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Check our website at! The mission of Change Church is to help as many people as possible live, love, and lead like Jesus so they can CHANGE the world.

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  • Ashley Marable
    I wish I lived closer and was able to sit down With this pastor and his wife to seek guidance! Every sermon has met me where I am as well ask kept me focused. I able to grasp everything and thankfully I can access these sermons anytime. Thank you Mrs & Mr Daniels for following Christ and allowing him to work through you so it reaches people like myself. Last night I was able to explain Gods love to my son in terms that he understood and he chose to accept Jesus into his heart. Having that moment with him was priceless… thank you so much.
  • Carl Gerbscmidt
    Even though I live in Minnesota I still consider PD my pastor
  • ChayLaurie
    You don’t want to miss this!!
    Grateful for how Dr. Daniel’s teaches the scripture and further encourages me to study the word more. Each message has either revealed something to me about God or myself, which has been extremely helpful on my journey.
  • Jalen Hughes
    Thankful for Pastor Daniels!
  • Bianca Taylor
    Simply Anointed!!!
    PD is truly blessed! Anointed!! Highly Favored!! This podcast & his teachings in general has shifted the way I think & challenges me to be better in my walk with GOD! I share these teachings with all of my friends! I thank GOD for these teachings!! GOD bless!
  • Christa Leigh
    Changed my life
    God has transformed my life in a major way over the last few months and I’m so grateful for this shift. Pastor Dharius and Change church have been there every step of the way in helping me to mature spiritually and understand what God has for me. I thank God for using Dharius Daniels to communicate God’s word in a way that me and so many others are able to understand on a personal level.
  • jmpcv1
    Incredibly Powerful!
    Pastor Dr. Daniels I am truly thankful and blessed to have found you and incorporated your sermons to my life on a Daily Basis! Since I have been listening to you there is not a day that goes by that I don’t tune in to you for a word from the Bible. Continue to be blessed and be touched by the Holy Spirit to deliver the messages, so that we may also receive Our blessings and be touched by the Holy Spirit as well! Hallelujah God is good. 🙏🏽
  • Iveysmom2006
    Life Changing
    Listening to the Change Church Podcast has been life changing for me. I think differently, I’m calmer and at peace, and I’m constantly making real world and real life connections to share with others in day to day experiences. Thank you for this!!!!!!!
  • Solwinr
    This Man of God is truly anointed and Gifted. He is also well studied. His incite into the things of God along with the manner in which he is able to communicate them so pragmatically, enthusiastically and succinctly are what sets him apart as a messenger and herald. I love this man. I love how He GLORIFIES GOD WITH HIS GIFT. He is constantly bringing TRUTH that is TIMELY! Our family is growing spiritually, our Hunger for the Authentic God has been heightened. We are honored to be able to communicate with him monetarily because what He gives is greater than GOLD. He provides wisdom and understanding to the deep things of the Bible. Thank You DR. DHARIUS The Adams family loves us some you!!!! God bless you Sr Shemika
  • blix213
    I hate to be that person…
    But can the crowd just tone it down a little at least while the pastor is preaching? Kind of distracting from listening to the message
  • lovegirl562
    Need a New Beginning start here
    Dr Daniels, Is a voice needed right now for the body of believers. His delivery, topics are all substantial to new, old and lost believer’s. Thank you for your obedience!!
  • shaterah
    Church on a Monday!
    I listen to this podcast while I’m at work & when I say it makes me wanna take off runnin!! Whew this pastor knows how to bring the word! This keeps my mind focused on my work & most of all on God!
  • ZeekdaJesusFreak
    God inspiring, God breathed messages
    I have enjoyed these sermons. Very life changing messages that are full of the truth of God’s word.
  • Danka Luftetare
    Defined change church
    Transformational, inspiring, on fire. The word of God shines on every preaching. It hits the nails of the cross to remind us we are alive, free and saved.
    Awesome word!! Keep allowing God to speak through you!
  • BriNic22
    Dr. Daniels has changed my life with his anointing and words. This podcast, if you listen and apply these words, study them, and pray, they WILL change your life! This podcast has brought me closer to God and I couldn’t be more thankful.
  • DiamondCouple
    Somebody come get me!!!
    Dr. Dharius Daniels is one of the greatest teachers and spiritual coaches of our time. Listening to this man of God you can sincerely hear his heart is in the word and he’s sharing not only his experiences but how he continues to overcome. Two greatest sermons that I’ve had on replay: 1-Pain Plan. 2-My Time Is Coming.
  • LYSS10/93
    The teachings of Dr. Dharius has been life changing! I appreciate the insight he is giving the people of God! Please keeping posting all his sermons in podcast form, so much better than YouTube because of the ads.
  • Esther online
    Love your perspective I’m so happy the sermons are now in podcast form!!
  • DKHT
    You Are A God Sent!!!
    I stumbled upon your sermon on YouTube several months ago and I can’t stop listening to you. The wisdom and anointing of God is always upon the word. It is as if God is listening to every thought and issues of my heart and is responding to me. I thank you so very much for your obedience and pray God will continue to use you GREATLY.
  • vlp46
    J walking part 4
    Thank you Lord I was just praying for this answer 5 minutes before listening to this message. My God I can’t even put into words how thankful I am for this message.
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