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Untold Italy is a travel podcast full of practical tips and advice to help you plan your trip to Italy. Travel expert Katy Clarke interviews special guests and answers your questions to help you plan and uncover your own, as yet untold adventures in Italy. On our show we share highlights of the major destinations, off the beaten path secrets, best ways to get around, favorite food spots, cultural insights and much more. You’ll learn how to plan your Italy itinerary to include the places and experiences you’ve been dreaming of. And create memories to last a lifetime. Our goal is to help you plan a vacation in Italy that suits you and your travel style. We love Italy and hope that by crafting incredible trips there you’ll be inspired to return again and again. Hit subscribe so you don’t miss an episode and get ready to be transported to bella Italia! Make sure to visit our site for show notes, resources and more >> https://untolditaly.com/podcast

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  • kristen smart
    Very Helpful
    This is a very entertaining and informative podcast! I love all the topics and places Katy shares! Great guests also.
  • SachiMerrill
    My favorite comfort listen
    My great-grandmother was from Calabria and I wanted to learn more, and stumbled upon this podcast and now I turn on this podcast when I do dishes and quilt and dream of Italy. This podcast also introduced me to Vicky Bennison’s work and now I’m an avid Pasta Grannies fan. I revered my Japanese grandmother and helped her make sushi and gyoza and Vicky’s work to treasure this knowledge and these amazing women is invaluable. Thank you, Katy, for your oodles of accessible information and your beautiful, positive, pragmatic attitude. When I go to Italy someday, it will be in large part thanks to what I’m learning from your podcast.
  • Hisclayjar
    Planned Whole Trip Thanks to Untold Italy
    I planned an entire trip to Italy on 2 1/2 weeks notice after our other travel plans fell through. I found Untold Italy’s podcast and website, and used them to plan the entire trip! Just returned home and everything was superb. Hotels, restaurants, trains, arrivals, language, customs … we handled all with confidence thanks to Untold Italy. I highly recommend this excellent resource to anyone traveling to Italy. It’s my favorite country—you should go!
  • BriSol15
    Incredibly helpful tips, tricks and advice for Italian travel!
    Love this podcast series! The episodes are very diverse, so you’ll find helpful info regardless of what you’re looking for. Itineraries, cultural info, local hidden gems…it’s a treasure trove of info. Can’t recommend it highly enough!
  • Hdcyj
    So informative and easy to listen to
    I stumbled upon this podcast as we were getting ready for a family trip to Italy. I listened to a lot of episodes before hand which all were very informative and helpful to better prepare us for our time in Italy. I fell in love with Italy and now I listen to learn more and dream of our next trip!
  • Tzcatz
    Excellent (and fun!) resource for Italy travel
    Great resource to learn tips and tricks where you’re going, find other places to go, learn about unique experiences to be had, and much more. They really dig into details about each area. In fact, I reached out to home-schooling friends and suggested the podcast as a neat Geography resource for their kids!
  • HapyHapyJoyJoy
    My husband and I are planning our first trip to Italy in September 2023. I initially felt very insecure and overwhelmed with putting together an itinerary. Then I stumbled upon podcast… It is exceptionally informative as well as entertaining. The host(s) and guests provide insightful, relevant advice. Now feeling super confident and prepared as we count down the days to a vacation of a lifetime. 🇮🇹
  • slibucha
    Great resource for Italy travel planning
  • Kamila.I
    Great podcast!
    Such a great info for my upcoming trip
  • Synthers
    Thank you so much!
    This podcast has increased my excitement by 10-fold as we are preparing for our trip to Italy. I have loved all the interviews and tips and show note details. What a treasure trove! I really appreciate all the work you have gone to to make this so spectacular!
  • Sherah Spain
    She brings Italy to you!
    I discovered this podcast a couple of months ago and have been so impressed by the variety of topics covered by professionals, and the amazingly engaging hostess, Katy. I love that she digs a little deeper to find the hidden gems throughout Italy and provides in-depth interviews about areas that may not be as well known, but are packed full of amazing history, architecture, and delicious traditional dishes. Her interviews are insightful and her guests are warm and engaging, most of whom are living and working right in the areas that they are talking about. One can see that Katy is truly passionate about bringing each of us a personalized taste of Italy, and all its beauty.
  • Divertenti!
    Fun and fab tips!!!
    I love this podcast and gotten so many useful tips from Katie…Thank you so much!
  • Kotaskye69
    I am planning a trip for my family and this is the best podcast. Very informative and great tips.
  • amanda3938
    Such a helpful and enjoyable podcast!
    I stumbled across this podcast as I was looking to plan a trip to Italy. This podcast helped me plan our first ever trip to Italy in 2022. The various topics, tips, etc., were extremely helpful in planning our Sorrento based trip. The podcast is fun and interesting and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to plan a trip to Italy. Thank you Katie!
  • lovingtolisten
    Untold Italy is a Lifesaver!
    We are from the US and up Until mid December we had a lovely trip to Peru planned for the month of February 2023. However, due to unexpected turmoil happening in that country we had to cancel our plans and decide on a new location as well as plan a month long trip … all in about six weeks. I don’t know how it happened but I stumbled upon Untold Italy and have not stopped listening since. I have learned so very very much. We are planning a trip starting in Rome and heading down the Amalfi coast and then to Puglia for a month. I could never have done it without Untold Italy, Katie, Josie, and all the wonderful guests. I feel like you all are my friends! I’m excited about the sights, the food, the people ,the tours, the driving, & the trains and feel confident that it will be a special trip of a lifetime … and If it doesn’t go quite right, I’m thankful to know that other people have made mistakes along the way as well. Thank you so very much for all your insight, excitement and love for Italy.
  • Portia @ ObsessedByPortia.com
    The Ultimate Italy Planning Podcast
    I discovered “Untold Italy” during the Pandemic and quickly fell in love with the spirit of the show, which kept my hope alive that one day I’d be able to return to Italy! And once the day came where we were finally able to travel abroad again, I re-listened to all of my favorite episodes to help me plan an epic trip. I have found so much value in this podcast - and it warms my heart every time I listen to it. 10/10 recommend! - Portia @girlfriendgetawayguide
  • MEReynoldsKraft
    So thankful to have found!
    We are taking our children, 5 & 9, to Italy next summer and we are excited to make treasured memories with them!
  • Patcyl
    Love this but they talk to fast
  • Ron0824
    2023 Tours
    Love listening to your stories and places to visit in Italy! Thinking about doing a trip there in 2023 so I’ll be checking your website for sure. Good to know about October in Italy too. One question. Some of my ancestors came from Le Marche. This seems to be a region that’s not talked about much. Have you ever been there and any thoughts? Grazie!
  • suz_lenz
    Amazing insider intel!
    I have been listening for over 2 years and just when I think “I know it all” a new podcast releases and I am furiously scribbling new towns, sites, activities that I MUST see & experience for myself. Katie has a very informative and fun, not at all pretentious, way of presenting info and finding guest “experts” that are like minded. I have followed Katy’s advice in 4 Italian cities and she is my favorite resource of practical meets La Dolce vita. Katy’s passion is genuine and quite contagious! Grazie Mille! And I look forward to many more hours spent “with” you!
  • Doc Bocc
    My favorite travel podcast!
    After having discovered that I have cousins in Piemonte, my husband and I have been to Italy something like 17 times in the past 15 years. Now Italy feels like my second home and when I step off the plane, I have a strong sense of belonging. Katie Clark’s podcasts make me feel that I am coming home to a place of warm people, amazing history and culture, and the tastiest food and wine in the world. The guests on the shows are passionate about their homeland and region and knowledgeable about off the beaten track places and experiences. I can hardly wait for Fridays when another episode of Untold Italy appears. This is the best hour you can spend each week if you are dreaming of Italy!
  • wendyo1121
    Grazie mille!!
    I’ve been to Italy multiple times and always tune in to hear the latest from Katy. I love how the topics range from what to see in specific cities, how to travel/pack, & insider Italian secrets. As a frequent visitor to Italy, this is my go-to podcast. Viaggi sicuri amici miei!
  • Sandybdr
    Wanderlust fulfillment!
    Katy brings an infectious enthusiasm for all things Italy in this wonderful podcast. Her love for the region clearly shows up. Her guests are diverse, knowledgeable and engaging. I just stumbled across this gem while searching for other travel related listens…and she immediately draws you in. Her podcasts inspired us plan our very first trip to Italy, and we had a simply magical time there. Katy gave us great ideas on packing, places to visit, where to stay/base ourselves (such as Sorrento for the Amalfi coast etc), and things to do. We utilized the services of some of her guests (especially Joe Banana tours), and our trip went off without a hitch. Her recommendations and suggestions, as well as of those of her guests are top notch, and extremely helpful. Highly recommend this podcast!
  • Lori USA
    Amazing information
    Katy, I just love your podcast! You present such unique and interesting material. Your guests are top-of-the-line who know their topic backwards and forwards. If it wasn’t for your podcast, I would not know to follow these interesting guests that you present on Instagram. I am an avid traveler and lover of Italy. What I especially enjoy, is that you ask insightful questions, questions that I would ask, and give your guests the ability to answer them without interruption. You are as interested in their responses as your listeners are. I look forward to future episodes were you tell us about your most recent trip to Italy. Keep up the good work. Grazie!
  • Andreams8
    Wonderful Podcast
    I am so happy I found this Podcast. I have enjoyed every episode so much. Planning a trip to Italy next year and I am loving all the information that I’m getting from listening. Thank you
  • Minima01234
    I was traveling in Napoli recently and just happened to meet this podcaster and her family. It was actually her kids who told me about her podcast and I was so glad they did! Great information and tips. I wish I discovered it before my trip. But I plan on going back to Italy and when I do I will definitely re-listen to the episodes prior to going.
    Taste of La Dolce Vita
    I joined the Facebook group - Italy Travel Planning (not even knowing that the podcast and that group were connected). It was recommended by a member through a post I was commenting on. Glad to have to found it as I try to plan a visit there. Hoping to finally make it to Italy by the end of the year. I have a feeling that it will be the first of many visits are listening to all the travel inspiration on this podcast.
  • Mary K Mac
    Always entertaining!
    I started listening while planning a trip to Venice but have found that all the episodes are wonderful and offer insights that will be so useful!
  • gigimoku
    The perfect planning assistant!
    I joined the Facebook group earlier this year to help plan my 2022 trip but just stumbled on the podcast recently. I’ve been getting a little overwhelmed (and burnt out even) reading article after article and blog after blog about Italy, and I just wanted some good, solid planning help. The Untold Italy podcast is like your super cool neighbors that always try out the newest restaurants and know all the best places. After I listen to all the podcasts directly related to our trip and cities visiting, I’m going back to listen to everything else. A perfect little slice of Italy in my everyday life!
  • Jcow2528:7
    Great information
    This podcast was extremely helpful when planning my trip to Italy! Loved the detailed show notes that were made available.
  • LindseyMac13
    Fabulous Italy tips
    I look forward to this podcast every week! I love listening to the tips and reviews of different places all over Italy. Great resource for planning a trip there.
  • Nancy in Transition
    Molto Bene!
    I stumbled upon this podcast while researching my pending trip to Italy, and promptly binged almost all the episodes in two weeks! Katy is delightful, and she has just the right mix of guests and topics to keep it interesting. Well done!
  • Cathy in Minnesota
    What a gem!
    This podcast is such a treat to listen to. Whether you are planning a trip to Italy, dreaming of an Italian vacation or have desire to lean more about Italy and its culture you will enjoy this podcast. It’s content and resources are a treasure trove of information.
  • CaliforniaExpert
    Great podcast to learn more about Italy!
    Loving this podcast!!! So helpful for learning more about Italy’s food, destinations and hidden gems! We are going on our first trip to Italy this June, followed by a week in Corfu. I listen to this podcast every week on my drive to work. I have enjoyed your podcasts about the secret tours to the Vatican, the Venetian gondolier episode, the Tuscan agritourismo, and so many more. You always have such a great mix of people on the show. When we go to Italy this summer, our guide will be Lele Dickinson, who would be a great addition to your featured guests on the podcast. He is a native Italian who now lives in California, but leads group tours in Italy and other European destinations. We are excited to travel with a local who knows the language and lay of the land! If you want to learn more, you can check out his website at pacngo.
  • Pacific Wonderland
    A lifesaver and a jewel!
    I am pulling together a last minute itinerary for a trip in May and Untold Italy will be my primary resource. I’ve listened to episodes 26 and 112 and am beyond excited about visiting Caserta in particular as I love seeing lesser known sites above all else. Thank you!!!
  • Sandman 1211
    Love it!
    I’m not sure how I found this podcast, sometime during the pandemic when I was missing Italy travel. The topics and guests that Katy has on are so fun and informative. I would love to join one of her trips - she has one coming up in the fall but I cannot find a friend to travel with me. If you love anything Italy, you’ll love this podcast.
  • $$Reggie45
    Excellent podcast
    We’ve listened to this podcast through the pandemic. Katy does such a wonderful job of creating interesting & helpful episodes. We’re planning our trip this spring & have learned so much. I highly recommend this podcast.
  • Vbmom13
    This podcast is life changing!!!! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!
    Planning my return trip to Italy with my husband after almost 30 years since I studied in Florence in college was a dream yet daunting! Then I found Untold Italy and Katy and I’m obsessed!!! Having lived in Florence and able to travel extensively at that time you know how important it is to get off the beaten path ( most touristy places) and find the wonderful little surprises that Italy has! 30 years ago Let’s Go Italy (my paperback travel Bible LOL!) was my sage muse and this time around it is Katy and the Untold Italy podcast!!! Every episode has me picturing beautiful sites ( some I’ve seen before and others I want to so desperately) and smiling at the musical accents of her guests (and Katy! LOL! Americans always love a great Aussie accent) I drive down the street laughing at how delightful Italians are and how much they love their country and the people who visit and just life itself with its food and wine and art and stories and love and laughter!! This is what I learned so well such a long time ago and listening to this podcast always just brings that back! I can’t wait to be there in person ( very soon!!! Less than a month) but in the meantime and after I return….. Untold Italy is a great substitute!!! Viva la dolce vita!!!
  • frankieAwrighter
    Love this podcast!
    I love Katy and Untold Italy. Each week I learn something new about Italy whether it’s the history, a new sight that I must see or a food that I must try on my next visit! I just learned about the Royal Palace at Caserta and now it is a “must see” for me. Thank you Katy for always having terrific podcasts with fabulous guests. Keep up the great work! Ciao!
  • TamiRice
    Living my dream with Untold Italy
    I absolutely love this podcast. I may be biased as I love Italy and learning all I can about it. This podcast has been a great filler for all those hours that I’ve been social distancing. I have heard almost every episode and some more than once. Notes: Please correct the guests with your proper name. They are losing credibility every time they say it wrong. Please consider changing the opening back to the original or something else. It’s lost a bit with this new opening. It doesn’t sound genuine or sincere. Love the podcast, the Facebook group and am eagerly waiting the content on YouTube. Ciao!
  • janedoish
    I’m so excited!
    I have planned a trip to Italy for almost a year and just found this podcast! I don’t know why it took me so long to find it and I’m glad I did! I love hearing the tips on how to make the most of my very first trip out of the country! March can’t come soon enough 🇮🇹
  • HunterBoss
    Why did it take me so long to find this?
    Omicron willing, we’ve a trip planned to Italy soon. This podcast is really helping us get ready. Gladly going back to the beginning to make sure I listen to all of them as we’re hoping to be regular visitors to Italy!
  • redtalons
    An inspiration for anyone planning a trip to Italy!
    We really enjoy the tips and interviews
  • kimkrankin
    Listen for travel ideas, but get so much more!
    I originally wanted to listen to the podcast to help plan a trip I am hoping to take end of 2022. It has been excellent for that. I was able to narrow down my itinerary based on what I heard about. But also, I’ve begun organizing what to consider doing or seeing in each location. Besides the obvious itinerary and excursions and budget related information, after listening to this podcast, I have even motivated to learn Italian ( at least basic phrases) . Beyond the areas I plan to visit, I am enjoying these podcasts as a virtual tour there. I love listening to these while driving or even on my walks and I feel transferred to Italy. Just love. These ladies have pleasant voices and their casual laid back style conversations really appeals to me. At this point I believe I have listened to each episode and look forward to a new one each week.
  • Avlmomof2
    Great resource for planning!
    I love the stories and travel tips. I look forward to every new episode!
  • valmilo
    I found my tribe!
    I’m Italian, American, and an artist, I desperately long to go back to Italy and bring my husband and sons. I dream of living in Italy one day. It’s a long complicated story but I’ve never felt like I fit in here in Texas, and I have often felt like a crazy person for dreaming of Italy as much as I do! I feel I have found my kindred spirits here! When there is so much negativity around, Katy and Josie’s positivity bring so much joy to my day with not only their passion for Italy, but with their fun, curious, adventurous spirits! From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!
  • chrismc58
    Italy Love
    I have come to love this podcast and look forward to a new episode every week. The additional information provided in show notes and links us so helpful too. I am fortunate to have lived in Italy and to return many times, but there is so much to learn and appreciate and Katy does a great job of sharing info in her podcast. I have introduced many of my friends to Untold Italy, especially those hoping to visit Italy for the first time. Thank you Katy! Keep up the great info exchange.
  • OliviaMarieG
    Italy review
    This podcast has been so informative and has made me so excited as I’m planning a trip to Italy! I love hearing their experiences and being able to use their stories to make decisions on where to stay, what to eat, where to go, and so much more. I just start from episode 1 last week and plan to listen to all 80+ episodes! I highly recommend to anyone!!!
  • jojo_espresso
    The Best Virtual Travel!
    As others have noted, I too have greatly appreciated the opportunity to vicariously travel along with you during the Pandemic — allowing my passion for travel in Italy to stay nurtured and (semi) fulfilled. Not only do I enjoy the diversity in geography and related topics which you and your guests cover, but I’ve also received so many helpful tips which have assisted me as I planned my fall trip to Puglia, Maremma and the NE region of Italy - to include the Prosecco region thanks to your podcast on that area. Whether it is following your guests on their Instagram accounts, blogs and/or websites, recommendations made by you or your guests on other travel websites, blogs, apps, etc. or your FB Italy Travel Planning Group, the recommendations have been invaluable to me. I always look forward to Thursdays and your newest episode. Cheers!
  • Rafael Aka Kiko
    Dreaming of Italy
    I’ve never reviewed a show before but I had to show my support. My wife and I have traveled to Italy every year since 2015. We’re both head over heels in love with the country. Covid ended our streak so all we can do now is dream of Italy. We had our first child during the pandemic and now that the world is opening up we can’t wait to get back. Listening to this show on my morning walks has given me so many ideas for our future trips. Thank you so much for inspiring me every day.
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