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Coach Jason Koop covers training, nutrition and recent happenings in the ultramarathon world.

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  • Patroller gal
    Great podcast!
    So much fascinating and useful information. I’m working on educating myself about the newest research on ultra running this year, after years of relying on a coach, and this podcast has been such a fantastic resource.
  • smk128
    Interesting guests. It seems like the host wants to move between technical/scientific language and ‘layperson’ language. If so, I respect the intent, but in the process he makes offensive assumptions about the listener, the running community at large. He also makes more accurate assumptions, but the approach is damaging nonetheless. Human intentions are far more nuanced than the way he often paints them (in the four episodes I’ve listened to). Perhaps he will re-evaluate his deep seated stereotypes of the runners and listeners, and instead sacrifice the illusion of hard nosed confidence in order to become a more dynamic and flexible host. Or, perhaps he won’t. I may not stick around to find out.
  • J. Mederos
    Thank you
    I look forward to each new episode that comes out. Great podcast!
  • Neo Proggy
    Unbiased Research Driven Endurance Content
    Always high quality guests and content. Research heavy, but able to bring it back to practical applications primarily for ultra marathon runners. No ads, no sponsored content. Unbiased apart from his loyalty to CTS Training.
  • E Booth
    Simply the best
    Koop never ceases to impress with relevant topics, deep dives into current research, and critically, practical takeaways in every episode. Moreover his choice to remain ad and sponsor free is indicative of his unwavering commitment to providing information that is unbiased with regard to the usual hawking of products and supplements so common in other running/training podcasts. Finally, his unfiltered commentary and sharp humor make this the #1 podcast in my feed-as it has been since it’s first airing. I regret that I am only now just reviewing it! If you are serious about your training and racing-or simply just someone who geeks out on the science of it all, IMHO there is no other podcast that comes close.
  • nuttyrunner
    yeah, yeah
    I love Koop for his dives into research and featuring guests that can speak to the science yet provide some practical tips. The chats with the coaches about nutrition/hydration/performance-related aspects are sometimes annoying because it seems ya'll forget there are Sport Dietitians out here that work with ultra runners (and coaches shouldn't be doing all of that work to help athletes). Also, Koop, sometimes your frequent "yeah, yeah, yeahs" like in episode 163 are hard to keep hearing. But keep up the good work - this really is a great pod overall.
  • existenico
    Yikes, what an egomaniac.
    Used to enjoy this pod. It’s one thing to be critical and have hot takes but to call someone out in such a condescending way and not offer any feedback is just bad form. Frankly I got major narcissist vibes from all of episode 161 and it was gross. Not what this community needs.
  • emotional support honey badger
    I hit unsubscribe on this one today after listening to the host bash competitors in the podcast and online content space in an unfair manner and in a way that made clear he was actually also unfamiliar with the true content behind what he was criticizing. For someone who led the episode with a bit of a rant about professionalism, it was rather hypocritical. The podcast has some interesting episodes with a good in-depth exploration of topics but it isn’t worth listening to if it is going to devolve into what I heard today or what I have seen recently on social media from the host also bashing other coaches In passive aggressive or unfair and uncalled for ways. So what I would have made a 4-5 star review now is unfortunately a 2.
  • ryanm34
    Fan Until Episode 161
    I was enjoying some episodes of this podcast until episode 161, when this guy put up a 15 minute episode just to talk negatively about other coaches and writers. Total waste of my time while he came off petty and jaded. If you’re a believer in making the world a better place or building up the ultra running community rather than tearing it down, look for another podcast.
  • Nosamac
    Not a fan of this ego
    Just listened to the Jan 2023 monologue, which was a shameless, unfounded, and self-serving attack on members of the trail community. This is insecurity masquerading as integrity. I’ve lost all respect for Jason Koop as a coach and as a podcaster. Not cool dude.
  • b55smith
    He’s a man with a huge ego!
    Listen to this if you want to take the fun out of your running.
  • bbbenzer
    Powerful stuff
    Love the knowledge and insight.
  • Jess Kicks Rocks
    Strength Training
    So many running podcasts have done episodes on strength training and trust me I’ve listened to all of them. Koopcast’s latest two part series on strength training was THE BEST, most comprehensive and easy to follow summary I’ve heard on the topic. Major kudos!
  • Mrandio1
    Training Essentials
    Tons of quality and scientific based information to help you be a better runner, athlete, and coach. Can’t recommend this podcast enough.
  • jackiederuyter
    Great resource for ultra runners!
    Jason takes an evidence-based approach to discussing all aspects of running with his guests. I’m a lifelong runner but new to the ultra world. Jason’s podcast has been an amazing window into everything I didn’t know about running and then some! He’s got a great sense of humor too. Highly recommend!
  • STL_Chick
    Any athlete can benefit from this podcast!
    As a lifelong athlete, I love the content this podcast delivers. Koop brings true experts to his show: doctors, nutritionists, scientists, etc. So you know you’re getting credible information. His dislike of “this works for me, so this may work for you” is what I enjoy the most. He truly understands that there is no cookie cutter solution to apply to athletes because everyone’s body is different. Great for a trail run listen or great to listen while I’m doing chores at home.
  • Carolina Rubio
    Love this podcast, the variety of speakers and issues to delve into. I highly recommend if you are into the WHY of how Ultra Running works. So many other podcasts put together by young athletes are fun, but nothing compares to REAL life experience and interesting examples! 🙌🏽
  • wkmays
    E118 is classic Koop content
    Kudos again to Jason Koop for staying away from regurgitating the same old tired “Runner of the Day” interviews and instead supplying informative & useful ultra running content. E118 and guest Meredith Terranova offer substantial nutrition advice that scientifically stand the test of time, and help you wade through the marketing hype of gels, fats, keto, etc. From day one, Koop has put forth content that guides, shapes & educates runners. If I want to be entertained by the running prowess of any contemporary athlete, there are plenty of other channels. But for solid advice, the KoopCast is the primary source. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • NickVashon
    Best ultra podcast
    Great content, specific advise, very practical and useful
  • vleeds
    awesome training resource
    Hands down one of the best resources for evidence-based deep-dives into a myriad of topics related to ultramarathon training and performance. Whether you are a coach or athlete, each podcast will help you understand the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’ and you will glean actionable insights to help you optimize training. I’ve learned so much from this podcast, I look forward to its release every week, and I’m grateful for its existence.
  • smile4miles26.2
    Highly Recommended
    My go to podcast for ultra running info. Jason Koop knows his stuff and if he doesn’t he has a guest who does. Keep up the excellent work
  • DannaBaxley
    Highly recommend!
    This guy is super smart and highly entertaining/high emotional IQ. A rare combo. No other science-y podcast keeps me quite so entertained! Two thumbs up.
  • Thomas Bowling
    Great Resource For Ultra Runners
    Every time I listen to one of Jason’s podcasts I come away with helpful information. It also continues to spark my interest in ultra running, learning more, and being able to help others.
  • RPillinger
    Super Informative
    Coach Koop does a great job, he is very knowledgeable and has great guests and interesting topics. Loved this podcast from the first episode!
  • whaleboy23
    In every podcast - lots of takeaways
    Very educational, informative and relevant to those who love to train for challenging ultras. Jason has completely refactored my training approach to be truly holistic and 24/7. He emphasizes key points that are paramount to success.
  • MLrunstrong
    Best sports podcast
    Jason is genuine - the real thing- with practical action steps to enhance my training experience as well as rock solid exercise science packed into each episode. He’s an engaging conversationalist and is able to banter with all kinds of people with ease, always showing great respect and no ego. Since he brings on so many experts and accomplished athletes, the podcast becomes an excellent foundation for learning in a wide variety of topics. A couple of favorites are his two Mental Skills episodes with Justin Ross and Karim Ramadan. He keeps things on track and on topic so that every part of the episode is strong content with enthusiasm!
  • jbird8888
    We can bring out the best in each other
    Mr. Koop- In my own life, I often forgive myself so quickly for my shortcomings... I know a lot of others who do the same, and often that’s our best option... move on, grow. After a few night’s sleep our most cringe-worthy moments are forgotten. Yet, especially in this realm of recorded media, I haven’t found myself giving you and some others the same leeway to slip up now and then yet and find fresh eyes, optimism, understanding. I want to apologize for that. Your last episode — the first in a series on the threat of doping in the sport— opened up my view into who you are a little bit further, where you’re at, what has shaped you, and I could sense far more in common than not as far as fundamental values go. That was a solid episode and I’m looking forward to what’s to follow... keep up your strength and your trust.
  • DeweyBeerSmith
    Highly recommend, experience, science and analysis based
    Fantastic science, analysis and experienced based. Great podcast guests and topics. I look forward to every new episode and re-listen to many. I use a lot of the topics covered for my training with great results. Awesome to be able to listen into experts conversations. Highly recommend.
  • BCuz5thCtrlVlve
    Top Marks for Real Training Information
    Koop’s show is hands down the best out there in podcastland for real, technical trail running training and racing information. Koop is well researched, thorough, brings on the right guests, and always provides the “cliff notes” version for each given topic after the conversation comes back out of the weeds!
  • nikkiB PT
    Best resource for the latest knowledge
    This podcast is the best for breaking down current research and actual science not just opinions on the latest issues in sport and providing practical applications of how to use that information in training and decisions
  • reviewer572
    Love this podcast. It’s a great mix of topics. The information is well cited and the interviewees are always experts in their field.
  • An_Ultra_Runner_From_Texas
    The Definition Of An Ultra Runners Podcast
    Love All The Time Put Into This Podcast And Koop Really Breaks It Down And I’ve Gotten So Much Info And Tips To Apply While Running Ultras And The Guest Are Fantastic Keep Up The Amazing Work Jason See You On The Trails
  • hhhlehh
    Tons of genius in this podcast
    I love anything and everything running, and it’s even better when you have an incredible smart host who can interview well. I also love all things evidence based, and this podcast is full of the nitty gritty science without being pretentious and unapproachable.
  • WizJH1970
    Great Podcast - Thank you
    Just an awesome show to listen to for everything Ultra. Jason knows his stuff and makes the science of trail running applicable for real world results. The guests are great too. Keep up the great work.
  • runfilrun
    Koop Cast Review
    Advice and interviews from some of the top athletes, coaches and physiologists in the sport of Ultra Running. Educational, inspiring and entertaining!
  • Ter Har 1
    Koop is your “WHY” guy for all things Ultrarunning
    Jason Koop’s show covers a plethora of topics that every Ultrarunner wonders about at some point or another. If you’re a person that asks a lot of “why” questions & you love to learn about this sport, he’s your guy. 🙌🏻
  • Rrrichard259
    Unique and informative!
    So many ultrarunning podcasts exists, but this is the only one that actually teaches you via science. It’s a refreshing listen for all experience levels. Only occasional criticism is that I have to concentrate to understand some international guests, but I love that Koop brings in the best of the best around the world.
  • elparas15
    Jason Koop is everyone’s coach!
    I’ve really been enjoying the Koopcast! Jason does such a great job of interviewing really interesting athletes, coaches, and scientists in endurance sport. His episodes breaking down (sometimes) complicated research into digestible and actionable takeaways for the listeners is really fantastic.
  • smier1389
    Koop always makes you think with each guest and episode. He’s honest, direct, and refuses to pull punches. Many episodes have called into question the efficacy of training and recovery modalities I had long used and sworn by. Despite getting into the weeds on the science, which despite not having a scientific background am here for, the episodes always hold your attention and are great to pass the times on easy training runs.
  • HotPants (Grayce)
    I created an apple ID and downlaoded itunes just to leave thsi review
    I'm not anti-apple - simply avoided going through all these steps for many years as an Android and PC user. I went through all that work just to review this podcast. That's how much I love it. Jason Koop does an impeccable job of tackling great topics from a scientific point of view. He invites some great guests that you don't hear on other shows such as Dr. Stacy Sims and the dude behind Training Peaks. He's critical of fads without being critical of people. This is the best podcast to listen to if you want a better understanding of the why and how of ultra runinng. 10 out of 10. Would recommend.
  • Jackson91863
    Koop is no nonsense and full of information
    I’ve listened to most of the podcasts. Koop knows endurance performance and brings guests to fill in gaps and build out highly informative podcasts.
  • Gonzy84
    Great Running Podcast!
    Koop is very knowledgeable when it comes to running and has great conversations with all of his guests.
  • DanEffland
    Best Running Podcast. Period.
    I discovered this podcast after hearing Koop interviewed on another ultra podcast a few times and getting his book. It's incredible!! I got caught up binging the episodes over a few weeks while also reading his Ultra running training book, which is also dynamite. The podcast is an amazing mix of technical, nerdy conversations, practical tips, and a heartfelt concieountiousness that is all too rare during these polarized and right/wrong duality times. Keep up the awesome work, Koop!!
  • Whodeyphil
    Best Ultra Podcast
    I am an amateur aspiring ultra runner and have been devouring any and all ultra content. I found Koopcast recently and am working my way through listening to every episode. He provides all the information i have been seeking in a fun and approachable way. People charge a significant amount of money for what Koop provides here on a weekly basis. Loop coaches some of the best ultra athletes in the world and being a regular listener helps me feel like I’m part of his stable of athletes. Thanks Koop.
  • flatandfar
    Engaging, Actionable, and Fun
    The KoopCast is my favorite podcast in the endurance space. Jason’s vast experience, passion for coaching, and love for endurance activities jump right off of the mic. The guests are always engaging and his topics are both diverse and relevant. I can’t speak highly enough about the utility of this show. Jason gives actionable insight every episode that can directly be in incorporated into your training and racing regimen.
  • Chukulz
    Always Great Content!
    As an endurance coach on the triathlon side I really enjoy hearing Jason’s perspective on training and different modalities used over the course of his career as an ultra runner and coach. I love that he shares his methods and is an open book with his knowledge.
  • Mntn user
    The gold standard
    Jason sets the standard for other podcasts to try to match. His knowledge and experience as a coach and athlete in ultra/endurance athletics is excellent. Very entertaining to listen to and a wonderful variety of guests.
  • MFingUnicorn
    Thoroughly enjoyable and informative
    I cannot say enough good things about this podcast. It is definitely a favorite to listen to while I run. I’ve just recently gotten into ultra running and Jason and his guests are wealth of knowledge. Highly recommend for all athletes to listen to, not just runners.
  • Nsolana
    First time listener
    It was my first time listening to your podcast and I was pretty excited. Unfortunately, it’ll likely be my last. I could only listen to about 20 minutes of Abby Langar before I turned it off. She talked about how she gets all this hate mail from people and how terrible other people are yet she just sitting there criticizing and cursing up a storm. Although I do agree with some of her views, listening to her was like nails on a blackboard. I don’t usually care when people curse, but when it’s every sentence it really discredits her ideas and makes it difficult to take her seriously. I’ll just stick with your book and forget the podcast.
  • RunFastah
    Great podcast for athletes and coaches
    Awesome podcast Koop! Thanks! If you want data based research this podcast is for you!
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