The New Day: Feel the Power

Wrestling #37

Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods perform as an eccentric and talented trio inside the WWE ring, but their charisma and off-the-wall humor extends far beyond the mat. Here, you’ll be a fly on the wall for stories behind the scenes, on the road and with their many fascinating friends. Whether you’re a WWE fan or not, this trio is bound to keep you entertained each and every week. Follow The New Day @truekofi, @wwebige and @xavierwoodsphd. The New Day: Feel the Power is produced by the Official WWE Podcast Network.

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  • kourtbreezyxoxo
    I love the podcast i found out they had a podcast by youtube lol they are so funny!
  • Graciepoowoo
    Pls I miss y’all😭 I listen to this in the car, in my room while I get ready for work, even at work just to get some laughter into my day, and I keep replaying all the episodes, so please PLEASE make more episodes thank you. Thank you. Thank Thank you.
  • Deathbyhiman
    Writing review to comment
    I can tell you exactly when the rift in time lines and the Mandela effect happened. In fact if you want to hear the real behind scenes of “conspiracy theories.” I will blow your mind in less than 2 seconds. FYI we can’t call them the c t word if they are true.
  • Gideon M.
    New Episodes Or Cancel
    103 weeks of “Best Of” replays. All of 2022 was replays. We are 9 months into 2023. We’ve gotten to the point where they’re repeating replays. If WWE isn’t going to commit to making new episodes or at least update the listeners on the status, just cancel the podcast.
  • Abel6923
    Can’t stop listening to this podcast
    If you think they are funny on tv WRONG THEY MORE FUNNIER ON THIS PODCAST say hi to little e
  • Dickslapyobitxh
    We need new content
    Please bring the podcast back
  • mox fan
    Nothing new in years
    Sick of the best of.
  • Z Brooks
    The New Day: Feel The Power
    Because New Day Rocks
  • Lea awesomeness
    Lea Awesomeness
    Would you rather having beyond burger or beyond Meatballs? I really like your podcast because I always like listening to you talk and I like when you were In Smackdown because New Day Rocks
  • footballover12543675
    The new day
    It is the first podcast I watched and the only one I will watch ever
  • Dray Draya
    Love it
    I love the New DAY and I love WWE and now I want to work for WWE and I can thank The New Day 💗🥲
  • DarkRecon
    Stop reuploading the old episodes.
    Although the shows are great there hasn’t been a new podcast since they went back to traveling so well over a year. They have just reuploaded all of the old shows.
  • Georgia on the beach.
    Love this podcast sooooo great it is fun funny and interesting. I learned stuffed I had no idea about. And I loooooove wrestling!!!😊😍😄 Just one thing new episodes! Other than that the absolute best podcast wwe has made/produced. So thanks for this podcast!😃
  • the1nONLYrealWILDER
    This podcast had the potential to be one of the top wrestling podcast in the apple universe but now surrounded with best ofs. Kofi, Big E and Woods are very talented people with very witty personalities but I can only laugh at the same joke twice, maybe 3 times. If WWE will allow them to be authenticate and continue to push out new episodes instead of promoting shows WWE has nothing to do with “imPAULsive,” WWE can have hit on their hands. I give It 2 stars based on repeats. Original content were great and some even thought provoking which I admired specifically Big E and the George Floyd inncident. That would make me give them 5 stars.
  • redlethal
    No new episodes
    Apparently they’re not getting paid for UpUpDownDown or these podcast episodes which is why they stopped recording new ones. Unless you’re a bot that wants to listen to “Best of” on repeat, this podcast is not what it used to be 👎🏽
  • L-Trayne
    Time to unsubscribe
    Welp…..I WAS a regular listener but without any new content for this long….it’s time to say ✌🏾.
  • JoeyBagofDonuts1991
    Podcast was great, but not enough new content.
    I was an every week listener from the start. The old shows are very entertaining. But, they haven’t released a new episode for nearly a year. If they released new content more regularly this would be a 5 star.
  • BIG kofi woods
    I want new episodes pls
    I love this podcast but it has been a long time since a new episode maybe another mailbag episode,Or talk about how woods is back to WWE!
  • mc conditioner
    Was a great podcast …
    Until episodes were just repeated as best of
  • Churchvan Papi
    I miss you guys
    There’s so much that’s happened since you guys last had a new episode. Please come back so we can hear your thoughts on what’s going on and to also just hear more about your guys’ lives currently. I even miss Dan and his voice when he’s introducing the guys and also I miss him naming random places for Kofi’s location.
  • Mjdemon
    PoP into my veins with this podcast
    I don’t know how or why but I never listened but saw a clip on Reddit recently about big meaty men slapping meat and I decided to give it a listen. Been listening to just about everything the last 2 days now and have laughed like crazy. Such a nice and cool podcast. The 3 of you together are so phenomenal and the guests add so much. Hopefully it isn’t over because I know it’s just been Best of stuff the last year. Oh and Big E; I also love Brunch. Wasn’t a brunch seeker but had a chicken and waffles at a place close to work and I’ve gone to brunch whenever and wherever I can.
  • GGregnick
    We missing y’all!!
    We Have been without power for almost a year!!! We neeeeeeeeeed the POWEWEEEEEERRRRRRRR!”, BABYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Lol but nah seriously this show has changed my life for the better and it’s become a place of home for me in this dark world and even if it’s just to know everyone is alright, I know no matter what the first episode back will be, it’ll be GREAT to hear from you guys again!! Love it!
  • Tboneduffy
    Has been on repeat for over a year
    It was a great podcast until about a year ago when they decided to do no new shows and just repeat the ones they had.
  • sir capalot
    No more power
    34 weeks
  • TB Macho
    R.I.P. New Day Pod
    This was one of my favorite podcasts and I looked foward to new episodes every monday morning. I still had hopes for new episodes but I’ve finally given up. Thanks for all the laughs boys!
  • hfgdthhtdjtdjhdt
    I love the new day!
    I like the episodes and the content but the re runs I am still a little iffy about I hope that we get new content soon!
  • TJ Spyke
    Was good when releasing new episodes
    I used to like the podcast, most of the time it was really enjoyable. It's now been almost 5 months since the last new epidose and there has been NO comment from any of the hosts about if/when the podcast will be comming back. Either release new episodes or at least confirm if the podcast is over. It's like how Steve Austin's podcast has been releasing nothing but "Best Of" episodes for the last few years
  • Skitt4382
    It’s just a bunch of repeat episodes
    I understand the wrestlers are back in the road and stuff but it’s annoying that for months now every Monday is just repeat episodes. If I wanted to listen to old episodes I’d go and do it myself. WWE if you can’t keep a podcast scheduled don’t make podcast. Only consistent one is After the Bell.
  • Psycho_D
    It was fun..while it lasted.
    I feared this show was going down the same road Edge and Christian podcast did and it’s unfortunate. I also understand that they probably weren’t being compensated for this venture so I’m thankfully for what did get. Hopefully I am proven wrong
  • KylGun
    18 straight episodes of repeats, just end the podcast
    Release new episodes or stop doing the podcast
  • Chris Vitt
    I know you guys are busy.
    I get it but after listening to the podcast since day 1, I don’t have much of an interest in the best of episodes. Hoping for more fresh content soon and I’ll be giving 5 stars once again. If not, thanks for all the content you’ve given us.
  • speeddy576
    I absolutely love the show but after 2 months of Re runs. I’m thinking I may have to un subscribe until the guys come back.
  • thereal_kman
    Please come back
    I know you’re all in solidarity for what Woods is going through compensation wise for UUDD. But we all miss you. Hope against hope well hear some new fresh material in 2022
  • Isai021
    If you are not going to release new episodes, don’t release old ones, either. Lazy.
  • Aaron yox
    I laugh
    When are you guys coming back to the podcast love it
  • Rööbert
    I don’t do reviews, but…
    Hilarious and fun. I really enjoy the back and forth banter between these dudes and the topics they discuss (even though Avatar: The Last Airbender wasn’t on their best of tv shows tournament), and after listening to their 11/29/21 Best Of episode, I’m that much more certain the NEW DAY is a WWE institution. It’s really inspiring to know the origin stories of the group and the uphill struggle to make an obviously successful idea stick.
  • dre002
    New episode
    I need a new episode guys I’m going through withdrawal
  • NanoX003
    4-6 weld or reruns
    I usually absolutely love This show, but they have been running way to many repeats. The 100th episode was a repeat!!!! SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!!!!!
  • TheColorMike
    Big Meaty Men Slapping Meat
    Best podcast ever. Salute to you guys putting out amazing podcasts. Hand so straight it’s curved!!!
  • 🤪😃😔😎😙😃😁
    Love it so much
    You guys are amazing
  • Classic Man MH
    New Day Rocks
    New Day is too funny to watch. Love their podcast
  • Kobe24-8 shaun
    NEW DAY ROCKS and I love I mean love this podcast I love new DAY and wwe so this is perfect and I want to in the wwe and be named vartisand
  • 🍔William Ress🍟
    Great podcast for wwe fans
    This is an awesome podcast if you like Wwe, funny and a great show to listen to when you sleep work or drive, NEW DAY ROCKS !
  • El Acordeonachi
    I may be taking a break…
    From WWE after the bad taste SummerSlam left in my mouth (coughBiancacough) but I still make time to listen to The New Day and give them a salute with a hand so straight it’s curved. Thank you!
  • Reba329
    Mental Health
    Thank you so much for this episode on mental health. As a teacher we fight hard to remove the stigma of mental health and teach our students it’s ok to ask for help. Thank you for being so open about your personal struggles, too! Highly recommend doing more episodes like this from time to time. Y’all are the best!!
  • Marian2020*
    Love, love, love!
    Absolutely love the New Day and this podcast. Great backstories on how they got together and evolved! UPDATE-Even though I no longer follow or watch WWE, I have to listen to this incredibly entertaining podcast ❤️❤️❤️❤️ The Sep 13, 2021, episode on mental health was absolutely powerful. Thank you New Day for sharing your powerful stories.
  • Isaactc9882
    Kofi Reps for ATX
    I love how Kofi resides and speaks about Austin/Texas. I am Born and raised in ATX and still have places to visit.
  • ArsenalKing23
    This was the best podcast I’ve heard
    I love how its so fluid
  • Marcopolo367
    Great show, but episodes are tough to find
    I love the show, but every other podcast I listen to has their newest episodes appear at the top of the podcast feed. For some reason, this page starts at episode one from 2019 and makes you scroll past 90 other episodes to get to the most recent one. Is there any way this could be changed? It’s rather inconvenient to have to scroll past every episode instead of just having the newest episode at the top of the page. The show itself is great though!!!!
  • Gibby the Garrett
    These guys are so funny! They make me belly laugh every episode. It’s a great podcast I listen to it every week!
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