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The "Shawn Ryan Show" is hosted by Shawn Ryan, former U.S. Navy SEAL, CIA Contractor, and Founder of Vigilance Elite. We tell REAL stories about REAL people from all walks of life. We discuss the ups and downs, wins and losses, successes and struggles, the good and bad in a respectful but candid way with our guest. We're better than entertainment, we're the REAL thing. Please enjoy the show.

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  • dwallguy
    Huge fan!
    Just started listening a month ago episode #1 an working my way up and I truly am amazed, humbled and so grateful for every story thank you so much!
  • Raider Greek
    Great podcast
    Shawn is a great listener & mixes up the guest with different topics.
  • raymason822
    Excellent Podcast
    The stories on this podcast are facilitating. Thank you for bringing them to us!!!
  • charlie098765443
    Shawn Ryan Show changed my life
    Hey Shawn and family, This production is amazing. Thanks for producing this outstanding show, it has motivated me to be a stronger, calmer, more empathetic man in my family, workplace, and community. I’ve listened to almost every episode and seriously look forward to the new ones every week. I think I’ve witnessed Shawn develop over time as well! And I feel he and his guests speak for many Americans, men and women! With out grievances and our hopes. Congratulations on your baptism Shawn, we are all brothers in faith! God bless you all, and God bless America.
  • Rjw50312
    One the best military podcasts
    I listen to this podcast everyday while at work and when doing projects at home. The content is very thought provoking and keeps me listening for more. I watch Shawn Ryan clips on YouTube as well. Thanks for the learning and entertainment experience and keep it up.
  • Footloose285119
    Awesome show.
  • Avid_Listener12
    Compelling and Thought Provoking
    Excellent content from an A-List line up of amazing Warriors, innovators, and genuinely good humans. Keep up the great work. The time spent preparing to deliver a meaningful interview does not go unnoticed. God bless you and keep doing more than your fair share!
  • daddywaggers
    Great show
    You put out consistently great content! Keep up the good work.
  • Jjolly1213
    Greatest podcast
    This show needs to be broadcasted on every major network. I love that the guest and Shawn tell real life problems and crisis. I have found myself listening to this podcast every free second I have. Keep up the great work Shawn and his team. Keep shining the light on how we as Americans need to change for the better.
  • Kevin_1980
    Edit: Good podcast to Great podcast
    I enjoy the military stories and oddly enough his monotone voice isn’t irritating I’ve been listening since the beginning and I cannot give Shawn enough credit and praise for learning, getting better as an interviewer and bringing out fantastic guests for us normies to listen to.
  • Don Simon
    You Won’t Need to listen to Anything Else!
    I found this podcast through reels on instagram, and I have not listened to anything else since! The guest are so interesting and I like there is not a great deal of foul language. I going to listen to them all!
  • BowtieBatch07
    Open your mind to a different perspective
    I love that many of his guest offer unique insights and different perspectives that only my imagination hoped were real as a kid. I don’t know how much credence to lend all of them but as Shawn often says, they are “very interesting”. I love that Shawn is so open an personal with his experiences which gives the show relatability. I recommend for all adult listeners. I HIGHLY recommend for any one vaguely interested in the military experience. I EXTREMELY recommend to that weird uncle of yours who talks about secret government agencies, things unknown, not being a “sheeple”, and already had a stock pile of M95 mask but refused to use them because this was all just made up to get everyone in line.
  • Moose6543226
    Love this podcast
    Shawn has the best laugh in podcasting 😂😂
  • Saltwater Rooster
    Good stuff
    I’m fairly selective if I listen to podcasts and even so with SRS but the format is nice (not just “war” stories but overcoming adversity, which I believe is what we all like hearing). I will say that I would like to hear Shawn’s story in the same format he runs his show, maybe interviewed by his wife to add more perspective.
  • Tracker YAT YAS
    The absolute truth!
    Funny (out right hilarious at times), deep, sad, infuriating, powerful but most importantly HONEST! Honestly, I believe every vet needs to listen, learn that a lot of the things we thought were “normal or that’s just the way we are” is not and that it’s okay to open up. Then again here I am pot calling the kettle black, I seriously struggle to open up, but I’m definitely feeling more open to opening up. Thank you Shawn! Semper Fi
  • ListenerGuy12345
    Excellent content, excellent production!
    Always learn something with The Shawn Ryan Show. Thank you!
  • out of line
    Always makes me think outside the box
    General Spalding is another incredible conversation. Check his content out on every platform you capture current events on!
  • 876 5309
    The best!!!
    The podcast out there!!
  • MickeyChwazik
    Hey I love the show. So many fascinating stories and just incredible guests. I know I’ve grown as a person in some way because of what you guys have managed to create and share. Amazing, and yeah like I said, I love it. I would like an episode about Shawn though. Not sure how that would work but I’d love to hear more about that particular life story for sure. Unless I missed that one? Just a thought! Thanks!
  • Bigtimber7474
    The SRS podcast is simply the best.
    The Shawn Ryan show is truly the best out there. I really enjoy the long show format, especially with the amazing guests you have on your show . I listen to a lot of other podcasts each week but none grab my interest as much as this one. You have definitely found your calling Shawn as an interviewer. It gives me hope that maybe I’ll find my second calling when I retire from forest service here in a year or two. I’m glad that there are great patriots like yourself out there allowing people to tell their stories and yours as well. Keep up the good work and God bless!!!
  • haixke
  • MRBEAN!!!1133
    Top show in the world rn. Real
  • Billybadass185745
    PLEASE , please have DJ back on the show. The way he talks and tells the stories are amazing and I’m on edge the entire episode. Please get him back on ASAP!!
  • The maeness
    Awesome interviews
    Shawn is a great interviewer. He asks great questions and is good at getting the guest to open up and expand their views and story in a deep way. One of the best long form podcasts I listen to hands down. Great job Shawn and thank you for the hard work.
  • SeñorTacoz
    Thank you for your service
    Great pod. Awesome long format. Always good to hear people’s back story.
  • Soozieq10020
    Mr. Ballen
    I can’t remember laughing so hard. And I really got a sense of who he is as a person. Terrific podcast Sean.
    Awesome content thank you. I listen to your interviews almost daily. They have changed the way I think, They have changed my lifestyle and has absolutely made me realize how lucky I am to have people like you and your guests protecting our country. Thank you!
  • bigbdz
    Awesome pod cast
    Amazing, insightful and some unbelievable eye opening content. Thank you keep up the awesome interviews.
  • Aaronjumps
    Helpful show
    Great show. Hearing other war vets discuss their troubles has been very helpful with my own.
  • Steve Neumann
    Show is one of a kind!
    From epic fire fights to mental health, this show has it all. I've found a lot of these episodes relatable and the ones that aren't, are very interesting. Shawn is a great interviewer!
  • PTMak
    About time
    I was wondering when Mr. Ballen would be on this podcast. i’m surprised it didn’t happen a lot earlier. I was not disappointed at all, and this was a great episode.
  • t8438813
    Very entertaining
    The SRS is a very informative and interesting podcast. I love what Shawn is doing and listen to every episode.
  • Jeffrey Frank Peacock
    Helping soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines
    A true and positive gem. The transition was hard after getting injured in theater 13 years ago. I had lost my identity and was broken, physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally. Hearing these stories helps. A city on a hill can not be hidden. Jeff Peacock
  • JWick23
    Greatest podcast currently running
    This is my favorite and probably the greatest podcast currently available. Great guests. Interesting topics. Shawn is becoming a fantastic interviewer. Not that he wasn’t good to begin with but he has definitely improved over the life of the show. It gets better and better as time goes on. I was totally against watching the Kris Beck episode and I finally gave it a chance and it turned out to be one of my favorite interviews. Changed my point of view on certain things that I had very strong beliefs about. Give it a chance if u haven’t already. I would be shocked if u can’t find anything that makes u think, educates u and possibly changes your mind on your stance on certain topics. Thank u Shawn. Keep it going and I will continue to listen, support and spread the word about the show.
  • Top40hater
    Deep interviews
  • Ninsurance Ninja
    Shawn Ryan Show - by far the best out there
    I cannot thank you enough for starting your podcast. I love how you interview, the quality of the people you bring on. The information, call to actions, things to research are the best. Real life stuff you can use. Opening my eyes and the many I share with. Thank you!
  • 5JimE
    The one and only
    This is the first podcast I’ve ever listened to and I became hooked instantly. It’s also the only one I listen to because I can’t walk away. Shawn has extremely interesting guests and allows them to open up and show the world their highest highs and lowest lows. He is the epitome of an interviewer who lets them speak and be heard. My only complaint is that my attention gets drawn in so deep that I stop what I’m doing to listen and find myself staring at my phone! This show is so great that I felt the need to write a review, the first time I’ve ever reviewed anything. You need to start listening if you haven’t already
  • jaybazzle
    great podcast!
    Shawn is one of the best interviewers I’ve listened to. Alaways great guests that get to tell their story.
  • Inconel threads
    Best Podcast
    Experience is King. Watching and listening to very experienced people discuss their work , is engaging and enjoyable. Keep up the good work!
  • lanegh
    The best
    Love this channel and the remarkable people that share there stories on here. Always amazing premium content.
  • cdg0206
    A must listen/watch!
    Amazing show!! I watch it on YouTube and listen to the podcast. Guests are always interesting and cover a broad spectrum of topics. Shawn is one of the best interviewers.
  • TwoPonds
    Just started following show
    So far so good, I’ve enjoyed listening on long drives
  • Burkeman54
    Hooked to the show.
    Wow!!!! Shawn Thank You!!! I started with Michael Yon then Shawn Web to Sara Adams…my 4th show was Billy Carson. My mind is blown and I am Hooked!!! I am going to make it simple. I am going to 2019 and starting with the first show. Thank You! Thank You! GOD Bless you man! Tony Burke North Dakota
  • fredericallen
    Best Podcast Around
    Great blend of covering historic, current and emerging events from a rare point of view due to the guests that are interviewed. In addition, also allowing guests to share their stories in a way that preserves and honors their lives and experiences.
  • shellscastle
    Best interviews with the most gracious host
    The Shawn Ryan show is more than a podcast. It is a window to the world of reality. Shawn asks important questions and then lets his guests tell their stories. I appreciate the scope of guests. This show and the interviews are already legendary. Highly recommend!!
  • Hunter Cruz
    I want to thank you Shawn and every guest for the stories you share. This podcast has changed my life. Not only in the aspect of getting to see people’s mentality but also getting me closer to god. And sharing the struggles of other and that I am not alone. This podcast is amazing. Thank you Shawn.
  • DMDragos
    Great content!
  • Jean678
    Best show!
    Best podcast I listen to regularly. Found out about it last year, now I’ve started from episode #1. Great Job!!
  • TylenB1
    5 star podcast
    Awesome podcast 👌
  • Jbro0011
    A Podcast Game Changer
    This Pod is done in a way that is so refreshing. SR is an exceptional interviewer with some of the most interesting guests and topics. If you’re looking for a new Pod…look no further
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