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Two grown dirtbags just tryna navigate the male zeitgeist. If you have any money you want to give us or any constructive criticism you'd like us to 360 degree tomahawk slam dunk into the trash can please email us: For more Throwing Fits check us out on Patreon:

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  • 43579$
    Great listen
    We love to see it
  • congund
    Keep it going
    Pod better than ever, don’t listen to the haters
  • SkA'D4LIFE
  • Clayyyy
    Prob the only straight guys I would enjoy hanging out with
  • hhhehhuuuuueu
    Incredibly boring and long
    The one guy is trying to do podcast voice, very annoying
  • IanLabat
    Patreon to Unlocked
    I paid $5 to listen to the Friday Fiasco, and now you guys are putting it out for the poor AND putting ads on it too?! Same goes for the Boyz Only previews too!! I’ve noticed. All I have to say is, GET THAT BAG! 🤑🤑🤑 run it up run it up. CAPITALISM ROCKS!!!
  • yaboy212
    What’s your favorite color?
  • Sponge6789
    Review-juicing Losers
    Rate us five stars and we’ll answer your question!! Figured it was only a matter of time that these fast-approaching 40 losers resorted to such a classless tactic. Good luck keeping your heads above water when the patreon teet runs dry
  • Phiwe 🇿🇦
    These jits are on fire🔥
    When somebody compliments your fit or a jawn, what’s your initial reaction? What’s the appropriate initial reaction?
  • TannerYanksWilliamson
    Taste Levels
    Jimmy and Larry are very entertaining to say the least and pull some great guests. I listen because I enjoy the “jawnz enthusiasts” topics they discuss from a New Yorker point of view. Reasoning for the 4/5 is because of the holier than thou persona you see so often in fashion bros. Jimmy and Larry sadly aren’t exempt from this. They trash other people/brands that don’t align with their mood boards, ideas or interests. This idea is pushed on their audience and their patreon fan boys follow suit. This trend is so common in fashion and is tiresome. Overall a good listen.
  • Lauren89875421479064
    Might as well get a fit off while you still can, right? Ask your doctor if Throwing Fits is right for you!! [side effects may include long intros, bottom up fit checks, shorter shorts, an influx of collabs, credit card debt, an SSENSE dependence, and a lingering sense that no one truly understands you]
  • Dripless Idiot
    Saved my marriage
    Thank you Jimmy and Larry. I’m no longer a dripless schmuck and my wife loves me again. My skin has cleared up and I got a promotion at work. All thanks to you. Godspeed.
  • anonymousbg
    Word to J Hill
  • Dudemanbro_2
    Intellectually stimulating!
    Would y’all ever want to rock or ice climb outside? What’s your opinion on Rab? In the outdoor world Rab feels like a subtle flex without having to go main stream with the Arc or the Pati.
  • @iamd4vid
    Stress Relief but make it Jawnz
    Any tips on how to deal w stress in jawnz enthusiast related ways. No skiing or shopping tho. Love from texas.
  • BoulangerBaddie
    Been hitting the weights recently, how do I dress to show off the results without looking like a Instagram fitness chode?
  • jaymac9456
    When r u gonna have frugal aesthetic/vansatthemetgala on the pod 🫣
  • SportsPoser
    AMA Pandering
    Long time Throw gang, first time review gang. For the AMA - what are your guilty pleasure jawnz? Pieces you love that most others would consider garbaggio.
  • Danny.c1
    Literally the only pod that matters
    Been a fan for some time now. Jimmy and Larry always know how to entertain and each pod is a certified slapper. Shoutout to the Boys frfr take these well deserved 5 stars!
  • ssrgioramos
    For the fellas
    What’s up boys , I wanted to ask what’s the hair routines? What products do y’all use ?
  • JimOfHouseOfBrian
    Core 4 AMA - Big Pants
    I’m someone who uniform dresses in skinnier, athletic fit jeans (Levi’s 512’s). I want to get into trousers and big pants, but I have no idea how they should fit or how to style them. Can you guys give a crash course on dipping your toes into the realm of bigger pants?
  • Tashgod
    Core 4 ama guestion
    Love the pod guys! How are we feeling about the resurgence of junya watanabe within the past year from the Supreme and Kanye cosigns?
  • Derrick R053
    What is your favorite Kanye era in regards to his fits / fashion?
  • Lambs Wool Socks
    Larry, we hear a lot of cig talk. What is the cigarette tier list? Go-to, backup, last resort, etc.
  • oe29turk19
    I use an entire 5 oz bottle of astroglide EVERY. TIME. I. LISTEN.
    Do clothes make the man? Do your clackers still clack if no one is around to hear them? Deep questions, shallow ones, and all kinds of queries of varying strokes and angles do Larry “Low t” Flossyman and James “stoic perineum” Highres posit and ponder. Truly a fashion podcast for the sycophantic, moderately brain damaged, reg dude, hypeman, female identifying freakazoid, smol kings, large jesters and husky boi alike. One question remains tho… Do I buy jewelry that is designed well but impersonal or wait for a milestone in life / cool trip somewhere and get something as a reminder? I’m thinking more like a ring or bracelet not a watch btw.
  • it's ya boi99
    AMA question
    If to save the pod, the core 4 had to beat a collegiate level team in any sport, what would you choose?
  • AirDuardo
    Weird flex but ok
    Just by listening to this podcast, I know more about NY and fashion than any Parsons student.
  • cuffedjean541
    AMA 2022 🦍 a couple questions
    What is drink of summer for 2022 ? What is the shoe of summer ? What is the next throwing fits collab ? Also much love to chuck and chef 👩‍🍳
  • The Real Davey M
    AMA - the lads gotta eat
    What do the boys have to say about the fact that a lot of people are saying Jimmy and Larry are due to stop by Jewels Grill on Norman Ave in Greenpoint for some absolutely delectable Mediterranean food? A lot of people are saying this, trust me.
  • Markell Simms
    Would you rather delete all socials and leave social media forever or share a glizzy lady and the tramp style with tyrese gibson and live stream it on twitch every year for the next 5 years?
  • atownjs
    The best
    Thx for your service. No question, just vibes
  • k0beg
    non jawnz related essentials for a night out
  • Liam from Cincinnati
    The Boys are Doing it Big
    Whats up guys, thank you for the years of entertainment. Love being apart of this community. Is there any alternate media ventures in the works? Show on a streaming service? Fashion Bros 2.0? Parts Unknown but for mens fashion? Let the boys in 😎😎😎. Also cool the jets with the fly over state slander. Less in rent means bigger fits 😎😎😎 thanks guys
  • yyyake
    🚨Important AMA 🪑
    I think we can all agree that the mid-century modern wave is on its last legs. What does a tasteful, cohesive interior design philosophy look like in 2022?
  • Dhjklryyuoighferts
    The mf boyos
    You don’t need to be into fits to enjoy these fellas
  • DCflightattendant
    pull up and pop out
    love the pod. have zack fox as a guest please!
  • riplilsaint
    Love the pod. Too much AAVE for my liking tho
  • dewylyfe
    Sometimes you’re in the mood for some bro chatter
    Is anyone else having a hard time understanding these guys? They speak so fast it seems sped up. I feel like I’m only catching every third word and when they talk over each other it’s incomprehensible.
  • emircarkovic
    What you didn’t know you needed…
    Honestly, those with low rates probably just don’t care about their clothes - and that’s fine. Not everyone does. But for those of us that do, and feel comfy enough challenging what we feel is the norm- the gd mf boys bring it regularly.
  • twill daddy
    Surprised the guests tolerate these two
    Not funny. Not smart.
  • Passepar2.2
    Informative and fun pod
    They are great. I learn a lot each time.
  • GeorgL666
    Gotta disrespect the hustle
    If these two guys were next to you in a bar, you would leave immediately.
  • kotto6767
    This show suks cok
    In a bad way (if that needed clarification)
  • Jsyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    Young Money Gillianaire
    They have learned to stop interrupting the guests and now it’s the perfect pod
  • You see the review
    Monday Boys Only
    I said what I said
  • DavidBertucci
    This review is for Monday boys only pods
    Every week. Video form for patreon.
  • datprettymf
    the boys, what more can i say
    Big Questions ONLY 😤
    We need to settle once & for all how to properly pronounce the “X” when used as a collab between brands(e.g. Stüssy X Our Legacy). Do we say “X” like the letter itself? Is it “times”? Or is it something else all together?
  • ibmdajerk
    18 Least?
    Why do so many people on the cord hate on Antonio and the 18east fam?
  • Cxndjjsjdjsnsnsjs
    We need an episode with @opaleyes369 on tiktok
    Would you guys consider doing an interview with @opaleyes369 on tiktok? This would be an amazing collab
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