Settle the Stars: The Science of Space Exploration

Science #52Astronomy #2

Exploring and terraforming Mars will be the greatest scientific and engineering challenge in the history of our species. From landfall and building the first cities to manipulating an entire planetary environment, this podcast will dive into the science of space exploration, settlement and terraforming!Join Alexander Winn, creator of TerraGenesis and founder of Edgeworks Entertainment, as he walks you through the real science behind his hit indie terraforming game, TerraGenesis, and how those same concepts will work in real life.

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Recent Reviews
  • Sophia Mewers
    Great podcast, weirdly quiet though
    I just discovered this podcast and am loving it so far! It’s very informational, while also being accessible to a wide audience. One thing I would mention is that it’s very quiet and even with my volume at full it’s a strain to hear.
  • WillShap3r
    Pretty freaking cool man
    This is an ideal podcast: the host is genuine and has actual scientific content to share that keeps the listeners intrigued, not to mention that terraforming and the science behind it is truly -in his words- breathtaking! His story is cool, and I’d love to hear more science in as much depth as possible. The time for each episode is the perfect amount, enough to have content, but short enough so as not to lose someone in too much discussion and avoiding tangents.
  • Jimmy Spychalski
    Fantastic Stuff
    I’m super thankful that the podcast came back, I’m a big space nut and love listening to Alex explain different scientific principles! Keep it up, I’ll be listening! I’d love to see longer episodes that take more complex dives into topics.
  • mcuo69
    A little mixed up
    Hey, I love the game and the idea of the podcast about it. Just wanted to let you know that all of the episodes have a bit of a editing mix up. The final 5 minutes cut off and start from the beginning.
  • Gianfrancs
    Love the science, my podcasts are very glitchy, however. They continually stop and restart or cut short before the episode is done. Great content though.
  • TerraGeek Venus is tge best
    More Science
    I really enjoyed your podcasts but I would like a little more science in the podcasts.
  • paulababe
    Really interesting
    I’m really interested in sci-fi, terraforming, paraterraforming, and space exploration in general. It’s why I started playing the game. I really love the podcast breaking down these topics and all the associated information. I love that the creators are listening to what listeners are interested in and are shifting focus. I’m excited to see where this goes. The future topics I’d be interested in would be more astrobiology and maybe evaluating the realism of sci-fi books.
  • tb0ne808
    Great podcast
    Wow just found this but wish I found it earlier and there was more. Great coverage and explanation of super interesting topics. Keep em coming!
  • Mockingjay216
    Amazing podcast, wish it was longer
    This is truly an amazing podcast, however, it would be much better if the episodes were longer (30-40 minutes, same as most other podcasts) and you were to go more in depth on both the science and gameplay fronts
  • legogamefan
    When I found this game, I thought it would be some silly Sci-fi game. It’s not. This is the greatest game, and greatest podcast ever. Ever! Thank you so much! One thing, it would be cool if you made a planet near a black and we had to save it from being swallowed! Thanks! By the way, please make more episodes!
  • Cermit0000
    Fun game
    Fun game
  • fidago93
    Fun and Interesting
    The narration is soothing and engaging at the same time. The content is fascinating and complex. Overall, I have enjoyed this podcast and look forward to more episodes.
  • goodok:)
    Good and more longer Please
  • Daydreamer_OwO
    More plz
    I like listening to your podcasts while I play the game and it really helps me understand the game on a different level as well as out world and the worlds that surround us. :D
  • Terraforming Mercury
    Love this podcast
    I’ve been playing the game for years. It’s nice to hear about the science behind the game. Now me, I’m a total video game and physics nerd, so to hear a podcast like this that talks about both is really exciting. It kind of reminds me of Because Science on YouTube, where Kyle Hill talks about fandom in a sciencey way and makes it sound exciting. And not to mention the game itself is the MOST RELAXING GAME I’VE EVER PLAYED. Keep up the good work, Alex.
  • Chewiholic
    Love the game!
    TerraGenesis is an amazingly fun and complicated game. Currently, I’m almost finished with Mercury.
  • chasflower
    Good Content Wish I Could Faster Forward
    The episodes keep stopping and restarting mid episode and then not letting me go back to where I was.
  • Orafaun
    Better then the game!
    Episode 6: Water was just released. Now that the introductions are out of the way, there is great info in the episode. Also, I am really glad you are looking to do more deep dives. This would be a great podcast to stay subscribed to.
  • smalltownchicforlife
    Love it!
    I’ve been playing the game for some time now, and just found the podcast, it’s very interesting. I like to listen while I’m checking on my current planet, I would love longer episodes though.
  • Wow... Really
    This is amazing
    Aside from an amazing game, the science behind all of this is truly fascinating, I love to hear the process of how and why certain stats in the game are the way they are. I love to hear the science behind terraforming and I would love for you to really jump in to the numbers of such things! Thank you for this!
  • My story is gone!
    I’ve always had an obsession with space and the different properties of different worlds. It makes me so happy that a scientifically accurate game and podcast exist! I hope this series continues!
  • JhshabehahzbwbebshAbwbs
    Wonderful podcast for an amazing game!
    Matt’s voice reminds me of the professor who helped me find my passion for ecology, because Matt is relaxing and shows appreciation for his studies and the universe. The content is also fascinating, as it delves a bit more into the nitty gritty of terraforming! If you haven’t played, I completely recommend the game as well. Soon, you’ll be getting expansions...
  • macosdaniel
    A learning experience for the ages
    I learn so much listening to Alex talk about the interesting science behind TerraGenesis. It’s always been a dream of mine to live on Mars and experience the history of the past planets.
  • bodaciousCowboy
    Video game science
    Do you like science? Do you like video games? This is the podcast for you. As a man who loves and loves this game this is a great opportunity to learn the science that makes this game possible
  • Heather J,
    I love TerraGenesis so much, so I’m so excited to learn more about the science behind it! This is great and super well written. Can’t wait for the next episode!
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