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Ever bought something you loved SO much that you couldn't stop telling everyone about it? Host Caroline Moss invites interesting, smart, and savvy guests to evangelize their favorite buys in the hopes of helping you become a smarter, more informed shopper. From portable phone chargers to candles to linen overalls and everything in between, this is the show where we talk about what WE just bought and what YOU might need to buy next.

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  • Yells dog
    Affiliate money out the wazoo
    Use my links, buy this sale, buy this “incredible” sweatshirt from Target that is indistinguishable from any other sweatshirt.
  • CMCM675
    Getting way too commodified
    My review isn’t so much about the podcast itself—I really like the addition of Sally!—but rather the Instagram account and newsletter. Very few of the recommendations there now feel authentic; the same brands/products are shilled over and over, and it’s like… OK, we get it, Maya and Merrit are paying you the big bucks for your audience. I tried one of the Tula products Caroline “recommended,” and it did almost nothing for me. I’ll tune in for the podcast, but everything else is becoming a hard pass.
  • tienmj
    Great podcast but where are the episodes?
    When’s the next episode?????
  • Loveitaly33
    Sadly, this Pod has lost its way. The format has changed so much, it’s no longer about “Gee Thanks, I Just Bought It”, including new products that are out there - and why we may or not find we can’t live without them. Now, it’s a boring, 2 person chat about a boring topic, including the word “head” after each product they like. I wish it had consistent schedule that I could look forward to, like the old days. I wish she mentioned the top 10 or 5 or even 3 products bought recently (used to be week). Finally, I wish Caroline had the confidence to REALIZE she is enough on her own! You were great alone. You don’t or didn’t need to always have a partner.
  • kaitiefowler
    Love it
    I love this podcast. I am a fairly new listener, maybe 2 or 3 months, but I love Caroline’s sense of humor and find I have a lot in common with Sally and love the banter the two have. Highly recommend!
  • awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
    What is with the yawning?
    What is with the constant yawning? If you aren’t interested, why should I be? Came here from the Normal Gossip episode but this just wasn’t as compelling
  • Jlhauolo
    I agree with recent reviews that this podcast has gotten lazy. I was into the angle of understanding interesting people better by the purchases they make, and now it’s just “Caroline and Sally talk about stuff.” Without any interesting framing, you’re just listing things to buy. None of us need this kind of help buying stuff!! If anything we buy too much stuff; “here’s a thing” “here’s a sale” “here’s a discount code” over and over again just makes me feel kind of gross. The distance between this pod and like, the Amazon homepage shrinks every day. I’m sure those affiliate links are paying well but man.
  • Vanessa B.C.C.
    Caroline + Sally = better than Real John Max
    I enjoyed Gee Thanks in its original incarnation but my favorite part was Caroline, not the guests. Loved her with Jackie J. as well and miss that combo. But Sally is also awesome, and the two of them together are so extremely funny. I laugh out at least once an episode, which is embarrassing. They often talk about shopping but not always. Don’t really care what they talk about. Just want to hear them talk while walking my dogs or tidying the house.
  • Beth0404040404
    Excellent recommendations
    Love that Caroline goes into detail on product recommendations so I can know even more than a product details
  • kigalireader
    I miss the guests!
    I used to really love this podcast, but I think I might be done now. I used to really like the new guests and learning about them through what they consume and recommend. It helped me discover so many interesting people. The format has changed and, while I like Sally, the show has turned into a lot of Caroline and Sally banter and recurrent bits that are more tiresome than endearing at this point (ie. “The Real John Max” and (insert anything)-heads). It’s also grating to hear them talk about things they don’t really know about (like lightbulbs?!).
  • Anita Claudia
    But what are we buying?
    I really used to love this pod! It’s getting more difficult to get through an episode as of late. I don’t mind a little banter from the hosts of course but they go way off script as soon as a sarcastic joke is made. It becomes a tennis match between them replying to each other with another joke. It takes FOREVER to start talking about whatever product they’re excited about. Too much personal conversation for me… /:
  • Maxcraft430
    New fan
    Your topics remind me a lot of Community news with Paul and Sasha podcast. Would love to hear you all do a show together. Theirs or yours.
  • An irritated app user
    I like the personality of the host. Other than that, whenever I listen I feel sort of complicit in this terrible turn to consumerism masquerading as “self care.” I get it. We want trinkets and “hacks”and mass-produced goods and lots and lots and lots of makeup and skincare. But does that consumerism advance our lives? Does it hurt others who are cranking out crap for next-to-nothing pay? Y’all, this is the “patriarchy” in action and the insular world of social media all tied up in a plastic bow. I’m advocating for self reflection on the part of the host - who I think is a good and kind person.
  • listener2299
    Consumerist garbage
    Keep buying more junk to fill the void in your lives, ladies
  • Arianafan62838
    Enough is enough with consumption. Hard to take Caroline’s recommendations these days
  • Bugster
    My favorite pod of all time!!!!
    I work from home and need sound to focus, so I need a constant line-up of podcasts for 8 hours a day. Let me tell you I binged every episode so quick and I anxiously await each new episode. I probably buy at least one thing from each episode and don’t regret it one bit. I literally look forward to working when I know I have an episode of Gee Thanks waiting for me. Caroline just has this way about her and I love listening to her talk. I think the show has gotten even better since the addition of Sally! I absolutely love her too, and their witty back and forth is everything. I wish I could interject myself into their conversations. I am a shopping addict, and I honestly could be on the show with how many recs I have, but since that will likely never happen there is also an amazing Gee Thanks Facebook group that is great for giving and getting awesome recommendations. I am a forever geezer. I just need more episodes!!! Caroline, I know you don’t read these but start crankin’ em out! -Huge Gee Thanks Head
  • Banana Grahams
    Perfect Background (or Foreground) Noise Pod
    I’ve been listening to this show for maybe a year now and it has a je ne sais quoi about it that keeps me coming back! Caroline is hilarious and the new addition of Sally is equally delightful and funny. Their convos make for great background noise while I’m getting ready in the morning — relaxing, upbeat, and amusing. And sometimes they just so happen to talk about a mighty need I’m having right this moment and they have the perfect recommendation. Me enjoy!
  • Mhw1129
    Love this podcast and this FB group!
    Caroline is so funny and honest, truly love her vibe all around. And the FB group is the nicest place on the internet! Love it all, keep doing what you’re doing, it’s working!!
  • luybac
    Fun listen and great recommendations
    Been listening for years! Love how the show has evolved and how it has the feeling that I am sitting in on a friends conversation.
  • miss_delaney
    The most fun!
    I’m always laughing while listening, Caroline (and now Sally!) are the best and I feel like I’m hanging out with my friends while listening. Come for the product recs stay for the fun hang! 😊
  • yomomma70
    This is the podcast
    If I were to buy a podcast it would be this one. Funny, informative, friendly. But where can we see a pic of this dresser?!
  • lizardwils
    I’m here for @therealjonmax
    Carolineheads and Sallyheads know what’s up. Their conversations sound so much like myself with my friends. Loving the new direction this is going! Keep up the good work pals!
  • MTRedm
    Fan of the pod
    I love this pod (and have from the start). It’s evolved, changed, etc. but I’ve continued to enjoy it over time for what it’s become! It’s definitely a podcast for a certain “mood” — I love it on long runs or dog walks when I just want to feel like I have friends chatting along with me. Bonus points is that my husband truly hates this podcast but I can constantly remind him that 1/2 of his recent gifts (which he LOVES) are Gee Thanks recs and it brings me great joy to hold this over his head. The IG and Facebook group are also incredible!
  • Christine124
    The best, still!
    Love this show! Been listening forever and also in deep with the fb group. The host is fantastic and fun, gives great recs, has really interesting guests, and is a real human with opinions and morals and a personality! We stan Caroline Moss!
  • pol3767
    So funny and relatable
    Caroline is so funny and relatable - I always look forward to new episodes!
  • Maggie Mineart
    Podcast hosts/imaginary friends
    Wow I loved the pod w Caroline as a solo host, and the love has jus grown with the addition of Sally. I feel like they are both my friends even though they have no idea who I am !
  • HallieGraceRockwell
    Download this show
    Caroline (and Sally!) is an excellent host with A+ recs and a knack for (virtually) gathering people on the internet. Love it here
  • deziroo
    The real John max head
    Love this show, I find it so amusing and have gotten great recs.
  • pencils rule!
    The dresser
    I love dressers and I’m a real Chapstick-head, so this episode was one of my favs.
  • Laurenea44
    Not the same
    I really loved this podcast for a while, but lately the conversations become have become so mundane and boring and I just can’t hang on for the pointless conversations that go no where. I like Sally, but the conversations have gotten so casual and honestly, just plain boring and uninteresting.
  • Gordron
    Why can I not give the greatest podcast in human history more than 5 stars??? Caroline is an amazing host, the new format with Sally as co-host is wonderful, and it’s a great way for me to know what’s happening, learn new things, and find cool stuff that I never would have before! I can’t recommend this podcast highly enough. A great listen, and the Facebook group is one of the Internet’s last good places.
  • Elizabeth from Indy
    Great podcast and Facebook community
    I get so much enjoyment from both listening to the podcast and scrolling the Facebook feed each day!
  • Ny2BosHunee
    Delightful and helpful
    Caroline is an absolute joy to listen to, and I love hearing guests suggestions and ideas. It’s a rough world, it’s nice to have something less serious to listen to sometimes.
  • ksteffy
    So fun!
    Through this podcast I have discovered such a wide variety of items that I have legitimately bought and used and loved. It’s a fun listen. My wallet might not love it but I do!
  • mumchie's mom
    Amazing listeners!
    Love the community Caroline has built!!
  • swiftforeal
    Gee Thanks Heads Assemble
    Love the show love the host(s) love the facebook group love the Schlemmer Report love everything. 😁
  • kellym458857
    love it
    Feels like chatting with friends! I have gotten so many good recommendations for myself and a lot of great gift ideas.
  • AMN3613
    A balm for the soul
    This podcast is such a delight! Even if you’re not a big shopper it is so much fun to listen to and hear what other people are buying. I love it. Also has the best Facebook group!
  • Geo'sMomma
    Helpful and fun.
    It’s like grabbing coffee with a pal and just shooting the breeze. Talking about the most basic purchases. What worked. What didn’t. Buyer’s remorse and the like. I especially like how they highlight many women owned/smaller businesses but also get that sometime you just need to get it from Amazon or pick it up from Target. The Facebook group for the podcast is a fantastic community.
  • carolinesfriendhannah
    The amount of new daily favorites I have because of this show…
    …I have bought so many amazing things from the advice of Caroline and her guests. Including but not limited to: • scrub daddy/mommy • Allgenist vegan collagen • tiktok cult eyebrow stamp • L’Oréal 8 second hair magic potion stuff • bug bite thing • portable bug spray vaporizer thingy • Amazon clothing recommendations • maya base fragrance • nest candles • THE GAP BRA And I came here from the OG twitter thread. Sometimes I listen to this podcast in public (headphones ofc) and wonder if people are staring at me because I feel like I’m having a fun conversation with internet besties. You won’t be disappointed. Follow on IG for all the best codes! Also, I’m Hannah with the dollhouse dresser and here to answer any questions or dispel any rumors.
  • Chapstickey
    The dresser
    I hope Hannah never hangs out with you again, if you’re going to spend an hour+ talking about a secondhand dresser that you let her buy instead of you. I thought this would be a great new podcast but it comes across very self centered and trivial.
  • mochster123
    It’s not about products
    Reading the blurb, I expected a podcast centered around product recommendations. Instead it’s just randos chitchatting. Product recommendations comprised 5 minutes of the episode.
  • NaturegirlDC
    You just lost me
    This used to be one of my top podcasts and would recommend to all my friends. Caroline’s wit and friendliness was like a funny warm hug and I undoubtedly ended up purchasing at least one of the podcast items by the end of the show. But Caroline, where have you gone? I don’t get the warm vibes anymore and it seems like you are always negative about something. Think about how many times you use the word “hate” in your episodes. I also realize that we live in a very diverse world and we should all be accepting of others. But your show has gotten way too judgmental about people that you don’t agree with. You’re no longer inclusive, and that’s a shame. You should have kept your mission of talking about new and wonderful products to try and saved the politics for another show.
  • jdl1128
    Stop “head-ing” everything!
    I used to really enjoy this podcast, but then Caroline brought Sally on-board, and I guess I am in the minority who were not thrilled with this change. Their conversations where they call fans of everything “-heads” is beyond annoying, as they can’t make it 3 sentences without bringing up a new”-head.” Safety-heads, Frank Bissel-heads, pickleball-heads, Sally-heads, etc. The podcast also can be long and rambly, and would do well with a time limit. I used to stick with the rambling to get to the good recommendations (and not all of the rambling was bad, but I’d say a solid 50-50 split), but the chemistry between Caroline and Sally where they can’t think of synonyms besides “-head” for “fans” is irritating to the point where I might drop listening to the podcast and just rely on their Facebook page for recommendations.
  • TeganAndSara<3
    Sally head
    I love the new direction with Sally as cohost (and the episodes Caroline has been on oh I like that)! Caroline and Sally seem to have a lot of fun and it feels like a genuine conversation. I’m not a big fan of interview or guest based pods so I’m biased towards this format, but I also think their different personalities and coming from different parts of the country makes it a great combo.
  • teacherphys
    One of my favorites!
    Caroline is fabulous! Love love love this podcast!
  • Tubbsiedodaro
    I love this podcast
    It feels like listening to friends talk. I have loved all of the recs, but what I like most are the stories behind why people were looking for it to begin with. I love the guests she brings on and signed up for her patreon and appreciate the sale alerts.
  • Cpwwe
    Wow LEFT turn
    I listened today and it was about abolishing prisons and Roe vs Wade effects cisgender people more. This podcast is purely consumerism about things she bought and liked . Now it is how we aren’t socialist enough .????? You understand how consumerism and socialism don’t really work in the same sphere ? So ,keep bragging on all the things you buy and how bad it is here . I just can’t stand to listen.
  • Megpie206
    I was bummed to hear Caroline’s commentary on JK Rowling. She clearly hasn’t familiarized herself with WHY Rowling has been deemed “transphobic”, because if she had, she wouldn’t be using her platform to spread such a ridiculous, non fact based opinion. At this point, she is just repeating talking points and cutting down other women who have done nothing wrong. This is not activism, this is virtue signaling and is an example of Caroline’s prioritization of having a hot take over relaying actual facts. I always feel icky after listening to this podcast and I’m not quite sure why I have continued for so long. Caroline is constantly interrupting her guests. She comes across as one of those people who just waits for another person to stop so she can insert her opinion instead of actually listening to what they’re saying. The overall energy of the show has just become kind of a downer.
    Weird Editing, Real Housewives Talk
    Update, May 2022: Yup, I'm still here, Caroline! I have to say, I'm really surprised how my previous review seems to have really stuck with you; I think you've brought it up at least three times now on various episodes. For what it's worth, I am really not trying to troll you. I listen to a LOT of podcasts in general, and for better or worse I can't help but compare them with one another. I'm a late-30s communications professional with an MBA working for a Fortune 500 company, and I can be overly critical when it comes to communication matters like podcasts. Plus, you never think hosts will actually read the reviews! Anyway, I want to counter the "it's free" argument to say that's not a great excuse for going off topic so often. Don't you want to cater to the audience based on the podcast's stated purpose? Seems like a strawman, and an easy fix to some honest, constructive criticism. I'll end by saying, I leave reviews because I care, and I think you can do better. I really think this pod was best during its first year, and I'm glad to hear you say recently that you're going to try to go back to that format. (For what it's worth, per the Jessica Goodman ep, I have friends who know Andy Cohen, I have heard of Roberta's in Brooklyn -- where Jess got married -- I even have the Great Jones blue sheet pan you talked about, probably because of this show. I have a handful of products I learned about through this show, and that is why I continue to listen to your pod). Original Review Below — I have been listening from the beginning and am generally a fan, but I have a few complaints. The editing and audio are really random which makes the pod feel amateur. Ads will randomly cut in mid-sentence with no warning, or one ad will be really quiet only to be interrupted by blasting theme music. These seem like simple fixes. In terms of content, please spend less time discussing The Real Housewives. It is really boring for those of us who don't watch the show. And I know Caroline has heard this feedback and does not care. As for the real purpose of this pod, which is the product recs, I have noticed that Caroline often seems too agreeable. Even if she is not immediately excited about a guest rec, by the end of the interview she has already it added to cart and that just seems really inauthentic - even though I don't think it is meant to be. Also it turns me off when Caroline is negative about physical fitness. I realize she is not into it but I bet I am not the only listener who likes to work out regularly. Finally, for what it's worth, I think Geezers should with a soft “g” not a hard “g.”
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