American Glutton


Actor Ethan Suplee was an aspiring plus size model long before it became trendy and now sets out to examine our current obesity crisis. On American Glutton, he’ll talk to everyone from experts to the average Joe, exploring all the diets he has been on over the last two decades, taking us on his journey from obese to svelte and back again, examining what worked and what made him gain everything back plus 50 pounds. Sharing his ever-lasting search for the next quick fix, we’ll delve into the joys of suffering, relativism, dogged determination, and the proper way to braise a pork belly.

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  • Bear Kek
    Start of a good thing.
    Ethan seems like a guy you could sit and talk to for hours. So down to earth. I can’t wait for more of this podcast.
  • DwilAU
    Great show!
    You are such an inspiration to a big guy like me trying to get into shape. Your show is very informative and I hope I can one day see the progress you have made.
  • Lyric2283
    Loving it.
    I’ve recently loss 50lbs. And and wanting to build muscle etc. being a fan of Ethan’s since Mallrats, I was interested to listen to his journey. All the pieces fell together, he interviews Dr. Will Cole which I’m a fan of, and his show is short, sweet, and straight to the point. Give it a listen, because it’s impactful, and inspiring.
  • Isaac Bones Jones
    Life change
    Hey Ethan luv the podcast, listening motivates me to keep my weight loss journey going. When you talk about ur past it relates so much to my past as well. I was always the big kid and always had a complicated relationship with food and over eating. My sophomore year of high school I had a traumatic knee injury during one of my football game. I played football all my life ever since I could hold a ball, it was a huge part of my life. My football life ended that day, the doctor said my knee would always be highly injury prone and it wouldn’t properly heal unless I had surgery. I chose not to have surgery and tried to rehab it and come back stronger. It didn’t happen I re-injured it multiple times after that. When i knew I would never be able to play again I fell into a deep depression, I was in a dark place. Football was my first love and I lost it. Shortly after I started gaining immense amounts of weight I gained 200 pounds form the start of my junior year to the end of my senior year. I over ate and ate to cure my pain, I ate when I was bored even when I was full. Back In October on my 19th birthday I weighed my self and the scale didn’t work it kept saying error I changed the batteries and still error popped up. I googled why and it said that it could be cause it can’t read my weight because I’m above the max weight, which was 460 lbs. That day I cried my self to sleep, I felt lonely and disgusted with myself. 2 weeks after that i started my weight loss journey I have lost 40 pounds in about two months. I feel amazing, this last month has been hard but ur podcast has helped me keep going strong. Cause ik it’s possible for my to change my cause of you. Thank Ethan and keep up the amazing work ik u are changing and guiding many lives with ur advice.
  • ddyoung126
    We love Ethan as an actor, but even more in this down to earth, informative and motivational podcast.
  • teeter1122
    Listen. Learn. Enjoy. Good talks coming from Ethan.
  • Guidokiller
    In spite of being famous, i think Ethan seems very down to earth. I can’t wait to hear more very excited. I’m not a pod cast or reading kinda guy really and I think it’s great so far!!
  • Luke DePron
    Awesome podcast, and worth the listen!~
    Love the podcast so far. Ethans honest and open discussion with his journey is very refreshing. Inspiring to say the least and definately worth the listen. Luke DePron
  • Jeraldo51
    As someone who struggled with weight their whole life so many conversation points strike the deepest nerve with me. I made the decision myself to lose 100+ pounds. To those who have or will make the lifestyle change give this a listen!
  • Dudeman44859
    Honest and real talk for people who struggle with eating
    I look forward to new episodes of this podcast every week. It is like a therapy session that further steels my resolve to improve my health and further heal my relationship with food. Ethan has seen it all, done it all in regards to being obese and having an unhealthy relationship with food. His knowledge, energy, and (most importantly) honesty on the subject of eating and obesity is invigorating. If you’ve struggled with your relationship with food and your weight, then this is very much worth a listen!
  • iambenlyons
    Inspiring stuff!
    Ethan rocks and this pod is awesome. Can’t wait for more...
  • FonzHom
    Excellent stuff
    Really down to earth and tells it like it is. I feel like, other than Ethan being an actor, we have very similar stories and experiences. I look forward to every Wednesday now thanks to this podcast!
  • TxPunisher94
    Tells the truth!
    As someone who has lost and gained weight and back to starting to lose again this was an amazing kick starter! Some of the things he has been through I struggle with myself. I also love how no one diet or exercise is pushed because everyone is different and I love that! Keep them coming!
  • V_eye_C
    Love it.
    So relatable and a huge dose of real non bull. Cant wait for more episodes
  • Kitch5oh
    Great so far! I want more than once a week and more about what worked for him.
  • ChrisRufino
    Love it
    The Shane Show brought me, keep it up!!!!
  • cfelix271
    Refreshing perspective on weight loss
    As someone who has lost and gained a bunch of weight in the past like yourself it’s really refreshing hearing someone talk about fitness and weight loss that isn’t some shredded-since-day-one “exercise guru” and has had a similar experience to myself/ those struggling to lose weight. The podcast is still new, but really looking forward to hearing what’s to come!
  • gg167539
    I love the journey breakdown
    Always been a fan of your work I truly enjoy your podcast and your transformation amazing 😊
  • Katiesssssssss
    What a guy!
    Great podcast! Amazing insight into the struggles and real life choices we can all make. Ethan is someone to definitely look up to and I thank him for being a part of my childhood and now returning to be a part of my inspiration to make a change for myself in adulthood. Thank you for being you.
  • Babaganoish
    Encouraging me on the same journey I want my Six pack also!
  • John Eck
    Bold, Honest, Revealing and Refreshing.
    In his debut podcast, Ethan recounts his trials, failures, good and bad times in his past and presents it in such an open and honest way, that you can’t do anything but smile and say to yourself, “ Hey, that’s ME!” Or, “Ya, I can relate to that”. Ethan bears his life for anyone to see and even invites others to join him in the information process of finding out what works and what doesn’t, as he seeks his 6 pack. Uh hem, the sculptured abdomen, silly, NOT Beer. My hat is off to Ethan, Good Job on the podcast and keep fighting !!
  • cynosure113
    Great Info
    Just really enjoyed listening to this podcast. Having seen many movies and now seeing Ethan make such a transformation is awesome. But I also like how food is discussed in terms of what it means.
  • BodyBuilder Ken
    GREAT Podcast!
    Ethan Suplee has gone from being a very successful actor to being one of the most important voices on health and fitness. He talks from a real world place and his voice is what we need in 2020. Well done, entertaining and motivating
  • bthomasltd
    Bravo but tone down the 4 letter words
    Coming from a health & fitness profession and education, i like how this is a nice “real life” sharing of experience and success. The same type of information could be expressed with other words that aren’t swearing and being even more credibility. Great work nonetheless.
  • BMBARR1974
    Love the Podcast. I hope you keep doing it. Great, inspirational story.
  • zakkattack77
    Such an inspiration
    I have grown up with all of his films and shows love Ethan ! I’m so happy he has this podcast and is in such great shape keep up the hard work bro !!!
  • P>J>W
    Ethan is my 2020 roll model for getting myself back in shape. Thank you for sharing your journey
  • Wheelbo
    Thank you!
    Very much looking forward to learning from you. I struggle with the same issue and need to make the changes you have made.
  • DZF Carter
    Ethan Stakino
    I’ve been a fan of Ethan since the 90s when I first saw him as Frankie Stakino. I’ve followed his career and his ups and downs with weight. So happy to see him on a positive path. As a big dude 6’2 pushing 3 bills it’s nice to hear this dude’s real talk. -Daniel Javier Fitts
  • Ouch ouch ur on my hip
    I have never listen to a podcast before and this hooked me in. Huge fan of your career and seeing the changes you have done is amazing. I myself am a large man and I’m currently trying to take control of my diet and weight. I want to live a long happy life and be there for all my kids when my wife and I decide to have them. Seeing your story has given me added motivation to take control of my life. Thank you for sharing your story and look forward to future episodes!!!
  • wash dsgn
    I love your project and can’t wait to hear more of your stories.
  • Andrew Jimenez 85
    Very intrigued, can’t wait for more…
    Loved Remember the Titans, and am amazed at your transformation. Can’t wait for more episodes…
  • Roxyraeshields
    Good Stuff
    Found this podcast by accident. I’m really glad I did. It’s great and so honest. Can’t wait for more episodes.
  • bigmike0369
    Thanks for being real
    My brother recommended I give American Glutton a listen. As someone who has tried everything and has struggled to lose weight, I appreciate the realness and authenticity of this podcast. Thank you.
  • ReclabGiarc
    As real as it gets
    Excellent pod cast, Ethan is articulate and entertaining as he speaks about his journey. Ethan goes over a lot of topics that I needed to hear, you may need to as well, great guests so far too.
  • TonyBuz
    I can’t get enough of your show. I have listened to each podcast twice already. Can’t wait for more !
  • Bigsethy
    Ethan Has always been one of my favorite actors and I’ve followed his journey my entire life! So excited to listen to this podcast and learn more!
  • Patty-rick123
    Loved every minute
    Great insight, great communication. Definitely would recommend.
  • Eric in Iowa
    Love it!
    Love it! Thanks for being an encouragement! Nice to see someone without opinions just honestly share and show it’s possible! Less language would be nice so I don’t get in trouble at work... lol. Keep going!
  • CortneyGray
    Shares the struggle
    Dude speaks the truth! Great podcast for people who have dealt with the same! Thanks man!
  • monique4229
    Relatable, inspiring! I enjoyed this and look forward to more content!
  • Ariel from Naples
    Thank you TMZ
    I never heard of you before but I'm glad I get to listen and follow you for the rest of my life
  • TX DUDE 78
    Great first show...been a fan since boy meet world and remember the Titans
    Ethan, in your podcast shows, will you be going more into your regimen? Specifically what your exercise routine started with and what you’re doing now? Also specifics of your diet...? These are things I’d like to hear’re motivating me to get with it and make health a priority. Great first podcast!
  • metdiva
    Thank you
    I enjoy the fact that you are speaking so candidly about your life struggles. We all have them and aren’t comfortable speaking our own truths. I do hope at some point you will speak of skin and how you have handled that or how you are handling that. Thank you for being you!!
  • Ssloan60
    A brag filled waste of time
    I enjoy talk of health and fitness.this comes across as a vanity project with talk of all the folks the host beats up and his muscle mass,get lost
  • PersonalDynamicsLLC
    Stay the Course!
    Stay the Course, has brought me here. Looking forward to listening to the podcast..
  • Deuydali
    Thank you!
    Thank you Ethan these podcasts are inspiring! I know there’s only 2 so far but keep them coming. I’m back in the bike because of this.
  • BurnNotice22
    Blown Away
    I totally relate to the up and down struggles with weight issues! I’m coming up on my 41st birthday I’m 4 years sober and turned to food as an outlet. Listening to your journey is very inspiring and has given me inspiration to create a new journey in life on health and fitness!! Please keep it coming thank you again Ethan!
  • reggiblue
    “Chicks,” really?
    You are a grown. adult. male. I wanted to like this cast, but the fact that you refer to women as “chicks” within the first 5 minutes makes you seem more like the teenager from your films than the strong male in this picture — bummer.
  • pganyc
    Props to you for sharing!
    Very nice beginning and love the trueness. I am looking forward to hear more about your journeys as well as others while I carve out mine. I also appreciate the balance brought with Paige. Rock!
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