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If you are a beginning Spanish student, you've come to the right place. In Speaking Spanish for Beginners, we teach you how to speak Spanish in a smooth and fun way. Our show is hosted by Spanish teachers from Latin America. Let's get started and speak Spanish!

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Recent Reviews
  • zebraspring
    Fantastic Teacher
    Is there a way the piano in the background could be turned off? It is hard to focus on the Spanish. It makes it difficult to concentrate.
  • Sex workers are people too
    The best!
    I love this podcast. You should do one on words at the bank.
  • MrTwinkles12
    Very good
    Very good for beginners to start learning. I suggest that you replay the episodes to drill it into your head.
  • Chelsotheboss
    Best Spanish lessons I have found!
    ¡Hola! Marco does an amazing job at teaching the very basics of language in a way that can be clearly understood! He truly teaches the core concepts of linguistics so you can learn quickly and build off of those essential conjugations and phrases! I took Spanish 1-4 in high school and I have had a few Spanish speaking friends and family members, so I have always been able to understand the language better than I can actually speak it! Marco has helped me remember and practice those essential core concepts so that I can respond and speak with other native Spanish speakers! If you are a beginner, intermediate, or almost fluent but not native speaking, this podcast is number one for learning, practicing, and honing your Spanish speaking skills! I have recently started pursuing a career in criminal psychology and I have realized how useful and IMPORTANT bi-lingual and multi-lingual skills are in the world. ¡ especialmente en américa! He also has these lessons on Spotify for free! Highly recommended! ¡Graciás, Marco!
  • Roses333777
    Great podcast
    I am using an app to learn Spanish but it lacks the ability to have me verbally practice. This podcast is perfect for allowing me to verbally practice. The presenter is awesome. His lessons are great. Thank you!!!
  • Kayce Morgan Taylor
    Great for workouts
    I am getting a lot out of this podcast. The narrator is easy to listen to and communicates well.
  • Reviews4U04
    Great Supplement to Learning
    I’ve been very pleased with this podcast so far. I appreciate that each episode focuses on a new topic and includes new vocab/verbs and a practice section at the end. I also find the explanations easy to understand. Thank you!
  • Andrea - Entrepreneur
    Clear Concise and Easy to Learn
    If you are looking to learn Spanish or in my case relearn Spanish at the beginner level this podcast does the job. Each lesson covers new vocabulary, verbs and short phrases. I’m a fan. Thank you!
  • Pablo es El Jefe
    Marco Is a Great Host
    There are endless options for learning a language now, and trying, then using more than one of them is useful. That said, I consider Marco’s enjoyable banter a cornerstone of my efforts. Thanks, Marco!
  • src2243
    Very very beginner - I am enjoying it!
    Never took a day of Spanish in my life but have always lived in TX. Now, in my 30s, I am attempting to learn Espanol and have incorporated this podcast into my self taught curriculum. I like how enthusiastic and fun Marco is, and how he talks about what is the conventional way of saying things. Looking forward to continuing by Spanish journey with him.
  • bloodywarrior123
    So useful!!!
    I have been wanting to learn to speak Spanish forever, my dad has always told me how useful it is since it is the second most widely spoken languages in the United States. I was never motivated to learn though, and I didn’t want to ask my dad for lessons. This is perfect! I get free lessons and Marco explains everything perfectly. I already knew a little bit from what I’ve picked up over the years but even the first episode taught me things I didn’t know! I would definitely recommend this podcast to anyone reading. Thank you so much for teaching us, and thank you for being so considerate!!
  • nyflva
    Very useful. Practical. Friendly host.
  • Edenbarak
    Host is from Chile!
    I love this podcast. The host is from Chile which is great for those learning south and Central American Spanish like me!
  • On a mission for Africa
    Great Show
    I attacking Spanish 101 this semester, and this show is very practical, helps with pronunciation and more. Thank you
  • hjfjdjjxidjnsns
    Great podcast
    Love this podcast. I feel so excited as I learn more each show
  • Seahawks1973
    J was
    I was gonna with Them
  • Szoni13
    Learning A Lot!
    I am not a beginner but just needed something to listen to in Spanish that I would easily understand (training my ear). I am very surprised and pleased to be learning new things at this beginner level! Marco, you are a very good teacher and I hope to hear many more podcasts from you! Thank you for the work you do! I look forward to checking out your YouTube channel as well.
  • Skylar2121
    What I like:
    Gets to the point, no two hour introduction, and the speaker actually speaks Spanish and not English 90 percent of the time.
  • less_than_1_star
    Well made. Energetic. Easy to listen to. Not too long or too short. Great progressions. Can you please, please spend less time with intros and advertising the private side of your business? Thank you!
  • SuznHope
    Just what I was looking for
    I’m excited to find something to help me learn and practice my Spanish. I like the pace of the lessons, it doesn’t go too fast.
  • gbijphv
    Excellent Spanish learning tool!
    Great podcast! I love Marco’s Latin ELE podcast as well, and this is a nice addition to his podcast series for beginners! I thought I would know many greetings in Spanish by now but I still learn something from this level! I like the fact that he takes his time to repeat words for the listener to speak back. Great lesson as always. Marco is the best!
  • kiy1980
    As a Cuban African American I was never taught Spanish nor understood so this is by far the easiest podcast as I keep listening to it
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