the future. Amazing talent, would love to hear new stuff from them.
  • PKwi
    Totally worth the time, but...
    Interviews make it worth listening to, but this is an infomercial for the 1999 boxed set. Would have preferred a creditable performer instead of a fangirl as narrator. Would definitely like a follow up on more of his career.
  • sasshell
    Omg they voice
    Please, please, please - that midwestern nasally voice has to go. It makes my ears bleed.
  • Fard2500
    Best podcast I’ve heard describing Prince
    Great Podcast ..... now that (P) is gone, everybody can truly say what they saw. When he was alive, to describe him was like trying to describe a star moving a million miles per hour - hard to do ..... if at all !!!
  • visioneyes
    Craftsman but Artist beyond any limitations
    Always searching for a new sound, a new music, a new voice—all new and diverse instruments in himself, he brought prolific artistic works into two millennium. What more, he was a songwriter that brought number one hits for other singers.
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