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  • n/aricho
    Best Latin Duo !!!!! 💯💯💯🫶
    I love you guys ! Y’all make Mondays feel like Fri-yaaaysssss ! Keep up the great work ! & I’ve got my Salud ! & I’m addicted.!!!🙂‍↔️ Much love from Houston ! -Maggie 🫶
  • Priscilla8806
    Moms episode
    Just listened to the mom’s episode (I know I’m late) it’s definitely my favorite epoisode, I laughed, I cried 🥹 so sweet to hear you both with your moms.
  • Alc138
    Best podcast!
    Btw, Sebas is right! We prefer a nice back than a six pack! I met my man on tinder and 8 years later we still joke around that I swiped right because he had a nice back picture 😂😂
  • Florrrr🌸
    #1 Podcast!!!
    Y'all are fire!!! Even though the new episode comes out on Mondays I like to listen to y’all on Wednesdays. Son mi mid-week dose of Dopamine, I work 3 12’s(sometimes more)Mon.-Wed. so Wednesdays which is my Friday at work I start my day con La Plática. Y'all get me hyped and it helps get me through the day. Gracias!
  • A.Wendo.Silva
    These Fools
    Today’s episode had me tearing up. As Latinos we often don’t reach for the stars but when we do the possibilities are endless! Viva la Raza!
  • Liz A🌸
    #1 podcast 🌎
    I love the podcast, I listen to it on my way home from work relaxes me and takes away the stress and thinking about work. It gives good advices & they are funny.
    Love your show!!!
    I love toning in to the show every week make my day 100 better. With my anxiety and depression your guys show make me smile laugh even when I’m upset so make me have joy.. and I wanna thank you guys for sharing your light with everyone but thank you for sharing I will keep listening to you guys are so funny!
  • Karleexoxoxo
    Favorite Poddy Woddy !
    Helps me get through my mondays at work. love you guys ❤️
  • mulanka2
    Love these boys!
    I listen religiously! Great job guys!
  • MarieGee9
    #1 Latino Podcast in the World -Google & me
    Love this poddy woddy. I look forward to a new pod every week mah boii!
  • Juliaaldaba_
    Working mom, who’s always on a podcast hunt to help me get thru cleaning or cooking or even at work while writing up paper work. When I found La Platica I found what I needed! Sebas and Josh never fail at putting a smile on my face. Love that I can relate to many things and just makes it seem like we’re having a platica, even if I’m not physically involved I feel involved. Much Love for La Platica 💕💕
  • swiggie5
    Convos go no where…sometimes
    I enjoyed some episodes and others seem pointless and very cringe.
  • Brer87
    Best podcast in 🌎
    I don’t know how I’m so late to the Platica but its okay I’ve been listening to all the episodes in my car, working any moment available to listen I’m listening! Best podcast in the world! I said it mah boii 😂🤣
  • Bibigodinez
    Love this podcast
    Coming from a person who doesn’t like listening to podcast. I am hooked. 🫶🏻
  • Daisylee97
    #1 Podcast in the world MAH BAHH ! ❤️‍🔥
    Love this podcast, I watch on YouTube but I started listening in my car on my way to work too! Josh, I used to watch you on cholo adventures! 😂 good times ! Lol
  • frankiejesss
  • sjayydela
    Best Latino Podcast!
    I look forward to the new episodes each week! It’s all love! Please do a live episode I would love to go! Also, love seeing latino men having real conversations and at times vulnerability.. both of your vibes are good! 🤩🤩
  • ToriDavila
    The best Latino podcast
    In the world. I said it . ✨🤍🙌
  • DulceCarameloLuna
    The best laugh ever!!!
    I started to listen and the more I did the more I love it, love their uniqueness and how real they are. I can relate to them and it just a fun podcast to listen to anywhere !!
  • Marstheplanet24
    THE #1 Latino Podcast in el mundo
    Super great duo! Always make me laugh and give me new perspectives on topics I never thought of. Always excited when a new episode airs!!
  • Angie_551
    Such an amazing podcast. Love the energy and vibe in each episode. Sebas and Josh energy are so great. Love watching each episode. I usually watch on YouTube but i had to come give a little review!
  • zbchhdjf
    Mondays are always fun now!
    These two are hilarious together. Every freaking week these two crack me up. But I also love the deep and serious moments they have from time to time. Perspective of a man is a topic they need to make more episodes of 😊
  • FitnessHeadInThePhoenixArea
    #1 Latino Podcast Ever
    I love Josh and sebas they are to funny especially when they talk about the guy stuff and how you keep yourself clean
  • Sujey v
    # 1 Latino Pod Cast!!!!
    Im always laughing in tears listening to Josh and Sebas. Love the chemistry between these two.
  • cxm24
    #1 podcast
    You guys are literally the #1 podcast! I love listening to all the chats, there’s just something that lures me in! The vibes are immaculate mahhhhboiiiiii!!!! Keep it up guys!!
  • MHernandez16
    I love you guys!
    I love hearing and seeing your podcasts every week! I love your honesty, your humbleness, the funny times but most of all how much you guys do this so effortlessly. I will always be a fan mahboiiii
  • dirtodra
    I loved La Platica, but you guys started forcing too much on people having and wanting to have kids. It’s okay to not want kids.
  • JanzuZuza
    In every single one of the La Platica episodes you can count on Sebas making you bust out laughing. I absolutely look forward to Mondays for the new poddy! #MondaysDontSuck
  • sam i am or is
    Don't even search no more
    The most entertaining plebes you'll come across on podcasts.
  • Elizaz303
    Best Latino Poadcast
    I love you guys you turn my day into a good day with your hilariousness!
  • Yadiii03
    Best Podcast Ever
    Sebas & Josh’s chemistry is unmatched. I love their podcast so much and they’re hilarious! Literally the best #1 Latino podcast in the world …. I said it!! 🫶🏼
  • anali2136
    The best duo!
    I recently discovered la platica and this is my first review ever on a podcast. First off Sebas is so so authentic and genuine!!! I can honestly feel he is appreciative of his followers and how far he’s come in. And Josh this tall, vascular lol on a serious note Josh is so funny, caring, hardworking, I absolutely love how he talks about taking care of his mom and his energy is on another lever lol… you guys chemistry is bomb! I’ve been going thru a rough couple of weeks health wise recently… and I turn on la platica and it makes me forget my troubles at least for that moment I’m submerged in the podcast that I forgot everything. I just want to thank you for helping me and I look forward to every Monday! Please don’t think you are not making a difference in at least one persons life… because you have in mine. Muchas muchas gracias!!! Los quiero mucho!
  • Deeeznats
    Mah boa
    Brown Bag/Others feeling salty they aren’t the number 1 Latino podcast in the world(I didn’t say it). Thanks for making my week start off on the right track with the great content 💎
  • rrockyrrox
    Underrated Josh!!!
    I love Josh’s energy, he is so humble. The podcast is so funny. Seba’s is cool, he can bring it down a notch on his boasting. We love you still though. Keep up with the vibe!
  • Adorestephh
    This show always has me laughing, I am so productive at home in the hour or so of the podcast. From a stay at home mom with a year old I literally look forward to this every Monday. I wish they multiple uploads a week, my house would be spotless 😂
  • johanavanessa
    Number one Latino podcast in the world!! Seriously it makes Monday’s bearable for me. Keep it up and keep it coming!!! Excited for what’s to come 🤩
  • kayla_ashley
    I love your podcast so much, the way you guys are so real is the best. You genuinely make me laugh and that doesn’t happen often! Also, please don’t miss a Monday, it wouldn’t be the same without Josh 🤣 love you both! ❤️
  • Newmom90
    Number one Latino podcast in the world
    You guys have made Monday’s my favorite days!! You guys had me cracking up with pero anoche!! Thanks for making me laugh!!
  • BestPoddyEverrr
    Absolutely in love with this podcast!! I love the energy you both have 🥰 have me laughing while driving alone like a weird person lol 😆 just wish they were uploaded right at 7am or before 🥹 I leave to work at 7am and honestly as I leave that’s the first thing I check if it’s uploaded and unfortunately never is so have to wait until my way home so I listen to an old one lol still love it !!! Best podcast In the world, I said it MaiBoy!! ❤️
  • Ashleysvas
    Mahhh Boiiiisss
    #1 Latino podcast in the world!!! I said that 🥲
  • Rose gold.
    Best Latino podcast in the world.
    These two have me nonstop laughing. Always looking forward to Monday. #Mondaysdontsuck #MahBoiii
  • Musicmeric9416
    Highly recommend!
    I am obsessed with this podcast. Sebas and Josh give such a neutral and wise male perspective. I always recommend this podcast to my friends. I personally love when they read their followers questions and give great feedback. One of the very few male dominated podcasts that isn’t offensive to anyone. Very inclusive and love that they’re both Latino! Representation matters and they’re killing it👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
  • Gainesville Tx 940
    Please read me lol
    I seriously look forward to hearing you guys I listen while I’m at work! Shout out from Gainesville Tx super small town Much love from ya girl Erika
  • Jax San
    Best Poddy
    Have never been hooked to a podcast until Sebas and Josh came along ☺️☺️
  • DezzzzyD
    Name a better duo
    There isn’t a better duo than Sebastian & Josh!! La Platica was great, but it just got better.
  • 11052020 KHG
    Another Great Episode
    Love this duo. Another episode where Josh Leyva doesn’t die
  • coadpe
    I love him!😍🥰 Y’all know who I’m talking about!!! 🌈👬🏻
  • belsabooooo
    Funny without trying to be funny easy to listen too and love supporting the Latino community ❤️
  • AbbyCruz98
    Best Latino Podcast En Los Angeles
    Listening to this specific podcast makes driving through the 405 less miserable. Love the Latino energy! Keep up the good work, looking forward to every Monday.
  • amazing 🥳
    Love this podcast
    Literally drove back to my hometown with some of these podcasts & felt like I was talking to a friend on the phone. Love you guys! Please post more 🤍🫶
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