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Olivia Amitrano — founder and creator of Organic Olivia — is leveling up in 2020 with What’s The Juice: a podcast as multifaceted as its listeners. What’s The Juice is an extension of Organic Olivia, which started as a blog but quickly morphed into a fierce community of like minds on a divine path of learning, growing, and healing. Our greatest tools are traditional wisdom, herbal medicine and a brave willingness to explore our own behavior and psychology. Olivia is an herbalist, an entrepreneur, a blogger, and most notably an educator.

Each episode is an opportunity to synthesize her education in herbalism, psychology, and a lifetime of health issues into valuable, tangible tips on how to heal and thrive. Interviews with specialists, doctors, therapists, practitioners, astrologers, estheticians, artists, and storytellers are oozing with raw, human moments and empowering information. Candid, honest, curious, engaged (and in case it isn’t obvious, a Leo), this young woman is on a mission to understand the human condition while sharing both the present chapter of her life as well as the lessons she’s learned getting here. Peeling back the layers isn’t always pretty, but life is juicy and we’re in this together.

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  • aileday
    Thank you so much 🧡
    I can’t express how lucky I feel to have come across this gem of a dialogue. Both Olivia and Dr. Z offer so much important and world-altering information to work with here. I wasn’t able to finish the episode in its entirety the night that I started listening. It had so powerfully drawn my attention that when I picked it up again, I just had to re-listen from the beginning and take notes. As a poor working class Chicana who also thinks much about ancestral/generational trauma & healing on a regular basis, and has also always felt drawn to, but never exactly encouraged to deeply study non-Western healing practices, I was particularly moved and inspired as I listened to Dr. Zelina Medina speak. Tears were definitely shed. Thank you both for giving me a push toward deeper investigation, study, healing. I had to share the episode with my mom and aunt, who really enjoyed listening, and then with my cousin and younger sister. I will be sharing it with a few other loved ones who think a lot about the topics discussed as well because wow. ¡QUEREMOS MÁS! WE WANT MORE—please. I would be so grateful if in a future episode/(s) y’all could elaborate on everything Olivia draws us back to at the end of this one, and, if possible, on the heart-lung/lung-skin connections as well. Crossing my fingers for more future content like this! 🤞🏽🥰💓
  • xdghcj☺️😜💙💅🏻😘😘💅🏻
    So educational and enlightening
    Love Organic Olivia and I love her heart to truly help and teach people how to love healthier, happier lives. She talks about practical, real ways to be healthy, not only physically, but emotionally. I’m learning so much, and I recommend this podcast 150% to everyone who wants to be proactive in their health!
  • nmcm90
    So enlightening!
    This is amazing. Thank you for shedding light on so many things. I’ve had that “aha moment” so many times and learned so much just from the first podcast!
  • Vgrtvh
    Love this podcast so much! I’ve been recommending it to everyone, and I’m so happy it’s finally here!
  • Melanie Wed
    Great role model
    Oliva has been my role model for years now, and I’m so excited she is now in the podcast world!! My commute is long and this podcast has been making my Monday mornings much brighter, and helping me start the week off on the right foot. Love love love!
  • _Kdbl
    Love it. Love it. Love it.
  • Naylovesmusic
    Love Olivia’s content!
    I’ve been following her on Instagram for years and so excited that she now has a podcast. She educates in such a positive loving way. I’ve enjoyed the episodes and guests she’s had, excited for more. I love it!
  • LA to the Bay
    New Gen Herbalist yassss
    Congratulations Olivia for all the hard work and passion you put into your learning and sharing. I’m giving 3 stars because your curiosity is amazing & so fun but I do feel there’s a lot of room for growth in your interviewing skills and the type of questions you ask. I know you’ll only get better with time and I really admire seeing you bloom in your feminine power. A million kudos for such a DIVERSE guest list.
  • Sjandaur
    Love love love!
    Loving the podcast! Excited to hear more!
  • ashleysaba
    Organic Olivia does it again!
    I love Olivia and all of her products! She is so inspiring and this podcast is so informative. Audio is too low though! Volume on my phone and car is all the way up and I can still barely hear... Olivia pleaseeee fix this! Love what you do!!!
  • mckins3y
    So many new ideas and perspectives!
  • ringboxlady
    Listen to this podcast!!!!
    Three episodes in and I should have written this after the very first one. I have been following Olivia for many years, since she was creating necklaces with the gold in them. I have learned so much from her, it’s unbelievable. Now that there is a podcast full of incredible information, Monday is a day I actually look forward to. I can’t say enough good things about this podcast, truly. The first episode about stress REALLY opened my eyes. I have to go back and listen to them all again because there’s such a wealth of information, I will probably hear something I didn’t pick up on the first time. Everything makes so much sense and it’s easy to digest. Not overwhelming. I love the flow of the pod. The conversational aspect is my favorite because it’s like you’re sitting there listening to other two friends talk about some very interesting topics and you’re just pulled into it and kind of speechless but also like “oh my gosh, I totally get that now.” Can’t wait for more episodes! Thank you Olivia for sharing this absolute gem with us.
  • IsaBellaRockz
    So much to think about
    There was so much information or to think about listening to this episode. I can hear the emotions on Doctor Z.. it would be great to get more on The things she did to heal, especially the deep traumas.
  • Mora322
    I’ve been following Organic Olivia a couple years now. Really happy to have this podcast. I love learning from her and really appreciate the way she explains things. Thanks for sharing all your knowledge with us! ❤️✌️
  • livenatural1234
    Very informative
    Loving this podcast. It’s so informative and helpful. The one negative thing I have to say is that the sound is very low and I can barely hear with my earphones in while walking outside. Hope this changes as more episodes come out. Still love this podcast and can’t wait for more episodes!
  • HoJo9442
    Just what I needed!
    Olivia is a breath of fresh air! I love her casual fun style + super informative talks. She interviews all the people I’d want to talk to and asks all the questions I’d ask and more. Every episode I learn so much and always end up laughing and feeling inspired. Can’t miss any episode now!
  • saabb2121
    So real and informative! ✨✨🌱
    Amazing podcast with valuable information! I’ve been waiting on this for years since I discovered Olivia. I don’t ever take notes for anything and found myself doing so (keep in mind my hand writing is slightly bad) but for the most part legible. I do have one complaint which has to do with the sound. Unfortunately it isn’t loud enough 🗣 to hear over any other sounds and you would need to be in a very quiet room to hear — but otherwise keep it up! Can’t wait to continue hearing these episodes and acquiring more and more information that will help me and many others on our health journey 👏🏼
  • Maligvts467
    Best podcast ever
    Informative, fun, JUICY! I love organic Olivia blog, products, and now podcast!! She’s truly the best! Packed full of information that will have you wanting to take notes! Would rate 100 stars if I could.
  • jessjbrooks
    Love the Pod!!
    Olivia, thank you, for all your hard work bringing this podcast to life! And thank you to everybody else who participated! Love it! Audio on episode two is very quiet, btw.
  • purposedriven2002
    Great info, but audio is a bit low
    Thank you for sharing this valuable info! I attempt to listen while doing other things around the house. The audio is a bit too low.
  • Peace&&Love
    Very Raw real Pod! ✨
    Been following since day one! She is such an amazing powerful woman! Loving & leaning from theses Podcast’s🌞✨🌱🧠
  • hippigrinch
    Love it!
  • Kittylittertripflip
    Wonderful just need volume improvements
    Although I do enjoy some of the chatter, I do agree that jumping into the health topics sooner would make it a little better. I found it really hard to hear especially the second episode while I’m walking outside or on the train. Please increase the volume and improve sound quality! Would make such a huge difference. Thank you guys so much! Love❤️
  • rachsky77
    Love this podcast but please fix Volume!
    I absolutely love the content of this podcast so far and can’t wait to hear future episodes. My only issue is that the sound is super low, volume needs to be turned up. In order to hear it I have to max out the volume in my car. Everything else is great so far. Thanks for providing great content!
  • NRI15
    So much important Information!
    I am looking forward to all future podcast. Thank you for all the valuable info. I am going to listen to all episodes more than once to make sure I write down all important points. I am going to share this podcast with all my friends and family.
  • sarcar32
    You will love it
    I’m loving every bit of the wonderful juicy information, I will faithfully listen to this every week! One thing I have noticed is that it’s hard to hear and the volume is low even when turned all the way up when compared to my other podcasts, maybe something to fix in the future.
  • Gk4518Harris
    Audio is too low
    Please correct episode one audio quality
  • PhotographyIsLife263
    A little too much “fluff” before getting to the meat of the podcast
    There was just too much “blooper style chit chat” before getting to the meat of the podcast. As a business owner and a mom I really appreciate podcasts that get to the point and don’t have “fluff” and just chit chat with the guests. I’m a HUGE fan of Doctor G’s podcast because he jumps right in and gives valuable information from start to finish and isn’t about all the “cutesy stuff” or going off on personal tangents. Some people might like that, no podcast style is for everyone, but personally I would rather have a 20 minute episode with tons of valuable information than an hour of extras.
  • TikiLove TG
    Love me some Organic Olivia!!
    Love this girl and everything she stands for! Been using her products for a while now and it’s changed my life!! So happy she started a podcast!!!!
  • Booty bitty
    Amazing! Beautiful! So great!
    Only a few episodes in and I’m hooked. Ive been following Olivia for years but I love to have such rich information in little snippets so it’s easier to digest and retain! Keep doing great things boo! My one complaint is that the volume is really low so it’s hard to hear if you’re playing it in a not-totally-quiet space (with or without headphones) I played it in my car at full volume and it was still really quiet! Other than that-we gucci 👌🏽 ✨
  • theshmeth
    First thank you so much for this information! I find it so helpful and healing! But it’s really hard to hear the girl in the back that you are talking to. Any way to give her a microphone? 💛💜💗💚❤️
  • Niki Gist
    inspired notes
    olivia! this is everything that i have been craving. i wholly trust you and your herbs and i love what you said at the end of episode one about education. i have listened to each episode multiple times and each time i take something different away. i can’t wait to see how this community grows.
  • igcamila1234567
    Great podcast but I just couldn’t get over the fact that in the middle of crazy traffic and horns blasting in the middle of NYC I couldn’t really hear much. I had my car and phone volume on max. Again- great podcast and very informative but the volume is an issue, also during #02 I kept hearing some kind of background noise which was annoying, sounded like gum chewing?
  • Krbraga91
    I’m excited!
    I’m so excited about this podcast! I only found Olivia a few months ago but I’ve been really enjoying her and her products. I’ve listened to the first 2 episodes and they had great info. I have to say I did get a little frustrated about not being able to hear people even with my volume all the way up. And this might just be me, but for some reason the little background music/sounds while they’re talking really bugs me! But still, I think this will be the only podcast I actually listen to regularly.
  • KimSINy
    So good!!!
    I’ve been following Olivia on Instagram for a while now so when I heard she was creating a podcast I was thrilled! This does not disappoint. We get an even more in-depth glimpse into her world and her personality just shines so bright. Even the sound of her voice is so soothing. She has the most unique insights into true health and she knows how to explain in a way that absolutely anyone can understand. Thank you Olivia! 5 million stars
  • Ej1993
    Very excited about this podcast
    I have followed organic Olivia for quite a while now and am an avid user of her herbal supplements and tinctures. I think she is such a wealth of knowledge and I’m excited for the interviews to come. I wish I could have given this five stars because it truly does deserve it but the SOUND QUALITY is so bad :( I listened to the first episode on headphones with only a little trouble but the latest second episode I can’t hear at all on full volume. I hope there is a way the producers and Olivia can fix these technical issues because the content is worth five stars!!
  • Kcbarr
    Love love love!
    I’ve been following Olivia for over a year on Instagram and I am SO EXCITED that she is sharing her knowledge and helping us to learn alongside her as well! She’s so genuine and down to earth and I couldn’t love it more!
  • Cb bobby
    Great content, production improvements welcomed!
    Okay LOVE the content, but it’s a bit difficult to listen to with the quality of production. It’s hard to hear the speakers that are not close to the microphone and we hear TOO MUCH from the speaker close to the microphone. I know it’s sounds petty, but I’m distracted by the speakers gulping and lip smacking throughout the podcast. I’ve had to turn it down so I can dull it, but then I can’t hear anyone else.
  • Curly218
    Simply amazing!
    I’ve listened twice already. Literally feels like she’s sitting in my living room. LOVE that there are no ad interruptions. It’s the perfect complement after being an Organic Olivia customer for over a year now.
  • ciara.lewis927
    The information in this!!
    These podcasts are SO helpful. Love Olivia!
  • JessicaLeigh168
    Could listen to her all day!
    I recently found Olivia’s blog and immediately connected with everything she had to say. Now, especially in this podcast, she dives right into all of the fine details on how everything is connected, and it’s so crazy how much I learned in just this first episode! As someone who suffers from Hashimotos and insulin resistance, the information she provides is truly invaluable. The podcast is so easy to understand and I am just so excited to finally have a resource that I can relay on to teach me about TCM and the use of herbs to heal my body. I absolutely can not wait for the next episodes to drop!! Olivia, thank you so much for sharing everything you know and putting your obvious good energy into the world to support the rest of us who really struggle and just want answers. Xoxo Jessica
  • KHLM8
    Loved it!
    So much great information! Thank you for sharing all your knowledge. Can’t wait for the other episodes! 🙏
  • emmmgem
    Divine as HELL!!!!
    Powerful information that case at the most perfect time for me!! Olivia and her crew make learning fun and easy. Thank you guys so much, can’t wait for more!!
  • Nicholejune
    This is the podcast I’ve been waiting for
    I have followed Olivia for almost 4 years now and learned SO much! She’s passionate and dedicating to breaking down health to the basics and making it so your average stay at home mom can learn so much about health and wellness. This podcast is amazing. 🙌🏻🙌🏻
  • Janine Michelle
    She’s THE best!
    Olivia knows her stuff and is a bright light in this world! She informs in a beautiful way that is easy to follow, interesting, authentic and highly educational. I can listen to her talk all day and love improving my health in the process. Thanks for all you do girl!
  • madisonnielsen
    Amazing podcast!
    I can’t say enough good things about this women. She is so knowledgeable and shares very powerful information that should empower everyone to take care of their bodies. Thank you Olivia!
  • DanielleCasey
    Everything I needed!!
    Couldn’t love you or this podcast more❤️so informative, relatable, + inspiring.
  • alisonbadami
    I didn’t even listen to this yet but I know it’s going to amazing. I’m SO EXCITED. I love Olivia. My notebook is out and ready!
    I have been following Olivia for years and I’m so excited the podcast is finally here! Such an informative episode and I am going to implement some of the tools that she spoke about in this episode. As a teeth grinder myself, I was shocked to learn why my body is doing what it’s doing. Olivia has such a talent for blending science and spirituality into her lessons and I love how candid but informative this episode was. I truly believe that knowledge is power and in this day in age we should be accountable for our own health, thanks to your team it makes it makes the learning curve easier to digest and comforting to know that I’m not alone in my imbalances. I am subscribing and will be coming back weekly to hear what else I can do to feel and live my best life! ❤️
  • Leslie L Chabak
    Wealth of information!
    I love this podcast already! Thank you organic Olivia! You are so knowledgeable and I can’t wait to learn from you and your guests every Monday. Love love love your products too!
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