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The podcast home of Hawaii's source for breaking news. Hawaii News Now is the state's leader for breaking news, weather alerts, traffic updates and sports headlines, plus the latest headlines on the issues that impact you and your families the most — including the global coronavirus pandemic.

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  • Epyon001
    HI Now Daily commercials are too loud
    The morning and evening shows are great, but the frequent commercials with the HI Now Daily host yelling, “Live,” is jarringly loud, especially when listening with earphones.
  • dacapoalfine
    Convenient but volume levels need fixing
    Really love that this is available as a podcast, I can listen to it around the house easily without loading live stream or TV. Please fix the volume levels! I have to adjust the volume pretty often. Or lower the ad volumes— “STRESS IS NORMAL…” makes me jump. Mahalo!
  • T-Dolla$ign
    Keep em coming. Audio does need to be increased per the rest of the responders hit I’m sure the kinks will work themselves out as the podcast progresses. Great job!
  • Bradley10110
    Audio is low on some of the Hawaii News Now podcasts.
    I can barely hear some of the podcasts, with the volume on it’s highest setting on my IPad. Please fix this.
  • don.hi
    Audio is too low
    Please up your audio level. I understand that this is a direct audio rip from the TV broadcast so the quality is not going to be amazing like NPR where it’s recorded like a radio but please at least increase your audio. The voices of the anchors is so soft that I have to turn the audio way up.
  • Ryu Chan
    I am appreciative to hear local news from home.
  • Happy as the sun
    Suggested improvements
    I appreciate being able to get my daily local news via podcast, but the audio levels are rather low (that’s an easy fix!), and I also feel like it could be better edited to fit the medium — such as not having the long television transition music or traffic reports. Since many people are not listening to these podcasts live, the “live” traffic reports are not timely and they are irrelevant. My recommendation is to tailor the podcast to an audio / podcast listener, not just a straight pull from the television broadcast, because it’s kind of obvious that it’s just a cut and paste! A few simple edits will make this program a lot more enjoyable.
  • Pastor Frank de Gracia
    Love this! Video podcast please?!
    I love that this is now a podcast as I have a hard time getting the live stream. This would be a 5 star if they had this on video.
  • hccd bbu. ccv
    Voice fry
    I like this News cast except for Grace has the worst voice fry
  • news girl99
    I wanna be friends with Jonathan and Ashley
  • aloha pasta lover
    Been listening
    Been listening and watching on Facebook at work. Don’t tell the boss ;)
  • Dr. C Hawaii
    Dr. C Hawaii
    Love hearing the news delivered in a non-dramatic way. More like this please!
  • news geek 3000
    Liking it!
    All the news you need delivered in a causal way 👍
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