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The You Should Know Podcast is hosted by Peyton Hardin and co hosted by Cameron Kennedy. These two best friends don't shy away from sharing their most revealing secrets and making fun of each-other in a way only the closest of friends can do.

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  • sosolimo
    Is P single ????
  • VOP 3
    DEAR DR.P,
    DR.P, You spend a segment listening to peoples romantic problems please consider listening to mine. I need help. ever since I started this school year I’ve had trouble making friends, this girl I liked rejected me but said we should still be friends, she seems like it wasn’t sincere, but today she acted like a true friend. I can’t decide whether to stay friends and endure the confusion, or cut her off. What do I do?
  • thaddaeus1318
    Keep it up
    Best podcasts group known
  • BarbieG91
    Love this podcast!!
    You both are freaking hilarious! You are relatable and always make me laugh. Thank you!
  • Crworsh
    The Best Podcast
    This is the best podcast, hands down! If every podcast had this type of back and forth friendly banter, and format, the podcast world would be a way better place! Love the chemistry between these two brothers and the stories never get old! My only complaint is I have to wait a whole week for the next new episode! 😩
  • Kendrick lover
    Funny as frick
  • amara 🔫
    Just grate vibes all around 😂😂
  • fivndi
    I always laugh a lot whenever I listen to this
  • ✨michelle✨ 💚cooper💚
    it’s so funny. it’s okay you guys i get math books over the summer to
  • AlainaJo
    2y… or 2w I forgot but yeah 🫶🏼 love y’all!
  • ChrisW3188
    Absolutely amazing guys, I have been binge listening since episode 1 on night shift so 10 hours a night of y’all and let me tell you it’s been a life saver every night I’m up to episode 69 and love every minute of it. Keep it up and look forward to listening to many more!!!
  • Asian_Hitman
    Awesome podcast!
    I work nights so I listen to your podcast when I’m at work. Makes work more enjoyable. Thanks guys! Keep it up.
  • Ahmaad456
    Truly one of the most funniest random and exciting podcast that are filled with so much diversity and different personalities including mama liv and the other who bring such excitement to the podcast and making me love each episode more and more and I’m thankful for it because it helped me want to create myself so thank you
  • Mackenzie to the max
    Love love love this podcast as someone who spends all day around music this is what I love listening to on my way home or driving around. It’s so funny, real, and interesting
  • Izzy0524
    LOVE IT!!!!
    My dad showed me this and now I can’t stop listening to y’all. I listen every second I get a chance. And I love dr. P
  • App KO!
    I found this show thru YouTube Shorts and it was a great recommendation these dudes are funny they really made an hour go by fast God bless America 🇺🇸 and may 2024 be the year of peace love and buckets of money
  • OddlyNatt
    Love to listen on my way to and from work, puts me on a good vibe ! And definitely makes me laugh if it’s been a rough day. I appreciate it yall!!
  • 𝓒𝓸𝓻𝓷𝓮𝓪𝓵𝓲𝓾𝓼
    No it’s not! No it’s not! No it’s not! No it’s not!
    Mannn Peyton is my inner energy lol W podcast
  • LindsRachelle
    Thanks for what y’all do!
    I’m a city mail carrier that walks 90% of my route and I’m always listening to y’all while working. I’m sure anyone who sees me walking up and down the road while laughing/wheezing with tears in my eyes, at what appears to be nothing to them, probably think I’m hella crazy.. but y’all make my days so much better! Love all the personality and hilarious banter!
  • tuasuckson cu
    How is Peyton that dumb bro just said that fish aren’t animals.
  • Black subway surfer guy
    I love the podcast so much
    I found you guys on TikTok and YouTube and I’ve been watching you guys ever since and I love you guys so much and you guys are so funny and I’m a big fan and I’m ready to watch the new videos
  • Cookie Monstar 33
    Love y’all
    Found y’all on TikTok and had to hear the whole thing because you guys have me dying laughing with so much joy keep it up
  • hgknox93
    Always laughing
    Found you guys originally on tik tok and started listening to the podcast last week. As a commuting student I listen to you guys on my way to school and on my way home and I am always cracking up laughing. Keep up the amazing work and the great vibes!! Sending love from Iowa ❤️
  • Okey dokey artlokey
    Love it
    I like it you know
  • jj🏀🏈
    Yes daddy
  • Shastakraye
    The best laughs
    Found you guys on Facebook reels and am dying watching. Can’t wait for more laughs.
  • Mojodavid1
    The best podcast ever!!!
    I stumbled on them on TikTok and they are so funny I listen to them everytime I’m at work to have a good time and a great laugh !!!
  • gracie xDD
    this is the energy i needed in a podcast!!!
    saw you guys on tiktok and was hooked. i love the chaos and how you guys are really just talking to each other but it ends up roasting each other and being hilarious. and you can tell both of you have such big hearts and strive to be good people in this world!
  • Meggy 💜💜
    I saw one on y’all’s podcast from TikTok, and ever since I have listen to every single podcast and video I can find, you guys are so funny and amazing!! I listen to y’all on the way to work or really when I’m in the car to go anywhere and while I’m at work you guys give me my morning laugh in the morning when I wake up and hating life, alsooooo I’m moving to Texas soon so hopefully I get to see y’all in person one day to like a live show or something so something I’m really looking forward thank you guys for doing what y’all do and y’all are great !!!
  • f1 boi
    The best!!
    You guys are the only reason I get my homework done. Y'all’s podcast is one of if not the best.
  • HoneyMarieH
    Best ever
    I can’t imagine my life without them!! I rewatch and listen all the time. Thank yall for being yall!!
  • Bonzobeanz
    I listen to you guys when I should be sleeping and gives me a challenge to try not to laugh every minute
  • Pizz453
    Cam and peyton are great
    Love the debates of these 2. Not a fan when liv is on, sounds like she tries too hard for the attention
  • Amazingly good podcast
  • joe martines
    Amazing monday podcast
    Before YSK podcast Mondays were dreadful. And since i started listening i look forward to my Mondays. Im at work with my water bottle just enjoying my morning and smiling. Loveee the podcast, always makes my day.
  • yeah.... no
    I love these two together so much y’all. I listen to them when I’m on my way to work or at the bus stop and I’m a teen so I usually just watch YouTube but this is the only podcast that feels unofficial and unorganized and I love it for that so much. I’ll be cackling on my way to the bus stop in the dark. My neighbors think I’m crazy but they’re just so amazing
  • .s.k.h.
    The laugh I needed
    I had been have a pretty hard week and stumbled upon this gem. Made me laugh when I didn’t think I could!
  • Nate Groff
    This guy is an idiot.
    Imagine thinking Froot Loops are different flavors.
  • JEC$2230
    Best podcast
    Best podcast!!
  • Jb said so
    You guys make my day 100 times better thank you!
  • Notonethingspecial
    Love the pod guys
  • Used-din0
    I love them
    I love these guys I first saw them one TikTok and they a hilarious.
  • GerardoBecerra
    Just… Amazing!
    I started seeing this on TikTok and I was loving them all. Everyone in the studio and their energy is just unique and wow. So I wanted to show my support by going all the way to the beginning and let me tell you… it has not been disappointing. Every episode he has is amazing. Some very good stories and they are very entertaining. I recommend everyone to watch it from the beginning or hear cause that’s what I’ve been doing, and you will always have a smile on your face. Keep up the amazing work!
  • Nick Thecamper
    First time listener
    I found these good people on tik tok and the one that got me hooked was the Fruit loops one. I was in the drive way with my little brother and it took me 20 minutes to find y’all on YouTube and I was om from there. I’m sick I have to go week by week now. I listened to every episode.
  • Oscar Santana Lies
    It Doesn’t Matter
    Peyton was great on the It Doesn't Matter Patreon podcast. Really funny
  • dogmum5
    Read a Book
    Absolutely hilarious. I have a pretty stressful job and I looove listening to your podcast during the way to lighten up the mood and keep me fresh and smiling when I get home. For what it’s worth, science says the world is upwards of 70% water, 95% of which is ocean. But fight the good fight, keep us laughing.
  • Dobee_13
    Hilarious Podcast
    This podcast is the most hilarious podcast I have ever heard and I would say that this is my favorite podcast. Their conversations and debates has me laughing out loud along with Cameron’s reactions and corrections to Peyton’s thoughts. I would recommend this podcast if you want to get a good laugh. I found them out from the platform TikTok and I have always bookmarked their videos on TikTok. Ever since I never miss out on their new episodes.
  • Bratkins22
    Can’t stop laughing
    Wayy too funny. Peyton and Cam are comedy geniuses.
  • sfurr88
    Keep it Going
    Payton’s energetic introductions are great. He needs to slow down just a little bit it’s hard to distinguish what he says sometimes. He can keep the exact same energy just make sure when he speaks it’s clear. I love it. Keep the same energy team!
  • also a insomniac
    Y’all are the funniest people I have had the pleasure of listening to
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