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The Official Source of Rom-Coms. Meet Cutes are original romantic comedies told in 15 minutes. www.meetcute.comHere you’ll discover all of our 6-part series – the perfect pick-me-ups – with new episodes for free, twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays. Subscribers get early access to binge the latest series in full when it launches, our Meet Cute Singles feed, and after 3 months, each series will also be featured in its own feed, for subscribers only.

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  • Camilla_Gorrila
    so i luv the podcast but they talk about... yeah. idk if imma keep listening if they keep talking about it. but i still over all like the podcast so idk wut to think about this podcast
  • Kendall Moncrief
    I am 11 and I love this! It’s amazing!! Obviously I skipped the sexiled episode, but it’s awesome!
  • jmickchick
    Love the concept
    Generally pretty good. Obviously not gonna win a Pulitzer for writing but entertaining enough. The reason for 4 stars and not 5 is the WOKE characters. Give me a break it’s so annoying. The Lonely Wife is the worst. Let the news pods handle the politics, please.
  • Mikeymike48677
    I heard this advertised on a show I enjoy so even though it sounded odd I gave it a shot. It’s ridiculously bad. Silly story. No humor. Bad acting. Weirdly attempting to be woke in spots it doesn’t fit. Big swing and a miss.
  • Lacyloo1
    Loved this podcast. Short nugget for listening and full of family drama and fun. Well written and enjoyed the acting.
  • legendaryhitchhiker
    So good!
  • Rodude57
    Meet Cute!
    This is such a fun and amazing Rom Com Podcast!! Love the story telling and original rom com content on my drive to work :)
  • greeking outer
    Girly girl 🌼🪷🌼🪷🌼🪷🌼🌼🌼🌓🌕👁👁🍱👁🍱😰🍱😿🫂🍱🙏🌔🍛🪐😃👁😃😆🙏🤞
    Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  • fox fox!🦊🦊🦊🦊
    🦊🆒🤩💖cool Good!
    I can’t Put it to in to writing But I just like this!🦊💖🤩🌠🌃🍧
  • Gibbergoooo
    So fun!
    Love how quick of a listen these are—so fun, cute, and funny! Meet cute is doing rom-coms the right way!
  • Madddddiiieee Kiefer
    Without fail, a great great listen! These rom-coms are funny, entertaining, and so easy to listen to!
  • MyCaTpEaChEs🐈
    excuse me… ???
    overall nice podcast. although, i wouldn’t quite give it a five star. the description down below says that it’s clean, but I’ve heard at least three curse words in all from Zoom Zoom and in Mall Brats. plus, they make you pay a minimum price on subscription, but that is in my opinion very unnecessary. I’m giving it four stars because it has a very nice concept to it, and the sound effects have definitely improved over the years. i Never thought I would be a romcom person, yet here I am today, listening to this. -Em:)
  • Desman Keller
    I like these stories
    Never thought I was much of a romcom person, but I love these bite sized stories
  • heypeachy
    So cute and different
    I don’t typically listen to podcasts because my attention span is too short, but these are short, sweet, and captivating!
  • Geckobro
    I never even got this 😂
    I never even got this subscription I just want to gave this a bad review because it makes you pay. 😂
  • seaswimming
    Don’t waste your time on this
    Honestly just embarrassingly bad. Terrible acting with even worse writing. Sound engineering is also poor. Don’t subscribe, it’s a waste of your time and money.
  • veganhappyhawk
    It’s ok
    I really like these, but so many subscriptions and I can hardly listen to episodes. The voice acting is a little off too. But if you are ok with paying for subscriptions and into cheesy and cute romcoms, you would totally like this.
  • tiannag813
    Sorry I just couldn’t even get through the first episode. I like cheesy stuff but the voice acting was not good and it just seemed silly to me I couldn’t get with it. Definitely not worth paying for in MY opinion. Idk.
  • Olivia Libenson
    Never seen it can you tell me about it????????
  • girl tubbo
    I want to love this but I can’t even listen to it I have to buy it maybe if I did not have to buy it my review would be higher
  • Gunz101
    Love this!
    My friend recommended this podcast to me due to my love of Rom-Coms and wow! I love these short and sweet episodes so much— 15 minutes is the perfect amount of time for me to catch up during my busy day.
  • JDG7814
    Top notch content
    Really fun, easy listening. The short segments are the perfect length for listening to while running errands or commuting. Keep it up Meet Cute!
  • player 5435789
    Super Smooth Listening
    Enjoyed the cadence and content. Super easy listening and always fun on the Rom Com side. Loved the listen.
  • sMcCord90
    The BEST!
    I love listening to Meet Cute on my commute!
  • jcjopod
    Great show!
    Love this so much! Highly recommend.
  • DaveN84##
    Great show
    Really enjoyed it. Thank you!
  • SapphireSusie
    SO cute!
    Heard about it from a friend. Perfectly timed for a short walk around the block to get in a quick story. LOVE meet cute!
  • cwax1990
    Makes me smile
    Nice, quick rom-coms for the commute
  • PS - Nickname taken
    When you need a break
    …from work, stress, or even as a palate cleanser from too many hour-long interview podcasts. This one is always the perfect midday pick-me-up, but I won’t judge others for listening at other times of the day ;)
  • vitaly 123456789
    Awesome podcast!!!
    Love listening to it!!
  • ThreeHippos
    Best podcast ever!
    Meet Cute is the best! I love the new, fresh content. Can’t wait for more!!!
  • coolcatmarin
    5 stars
  • Sharran.deora
    These stories are so captivating
    Impressive quality and so many to choose from! Can spend hours on this
  • humar9
    What a spectacular podcast. 5/5! Must listen💯
  • les1418
    So cute and the perfect length
    The cutest and most original stories that are always the perfect length for walking my dog! I love that there’s always new stories and I always look forward to a new episode!
  • krm4627727
    Love this podcast so much! I listen to the stories on the way to work!!
  • JohnWatson_
    The best! Always entertaining and great to listen to.
  • azap1717
    Pure happiness
    So cute and original! Really can’t help but smile when listening to every episode!
  • Average-Job
    love it!!
    great podcast 💕💕💕
  • al_hennessy1
    Little bit of happiness
    Meet cute featured heavily in my top podcasts listened to in the past year, it’s a little bit of happiness that always brings a smile to my face. The shorter format makes it perfect for my train commute or lunch break 😊😊
  • Englishwoooooooooo
    Wonderful content! Always looking forward to the next one :)
  • No Expiration
    Meet Cute
    It’s awesome
  • angyb424
    Love Meet Cute!
    Such a great series! Every story makes me day!
  • luciferlemon!
    I loveeee all of these stories. So fun light and such a quick, easy listen! Love it for commutes/waiting for friends/killing time. Always puts a smile on my face
  • daddyneedsadrink
    Love this show. Amazing!
    This show always makes me feel good with the greatest stories. I love the characters and stories and how it makes me feel. I love love. And I love meet cute!
  • sbs711
    Love Meet Cute!
    Always makes me smile! It helps that they’re short episodes - can listen to a full romcom whenever!
  • Crystal904
    Such cute stories! I listen as I get ready for bed 💕
  • G3BSSC
    Repeating older episodes
    I love your podcasts and always look forward to a new one. So I am always so disappointed when I start to listen to what you have labeled as a new one with a different title (even with a new higher episode #) to be a repeat of an older episode. Please label your repeats as such so we loyal listeners don’t think we are getting a brand new one. Other podcasts do it with a simple “re-release” or “encore” in the title.
  • Mr. Tibbles
    Like the positivity. Stories are pretty bland though. But that’s not surprising. Venture capital content creation might not be the most creative or compelling
  • TheresaJoyVDD
    Rom Com Charm
    These are cute, fun stories to warm up your heart. I listen to them on the car or when taking a break from work. Please keep them coming. They are refreshing to the ear.
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