The New Day: Feel the Power

by WWE
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Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods perform as an eccentric and talented trio inside the WWE ring, but their charisma and off-the-wall humor extends far beyond the mat. Here, you’ll be a fly on the wall for stories behind the scenes, on the road and with their many fascinating friends. Whether you’re a WWE fan or not, this trio is bound to keep you entertained each and every week.   Follow The New Day @truekofi, @wwebige and @xavierwoodsphd. The New Day: Feel the Power is produced by the Official WWE Podcast Network.

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Recent Reviews
  • Laura Valez
    My favorite podcast
    This is the best podcast I’ve ever listened to. These guys are hilarious, and just all around great people. It’s a must listen.
  • millatime41
    Love the show but
    How you gonna leave WWE action figures out of the best toy tournament? Come on, DooDoo Dan.
  • Alan The Stallion
    Real brotherhood
    True chemistry between friends. Love the fun, love the deep conversations. When you need positivity in your life, these 3 are who you turn to for a boost!
  • Aidenn & Masons Dad
    Sooo funny
    This show is by far the most entertaining podcast. The mix of personalities makes for lots of laugh. Subscription is a must
  • sir capalot
    I Feel the Power
    Just great I enjoy this meat slapping meat
  • MamberMcfarland
    Big Fan of you guys and this podcast! Your friendship and chemistry is unmatched and always keeps me laughing. FYI I’m listening to past pods and I think Tommaso Ciampa is someone that would look better without a beard..just my humble opinion.:) Also...I will be saluting my TV so hard during your Wrestlemania matches. Keep it tight!
  • $&@90
    Positive power let’s go
  • evhfsmsvsjsv
    So Much Positivity
    I don’t think they understand how much joy this podcast brings me. I lowkey try to not listen to it on monday's so it can pile up and i can just listen back 2 back but i can’t.
  • eteye DV cfddcgdfggddfgy
    Best podcast ever!!!!!
    I love this pod. New day rocks new day rocks new day rocks
  • Marian2020*
    Love, love, love!
    Absolutely love the New Day and this podcast. Great backstories on how they got together and evolved! UPDATE-Even though I no longer follow or watch WWE, I have to listen to this incredibly entertaining podcast ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • help me hlep me
    This is the best podcast
  • theshyy
    New Day
    Thank you for everything that you do. I wake up every morning and listen to your podcast. You guys always make me laugh in the morning and make my day wonderful. I hope one day I can meet you all and explain to you how much you have made my life better. I’ve suffered through depression, it was so bad to the point where I didn't want to get out of bed and I couldn’t go anywhere without crying. I was on depression medication for the longest time. My depression meds made me feel like I wasn’t really “here”. It made my depression worse but I continued to take my meds hoping it will make me feel better. I than discovered this podcast, I started listening to this podcast everyday and my mood started to change. I than watched UP UP DOWN DOWN on YouTube and started getting into gaming and now because of this podcast I found something I loved to do. I now have motivation to do things and I have been off my depression medicine for over a year because of you guys. I will continue to listen to this podcast forever. I just want to let you know that you guys make a impact on so many people and you made a big impact on my life, thank you so much. Cheyenne ITS A NEW DAY YES IT IS😊
  • septaguy
    Big e
    I’m a huge fan of the new day especially big e because he’s funny and the rest of the new day is a best tag team beside the uso
  • Jesse AKA J~marT
    It’s The New Day, in travel sized podcast form. Do we really need to know anymore?
  • 17tacodog17
    5 stars
    Awesome bc it’s the new day having fun and my favorite Kofi Kingston
  • JRellama
    Don’t sleep on this podcast!!
    The spontaneous, off-tangent, off the cuff rifts that you guys have are absolutely some of the best in the business. The swerve that Kofi is actually a heel in real life (bathroom story, state shaming, etc.) is truly eye opening. The group dynamic is amazingly wholesome, the improv is on point, and this is a weekly thing I look forward to.
  • @Menace013 Follow Me
    5 stars for the new day
    Entertaining. I love it.
  • Rudekiller
    a New Day & a Positive awesome POD
  • vegassin132
    Guys you are the best podcast
    You guys are so funny and plus he will always be be Langston too me
  • Sean Sangster
    New Day
    New Day Rocks every single day UUDD for life Xavier king of the ring and me and Kofi have the same birthday and big e needs to go for the Universal Championship. Now E get better and when you get back into the ring make sure you are 110%. Kofi you could’ve asked me to help you with your Jamaica accent because I am part Jamaican, and I am also part African like you. Woods on UPUPDOWNDOWN you need to force Princess Pretty yeah I said princess on purpose but force him to defend his title in a gauntlet match. I hope you guys see this, once again E I send you my prayers and I love you all. New Day Rocks.
  • ?Jbobber151301142886
    Please add 1 more hour to the podcast. I’ll be at full salute the whole time being informed about Mr. BigE Langston during this hour getting my undivided attention for the podcast ahead. Keep up the great work inside n out of the ring guys.
  • That guy 013
    Please WWE
    Please give E his last name back so I can salute but great podcast
  • Brandon Bones
    New Day gets it.
    This is how you do it, Graves. 3 dudes just cutting up and being real. The cartoon image for this show looks like the LSD they took a couple of hours ago has just kicked in.
  • The 11th Doctor...
    Adding to the mess
    I love the podcast.After Kofi said it was okay that he added pee to the mess. Because a janitor expects to clean bathrooms at work. Does that mean it’s okay not to return a shopping cart or buggy at a store. According to Kofi’s logic if you see one out then it’s okay for you to not return yours as well. The workers expect to have to get shopping carts from people not returning them. So Kofi is it okay to leave a shopping cart in a parking space and not return it
  • customalex
    Amazing show
    This is a great podcast I am so happy to listen to these 3 every week I got into wrestling because of woods and so happy I did the new day is awesome and the best thing on podcast, YouTube and WWE. The gas up at the end is now my favorite part and I hope they never stop and get the guest to join in.
  • Person 1933645
    Just do it
    If you are reading this and thinking about listening to the podcast. Listen to it.
  • BoogieBurke
    Always a New Day
    Never heard a bad episode, never missed one. Shows are always entertaining
  • uuggyuguy
    Huge wwe fan
    I love you guys I am a big fan of your in th ring and off Good luck at wrestlemania hope your jaw get well some Ps if guys even read these then plz give me a shoutout I’m only ten
  • DiegoRenteriaRef
    These guys are simple the best
    That is all i have to say. These guys are the best
  • bfvtvexec
    More baby E please and thank you
  • leprosydog
    Not fun
  • Future0423
    New Day Rocks and so does their Podcast!
    The actually is the best podcast ever. So sad to see the New Day disband. Maybe they could bring the New Day back together Because NEW DAY ROCKS! NEW DAY ROCKS! NEW DAY ROCKS!!!
  • peanut11butter
    New Day!!
    New Day Rocks! New Day Rocks! Love the podcast, always gets me in a good mood! A good podcast for people who like wrestling since they do regularly interview their fellow colleagues, WWE superstars. I also love the mail bag episodes because they give very reasonable and funny answers. I also love when they all fight and get into debates! Thanks Xavier (Austin), Big E, and Kofi for the Greatest Podcast of All Time!!
  • Surrah19
    Good for a Laugh
    I can’t always count on my friends and family for anything, but I can always count on the New Day podcast to make me laugh and overall improve my day.
  • Grwriter
    Thank you so much
    These 3 Gentlemen are my Heroes and they inspire me to keep on Pushing and grinding to have better days and they are total geniuses om top of that. Everytime i Listen i suddenly FEEL THE POWERRRRR Its A New Day Yes it Is
  • sluggers
    Unofficially official 4 member of the NewDay!!
    Long time fan of all these gentlemen From Kofi start in DeepSOUTH Big E (Langston) wrestling my brother in FCW and Xavier Woods aka Austin Creed Work and Indy event with me in TN back in 06-07. Love hear you guys on the pod spreading knowledge and positivity from PottyTalk to Mythical Creatures (Santa) 100% entertainment so I feeeeel the Poooowwaaa oh let me sit down it’s hot on here (Small E child voice) lol 💪🏾💪🏾🤟🏾🦄🦄🦄🦄
  • gamer kid 1
    New day Rocks
    I am 9 and I love wwe and I listen to this every Night to fall asleep to and It always gives me THE POWER to get my NEW DAY started BAYBEE
  • KC_Ford
    Pure Joy
    They bring you laughter, they bring you a true brotherhood you can feel in every episode! You get to learn things with them about the business and life, you hike feeling like a member in their home!
  • Kadin Anthony
    Big fan of the podcast except the intro which I liked at first but is now extremely annoying, however could someday be funny again, either way subscribe. -Kadin Anthony
  • abcshdr d
    Love you guys this is the greatest podcast ever but seriously Vince give big e back his name!!! 😂 😂 😂
  • Hagen aka Hulk Hagen
    New Day Rocks
  • Monox Boogie
    Fantastic show
    Man this is a great podcast. It’s fun, entertaining, hilarious and engaging. The three of them have amazing chemistry and it brings me so much happiness. Thanks guys
  • Acdamico817
    These guys know how to do it.
    Review from Baltimore Md! You guys are part of my weekly routine. Never miss an episode! Please try and put these on YouTube so we can see guests and their reactions to Potty Talk!
  • Devo0629
    New day podcast
    A great way to start my week don’t you dare be sour and feel the power I love it
  • K.J.C 624
    The podcast that got me through quarantine.
    Love this podcast. Always enjoy Mondays to get to listen to the New Day chop it up. BAYBEEEEEEEEE!!!
  • biggest fan1234
    How you made it work
    I love how you guys adjusted to being on your own and now being a threesome I ❤️ you guys!!!!
  • Smlee812
    Big E
    Agree with you Big E This is Us is a great show and of course I get all mushy watching that show too!😂
  • UJesusS
    Kendrick! Iconics!!! And Breezy!
    I’ve listened all the way from #1 to the end. Love this podcast. It is as real as it gets. Plus the guests are all talking to their friends so it’s really smooth. Kendrick effect is my favorite but the ones with IIconics and Breeze are right in the top as well. I hope you do many more with them... oh and Heyyy I want some (more) BAYLEY!
  • Give Big E his last name back
    Big E’s Last Name
    Big E’s rants about his last name are always great 🤣🤣🤣
  • Tones1005
    This podcast is awesome, great gift every Monday the new day cracks me up ! Love the guests
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