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Your new ritual: Immerse yourself in a single poem, guided by Pádraig Ó Tuama. Short and unhurried; contemplative and energizing. Anchor your week by listening to the everyday poetry of your life, with new episodes on Monday and Friday during the season.

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Recent Reviews
  • miz razamataz
    An oasis
    These moments of sharing poetry and the insight Padrag brings to them has been an oasis of calm, beauty and hope which has carried me through the pandemic. I am so grateful and thank you all for bringing them to us week after week. I sorely missed the podcast during the break between seasons and hold fast to the knowledge that it will help me navigate this dark winter we face.
  • rapp55
    This has opened up the world of poetry to me - thank you so much!
  • Bon Marche
    Great Podcast
    Padraig O'Tuama is a wonderful guide to the world of poetry. The On Being team envelopes his words with calming music. When your soul needs soothing Poetry Unbound is what you want to hear.
  • Gaikotora
    Comfort and tenderness
    Padraig O Tuoma’s voice is a blessing, bearing thoughtfulness and insight and experience. Even when the subject of the poetry is heartbreaking, there is comfort in how tenderly he treats the sufferer. Bravo for the poetry selections as well. I love this podcast.
  • ½ and ½
    I appreciate the reflection on each poem, read twice, the second time after it’s been gently parsed. And when I wake too early ,it’s a comfort to listen to.
  • evidence_based
    Profound and understandable
    I love how Padraig shares love and enthusiasm for each poem which helps me connect emotionally and spiritually to each work, while also sharing analysis that helps me understand some of the formal elements of the poem I may overlook. I share this podcast with many friends who don’t routinely read poetry because his approach is so warm and accessible without being overly simplistic.
  • hdhdudisb
    Poetry Unbound
    Beautiful. Just the thing for a quiet walk thru the woods with dog. Thank you.
  • whothehellknows!
    Love his voice and his voice
    Pádraig reads the poems with such heart that it sometimes makes me cry... and I always listen twice because I want to hear everything about what the poem has to say through the lens of Pádraig’s caring, generous, and smart view of the world
  • burtsiebert
    The one I watch for
    I have a group of favorite podcasts, but this is the one I wait for. The moment a fresh one comes out, I find a moment to listen. It’s comforting, challenging, engrossing, elegant, unique. It’s like being in nature. Thank you for this!
  • nsarwar
    Thank you
    Your voice and your words in these poems- carry me away to a place of clarity, compassion, connections and understanding. I feel like a puzzle piece- who finally found where I fit. Thank you
  • ShortSwain
    My elixir!
    I’ve discovered what was missing in my life. Thank you for opening the world of poetry to me. The format is absolutely perfect. I learn so much and have been awakened to the beauty of words. Keep the poems coming !
  • laurakinDC
    Best part of the week
    Listening to Padraig read poems is the best part of my week. I love his brief analysis. Hearing the poem twice allows my own mind to imagine what stands out to me. Love this podcast.
  • Eneibru
    Padraig’s Irish voice summons a culture that prizes poetry and stories (so I imagine as someone of a different background). His voice extends an empathy for the poet and the vulnerability and beauty of her/his subjects. I applaud On Being studios for showcasing his love of this art, teaching his audience in the process.
  • artfan2000
    The best poetry podcast
    Look nowhere else.
  • sarahmary6
    The most beautiful podcast
    Seeing a new episode of Poetry Unbound pop up on my feed feels like a cool drink of water - soul-refreshing, life-giving. It is so beautiful. Thank you 🤍
  • chuffed99999
    A gift.
    Pádraig transports me in every episode - this is more powerful than meditation in centering me. I learn every time; I’m a new person after each. I grow. I’m infinitely grateful.
  • yogoes
    Best teaching
    Poetry Unbound intimately connects me to my forgotten love. After listening I spring into action either researching the poets further and/or best of all writing poetry again myself. Thank you in not enough. It’s as if I’ve been waiting for this.
  • Calamity Kit
    A few much-needed moments of quiet and reflection
    I love this podcast. There is a real intimacy in every episode. Pádraig Ó Tuama’s narration and exploration of each poem makes it feel like a discussion among friends. I devour each episode as soon as it is released, and eagerly await the next.
    Huge thanks for this podcast! My favorite.
  • starfire2020
    A slice of paradise
    Pádraig Ó Tuama’s soothing beautiful voice and the gorgeous diversity of poems in this series that deal with everything from intimate moments to civic questions is the ideal meditative space
  • Destrocto
    Thoughtful, lovely, inspiring
    There is something so wonderful about the format of this podcast—a thought or two about what poetry is or does, a beloved, revered poem, insightful, sometimes autobiographical discussion of how the poem does what it does, and then—best of all—a second reading of the poem. The second time listen deeper and better, the trail leading from the words into us already having been blazed. I am always impatient for the next poem or season.
  • Lollie1961
    All episodes
    What I look forward to during the day to calm and focus me. He’s fantastic.
  • afgagliardi
    My wake up call
    So gorgeous.
  • MEO333
    The beauty of the poetry and Padraig’s voice would be gift enough. The thoughtful examination of the emotion is a way of stretching out the beauty—making it even more memorable. ❤️
  • jo mccall
    makes poetry accessible while retaining depth
    I am in love with this series. Padraig brings these poems to life while also helping me get as much as I can out of them. Poetry has the capacity to hold things that other forms of language can’t and this podcast helps showcase that ability.
  • RubyRedRoss
    This podcast brings me so much joy. I wish Padraig and his magical voice could talk me to calmness everyday and to sleep at night . Thank you for this.
  • Cesia 🤍
    Love this
  • Crowing Hen
    The readings —especially in the hosts beguiling voice —are soothingly exciting. The commentary is inclusive not didactically condescending. What a wonderful way to experience poetry.
  • shakti shiny
    Prepare for a journey to somewhere
    Padraig demystifies and illuminates the what and why of each Poem that The Poet would hope we understand. I love listening to each one again and again...
  • Hema Ahmed
    Beautiful Podcast
    Evokes sensibilities that I didn’t know I had. The selection of poems, and the way you elaborate them, without condescending, but shining light on the right passages - and they sparkle. Thank you Padraig O’Tuama. I feel like my hearr would break and turn into a blossom.
  • Janet Seattle
    Learning to love poetry all over again
    These beautiful readings bring me back to everything I love about poetry. The slow, gentle pace of the podcast opens a wonderful space for quiet meditation that I am trying to take with me to every poem I read.
  • mochi-marie
    Ugh: The credits at the end of the podcast
    I love this podcast so very much - the voice, sensitivity, wisdom, pace - everything! It is a balm to my heart.mind.soul. And then, abruptly, at the end of the episode, the credits come on and completely disrupt the exquisite vibe of inquiry and wonderment that Padraig O'Tuama has so masterfully unfolded for the listener. Those credits have to go, the voices are so jarring! (Or re-record with attunement)
  • marenadrich
    Gives me moments to pause and reflect
    I love this podcast, the host and the selection of poems. In this crazy time it is like breathing fresh air for at least a few moments. I had forgotten how lovely poetry can be. Thank you for bringing me back to it again!
  • E&E16
    More, Please!
    So happy our guide is back for Season 2! Only wish we could look forward to these profound new discoveries of beauty and truth every day, rather than twice a week. Thanks for the careful and thoughtful work you do to educate and bring us along on the journey!
  • Deliafineart
    Just what is needed
    Food for the mind and spirit. Beautifully read, interesting interpretations. Host’s voice is a balm for the soul.
  • googn51
    Poetry unbound.
    Thank you for season 2!! I can’t wait. I’ve missed Poetry Unbound so. Here goes.....
  • Erick718
    Love the new format
    I love the new, longer format of the show. For someone who only casually enjoys poetry, it’s very interesting and informative to hear how a poet sees and relates to different aspects of a poem. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the season.
  • Humblepoet
    Deeply beautiful. Human
    Thank you On Being studios for this marvel of a podcast. Padraig O Tuama is delightful, striking and tender. Has given me poems I will never forget, and never live without.
  • Peter Nye
    So grateful to have this show back
    I fell in love with this podcast, and it seemed to have gone away too soon. Very happy to have another season on the way
  • sdp0812
    What a gift. Thank you.
  • Jrd890
    Can’t wait for the second season
    Wonderful to walk, listen and think.
  • Calcotada
    Always Inspiring
    Poetry Unbound has opened my eyes to how powerful poetry can be. I’ve led a poor life thus far. I do hope you’ll come back to us soon.
  • HMP77
    Thank you for this podcast. A lifeline.
  • morbillious
    Come back!
    During its last season I would look forward to the arrival of each episode. It offered me a short but welcomed time to pause a reflect. If you’re like me you always found poetry difficult to understand but that’s where Padraig O’Tuama comes in; after reading the poem, he gives the background behind the poem, gives his insights into its meaning and, at times how it’s impacted his own life. It’s truly given me a greater appreciation of poetry.
  • {AJ}
    Looking forward to season 2!
    This podcast is something special. Really enjoyed the first season!
  • cosimascully
    absolutely lovely
    I have just started listening to this and I love it. I've always loved poetry when I understand it, and these short episodes make the poems so accessible and personal.
  • joannececilia
    Substance abuse trial
    I love this website. Such accessible inaccessible places. Poetry i either love or hate depends on whether I can enter this poet provides entry by telling us something of importance to him/life. I hope this continues and let me know how I can financially support. During these lonely and difficult times let us be together and lean on each other!
  • southjeserseyfan
    I have never really read poetry but listening to these poems and hearing your thoughts has open a whole new wondrous world for me. Thank you.
  • director of first impressions
    Every episode fills my heart and brings a tear to my eye. Thank you for bringing poetry back into my life.,
  • gorhhy
    we need more:)
    Continue to share your gift and spread love. Thank you for an amazing podcast!!! I cherish it.
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