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Your poetry ritual: An immersive reading of a single poem, guided by Pádraig Ó Tuama. Unhurried, contemplative and energizing. New episodes on Monday and Friday, about 15 minutes each. Two seasons per year, with occasional special offerings. Anchor your life with poetry.

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  • Muller mountain poet
    Favorite poetry podcast
    This podcast is a treasure! I love that Padraig reads the poem at both the start and finish, and his insights into the poem are always very thoughtful, respectful of the poet, and fresh. As a poet myself, this podcast helps keeps me connected to a wide body of poets. I’m very grateful for it!
  • heatherec0503
    Powerful, beautiful
    I listen to an episode every night as I settle into bed for sleep. This podcast and its host are a gift.
  • brbudner
    i am so grateful for the chance to slow down, hear a poem read but padraig and absorb is beautiful, rich analysis.
  • Allie 🐊
    The podcast i
    I recently stumbled upon this podcast based on what I frequently listen to on the app. What a gift! The featured poems are beautiful, and the analysis is spot on, with room for multiple interpretations. Each episode is just long enough to take deep dive into something meaningful. Listening for 15 minutes helps me pause and reset regardless of how my day is going. I am adding this to my daily listening practice.
  • Sstills
    True Joy
    This podcast I find myself going back to time and time again. Not only does is introduce poets but Padraig’s perspective and commentary will have you nodding your head, “yes!” Most of the time while listening, I am smiling. Other times, I shed some tears in witnessing the human truths of the poet or Padraig’s words. 💗
  • KJSum
    Deeply touching and so relevant to our times
    This podcast is thought-provoking, brilliant and so relevant to our times. I’m often brought to tears by its beauty.
  • DocKoko
    Soothing and thought provoking
    I often listen to this while driving to my clinical veterinary job. There are a million to-do thoughts competing for brain bandwidth. The introduction narration review & re-narration soothe my soul and bring me into the present presence. Thanks so much for this gem, this bright spot.
  • SRS PAS Music
    I’ve never experienced poetry in such depth.
    So many layers of meaning in each reading.
  • D C Sims
    A Pearl
    Just a perfect Pearl.
  • trekofftrail
    This podcast is my peace
    Thank you for sharing these beautiful, searing, insightful poems, and for expanding on the precious words in equally beautiful and revealing language. I find it all magical…and healing.
  • phamsuz
    I listen to these when I walk in the forest
    I am grateful for padraig’s voice in the world. I appreciate how he unpacks each poem and the background of the poet. Thank you so much, you have helped me to appreciate poetry again.
  • Crowbar Man
    Brilliant but not for me
    I don’t care for the religious and other recurring themes of discussion. Otherwise Pádraig is a brilliant host. His passion for poetry is evident. Unlike many poetry podcasts where the host reads a completely abstract poem and we’re left to ooh and ahh like “The Emperor’s New Clothes”, I like how Pádraig analyses the poem and discusses what he reads into the nuances.
  • vmspain
    Sadness, cold and warmth
    Padraig’s comments before reading Danez Smith poem about being in a place of relentless sun and the comfort of returning to Irish weather- reminded me of the 8 months I spent in the American Southwest. The desert was a revalation- the place I learned even the smallest stone was sacred but I’d come from New England and when I returned to Maine it was the wettest summer on record and I drank in every drop and felt reborn in the mists.
  • Christina Thee
    Brilliant and beautiful
    This podcast nourishes in all sorts of ways. What a pleasure to hear the careful unfolding of these poems by Pádraig Ó Tuama. A balm in a loud world.
  • caitlinisgroovy
    So soothing and comforting
    I could listen to these forever
  • 123456789100000000000001
    Enjoyed it so much.
  • judie saunders law
    Coconut oil
    The commentary on the poem coconut oil was brilliant. With you words an entire group of people felt heard and seen. Thank you for share this important Poem. Thank you
  • Gagariffec
    Opens the vast world of poets
    The introduction of so many varied poets is only bested by Padraig O’Tuama who delivers these words in a way that makes each poem better than the last. Padraig’s observations of the poetry further unlocks meanings on the outside as well as the inside. Take a minute and listen. You could be drawn into a worthwhile experience. At only 15 minutes, it’s a small time investment for the exceptional reward.
  • pleasedon'tfeedthestatues
    Poetry Unbound
    Delicious, immortal, right as rain.
  • lettuceeatwell
    Wonderful program!
    I listen to this brilliant show every night with my daughter. I’m looking forward to the next season!
  • 77times
    soul food
    Thanks for the beauty!
  • caseyzachary
    Rediscovering imagination
    Helping me tip toe into Poetry and helps it become more accessible to me. Humility and thoughtfulness of the host is refreshing.
  • Wild Heart Farm
    Uplifting and moving moments
    I’ve always thought if poems were the news reports the world listened to, that we would be less fractured and more present. These poems and the thoughtful commentary takes me out of myself and to places I could never go otherwise. I am always moved and uplifted. Thank you!
  • pleasedontmakemehaveanickname
    this podcast is like a meditation for me, i find it so calming and lovely, while it also almost always teaches me something about the world and myself, as well as about poetry.
  • WeeseFamily2006
    Padrig is kind, thoughtful and funny. Thank you for making the world more beautiful!
  • estarc_1
    Insightful, Nurturing
    It’s so lovely and valuable to have someone to walk through poems with in this way. I would love to take a poetry course, and this makes diving in accessible financially. Thank you for your work!
  • Mick F.S.
    Great analysis and production
    In addition to sharing excellent poetry, this podcast adds thoughtful, unpretentious analysis and context to the writing and the writers. The production is high quality without being overbearing or overproduced. This is a real treat.
  • Stanreader
    One of my most important rituals
    If I were a sock with a hole in it, Poetry Unbound, with Pádraig Ó Tuama, is one of the darning needles and thread that helps repair the hole. I feel validated and hopeful after every episode—it’s one of my most important rituals. -Gwendolyn S.
  • JaneQ2021
    Detoxing from News
    I’ve substituted Poetry Unbound during a break from news and social media. Starting my day with a love tour of a work if art- and being taken to other worlds is do nourishing. All in just 15!
  • John D. VIIII
    Suitable for Late Night Walks
    I would go on strolls around the corner just to close my Move ring at night sometimes, and I find this podcast very smoothing and calming. I’m now catching up on the backlog.
  • PaldocNC
    I have a mind for science and yet must frame it with humanity as a physician. I have always suspected that poetry mattered deeply but struggled to read or hear its message. This podcast has opened poems for me. I hear one at the first and enjoy the rhythm like music. Yet I listen again…and with gratitude I can both feel and understand.
  • MarFilm
    Thank you
    You are a gift ! I’m so glad i found your podcast This morning i listened to you read Jane Mead’s poem. I’m still thinking about it. Congratulations on your podcast. I look forward to more episodes.
  • JDJedi81
    What podcasting is made for
    This has become part of my weekly routine, listening to the beauty and simplicity of the hosts perfect voice reciting a poem. Poetry Unbound is the type of content that podcasting was made for and I am so glad I found it.
  • Come Back Please
    Simply the best Podcast
    Love this podcast soooooo much!! Keep em comin…
  • Mikel L72
    This podcast has been illuminating and moving for me. It has been a wonderful way of getting into poetry something I've been wanting to do for a long time. Patrick's dissection of the poem and has voice are a balm on the spirit! My only concern is that there haven't been any new poems for the last while! When can we expect more???
  • Littllewill
    Thank you.
    podrick otuma’s voice truly brings each poem to life, and I am humbled at the teams effort to create an environment for poetry to flourish. This podcast has exposed me to numerous glorious poems and has pushed me further into my own writing. Thank you for all your hard work!
  • cwb0000
    Let poem speak
    I enjoy the poems and podcast very much. I would like to see commentary lessened and let poem stand on its own. Thank you for expanding my world by sharing these poems
  • @samypaden
    Love it
    I look forward to hearing every episode and getting the chance to be introduced to poets and poetry that expand my horizon as well as bring a part of me home. Brilliant work, thank you to the whole team who makes this podcast possible
  • Dave Podcastfan
    A spiritual space, sustenance for the soul
    My favorite podcast by miles. I look forward to the new release each Monday and Friday and miss it in the off-season. I have listened to every episode at least twice. Sometimes the poetry along with the music and Padraig's exposition send me off into my own thoughts and I find myself replaying it again immediately. I have even formed the outline of a new poem of my own by the end of an episode. It would be hard to overstate how much I love this.
  • Lbrecke
    This is beautiful.
  • Zawde
    Season 3!
    I’m so happy there is a new season! This podcast is so needed !! This podcast is like a budding friendship , I am so grateful for this commentary on life . I’ve missed poetry so , thanks for this remembering . Pádraig, you are a friend in my ❤️. Sending love and thanks !!
  • SamanthaGene23
    A way to learn how to analyze and enjoy poetry again
    This podcast came into my life at a time when I needed a roadmap through my own introspection. The poems are thoughtfully curated. It feels like I’m sitting across from a brilliant friend in a coffee shop, in awe as I listen to them get lost in their own musings. I’ve taken up writing again, in part because of this podcast’s loving examination of what makes something worth reading. And also I adore how the poem is read, and then analyzed, and then read again. I cannot find a single thing to fault. You should all be very proud of the work you’re doing in producing this podcast. Bravo!
  • Dave98239
    Wonderful Wisdom
    A podcast that can speak to my heart and also encourage my mind to engage with the world around me and the history that made it. I love his method of reading the poem, talking about it, and then reading it again is like an Ignatian prayer practice. I also love how he chooses poems from various poets around the world. I am glad I stumbled upon this podcast and look forward to many other episodes.
  • TWB1206
    I have not listened to much poetry in my life so far for several reasons. First not knowing where to look, then not knowing how to listen. To have the ideas presented of the poem then reread has made all the difference for me. I was never a scholarly student but have grown into a more aware adult. Listening to your choices and interpretation has been a pleasure. Blessing to you and yours
  • AndreaNYC*
    Poetry Unbound
    There is simply no better way to bookend your week. Padraig chooses poems from a wide range of writers and then skillfully cracks them open, exploring the language, craft, and meaning, leaving us regrounded in our shared humanity.
  • noahnoahabc
    Sometimes cry
    These always arrive at such serendipitous and timely times
  • brigida72
    The gift of this podcast
    The first level of enjoyment in this podcast, and an absolute seduction into active listening, is the voice of Padraig O’Tuama. The second level is the depth of understanding he brings to the work: his explication of the poem’s technique, or the exactness and brilliance of just a single word-choice; or the context in which this poem travels back to the past or has meaning in the present, helps me gain so much more from the poem than I would have gleaned on my own. A third level, which is sometimes present, is the personal reference he brings to the audience: how the poem can trigger a memory from his own past. His sharing is what makes this podcast so personably wonderful. As to the structure of the programing: whoever decided to give a pause around mid-point in the discussion was wise: we have breathing space; and the rereading of the poem at the end was a brilliant stroke: we now hear the poem with new ears. Thank you Padraig O’Tuama for this richly rewarding experience.
  • Bon Marche
    Great Podcast
    As a virtuoso brings to life music from a score, Padraïg Ó Tuama awakens poetry from the page. Listen and be moved.
  • brittanylauren_
    Beautifully done
    I’m trying to get more into poetry, but have found it intimidating and challenging. This podcast has opened up the world of poetry and changed so much for me!
  • lalala057
    I didn’t know I could enjoy poetry this much
    This podcast is elegant, relevant, modern, kind and lovely. I listened for the first time today and didn’t want to stop. I started with the one about the Journey song (wow!) and I am now hooked. I loved the poem, the commentary, the music and the cute little jingle in the credits. All of it. Keeper.
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