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The "Shawn Ryan Show" is hosted by Shawn Ryan, former U.S. Navy SEAL, CIA Contractor, and Founder of Vigilance Elite. We tell REAL stories about REAL people from all walks of life. We discuss the ups and downs, wins and losses, successes and struggles, the good and bad in a respectful but candid way with our guest. We're better than entertainment, we're the REAL thing. Please enjoy the show.

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  • XHimpx
    Truly Excellent
    A most excellent podcast. Host has an excellent calm style. He lets the guest tell their story & keeps them on track. Can’t take Annie Jacobson seriously after reading “Area 51.”
  • Giovanni Anjilow
    Thank you
    The truth , everything about the show & Guests is Excellent
  • mbiscr23
    Thank you
    Shawn is doing incredible work through his podcast. His pursuit of the truth, exposing the truth and encouraging his listeners to do the same is a breath of fresh air in age when we are repeatedly lied to by so many people, organizations, social media, governments, etc. Keep up the good work, Shawn! You have my full support!
  • Tcounty
    Can’t wait for the next episode
    This is hands down the best and gritty podcast today. If you want to know what’s really going on, start listening to this show. Some are long but it’s worth every second.
  • optimus5280
    Absolutely eye opening
    I cannot get enough of this show. An excellent source of inspiration and information.
  • MoMetal in SC
    One Word
    I don’t know why Sean keeps telling us to write “one word” as our review, but I finally followed his instructions. I’ve listened to every episode, and the guests have been both VERY encouraging/inspiring and VERY humbling all at the same time. The courage that it takes for his guests to share the most intimate of personal details is almost overwhelming. At times, I have found myself shedding my own tears as I listen to the reality of the struggles they have faced (and continue to face). I was a USMC Infantry Officer from 2002-2008. Unfortunately, I didn’t know the difference between officer and enlisted until I hit the fleet and it was too late for me to rewind that decision. I think the most interesting takeaway for me, as I reflect back on my time in service, has been the overall lack of preparation for our deployments and a clear mission once we were in country. I feel like I just spent most of the time I was in Eastern Afghanistan (leading up to and encompassing the first Afghan Presidential elections in 2004) driving around (in thin-skinned vehicles) hoping we don’t get blown up. Maybe my circumstances were unique, but I never had one true “work up” (think preparation for our overseas mission) that consisted of three or four weeks of training at best (for any of my four deployments). I sure wish that I’d had even 1/3 of the preparation time that our spec ops community is afforded. Though, I’m grateful that folks in that community have the opportunity they are afforded in preparation for the mission that they are about to undertake. They must have a much higher level of precision and a much lower margin of error given the nature of their missions. Big thanks to the SRS for having the courage/humility to bring these stories/this information to anyone willing to listen! Semper Fi, Rad M.
  • Johannes ATL
    The best!
    Absolutely the best podcast available! Get ready to, laugh, cry, get angry, motivated, think, believe, question, and every other emotion you can think of. Shawn was born to do these interviews and he listens. Too many other shows want to expound their their knowledge of the world and Shawn simply says “teach me what I don’t know or understand”. He never “one ups a guest”. He surely has crazy stories from his career but he puts them away…and Shawn, we as listeners, want to hear them one day when you are ready and can share them. Love you brother. Keep up the awesome podcast and keep revealing the truth!
  • USMC JTF129
    Outstanding information and stories
    Great interview technique and skills. Definitely see a lot of hours of hard work and probably laying in bed trying to sleep but mind working to make the show better. Glad you committed your life to Christ and it is obvious you are working just as hard to bring others to Christ. Keep up the good work brother and don’t underestimate the fruits of your labor.
  • Will Lyda
    Being Ex military I’ve always managed to hold my fillings in, Don graves broke me down and made me feel that being a patriot is still a wonderful thing.. I’ve never laughed, I wanted to cry, and was wanting the episode to never end. The best 2 hours in my life not wasted .. awesome job.. can’t wait to listen to more
  • Jsgillaspy
    Honest and real. “And you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” John 8:32.
  • WadeU1967
    Superior podcast
    Mr. Ryan has a great style and asks the most poignant questions. I really enjoy the journey from early life to where the guest is at this point in time. Keep up the good work and thank you for bringing humanity to SOF and the toll the GWOT has taken on our brothers and sisters. God bless you.
  • Soda City Scott
    The Shawn Ryan Show is Awesome!
    I found this show from his episode from the John Deloney Show. Shawn is awesome and brings amazing content to the public space. I’ve learned an immense about our warriors and what they’ve gone through to serve our communities as well as current events. Thank you for what your show and guests share!
  • TNSeaBee
    Keep it up!
    Love the content and the diversity of topics! A great variety of topics to keep anyone’s attention! Keep it up! (I’m in Spring Hill….would love to see your studio)
  • CoolieCut
    Better than JRE!
    I watch Shawn every week and it’s so engaging and entertaining aside from the fact it’s informative about some of the biggest issues we’re facing currently. Couple that with his amazing personality and brilliant guests, this is a better podcast than JRE. Thanks Shawn lifelong listener here!
  • LilBoatttt
    Every American needs to listen to these podcasts
    Best podcast in game extremely timely for the day when live in
  • Tom Ace66
    Amazing stories with interesting people.
  • Dane Garner
    Awesome show
    New to podcasts and I’ve heard about yours from some friends of mine. Awesome show and nothing but respect for you and the folks you have on your show. Keep it up!
  • KEM1127
    Love this show!
    One of my favorite podcasts because every week there is another great guest
  • Lake Colton
    Love the show
  • John59ryder
    Great show
    Thank you for your service
  • umustbekrazy
    This guy is legit and the guest he has on are brilliant . I definitely recommend the Shawn Ryan show!
  • thisishowlibertydies
    Intel and war stories
    I love the eye-witness history that is divulged every episode. It paints a larger picture of the recent, unrecorded, history of our country
  • PTbone111
    Simply awesome
    I love the variety of guests and Shawn’s down-to-earth interview style. I always learn something and definitely come away knowing I did not waste my time.
  • out of line
    High in calories because it’s so tasty
    Parlatore is yet again, another incredible conversation with Shawn Ryan!!
  • Hydro1971
    Shawn Ryan Show
    Great host and guest. Love the detail and depth that the interviews go into. Keep them coming. Keep uncovering the truth and helping with mental illness. Thank you and welcome home!
  • the billi goat
    Great episode with Tyler
    I have to say , after listening to this episode I can see a lot of what Tyler was saying in myself. As a firefighter in North St.Louis County. I can see the parallels in the compartmentalization of emotions and memories. It’s also pretty common in our field for guys to have the same issues with personal worth and relationships. It’s nice to hear you guys talking about it and making it more acceptable to talk about. Thank you for what you do. Cheers.
  • StokeExtinguisher
    Shawn Ryan
    Best podcast. Great people.
  • Rleger2
    Well done
    Sean does a great job of extracting information from his guests through excellent questions and allowing his guests to answer, uninterrupted. You can tell he wants his show to be about his guests, instead of about him. I enjoy his interviews with his wife as well, they’re both great listeners. Keep on keeping on.
  • Lukebowe
    I’ve been listening to SRS since I listened to him destroy the liberal reporter in his studio, back when I was stationed at Fort Campbell, Shawn keep up the awesome work man. I make sure to watch EVERY SINGLE EPISODE on YouTube.
  • PatricksCustomPainting
    Shawn Ryan Show
    The Best Pod Cast around!
  • Ragel126
    The best!
    It’s simple, just listen to one podcast and you’ll agree.
  • Baphometpoop
    Eye opening.
  • kait9008
    The BEST Podcast Show
    I was just introduced to the SRS and I can’t stop listening/watching this show. My eyes have been opened to more and more topics, history, and current events that I have never heard of or known existed. Just impressed and I feel way more educated. You will not regret listening to any of these episodes on SRS. Excellent show!
  • SLAC34221
    Great interviews. The subject matter is about the person being interviewed, and Sean does a magnificent job of getting the person’s story out. My favorite interviews!
  • Ryans show
    Started listening a month ago, and it has become my go to podcast. Incredible work that is honest, interesting, captivating, and just all around good. Keep it up
  • Jwg8803
    Great show, amazing insights, cool stories, and influential. Regardless of opinion it’s refreshing to hear the stories of heroes ( military, civilian, or otherwise). Humanizes the realities of today in a way that tries to stay away from political preaching. If you have a son (who’s old enough) this show has real stories of standing up for others, your beliefs, and the best parts of American patriotism.
  • venalec
    Great !
    Knowledge is power ! Thank you for putting this out here so we can all learn and educate ourselves. These are some scary times we live in. I learn so much from just listening to your podcasts .
  • Corvette1977
    Great Podcast
    Seen him on social media thought I’d give him a try. I started at one and I’m on five great great podcast.. I need some gummy bears.
  • DGR8792
    Love the show
    The Tucker Carlson episode gave me some hope and joy. Thank you both
  • Vonkamrath666
    Incredibly Gripping
    Easily the best podcast out there. Shawn not only gets great guests, but asks all the right questions. Covering not only stories of war but the effects of life after and the support needed for these brave warfighters.
  • Sabot55
    As a former Army Captain, it’s hard for me to find an episode of his I don’t find exceptionally educational.
  • GW Wright
    Shawn has a special gift for narrating REAL LIFE in a world consumed with highlight reels. 🔥
  • marz.jim
    Best podcast!
    Keep up the great work!
  • Nickname3456782
    Awesome long form content with insightful guests
    SRS is very real and hard hitting and as a listener you feel they are trying to find answers to real problem. Book recommend for those new to faith or struggling with your mental approach: Unparalyzed - Katie Mathews
  • MVP-LeBron236
    Shawn ryan show
    Best podcast hands down, nothing else comes close. Highly recommend giving it a listen
  • Pmarine
    Best information
    Shawn brings in a variety of different types of people and all have a interesting story behind them, since I found out about this podcast I have been hooked , nonstop listening to it. Shawn keep doing great thing.
  • Ryan Layne
    Love it.
    This podcast seems to be one of few places telling the truth. Even though I’m not military I love the stories these guys have and how they overcome certain things. Thank you to all of you guys that have served and are serving currently.
  • Stand4Truth90
    Thank you Shawn
    I can count on one hand the number of reviews I’ve written. It’s something I just never take the time to do. However, if I find something exceptional, I make an exception. And this show is just that. Exceptional! Keep the episodes coming. Thank you SRS.
  • extremesgs
    Overall review plus Ep 120
    Long time listener… great topics, great format. Shawn does an amazing job guiding the guests through their stories… not easy to do, but he does it extremely well. Elpisode 120 was the “book I couldn’t put down”… wandered around the house doing stuff listening to it until it ended. Intense and well done. Thanks for the continued hard work.
  • Phil Hatfield
    Full of interesting People and Topics
    Very interesting episodes, a lot of them! A various selection of topics discussed in depth and Shawn is excellent at tapping the breaks to have the Guest brake down specific thoughts or details to help the listener fully understand what is being discussed. Thus is by far one of my favorite Podcast shows right up there with Rogan as far as the Guest / Interviewer dynamic and important topics discussed, in my opinion, Shawn is actually getting in deeper on topics that many American citizens need to know about to understand the lies and manipulation that is going on. They count on people to be passive and not notice what they are doing that will undoubtedly have effects on the future generations if they aren’t exposed to the masses and taken seriously!
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