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The Catholic Gentleman is a show for Catholic Men on the topics of living with virtue and holiness in the modern world. Featuring conversations on all aspects of masculinity, as well as interviews with experts, the show seeks to provide practical insights for men of all ages. There are great Catholic men who are intentionally committed to the difficult work of actual life. Join us and be one of them.
Episodes are released weekly.
Be a Man. Be a Saint.
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Recent Reviews
  • Kent A Keith
    Great content
    Excellent show with great and life changing content.
  • Thecoolcatholiccat444
    Enjoyable and insightful
    I’m a woman but I find this podcast enjoyable to listen too occasionally. It always gives me plenty to think about! Thank you for helping the men of my generation!
  • Forexter1
    Substance, substance, substance
    I am not a gentleman, but I love this podcast. I hope more women will discover this podcast. Great guests, great topics, great substance, great faith.
  • mpdisano
    You don’t even have to be hugely religious or even Catholic but this is an incredible podcast with great guests. Highly recommend for men and fathers.
  • Zmej Gorynych
    Reading the book.
    Love it. This is the way every man should live.☦️☦️☦️
  • flip8689
    Manhood Merges with Sainthood for Manly Men
    This podcast has been a huge blessing for me. I found this a few months ago and I’ve been hooked since. It has helped me flip the switch on realizing that I’m not the man I thought I was. The views and perspectives in this show gives a fresh vibe and meaning to what a man should aspire to be. I would encourage anyone not just men to listening in on some awesome topics they discuss. God bless everything that these gentleman are doing now and in the future. Truly inspiring!!
  • Tumorbro
    Be a man. Be a SAINT!
    Stumbled upon this podcast just a week ago and really love all the episodes I have listened to so far. This podcast and IG also lead to a chain of events ended with me going to confession after 23 years and back to Mass and receiving the Eucharist. Really love the episode with Trey plumber. He’s a barber from Arkansas and so am I so I really loved his perspective
    Such a blessing to have found this podcast, I’m profoundly grateful. Intellectually stimulating, spiritually insightful. Thank you so much Catholic Gentleman.
  • JP Dominic
    Love this Pod; great guidance and thinking Jim
  • Ofc Holt
    Great men discussing real world issues and incidents from a strong Catholic perspective. It’s always great to hear and learn from the incredible guests that they have each show!
  • shootthemoonmom
    Super insightful, and not just for Catholics.
  • Foofozz
    This podcast feeds me as much as Sunday mass!
    I cannot recommend this podcast enough! After the Lanky Guys folded I struggled to find another podcast to help feed me during the week… the Catholic Gentlemen podcast has been a god send. As a frontline worker, they have nailed topics dear to me from deep ones like mental health to light hearted topics like cooking! While distance may physically separate us I am eternally grateful to these brothers for being consistently used by the spirit and encouraging my growth in faith.
  • JLopezii
    I’m new to the podcast and love it. Thoughtful, honest talk about our church and how as men we can be catholic leaders. Recommended.
  • App Aficionado31
    True Catholics and True Gentlemen
    I can’t begin to thank you both enough for the difference your mission has made in my life! As a Cradle-Catholic that never truly knew his own faith…. More than words could say, your Show, Mannerisms, Faith, and Guests have helped me to die-to-self and become truly on fire for God! I’d heard not to be lukewarm for the Lord, but I never knew how to burn brightly for his salvation. Thanks to you Sam and John; now I do! May God Bless you both and your families also.
  • Kelflut
    So needed!
    This podcast is so needed to help men become REAL men in the current toxic culture. John and Sam are very real and relatable. Thank you for this great content!
  • Ret Ranger
    Challenging Men to be a Spiritual Leader
    I listen to many podcasts but very few challenge me as a husband and father in my own vocation.
  • mrring000
    Way to have the big man on, pass on that he stands as a cornerstone that we all need to stand tall.
  • CatherineMargaret
    Catholic Women
    I’m a Catholic mother and Army vet who really enjoys your podcast. Your advice is timeless and grounded.
  • edward platel
    Press for piety
    I really enjoy that the hosts are more focused on growing in piety andVirtue with A sense of Traditional Catholicism and leave the politics aside
  • Ljohiller
    Pretending to be men
    Gee ….when I grow up ….I want to pretend to be a Catholic. OMG
  • Deathandtexas
    Overall good
    The only way it could be better is if they one host would stop saying “right?” after every sentence. Verbal tics like that are very distracting.
  • Chris R 818
    A great Podcast for those trying to be a better man everyday
    I love how these guys approach topics that most people wouldn’t find as an issue!
  • SuperSonic1552
    Listen Away
    This podcast is exactly what the modern man needed. It’s always a pleasure hearing an episode for it’s content and the vibe it brings to one’s speakers. If you’re looking to learn and relax, get a cigar, turn up the podcast, and listen away.
  • Laborare est orare. Ohio!
    Deo gratias
    This podcast brings to mind the good things in life—our wives, families, homes, work, good bourbon and cigars. This show will help inspire you to carry yourself like a man.
  • Jmuti4
    Want to give it more than 5 stars
    Wow! This is just what I needed in this time of my life. I am a college senior looking to build virtue and this podcast has helped me do that. Praise be to God
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