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We are the Löw Tide Böyz (Chipper and Chris), a Swimrun team based in Northern California and we're on a mission to help grow the sport of Swimrun in the United States while striving to make it as accessible, inclusive, and diverse as possible. On our podcast we share our love for the new-ish sport of Swimrun and interview race directors, athletes, and other cool people in the space all the while chronicling our own training and racing adventures and having as much fun as possible in the process.

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  • Kevbo_04
    Love this podcast
    Just about very episode is a great listen. I love that it’s a good balance between stories, helpful/insightful content about training and gear, and jokes and good times. Chipper and Chris do a great job on this.
  • Phutbal Phan
    Great pod for all those who love to swim/run
    Great hosts, guests, and insight on all things swimrun!
  • AHalvorsen
    THE source for Swimrun
    Thank you for the constant inspiration! We couldn’t do what we do without your stories, wisdom, advice, connections!
  • cvd3045
    A wealth of entertaining SwimRun content
    Their enthusiasm is infectious! I’m a newbie to the sport but this podcast has provided plenty of information and inspiration for future SwimRun adventures 👍
  • BTS SwimRun
    Wish I could give more than 5 stars
    If you are even mildly interested in SwimRun, are just coming across this weird word for the first time, or want high quality interviews with endurance sports experts and scientists, this is the podcast for you! Chipper and Chris, along with all the wonderful guests they host, are extremely knowledgeable, engaging, and by the end of an episode or two you’ll be looking for flights to your first SwimRun. Can’t recommend this podcast enough to triathletes wanting something new, trail runners or swimmers looking for their next challenge, or someone looking to find motivation to start exercising!
  • PB & Bananas
    Everything Swimrun
    Want to get addicted to swimrun before even trying it out? This is the podcast for you. It fueled my interest in the sport, gave me the info to help convince someone to join me, and provided all the details to get started. The community Chipper and Chris have created is fun, supportive, and full of extremely talented athletes. Have a listen, but be warned, you’ll get hooked!
  • Skavy-0
    Show Finally Made Podcasts Make Sense to me!
    I’ve been a swimmer/water polo player my whole life. Been doing the Tri life for a decade and just discovered SwimRun. Looked up swim run online, found the Boyz and have been listening ever since. So much information, knowledge, humor, and humility. Just a great listen. Friends have tried to get me to listen to pods for years and I didn’t get it. I do now! Wait for it every week. Keep it up boyz. Friend and I are doing our first on Mackinac Island this weekend! Swim > Run
  • lowtideboyz groupie
    So helpful for us first timers!
    I love listening to you both! I’ve learned so much in the past four months as I prepared for my first SwimRun on Mackinac Island. I’m a solo racer and had a coach to develop training plans but pretty much got all my race gear and strategy info from listening to your podcasts. My race on Mackinac was epic and I’m hooked. Thank you for all you do for the sport. I hope to see you on a course one of these days.
  • nopaypal balance
    This podcast was extremely helpful as I prepared for a recent swim run. You can tell the hosts love swim run and live talking about it. There is no better resource for novices and pros. Keep up the good work.
  • narcolepticsith
    A good resource for all skill levels
    Whether you’ve never heard of SwimRun, you’re about to participate in your first race, or you’re an experienced athlete - this podcast is a wealth of information. Fun hosts, great topics, and there’s always something new to learn! A great resource for the SwimRun community. Jump in!
  • Will Ra
    Phenomenal podcast
    Love what they bring to the table. Being new to swim run this has been such a good resource. Keep up the good work!
  • Chitterybug#1
    Best podcast EVER!
    Week after week I'm entertained and inspired! This sport is awesome, and the Low Tide Boyz podcasts really bring it to life.
  • Tad Derrick
    What a great resource
    Found this after hearing about swimrun but not knowing much about it. After a few episodes I have gained a lot more understanding of the sport and am hyped to give it a try
  • omfgeverynameistaken!
    More, please
    I love that they have content for everyone....wether you’re a regular on the podium or a newbie who just recently heard of the sport. They share their experience and the experiences of others in a fresh fun way. They don’t take themselves too seriously and love talking all things swimrun with others, and sharing laughs along the way.
  • The awesome approves
    Great podcast
    New into swim run, this podcast is very informative about this emerging sport. The hosts are humorous and very upbeat
  • Mel Jen
    These guys seem really sincere and cool. The perspective on SwimRun being about being in nature and having a great time is so cool. If you like SwimRun or think you might, you will love this podcast.
  • NOJ Buffalo, NY
    Swim Run at its best!
    I can listen to the Low Tide Boyz Pod casts over and over. The Low Tide Boyz’s are like having a big brother to help you along! Keep on running and swimming and running and swimming!
  • Hayatz
    Want to try Swim Run thanks to the Low Tide Boyz Podcast
    I hate swimming but after listening to the Low Tide Boyz, I’m at least interested in doing a Swim Run. The information is educational yet with a hilarious twist to it all.
  • Christine167
    Much needed during this time!
    If you need a good laugh, some fitness inspiration or insight on the sport Swim Run during this quarantine give Low Tide Boyz a listen! Very relatable, entertaining and informative!!
  • Stirling (Run For Tacos)
    Pure Joy
    I literally had to dust off my Apple Music account, recreate my password (because I forgot it), just to write this because the podcast is that good. This podcast is a pure testament of joy. It's a celebration and sharing of something exciting and supportive. My friend and I just discovered SwimRun and are training for our first one and this was the perfect way to be inroduced to it. It's incredibly relatable and approachable. Every episode comprehensively lays out a different element and it's a cool journey to learn alongside the hosts, Chris and Chipper. Learning something new can be intimidating, but this podcast allays that and celebrates the adventure, the challenges, and the community that this new-ish sport brings and the discoveries ahead.
  • knsfbay
    Fun, informative, for everyone!
    Really fun listening to these friends and dads explore the works of Swimrun. Even as a casual fan of the sport, I find the interviews and discussions fun, inclusive of all levels of fitness, and full of information for all types of athletes. Keep it up!
  • Aryn M
    Info on this podcast is GOLD
    What impresses me the most about this podcast is that every episode is comprehensive on the featured topic. Whether you are new to the sport or have done a handful of races, the information on the podcast is helpful. The topics discussed are also timely. I was nervous about my first official Otillo race in Catalina and felt much better having an “audio” preview of the course when the podcast featured an experienced team that had done the course. Also, having met them in person at Catalina, Chris and Chipper are just fun guys who represent what the sport is all about.
  • tnosek
    Great show
    These guy are great podcasters! Stumbled upon them serendipitously. Been burned out from the narcissistic smelling your own fart culture of triathlon, and also tired of the BS bike cost and logistics with the sport of triathlon. For those curious and wondering what the new hype of swim run is check these guys out. Very knowledgeable, and entertaining. Looking forward to the next episode!
  • boilerjerz
    Yeah (Pull) Buoy!!!!
    Do you love trail running? Do love swimming? Do you love shenanigans? If you are a SwimRun enthusiast or just learning about the sport and answered yes to these questions then this is podcast is a must. If you answered no, well... then I don’t know what to tell you. If you love discussing art+crafts aka SwimRun pull buoy assembly or measuring swim paddles in reference to plate settings don’t miss an episode and subscribe now!
  • Ballerinakris
    Gold medal
    Five stars isn’t enough for this podcast. It is absolute gold. They are the prefect length and provide laughs and great information. Anyone interested in swimrun needs to give them a listen! Also follow them on social media for tons of tips and laughs. I look forward to more episodes!
  • metal tornado
    Great place to start
    Very interested in SwimRun and found there is not much out there to school a new athlete to the sport. I came across these guys and have found it excellent. Listen to their podcasts on long runs and have learned a lot and really enjoyed it. Look forward to future shows and hearing about their race in Otillo Catalina coming up soon. My first race will be the IGNITE race in Maryland in May.
  • SunnySanDiego_DS
    Great Podcast
    Thanks for all the SwimRun gear info. Great to hear how this all works from experienced SwimRunners. Thank you
  • SannyMic
    Hopping on the train
    Thanks for all the good info. Super helpful. Makes taking the leap to a new arena seem less daunting. Keep it coming!
  • Crohdster628
    Learning a lot
    Thanks for the great content about a growing sport. I’m learning a lot! Love the memes on Instagram, too.
  • Bean Bag Boyz
    Such an easy listen. Funny guys who have knowledge of the growing sport of swim/run but are also relatable because they are “normal” guys like everyone else. Definitely worth a listen and subscribe
  • ttavernas
    The best swimrun podcast!
    I’ve been interested in swimrun and this podcast is a great resource for all things swimrun. The interviews have been great so far!
  • BP Coaching
    Growing sport deserves this
    Swim caps off to these boys to bringing their passion from swim run into a podcast to get the message out there and educate athletes of this great and exciting sport called Swim Run.
  • Mikey Olz
    Great for the sport!
    Chris and Chipper are the best, and their fun outlook on training and racing in SwimRun is just what we need! Its a wonderful and very athletic sport that will only continue to grow.
  • Steamski
    You guys are doing what?!
    Where?! Swimming the Catalina Island Coast and running up and over the island sounds absolutely incredible. Can’t wait to hear all about the journey! Putting it on my calendar for next year n thinking about who to bribe into a swimrun relationship. Hehe
  • MaineAle
    Great podcast about the emerging sport of SwimRun
    If you are thinking of trying out the relatively new sport of SwimRun you will learn a lot listening to Chris
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