The Pyllars Podcast with Dylan Bowman

Running #6

Professional ultrarunner, Dylan Bowman, brings conversations with a wide-ranging cohort of guests, covering ultrarunning, sports, business, and the outdoor industry.

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Recent Reviews
  • marisa181818
    The best!
    My favorite! I’ve listened to every single one of the Pyllars podcast’s and always leave feeling inspired and excited for the current and future state of ultrarunning! Thanks, Dylan, for bringing fantastic content and interviews.
  • Cool cashews
    My Favorite Podcast
    I look forward to every episode! SO many talented people and Dylan is a fantastic interviewer. Highly recommend.
  • Mike Van Antwerp
    People are real and open- such great insight into the minds and lives of some great athletes. Really enjoy listening!
  • CristinaP12
    The best running podcast out there!
    Dylan is amazing and a great podcast host and interviewer! This is the best trail running!
  • Rob Nadeau
    GOAT Ultra running pod
    Thanks Pyllars for all that you do. Excellent podcast with great weekly guests and fun and exciting content. Hope to see you in this space for the long haul. I look forward to listening every week.
  • moose 7374
    Great pod
    The best guests from the ultrarunning world! Love this show!
  • Katie Asmuth
    HUGE FAN!!!
    Thank you for filling a much needed void into the sport!
  • ocbrady80
    Best Ultra Podcast
    I am a newer ultra runner and am trying to get fully into the sport and the Pyllars podcast has been so helpful. I have gained more love and knowledge of the sport, and have also picked up some nice training tips. Thank you Dylan!
  • r2oak
    Solid coverage, interviews and general content
    I’m new to this pod but Dylan does a great job in getting great interviews and breaking down ultra races, training, experiences, etc. insightful. The utmb breakdown is top notch. Keep up the good work and thank you!
  • Josh Shelton
    Best out there
    I’m a regular listener of several running-focused podcasts. By far, Dylan’s is my favorite. Production value, quality of conversation and information, and Dylan’s hosting talents are the best out there.
  • Cvos0904
    Brought me to tears
    Your interview with Sally McRae was incredible. The conversation with her mother hit me so hard- thank you both for sharing your stories !!!
  • Etopia999
    Pyllars is so good
    Dylan is so positive and has the chops to be interviewing all these interesting people. Love what he is doing for the sport. So lucky to have him still crushing ultra running and giving back to the sport.
  • Heebnern
    Great guests and fun conversation
    Almost caught up on all the episodes! Dylan does such a good job keeping the conversations with his guests interesting and fun to listen to. Love hearing stories from recent achievements with words of wisdom. Keep up the great work!
  • Ryan Quintana
    Straight up solid training content
    Lately I’ve been leaning more into podcasts to accompany me on my long training runs. I want solid content that will allow my mind to soar. I want inspiration to help speed up my legs and grow my desire to succeed. As a middle of the pack runner that looks for great voices in the sport and great stories to gravitate to - Pyllars is the all encompassing jam. Dylan is relatable and a solid torch bearer for a sport and community that means so much to me. Must listen content.
  • Alex Simes
    Must-listen for trail/ultra enthusiasts
    I’ve been into trail running for a few years but never really followed the sport beyond my immediate friend group. Dylan’s interviews make me feel like I know the athletes competing at the top level as well as knowing more about what goes on behind the scenes in this sport. I love the balance between interviewing runners, entrepreneurs, race directors, and people connected to the sport in other ways. Dylan’s passion for the community shines through.
  • TrailKrug
    Amazing Podcast
    The only podcast that I listen to start to finish. Motivational and great insight into the trail running culture and community! Great work DBo!
  • Myarunning
    Excellent podcast
    Wonderful variety of people interviewed. Dylan is a great interviewer and a sincere person. Especially loved the show with Irunfar.
  • Justine in DC
    Your new favorite ultrarunning podcast
    Unquestionably some of the best content out there. Dylan is a superlative host and his enthusiasm for the sport is both genuine and infectious. Worth your time.
  • C Severson
    Engaging interviews!
    Great show, Dylan.
  • al ertaud
    Hands Down the Best Podcast in Ultrarunning!
    Long time participant and fan of the sport, and DBo takes the cake as the most thoughtful, interesting, compassionate, and STOKED podcaster in the scene! I love the openness he brings to the interviews, and you can tell the guests appreciate it too. The HR 100 recap where his bro interviews him is beautiful, and so many others provide amazing life lessons—much like running an actual ultra provides to the runner. So much good stuff in this podcast and cannot recommend highly enough.
  • gusgibbs
    If you’re seeking insightful conversation, this is the listen for you.
    Every time I listen to an episode of this podcast, I feel better for it. I’m sure you will too.
  • DevinTMurphy
    My new trail running hype man
    I’ve followed Dylan since I began running in 2015. While I followed him, I didn’t “know” him the way I do since I began listening to this podcast. I faced a couple years off due to life situations, depression and lack of motivation but never took my eyes away from the trail and ultra world. I was lucky enough to begin working from home which opened up about 3 hours of me-time during the week. I gave running a whirl again, was reminded of how it made me feel and my experiences getting loved on at ultras I’d shuffled through. I love ultrarunners. I’ve loved almost every ultra podcast I’ve listened to, and I’ve heard them all. What Dylan brings to the table is that bridge between trail running and the examined life. The stats and details are celebrated but the core of what Dylan goes for with his guests is the whole person in a curious, loving and accepting way. This is where I connect and absorb crucial mental and almost spiritual intel. It warms my heart, helps me smile and offers a wealth of perspective. Well worth listening and keeping up with.
  • Bella7645
    Optimistic, inspiring and Honest
    Dylan is a true champion of excellence and community in sport
  • Cheryl G. Alabama
    Hardrock Podcast and Pyllars
    What an awesome podcast about the Hardrock 100, USA’s fastest and all around great informative podcast. I wait for these for my long run days and the time flys by! How awesome to hear from this humble epic ultra runner and what he is doing for the sport. My favorite and go-to podcast!
  • SquillyTheKid
    Love it when Dylan has cyclists on. His excitement about the sport as a fan makes it fun to listen to the cyclist interviews. Keep the bike people coming!
  • AlisoninLA
    So so Good
    Dylan B.’s genuine enthusiasm and love for the sport are palpable… I love the way he loves it! His authenticity, knowledge, and willingness to meet his guests where they are makes him one of the very best. This sport is lucky to have him. ❤️
  • DC in TX
    Valuable Use of Time
    As DB says, time is a finite resource. I think the inside stories and tidbits of wisdom and experience shared here are valuable, hence a good use of time. Keep up the great work to provide solid content to help us find our best selves by listening to stories of others who have had interesting and insightful experiences.
  • uponward
    Always Good Food for Thought
    Appreciate the diversity of guests, topics, formats, and insightful commentary on not only the ultra/trail/running worlds, but applicable life lessons & experiences too…keep it coming Dbo!
  • Miklaroo
    Pyllars podcast w/ Dylan Bowman
    I’m a former Ironman athlete that’s now dabbling in Ultra running and Dylan’s podcast represents what drew me to the sport. He is an amazing ambassador for Ultrarunning with a personality that fosters acceptance and perpetual stoke. To date I’ve enjoyed every episode I’ve listened but the Timothy Olson one was epic. Legends interviewing legends is hard to beat, and rare in any sport. Keep up the excellent efforts D:Bo !!
  • TalkinTang
    Love it
    Love Dylan's interview style and guests!
  • Ava Urquidez
    It is organized and free flowing at the same time!! The passion in this podcast is very loveable!
  • #teamploeckelman
    Great podcast!
    Great guests and awesome insight from Dylan and the guests.
  • Ilredus
    New episodes are the best part of the week!
    Solid gold
  • Dan of MA
    Fantastic Podcast
    Just started listening today and I’ve already listened to 3 episodes. As a longtime runner who is intrigued by the ultra world this is a great resource and addition to other running podcasts. The ultra world isn’t always easy to learn about so I really enjoy this and plan to keep listening
  • mdub79
    So great!
    I’ve enjoyed all of the several episodes I have listened to thus far! Dylan is enthusiastic to speak with his guests and has done a great job revealing their stories to the rest of us. I’m glad I began listening and will continue to do so! Highly recommended!
  • MCS17171717
    Great podcast, very inspiring
    Thanks for the great content
  • urbanwife
    Knowledgeable and curious
    Having been an avid fan of ultra running for years now, I have always lamented not having a good resource for following the sport. Ever since Dylan launched his podcast, I have truly enjoyed his deep, insightful and easy flowing style of interviewing guests. He doesn’t just focus on the runners and what they’re doing, but also the whole package within our sport. From nutritionists to physical therapists to yogis, Dylan does a fantastic job of covering our sport while also keeping it entertaining. Well done, thank you!!
  • Mike Murawski
    Fantastic podcast!!
    Just a great podcast all around for anyone interested in trail running & ultrarunning. I’ve been catching up on old episodes recently, and just enjoy all the guests & stories. Highly recommend!
  • Bulldoglegs
    Ultra training for your brain
    Hands-down my favorite podcast. There’s so many great pieces of wisdom in each episode. Many episodes being worth a second listen. Deserves six stars.
  • BlakeHarvard
    Perfect Balance
    Dylan does a great job of asking wonderful questions. Also, he somehow seamlessly both sounds like an expert of the ultra world while also just enjoying being a fan of these athletes and their pursuits. Great content. Love the podcast.
  • PDX Bill
    Keeping the Ultra Stoke High
    Dylan gets the guests the keep us Ultra nerds stoked for future racing and training and the depth of the guests provide interesting insights and moments for self reflection that are great for long runs. Kudos Dylan and keep up the great work.
  • gatorlicious28
    Get to Listenin’!
    Pyllars is a stellar podcast. Amazing stories not constrained to just endurance athletes, starting with episode 1: “Mastering Your Craft with Carlton McCoy.” Regardless if you’re an endurance athlete in the PNW or not, this podcast is full of interesting topics, high energy people & of course you’ll get plenty of relevant commentary on trail running culture!
  • ian lllllllll
    Must listen!!!
    There are a lot of podcasts right now in the ultra scene and this one stands out. Dylan not only captures the spirit of ultra running in the present, but he has a great vision for the future of the sport. He is ahead of his time and is one of the pioneers launching this sport to the next level. I listen to every podcast religiously! Go D Bo!
  • maymaymorrison
    Listen. It’ll make you feel good.
    Dylan seems so wise and so kind. I have never run beyond 26.2, but am fascinated by the philosophy of this podcast and of many of the guests therein. I look forward to all the ultra world will Have to share once the world resumes spinning.😉❤️
  • brownmochi
    This podcast rocks!
    Great guests, awesome host and some really great conversations. Dylan’s newest news + commentary episodes are a great way to stay up to date with what’s going on in the sport too! 10/10, would recommend to a friend!
  • JBaumgarte
    I love this podcast
    I’m a Portland boy and I was super psyched that Dylan moved to town. His podcast is great and I really enjoy his interview style and perspective on all things running and life. The Joe Grant interview was awesome and very motivating!!!
  • jadetabony
    Such a gem of a podcast
    I was initially hooked on this podcast because Dylan is such a good interviewer and his guests are so inspiring, but the AMA episode took it to a whole other level for me. Dylan is such a wealth of knowledge and has such a unique perspective on trail running and pushing yourself to be a better person that only comes from experience and some serious self reflection. Huge fan!
  • Sammy Bhouse
    Prep work
    So grateful for an interviewer who prepares legitimate questions before an interview. It also helps that he's an elite runner so he comes up with questions about the sport and doesn’t side track too far.
  • Nicky Numberz
    Top notch
    Mind blowing on absolutely every level
  • Maximum Beer Runner
    Great content
    Guests are great, but room for improvement with the host who is too vanilla and doesn’t challenge anything..seriously anything.goes with the flow beta like. Voice is hard for me to listen to too.
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