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Hockey #5

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  • spashone
    Canada/Russia Jr.
    Hearing Mr Cherry call the one guy comrade on the phone. You owe me for a shirt, there is coffee everywhere😂😂😂
  • Wawaweenie
    I hate to say it but I am glad he got fired
    I hate to say it but if he didn't get fired, we would not have this great podcast. I live in America and it was real hard to watch HNIC and Coaches Corner since I got rid of my old C-Band satellite dish so having Grapes do a weekly podcast is even better. His stories are so much better when he has the time to go into more details and we don't have to have that pesky Don looking disspleased at him while he talks. No one cares about the future of hockey and the up and coming players than Don. Thank you Mr. Cherry, for this opportunity to listen to your thoughts.
  • Cubanito1971
    Glad your back!
    Screw the haters. I love me some Grapes!! Thanks for always being you and never bending to the social pressures of snowflakes.
  • lametunes
    Go Grapes!
    I love the show, Jason Spezza’s stick was the last one I could find and that was 10 years ago. So glad you are back on the air, and now easier to find in the states!
  • Snoopley
    Glad to have Grapes back.
    Keep em coming, perfect platform for him and it’s going to be a joy watching where it goes. Hockey world is a better place with your voice in it.
  • Dholecek
    Old School
    I love the fact his show is now a podcast. I think Grapes is in his 80s and his memory is sharp as a tack. The names and stories that he brings up are awesome. If you liked hockey in the days before all the media and storytelling was the art form, then this is for you.
  • Old&Wiser
    We got your back, Don!
    Keep up the great work, I am 60 years old and have been watching and listening to you since I was a kid...die hard fan always!
  • madabox
    Hell yeah
    Keep it coming don!!!
  • tomcat13claws
    Don Cherry is the best.
    Awesome podcast.Don Cherry is the best.
  • t7matt
    Old time hockey
    Love the old time hockey stories keep em coming Grapes
  • douche you are
    Love Grapes!!
  • CajunProp
    Keep it up grapes love the content
  • ks2627
    Cherry is a character
    Love this guy-don't always agree with him but that’s ok. Glad he’s back! If you like hockey you should get this podcast 👍🏼
  • Matt5808
    the best
    Love the podcast I look forward too it every week now
  • Frankito-Gol
    You can’t keep grapes down
    Old time hockey by one of the games legendary and best storytellers.
  • MehSupreme
    If anything positive has come out of the Sportsnet/Cancel Culture debacle its that Don Cherry now has an open forum and more than 3 minutes a week to share his thoughts and amusing stories. Fantastic show for true hockey fans.
  • mod1964life
    You. Are. Aces.
    I am very glad you are a podCaster now. You and your son are amazing. Thank you for this.
  • earlejoe
    Grapes knows hockey!
    I stand with Don Cherry! I could listen to the man talk hockey every day! I’ll be listening to The Grapevine every week!
  • BillBlaster1
    Grapes right, Sportsnet Wrong
    I love this guy and everything he says is right on. He’s great for hockey and reserves the right to opine on anything. Stand in solidarity by wearing poppies for Canadian war dead.
  • Sweet shiz
    Great podcast!
    Love the podcast!! Great to listen about old school hockey which I truly miss..looking forward to listening to many podcasts, keep it going.
  • AX7719
    Grapes rocks!
    So glad Don Cherry is back! Former coach of my Boston listening to his hockey stories. Grapes is the best!
  • Jhop80
    Remember watching the original grapevine in the 80’s with my dad. Hate how things ended on HNIC, wish you’d bring back the grapevine on tv in some fashion but happy with the podcast
  • Straykat00
    Preach on Don!
    HNC’s loss is podcastings gain.
  • Adam36741579
    Great Podcast
    I grew up watching Grapes. The mans a true legend, I love hearing his take on hockey.
  • Batchelor Fan
    Don Cherry Tells the Best Stories
    You are a Canadian National Treasure! I am an American. I grew up as a Pittsburgh Penguin fan and remember going to the Civic Arena to watch the Big Bad Boston Bruins as a teenager. It was awsome! Phil Esposito was my favorite player, a scoring machine. Hockey had more passion and personality back then. The Hockey player interviews today are all suppressed by the Politically Correct Culture. I know what they are going to say. You should tell the story why so many red poppies grew in the fields after WWI ended. Too many people don’t know the story. They are not taught in our public schools or grew up in a foreign country that had a different history. Then, more people will understand why they should wear a red poppie on November 11th.
  • LastgoalatJLA
    Good ol’ hockey game
    Gonna miss seeing the suits but I am very happy to still be able hear you talk hockey on every podcast.
  • Elbaman28280
    Totally screwed by the PC police
    Love Don C and the podcast. Keep up the fight. There are many more for you than against.
  • mskwira
    Welcome Back
    So glad you’re back in the airwaves!
  • Chip Pepperdine
    So glad you’re doing a podcast. Coaches Corner segments were way too short so this forum will give you time to say what you need to say. Thumbs up!
  • Wilfrid Laurier 83
    Welcome back Don
    A great Patriot! You picked a great hill to die on at Coaches Corner. Looking forward to hearing some great stories without a PC filter. We can handle the truth!
  • Maniitok11
    Bottom line, Don Cherry should have been fined by Sportsnet and ordered to retract his 'you people' designation - not fired!
  • #game addict123456789
    Much better than the limited 6-7 min a week
    Soooooooo glad to have a chance to listen the the man, the legend, Donald R. Cherry - “Grapes”. We love ya here in da U.P. God bless
  • rusty_lock
    A Canadian institution
    Thanks Grapes… I love listening to hockey stories from now and yesteryear. There is nothing like Don Cherry. Sportsnet caving to leftist cancel culture idiots is the dumbest thing they have ever done.
  • Footer52
    Thumbs Up!!!
    I am so happy that Don has a podcast now so he can continue to share his thoughts, just like Coach’s Corner, but he can go on for as long as he wants. Thumbs Up Don!!
  • DeeTroit D
    Grapevine is back!
    You people, and I mean the guys and gals at sportsnet, are jacked in the head. Love the Podcast way better.
  • Dudeatpool
    obnoxious, racist, divisive, outdated, ignorant. Fake news.
  • beaufour42
    Don cherry
    Thank you for being you. People want to here the truth until they here the truth! I grew up watching your rock ‘em sock’em videos.your tv shows and of course coaches corner. I like to here your opinions because your view of hockey is the same as mine. Again thank you
  • Jrsantillo3
    Don Cherry is an international treasure
    I’m from the US and just want you to know you have plenty of fans down here as well. Love the podcast!
  • Higman51
    The Grapevine
    👍👍👍👍👍 Great hearing Donald S. Cherry Bill Higgins
  • alpha/wolf
    The Real Don
    Welcome to free speech Grapes.
  • Bud G
    Good to have Grapes back!
    It’s a travesty that he’s no longer on Coach’s Corner but he could be even better with this extended format.
  • Jephp the eye man
    I miss the grapevine!
    I grew up raised on Don Cherry. Saturday nights meant Don Cherry’s grapevine, lighting boutique and Leo Racicot Chrysler commercials and then HNIC. Please play the Bob Probert and Steve Yzerman clips. Growing up in Detroit these guys were my heroes and Don had em on. Can’t find footage of them anywhere. Great content. Keep on rock’Em and sock’em in the free world.
  • Daleastar
    The best!
    The best hockey commentator in the world. Tells it straight!
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