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With over ten years experience making a home, author and mom of seven, Lisa Bass, shares her love for from scratch cooking, natural living and all things handmade. As a full-time blogger and homeschooler, Lisa also mixes in a little mom life and business tips.

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  • emloveshomebirth
    Simple and good!
    I started watching Lisa’s YouTube channel Farmhouse on Boone which is how I came across her podcast. I like that she brings on guests that align with her homemaking lifestyle and asks deep questions. She is inspiring! If you are looking for a homemaking podcast to listen to, this one is worth your time!
  • lexiander11111111116666666666
    I love Farmhouse on Boone
    I love Lisa’s YouTube channel and podcast. I may never have a homestead but her homemaker content has encouraged me tremendously. She’s an absolute boss, as well. I want a larger family (maybe 4 kids). And she makes having a bigger family feel so much less daunting.
  • mrsvos
    Inspiring Easy Listen
    I love this podcast, Lisa is such an inspiration in all things motherhood, natural living, homesteading, and nutrition. I have enjoyed listening as I go about my typical everyday mommy tasks. I can’t sit and watch YouTube videos as easily these days with babies and homemaking, so this podcast format is my favorite way to learn and absorb information relevant to this season of my life.
  • Rog Fam
    Love this channel!
    Thank you for your great content! I love your heart and your beautiful example in life!
  • KateSuffern
    Very helpful, encouraging podcast
    This podcast has been a life changer for me! In parenting and homemaking. The encouragement to try new things gradually and not expect perfection from yourself is very helpful.
  • Bailey Trav
    Amazing podcast!
    Great podcast and great info for a young mom who is just starting her own homestead.
  • Angie Tarrant
    The Value of a Homemaker
    This episode was so encouraging to me! As spring arrives there is so much to do and it can feel so overwhelming. Listening to this podcast reminded me to prioritize the important things first and the rest will all fall into place!
  • StasiaH
    This lady has changed my life
    I'm so glad I found Lisa first when I started researching sourdough. Her no fuss attitude to sourdough has transformed our family for the last year since I first made my sourdough starter. She is my age, but she's like 4 generations older than me with life knowledge, work ethic, and ideas. So that part hurts. But other than that, I really love her youtube videos. And I also gave birth in the car and feel sentimental towards her for that shared (but separate) experience as well. Thanks Lisa for all the awesome content!!!
  • lnrtargetshopper
    Sally Clarkson best episode ever
    This particular episode is one I know I’ll come back to over and over. It’s life-changing. I can’t wait to implement her ideas into my family and community!
  • 😍podcasts
    Must listen ❤️
    Lisa is awesome! I love this podcast. I have just recently discovered it and it’s A-mazing. Easy listen, almost like your with your friends chatting about anything and everything. I love how real Lisa is about life and family, she has great tips, and is living life to the fullest (and healthiest) ;) Overall great podcast, I can’t rave about it enough!!! Keep up the good work Lisa! May God bless you!
  • hsierr2b
    Where would I be…
    without Lisa? My oldest - who is 6 - knows her as “Farmhouse Lady on Boone”. Every time we look up a recipe he is always asking, “Is that Farmhouse Lady on Boone?” Haha. Thank you so much for sharing what you know and the knowledge of others! So much to learn here.
  • TaliaH.
    I really enjoy listening to every episode of this podcast. Lisa is such a kind and calming presence. I love how she always puts herself into the questions and tries to figure out how she can better herself and her family, it feels like a genuine conversation and not just an interview with strangers’ questions. I also love how relaxing these podcasts are. When your brain needs a break from anything intense, you can still learn something here while relaxing and just hearing a conversation. I highly recommend this podcast.
  • AshleyMGrant
    Amazing Podcast!!!
    This is my absolute favorite podcast, I just discovered lisa recently and I have been listening to her almost daily! I only have two kids (1 year old and newborn) and hope to have many more. I plan to homeschool when they are older. Have recently gotten into a more natural life, homemade life, and have started a homestead. I have learned so much from your podcast!!! Thank you!!
  • Burney30956
    I am loving the way she makes the ideas of homemade & homemaking simple and doable. It all seems overwhelming when you e never done it all that way, but she makes it very real and achievable.
  • homesteading enthusiast
    Lisa is just cool.
    My wife and I have listened and watched Lisa on her YouTube channel and her podcast. I have to say Lisa is just cool. I like that she talks about homesteading, caring for animals, and using traditional skills that are almost at this point lost so many in a modern world. I love that she doesn’t push any of her opinions or beliefs on anyone. She’s a religious person, her husband and her homeschool their seven kids but that’s really all you need to know as far as background the rest is focused on what she’s actually doing or what she’s actually making which is pretty impressive at this point in the game when almost everyone on a podcast, wants to give their unsolicited opinion rather than teach or talk about what we all showed up to actually listen too. Thanks Lisa!
  • Humbly, Haley
    Well Rounded and Thoughtfully Curated
    I love the range of the topics Lisa covers on this podcast! Her guests are always well educated and there is so much practical information to glean from every episode. Highly recommend for any mama who wants to pursue a more traditional, simple lifestyle for her family!
  • Heart Happy Momma
    I always come back to this podcast
    I originally found Lisa on YouTube from a baby wrap tutorial and a couple of years later realized she had a podcast. After listening to many past podcasts, and listening to most of her others, I’ve really enjoyed the content and approach she has with her kids and her home. (Most likely because it’s similar to mine or at least what I hope to achieve as my family grows and changes.) I have loved listening to the interviews and have most enjoyed Toups and Co owner (I’ve made purchases and love the products), Growing Joy owner, and so many more. I was going to name more but I don’t have time to go back for names. (There were 2 health related interviews that I loved but can’t remember their names.) I like that she is able to find a lot of really knowledgeable guests. I highly recommend this podcast to homeschool moms and anyone interested in natural living. Also, as she said in one podcast or YouTube video, some people might be here because they like listening to me talk. This is actually one reason I have stopped a few other podcasts. Voice matters. Thank you Lisa for all of your content and I’m happy for you and your family’s success.
  • KHC Reviews
    Short Episodes
    Short episodes that are easy to listen to while cleaning and provide a lot of information!
  • meschoux
    Lisa is a legend
    I never get tired of content from Lisa! I love the practicality, honesty, and approachability of this podcast and it’s guests. Always a pleasure!
  • srchomestead
    Beautiful podcast: love the topics
    I am a homestead Mama of 3 and this has been my outlet. I have enjoyed all the episodes and the guests are amazing! Check out this podcast you will be so inspired!
  • wikelb
    Educational and Enriching
    I’ve loved every podcast Lisa has made! She’s a great source on home making and I’ve loved learning from her knowledge. Also her guests are always interesting and informative.
  • RachSwan
    I love pretty much everything Lisa does! This is such an enjoyable podcast… love all the education and inspiration!
  • garlichcarrie
    Love this podcast!
    I absolutely adore Lisa and all she offers on this podcast. Such a good feel podcast and an opportunity to learn new things as well! Thank you, Lisa! May God bless you!
  • J&G Mama
    Great Find
    I recently started listening to this podcast and have learned so much! It also makes me realize that I’m not alone in this journey towards a healthier and freer lifestyle for my family.
  • mjhazen730
    Love it
    This podcast was a recent find. I just listened to Sally Clarkson but then stayed and listened to the pro-metabolic discussion. I can tell this will be a new favorite. Thank you for putting out this content!
  • Mlongac
    Great Diverse Topics!
    I am a young mom and I really appreciate the diverse topics on this podcast. I love the wisdom and education from people who excel in these areas. It’s really informative and so helpful! Keep doing all the diverse topics. It’s so interesting!
  • Anita Zeece
    Beautiful, holistic approach
    Really beautifully done podcast. It inspires me as a young mom to stay focused on what matters and stay rooted in traditional health and home life. Lisa brings a holistic perspective to family raising. Thank you, Lisa!
  • Mrs_Hanna
    Love her!
    Lisa’s podcast is so inspiring! I recommend to ANYONE looking for guidance and information on homesteading, cooking, and home making!
  • MommyKayla
    Love it!!
    This has become my new favorite podcast! So applicable to my family and lifestyle... I’ve been binge-listening all week!! ☺️
  • Ninna from NJ
    Oh that was great!!!
    I love sour dough thanks to you!
  • Be_Glorious
    I happened upon this podcast, and even though my kids are grown and I wasn’t a homeschooler or homesteader I find the information really interesting and informative! Learning a lot and passing on to my family! We’ll done!!!
  • hirwin2010
    My favorite podcast!
    I love listening to this podcast! I always learn so much and I enjoy Lisa’s calm vibe. I especially enjoyed the episodes from summer ‘22 that focused on non-toxic healthy living. This podcast is a joy to listen to.
  • Franzeska4
    Informative, easy going conversations
    Lisa is very easy to listen to and always has so much information to share along with the guests she has. She keeps it real about mothering and homesteading. Most recently I listened to the episode about herbs. Totally got me deep diving into the herb world! I love it!!
  • Burgers&Beer
    Fantastic guests and host
    I love listening when I am doing dishes, folding laundry, or driving. I always enjoy hearing from the different guests. This has quickly become one of my favorite podcasts!
  • the_lakewoman
    Informational homesteading pep talks
    This podcast has quickly become my new favorite. I like to listen to it while taking a walk, run, or coincidentally…gardening!! The amount of useful information on gardening, canning, wellness, farm animals, diy healthy household cleaning swaps, all natural makeup, and more, that I have gathered from the array of podcasts is unmatched. So very thankful I stumbled upon this gem.
  • Neeli Brisky
    One of my favorites
    Lisa is a great content creator. I found her podcast when looking for ways to save money and live a simpler life after becoming a mom. Through her podcast and YouTube page I’ve learned so much about cooking from scratch, money saving tips, and so much more. Her podcasts offer entertainment and education while also feeling very calm and peaceful. Which is so helpful to have as a mom to littles. Grateful to Lisa for this podcast!
  • madcpatty
    I love this podcast!!
    I look forward to new episodes every week. This is so fun, encouraging and I learn a lot!
  • Stefani Tadio
    Love this podcast!
    I’m in a very different season of life than Lisa and most of her guests and barely dabble at any of the topics discussed. But I love learning and listening to like-minded people. I’m totally down with the philosophy even if I’m not even homesteading-adjacent.
  • easyyoke
    I look forward to this every week!
    So encouraging and helpful. This a show I keep coming back to time and again, and I think it keeps getting better! Love the guests.
  • gotjoyconstantin
    Great company while doing house work.
    Absolutely love your podcast! 👏🏼
  • Sara Cross
    Thank you!
    I love your show, Lisa! Thank you for being a light of true beauty and sound wisdom in a culture of darkness and deception. Keep going. We are listening.
  • rosesandboys
    Hi Lisa, thank you for helping me with building my blog and being a good example to us new mompreneurers! Just wanted to share if this helps. I have a few children with dyslexia and learned about the role of cursive writing when doing logic of English. Cursive helps me to read my childrens writing early on the only time they lift up their pen is between words. Print was created because of the printer which could not join words easily. When writing fast people join letters even without knowing cursive, but the join is usually anywhere not at baseline which makes it hard to read fast writing or peoples notes. Hence doctor writing. I have switched to teaching cursive only which has proved my boys can write well. My oldest son has beautiful writing. He learned print through reading only. Anyway just a thought about cursive.
  • maryfk95
    LOVE Simple Farmhouse Life!
    OMG I love this podcast. Her voice is extremely relaxing and I love how she really goes into detail with things. It’s a very good binge podcast. You can just get lost in it. It’s so good. I’ve only listened to the first three eps so far but I LOVE it and will continue listening! I also love that there are no ads. It’s just a nice relaxing podcast with no interruptions.
  • Little by Little Homeschool
    Enjoyable and Informative
    I always look forward to Lisa’s episodes. Each one is encouraging and filled with great information. Thanks for sharing and for bringing on great guests!
  • Obwoncanobee
    Makes you feel confident in the homestead and business!
    Absolutely love listening to this podcast! I love the music choice perfect to listen to while getting things done around the house or at a work! my particular favorite episode was on raw milk we recently just switched and have loved the change!
  • tmrobb
    Enjoy listening to Lisa!
    I’ve recently found Lisa and began listening. I’m trying to start from the beginning and listen to any i thing pertain to me. What I love is how she shows you that things can be done, even imperfectly!! (Like sourdough starter. Lol)
  • ahoupt
    My fav!
    This is a staple podcast for me! Lisa is just so easy to listen to and is full of practical tips and advice is that almost anyone could relate to!
  • annamukhlaeva
    Amazing podcast
    Liza has amazing knowledge and brings amazing guests! This podcast is such a treat
  • Mom of all the littles
    Wonderful podcast
    Down to earth, great info always being learned in a very relaxed setting. It is a joy to listen to
  • paradogs12
    Lisa is a homemaking dynamo !She shares her love of learning and homestead lifestyle and has interesting guests.Highly recommend!
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