36 From the Vault

Music #200Music Commentary #200

The definitive overview of the Dead's celebrated live show releases. Hosted by music journalist and podcaster Steven Hyden and fellow music journalist Rob Mitchum, this series will chronicle each live release, breaking down the historical context of the show while discussing musical, political, and sports-related trends of the time. Brought to you by Osiris Media.

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Recent Reviews
  • timmurphy
    Good . funny. Informative . Entertaining .
  • Glam oh d
    Super show
    Love what you guys are doing Keep it up
  • Spoofbonser
    For the Dead haters
    This is a great Dead podcast if you’re like me and love the band. I even think it would be great if you’re a Dead hater. In that case I’d recommend starting with episode on DP9, where they will validate your feelings, but ultimately I think you’ll be swayed into the Dead camp.
  • Dead-sawx
    love me some dead talk
    Have you ever heard two open-minded souls process aloud whether or not they should enjoy Sing Me Back Home or Mama Tried; due to the fact that they aren’t sure if Merl Haggard is right wing? Lol - how exhausting must it be to care so deeply about the thoughts of other people, that it hinders your ability to marvel at the the beauty of Jerry bellowing Sing Me Back Home in ‘72 or get fired up by the raucous revelry of a Mama Tried!?! This pod is a great snapshot of this cultural phenomenon. Who in their right mind would create a litmus test on which the enjoyment of life’s baseline is created by the most boring, corrupt people on the planet? The bleeding of modern political ideas with dead talk ends up being a fascinating sign post to new space.
  • bswartze
    I could listen to Steven and Rob’s banter for hours and always look forward to more. I think the curveball episodes evidence the ability to extend the run after the 36 are up!
  • B.A.B.K.
    Silky, Crazy Crazy Show
    Fantastic show— like hanging out with two hilarious buddies discussing the Dead
  • minglewoody
    Couple Shots Of Jersay Whiskay
    So smooth.
  • China business 1981
    Always Look Forward to New Episodes
    Love this podcast. Really can’t wait for Episode 22!
  • Chris, Charlotte NC
    I love that Steve and Rob aren’t just heaping praise onto every song. This pod is a fun and honest conversation with guys that seem cool to hang out with.
  • Alex....S
    Keep on trucking
    Wonderful show... interesting context and history on the Dead. Like arguing with friends about how wrong they are about your favorite tunes.
  • pa mets fan
    Charles in PA
    Good to have you guys back!
  • HKrustofsky
    I love listening to these guys on my commute rather than news. What can be better than hearing about my favorite band? I’ve joined late and it sounds like they’ve caught some grief over their opinions. Ease up folks. Clearly they listen to and love the music. You can somehow tell that they weren’t at a lot, if any shows but that’s cool. In general, I love meeting Deadheads who either didn’t see Jerry or in some cases weren’t even born while he was alive. This podcast has inspired me to go back and listen to these awesome shows and is yet another sign that the Grateful Dead are a permanent piece of American culture. Thank you for putting this out.
  • Daveindiego
    Season three is coming.
  • M Punzo
    Worth the investment
    Steve and Rob do a wonderful job of setting the scene and providing excellent context for each show. If you’re hesitant, don’t be. You won’t regret it. Meanwhile, bring on Winter Tour! I’m ready for 19-27.
  • Carrion Crow
    A thought on “Berrys”
    I think of the Berrys as a link to the roots of rock n roll. The band is showing you how far out the evolution of rock is going to go and then snapping you back decades to where it all started. Maybe proving that even at the genesis, rock n roll energy was more transformative than the 4/4 beat let on :) As an proud African American deadhead I’ll always dig a ripping Berry tune. Taking everyone to school lol
  • MikeDwithaD
    I really like the show. Sometimes the opinions get in the way. You don’t like a song, that’s cool...but it doesn’t mean that no one likes it. I like Day Job for example...always have...it wasn’t fun to listen to how “no one” likes that song....same thing for Jed et al. Otherwise, keep up the good work.
  • Beensoldout
    I came to this podcast late. Just finished the first Phish episode. I love both bands and a host of other jam bands. Hope to see a WSMFP episode one of these day (I have not looked ahead.) I feel they have a connection to the dead in other ways include the size and changing line up. Plus they don’t run from their dead love. I will be taking my time to get through all of the episodes. Peace.
  • Grateful Roseville
    Great Tour!!!
    Really enjoy your reviews. I like how you bring together the growth of the music against the background of the time. Like the honesty. Like the personality. Have learned a lot, while dancing in the streets. Nice job guys! RedCrow
  • JR Sulphurass
    Sucking bigtime, unsub
    Hating on Chuck Berry covers? These two musicanalysts are not so hot, and need to be replaced.
  • Tom Hiner
    Very much enjoying these - thanks Steven and Rob
    I enjoy these conversations a lot. It’s like a book club for dead shows. Listen closely to the show before and then talk about it. If it’s a thing you’re into, this show is great fun and more. The hosts set the table with cultural context broadly, especially what was dominating the radio at the time, and interesting information about the venue, what it was like, and the surrounding shows on the tour. And the analysis and opinions of the shows are fun to engage with. This has been a well timed deep dive for this troubled pandemic year. Looking forward to the back 18 and hopefully they can continue the show by diving into some other shows and releases. Bravo!
  • mtabaka
    Tighten up and research more
    The hosts are well meaning and love the Dead, but here's the deal: it's not their forte. Rob Mitchum is an astute Phish analyst, but he lacks some of the cultural context to fully get the Dead. Steven Hyden has the banter game down, but is woefully short on facts and details. He's also a newcomer to the jam world after years of indie rock and Brit pop, so he's a little late to the party. My main complaint is I learn very little from this podcast, whereas things like Brokedown pod, or the Grateful Deadcast with Jarnow are truly informative. 36 from the vault is two guys running through each DP and just talking about what songs they like. It' just OK.
  • GruncleIvan
    Lived there, started HS two days later
    Could hear the music from the kitchen window, wish I could have gone. Had no idea how AMAZING this show was. So grateful for the music. Please add the “L” and spell Englishtown correct tho.
  • RockyMountainWay
    I’ve come around
    At first I hated these guys but after listening to a few episodes I realize they just have certain voice characteristics that seem snarky but actually are decent scholars of the music.
  • tr1pm4ker
    Do a little research
  • Willi836
    What happened?
    Have to be honest, I wrote an early review, as I was excited for this concept. Love many of the DP’s, and expected to learn a bit more about all of them than I already knew. But over the last 10 or so episodes the tone has changed. Sarcasm, repetitive criticism and little in the way of positivity is now offered. Perhaps the hosts bit off more than they can chew, or perhaps they aren’t the hardcore fans that a project such as this probably calls for. I won’t bail as I try to consume all GD-related content that I can. I am beginning to dread certain upcoming episodes, especially as my all-time fav is approaching and I am certain to hear negativity that may spoil some really fond memories of that set of discs. Here’s hoping for some appreciation for the music and the effort it took to produce and distribute live music that is clearly only for a smaller niche audience.
  • la cheesery
    Bummed that I’m all caught up
    Came to this little late so I had 15 episodes that I could listen to in my mail truck every day after listening to the dicks picks on Pandora. It was Awesome Only criticism I have is that the guys are a little spoiled having heard so many awesome shows so sometimes when it’s a 10 for me it’s a 5 for them lol. Thanks guys!!!
  • JonniePre
    Great Podcast For Fans.
    Love that you guys are dialing in specifically to this thread of the music to follow thru on. I geek out out context and information almost as much as the music. While I don't agee with your opininons on everything here there is no doubt that the Here Comes Sunshine hooked me into this band at a deeper level even after being a fan for five or six years before hand. Loved listening, learned some cool stuff. Will follow you through till the end. Please keep doing what you are doing !!!
  • SteveG in Singapore
    Enjoying the show
    Enjoying the banter, guys. Really good concept too.
  • c~mo
    Rob & Steve
    These guys have a great balance of perspective. They know their stuff when it comes to the music. Although they are probably Phish fans 1st, deadheads 2nd. They do a great job getting a feel for the time period in the US & breakdown the show in detail. Love it. Great job👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 If Rob & Steve wanna do “20 Live Phish” after this, I’m down to be a third podcaster & dive deep into those 20 live phish releases. I attended 12 of the 20 & have detailed notes & paraphernalia from all the shows I’ve been to 😀
  • Bocaphreak
    Good Stuff
    Serious but witty recap of Good Ole Grateful Dead music. You guys know your stuff. Thanks
  • Dreadpiratemay
    Thank you
    Thank you so much for doing these shows. I look forward to each one, and I really a part of the conversation. It’s funny too because now when I listen to a random dead show I hear your voices - like in the 80s you might not get a double Berry but you are more likely to get a double Dylan. Or they are playing One More Saturday so it must be Saturday. I appreciate these shows and all time it must take preparing for them. Thank you! I wonder if your next curve ball show you might consider JRAD? For me they bring the phish style intensity and tension and release focus to the dead catalogue. Fans of my age love JRAD but older heads I have spoken with think it’s an abomination Thank you for doing this. I look forward to each new conversation Alex in NC
  • sj_silva
    Diving Deep into Dick, and its so worth it
    I was already familiar of Steven Hyden from the Celebration Rock podcast. Was very happy to stumble upon this podcast and give me another reason to listen to the Grateful Dead. An honest discussion, that sometimes gets wrong the Dead history, but that’s okay. These guys love the Dead and dig deep into these 36 Dick Picks releases. Plus, the digging deep into other branches of pop culture, the stadiums and arenas, and all things Rock.
  • OpieWasCool
    Excellent real reviews of great live Dead material
    The Dick’s Picks releases are how I got into the Grateful Dead. Started with Volume 1 and jumped around as I purchased 15 of the 36 in the series. I love that Steve and Rob talk lovingly about the music while recognizing the warts. I agree with almost all of their takes. Criticizing bad Dead music does not mean you do not love the Grateful Dead. Keep it up.
  • Peaches de Leo
    Ok but lacks fact checking
    Gave it a shot it’s decent. A bit too meandering and blatant incorrect information at points (ie: he’s gone about pigpen). Some of the musings and mistakes aren’t a good look for a band as documented as GD.
  • Gr8ful2
    Love The Show
    Great job guys!! Hope you will consider another Dead series when the DP run is over. -h
  • EyeballJackson
    Middlin’ babble from some guys who’d rather be talking about Phish
    Listen, if country music bothers you, and you have to skip Tennessee Jed, the Dead might not be your group! That’s fine, but you probably shouldn’t present yourself as some kind of expert whose analysis we should listen to. It’s not that the Dead are beyond criticism, but these guys clearly approach their podcast as a job and not a passion. They’re not having fun, and that doesn’t make for great listening.
  • elevenknob
    I approve.
    I suspiciously tried this out this podcast as a self-proclaimed Head and follower since ‘89, and was immediately rewarded. These guys sound me and like everyone I knew or met through their music, and have the same lame and brilliant opinions as those folks in equal parts. The Phish episode very nearly almost convinced me to seriously consider adding them to the “Maybe Might Listen To But Still Haven’t” list. Nice try.
  • JasonTyo
    Come for the music, that for the ephemera
    I really enjoy the discussion of cultural context and minutia like venue specifics. Any discussion of what the different band members brought is always welcome. The depth of vocabulary used to describe the music always impresses. I really dig this show boys. Thanks.
  • johnnyatthetrack
    Interesting at times, horrible at times
    These guys need a good editor. At times they have interesting observations, but they can be overly critical with ridiculous premises.
  • P-G-C-A
    Just exactly perfect
    An excellent podcast all around. Thoughtful, informed, and funny. Filled with great backstory and historical context that make listening to the essential Dick's Picks series a far more rich experience. Hosts Steve and Rob keep it light while diving deep. For casual and hardcore heads alike, there's always something to consider... something that might change your mind... or even better, something to strenuously disagree with. Highly recommend!
  • jacktiggs
    Great podcast, lukewarm takes
    36 FTV! 36 FTV! There ain’t no podcast I’d rather be (listening to)! Baby won’t you carry me Back to Rob and Steve
  • JimmmmmmmmYJjjjjjj
    So much fun to listen to if you’re a Deadhead!
    These guys are like your buddies who bust chops and really analyze different aspects of a topic but they do it in a way that makes you feel like you’re back in school and having a lot of laughs.... I don’t always agree with their assessments on different Grateful Dead songs, sounds but they are funny and entertaining to listen to. It’s a long format so they have ample time to give perspective on the time of year the show they are breaking down was and what was the entertainment and social culture at the time of the show.... if you like or Love the Dead and like to be entertained but at the same time you are willing to listen to but not agree to their critiques then do yourself a favor and listen to these dudes
  • Morridley
    Great Subject, Needs Tightening Up
    I am enjoying this journey through the Dick’s Picks series. It’s fun to revisit shows I haven’t heard in years, and the hosts are engaging guides with a charming dedication to keeping the Compact Disc a viable music format. They love the Dead but remain clear-eyed about those moments when they reach for the stars but smack into the sky. The episodes should be a lot tighter; I recommend condensing the discussions of cultural context and venue characteristics and focusing on the music.
  • cjinbrooklyn
    The Dead are polarizing. Lots of love and hate. But the love can even get a bit annoying when every performance and era is treated like holy scriptures by a lot of Heads. Steve and Rob are so refreshing because they’re pro rock critics and fans of the band so can look at each show with a level of appreciation and scrutiny that’s fun and compelling. I frequently disagree with them! (The Mickey and Brent hate is foolish) and And that’s what makes it fun. Love the pod!
  • StadiumStatus132
    Fun pod
    A really great listen especially if you’re relatively new to the Dead. My only suggestion is to start having some guests on! Takes the convo in new directions.
  • Loretta3744
    Love it
    Fantastic podcast, as someone who got into the Dead long ago through burning off dick’s picks CDs in friends’ basements, loved this idea from creation. They get the Dead more than the haters give them credit for; all of the “critical” opinions are in jest and have me laughing out loud half the time. Anyone who is up in arms about a dumb opinion here or there is likely just as guilty of their own annoying “the night before was actually better” Head-style takes. Must listen for any Deadhead who doesn’t feel the need to take occasional teasing of band members personally.
  • brien-c
    Tons of fun
    I love jumping through Dead history with Steven and Rob. They give great context to the shows and I love their banter about highlights and lowlights of each album. It’s probably even more fun when I disagree with them.
  • DevilsAllTheWay
    Only one bone to pick.....otherwise fantastic podcast
    Cold iron shackles, ball and chain Listen to the whistle of the evenin' train You know you bound to wind up dead If you don't head back to Tennessee Jed Rich man step on my poor head When you get back you better butter my bread Well, do you know it's like I said You better head back to Tennessee Jed Tennessee, Tennessee, there ain't no place I'd rather be Baby won't you carry me back to Tennessee Drink all day and rock all night The law come to get you if you don't walk right Got a letter this morning, baby all it read You better head back to Tennessee Jed I dropped four flights and cracked my spine Honey, come quick with the iodine Catch a few winks, baby, under the bed Then you head back to Tennessee Jed Tennessee, Tennessee, there ain't no place I'd rather be Baby won't you carry me back to Tennessee I run into Charlie Fog Blacked my eye and he kicked my dog My doggie turned to me and he said Let's head back to Tennessee Jed I woke up a felin' mean Went down to play the slot machine The wheels turned around, and the letters read You better head back to Tennessee Jed Tennessee, Tennessee, there ain't no place I'd rather be Baby won't you carry me back to Tennessee
  • Mamawouldbeproud
    It’s fun!
    That’s what the Grateful Dead are to me- fun. Some people can be put off by critique, but I find it fun. Listening to The Dead and this podcast have both been keeping me very occupied during quarantine.
  • SDCAdam
    GREAT Deep Dives into the Dicks Picks archival series
    These guys do the research and are prepared. You may see some reviews dismissing their opinions, I happen to enjoy the podcast *more* when I disagree with them (which is pretty often). They talk about the musical knowledgeably.
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