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The Athletic Football Podcast is our flagship show, with Mark Chapman and Dan Bardell hosting Monday to Friday throughout the season.
Featuring the likes of David Ornstein, Adam Crafton, Matt Slater and many others, it is the ultimate place to get the inside track on the biggest stories and news, insight and analysis from your club.

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  • therojay
    Dry and boring
    Too many stuffy status quo English football journalists who rarely stray from giving out the same stale “conventional wisdom” and narratives about the Premier League. Too many of them also behave more like PR proxies for various English managers and players they clearly want to stay on the right side of: the recent episode in which Oliver Kay and his counterparts spun Frank Lampard’s underwhelming spells managing Chelsea and Everton into stints of under-appreciated coaching mastery - before going on to suggest Brendan Rodgers is an underrated managing genius - was so farcical I briefly thought it was actually parody.
  • im_richerd101
    Go football!
    Good work lads, nice pod!
  • flangeslammer
    Pathetic little gambling podcast
    you think you’re listening to a football show and then they start talking about betting lines in these smooth transitions so you barely notice they’re actually talking to you about gambling. it’s pathetic. find writers and podcasters you can trust and follow them. don’t listen to this garbage that is just here to facilitate a gambling partnership.
  • jrosey24
    For the athletic, this pod is really really poor….
    The level of analysis is so lazy and so poor it’s really not what you would expect from the Athletic. The best quality of the athletic is that you have experts talking about teams they know…. These guys are absolutely clueless. They rely on headlines and cliches to get them through the pod cause they simply don’t enough about the game or the premier league. It’s truly shocking how bad these guys are. If I want to know about a specific team, I’ll look up the guys who cover them for the athletic. Not listen to these guys guessing and coming to absurd assumptions based on headlines they’ve read from the sun and daily mail lol do better It’s as if the word nuanced doesn’t exist in England. Every statement and argument is black or white. A team wins a match and they’re the best team in the world, they lose the next non and you guys are talking about a “crisis at the club”. It’s not just the athletic either, it’s the problem with all UK outlets.
  • Pgooner04
    Questionable Sponsors
    Love the show, and I'm unsure if you all even control this, but the optics of bashing Qatar (rightfully) just to have the show sponsored by Emirates and featuring commercials from Aramco is say the least
  • alexpicchietti
    Premier League or Top 4?
    These guys act like Man City, Man United, Chelsea, and Liverpool are the only 4 teams in the league. There are countless other stories and clubs you could mix in for some conversation. Unfortunately it’s just like every other podcast or show. Same 3 takes on the same topics regurgitated over and over. Hard pass
  • gmaxot
    Shilling for gambling companies
    Perfectly good journalism ruined by selling out to betting companies. Running their ads is bad enough but having one of their employees on as a “guest” to shill for gambling throughout the show? Get a grip.
  • QuenepaPR
    Stop calling him “George” Mendes
    It’s disrespectful (and racist) to change people’s names to English just because you don’t know how to speak other languages. Be more cultured and make a real effort to say JORGE Mendes, since that’s his REAL name.
  • SwaggyP76
    The Music Though!
    The musical score alone should win awards.
  • Jaysz267
    Typical Woke, Radical Leftist Trash
    From an American - Keep to Football and drop the Socialist commentary. Unsubscribed and not coming back.
  • Football from Nigeria
    Love this pod
    Really enjoy the pod really informative
  • frolichemann
    Mixed bag
    Some weekly shows are great and very in depth, others are basically a review of the betting odds for 45 minutes
  • crustycornholio
    Gambling ad disguised as podcast
    This podcast is riddled with betting odds, bookie specials, gambling tips woven through the content which is obviously taylored to accomodate these endless gambling promotions. Then every episode an expert who happens to be fully employed by the gambling industry quickly tosses out some worthless facts before delivering the real content - upcoming odds and special for the weekend games. A billion dollar industry trying every trick in the book to pray on the weak and vulnerable. Unsubscribe. They took the dirty money, they have no autonomy over content. It's a gambling marketing podcast and always will be.
  • cjhermanns
    Not a football podcast
    Dan Bardell asked for a review, so here it is. This is not a football podcast, it is a gambling podcast. They way the “commentators” shill for the horrible gambling industry is unconscionable. And what they offer as analysis is shockingly bad (evidenced by their preview of the 2021-2022 season) until you remember they are shilling for bookies who make more money when people take bad advice and make stupid bets. #unsubscribed
  • One4arthur
    Post Czech Republic podcast a snooze
    England played well, young emerging talent is exciting... post match show was like three professors discussing a dissertation and deciding is was worth nothing more than a 2:2. Liven it up - or I’m not listening again
  • jfarq
    Eating while on a podcast
    Can’t listen to jack while he’s eating , awful ,
  • lrhhrl
    Ditch the gambling sponsors
    C’mon guys. You can find better sponsors. Gambling and football is as big of an issue as anything you guys discuss yet you willingly advertise and therefore contribute to its growth.
  • @cesargonz
    Business of Football Pod is 🙌🏼
    Loving these views into the other side of the game. Keep them up!
  • Tttommmasss
    Mr. Ornstein
    Can you please tell us why is Mesut Ozil being left out in the cold once again? Is this a tactic to just get rid of him or has there been words exchanged? Does this show Ozil lack of sporting ambition that he still won’t go to another team just to get his high wages? Some clarification would be highly appreciated?
  • Chgofancubs
    Taking fans for granted
    This was literally the worst episode of this pod. Your panel admitted that prices stay low due to tv yet complain about fans not having power... it’s the most whingy joke. The match day fans don’t pay the freight yet feel less included... it’s just reality. Say something intelligent on the subject
  • fisherville listener
    Great rapport
    For once Chappers interrupts less; Ornstein his usual erudite laid back way; and guests with inside knowledge of clubs and football. Great listen for an Arsenal fan in Fishersville, a village of 3500 in southern Virginia, US Thank you!
  • Steve T woodland hills
    A must listen!
    The best podcast in soccer with incredible insight into the behind the scenes action of the sport
  • mohammed bin ran khein
    Good start
    Chappers really brings the best out of David. Enjoyed the first episode! More Arsenal please
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