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  • Yeah hi!
    Keep doing these please!
  • Irl33tt
    I like the compilations but
    I Iike the compilations just wish they credit to the original speakers who’s clips are used. I do like to look them up.
  • Rcoffey80
    Want motivation and inspiration? This podcast is for you!
    Such a great start to your day. Motivational. Inspirational. Definitely worth listening to. Especially if you are in a low moment and just need a little push to get back to the light.
  • ZBEST59
    For men only
    I went through every podcast, looking for a female that I could feel inspired by. None, nada. Not that I can’t be inspired by men but some days you just need to be inspired by another female.
  • Beast mentality
    The best way to go on with your day with a better life and the beast mentality The best way to get a better start on the way to live
  • 01649
    Not impressed
    This could have been a good podcast but the language ( cuss words) takes it down to ghetto language. Cussing does not impress anyone. I lower your impression on successful people.
  • Drtomaszycki
    Best podcast I have ever listened to
    The reason I gave this podcast 5 stars is because it’s very motivational and moving and it it great to wake up to and work out to. LOVE THIS PODCAST SO MUCH
  • Luke The Duke21
    Thank you
    This helps me with commitment and life so thank you and continue to inspire others.
  • Snu#1
    Any idea
    I believe your referring to Les Brown, he is on that talk several times. He is a favorite of mine.
  • hsgsidn
    Any idea?
    Can anybody tell me who was the second speaker on the episode of “20 minutes to start your day right” it was aired on Oct 20,2022
  • WakeCat11
    Everything has been against me lately but with this my attitude has changed drastically. ❤️
  • 12345LOVE-lw
    Taught me
    I love this motivation! it taught me how to be fearless and to have a positive mindset. Thank you
  • k,monky
    Swimming is a mental sport and this helps so so much!!
  • Hang10'
    Start a day in the right mindset
    This is my ritual every morning. Love it! Thank you
  • Darkmafias
    LOVE IT 🥰
    Every morning I wake up I listening to this 30 mins everyday And I really appreciate, it change my mindset and a lot more
  • forza horizon gamer
    What a cool podcast
    I love listening to this podcast whenever I don’t have anything to do
  • Kane2727
    What an incredible podcast!!
    it’s become my daily gym motivation thanks!
  • #Walkawayman
    Awesome Podcast!
    Full of great speeches and interviews of inspiration figures. Would highly recommend this for people in the morning or while at work. Whenever I'm tired or just want to go home I put this on and then the desire to quit and go home gets less and less the more I listen. Let’s get this money and continue to grind! I’ll sleep when I'm dead!
  • Secoleman1
    Short, daily motivational reminders
    Just found this show and living it. Speak my kind of language. Short daily motivational reminders
  • B.Mode
    I’m feeling the energy and the drive!!
    Awesome motivational podcasts!
  • alvindeleon1
    You can’t fast forward
    You can’t fast forward if you left off some where and want to return back. Super annoying. Good speeches, bad technology.
  • Talking Comfort
    I’m awake now
    I was feeling sooo down this morning. This podcast lifted me up. It’s all inside me. I’m digging deep.
  • **RIP OFF!@&$!
    Usually love all episodes
    ...Except this latest episode. This guy says don't but a house bc they don't make you money. If it wasn't for my two homes, I don't know where I'd be. I've had a couple of times where I "had" to pull money out of my equity to keep me afloat. Without owing myhouses, I wouldn't be able to do that. And comparing staying at a hospital to buying a house?? What??? 😂😂😂Then he says he's always moving around, renting place after place - just throwing money away. Well that's not good. The best thing when you have children is stability. I only liked when he said stop making excuses for not going to the gym.
  • hhhhffjkohop
    So helpful
    I needed this.
  • Missjt21
    I make it a priority to listen to a few of these a day! Gives me motivation and a different outlook on life!
  • Sannityygirl
    I needed this Podcast!!
    This makes me harder mentally, I know what I have to do and I’ll do it today AND I’ll do it tomorrow!!!!
  • blcurtis294
    What I needed today
    These small motivational speeches is what I needed today. Thanks!
  • belizebunnii
    Amazing ✨
    This was just what I needed to help me push through thank you for this ‼️‼️‼️
  • heidimaciecarlotta4
    Great 😌
    I just started listening to this and I absolutely love this !! So inspiring and incredible 🙌🏻🙌🏻📣📣✨✨😃😃
  • bsbdbbxkfk
    Love it
    Who are all the motivational speakers in this , especially the one with the accent that’s a fighter
  • joliet illinois
    Very inspirational
    Thanks for your message it sure came at the right time at 64 I was ready to give up and you gave me hope and direction God bless you
  • TheL1st3ner1
    I love this podcast. I listen to it all the time. It just makes me feel like I can actually get somewhere in life. And someday, I WILL be on the red carpet. And I will be an actress. But sometimes to get there, you have to listen to podcasts like this. Thank you.
    Can’t hear the speaker
    The music is too loud to hear the speakers. Lost the little motivation I had just by trying to get some.
  • bobg g
    Finally found my road warrior podcast
  • Gessie84
    Thank you
    That’s all I can say… thank you!
  • jcarchidi
    Life changing - invigorating - saved me during COVID
    I can only wish and pray that this podcast begins new episodes. Listening to this when driving, walking, jogging, even when laying in bed miserable and weak about getting up fir another day…THIS SUPERCHARGED, STOKED, DROVE me to show up fir myself so that I could show up for others…for those who need the best me. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!
  • Queen..nn
    Thank you
    Thank you so much for these I really needed this right now
  • ricky21ish
    Fired up
    I appreciate the time you take to put these together. These clips have been vital in my journey of self actualization. Would love to see more 20-30 minute clips of single speeches I.e. David Goggins, Arnold Schwarzenegger...Love & Gratitude of the highest kind 🙏🏾
  • ollieollie97
    David Goggins is my idol! I absolutely LOVE knowing he makes an impact on others lives as well as mine. These motivational clips are amazing reminders of what im doing and where im going. Thank you
  • 600785L
    I have no work how I can say thanks to you for changing my life is there anyway that I can support on patron or PayPal
  • Abookwriter2
    I need it, my brother needs it
    Former triathlete, marathoner, many more races and runs-nothing ever kept me down til this post virus fatigue and pain. I’m killing it with ivermectin, meditation and grind. I’m sharing these motivations with my brother and younger business partner. Thanks for this! Nothing else like it.
  • Cameo A
    Thank you
    This is awesome.. sharing to everyone 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
  • littlemoe0820
    Where y’all at?!?
  • plentyofgutz
    Wake up call!
    2:12 in and I’m like wow! Motivations propelling me beyond mediocre! Thank You!
  • kgkgngk
    Love it
    It’s amazing I am so motivated by it👍👍👍
  • crlop56
    I’m so in love
    Thank you
  • ann shenouda
    Changes life
    i love this so much I listed to it in the morning it help and changes my life a bout was said I can never get out o my head
  • NinaLives4Books
    Who Are They🤔I’m looking
    This will bless your soul on so many level. If it speaks to you! They are talking to you!
  • brittany2222222
    Life changing
    I started listening to these everyday 2 weeks ago and they have given me so much strength and power to keep going and accomplish my goals. Please continue making them 🙌🏽
  • Gigiofgregfam
    Every day I listen to one or more of these, and it moves me in a different way each day! It’s about “self love!” Inspirational. Thank you. Keep more coming.
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