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The comedy podcast where a monogamous couple drink heavily and recap the TLC show Sister Wives. Stay tuned for new episodes uploaded every week!

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  • Gezell51
    Biggie Housie - lol
    I for real laughed out loud the first time I heard Biggie Housie! This podcast is pure joy. Thank you for brightening my day. Sister Wives is my guilty pleasure. When I’m listening it feels like I’m sitting right there with them.
  • DaVirus2
    This podcast makes me laugh out loud! I just sort laughed at the exit seat/more leg room comment! The impersonations of Robin are the best!! 😂
  • Mrs Di Scala
    My Favorite!
    This is my favorite podcast, great recaps, just the right amount of snark. I enjoy listening to them every week! If you are fringe watching Sister Wives, check this out. I didn’t even watch the last few episodes of the show, the recaps were enough for me.
  • Woggs91
    I want to like it
    I want to like this podcast, and I really appreciated how they treated Paedon during his interview because it’s not his fault his parents forced them on television. But I am pretty sure Mariah uses they/them pronouns and I don’t care how much you drink, somebody should have gotten it right once and the whole thing rubbed me the wrong way.
  • LizLovesPodcasts
    Incredible Team
    Thank you Carly and Corey for creating such an amazing listening experience. I watched many of these episodes years ago and through your descriptions I can picture every scene in my mind, only this time it’s so much funnier!!! You two are hilarious and such a wonderful team.
  • JPLC_original
    Thank you!
    For reigniting my love to have relationship with Sister Wives! I’ve been waiting for you all my file, or 14 seasons… and thank you “date with dateline” for the recommendation ♥️
  • CLopSmith
    Can’t stand her laugh
    The content is good, however the woman’s laugh is so annoying and constant.
  • MollyBerry
    Since the show is not currently airing, I admit I don’t listen to the older recaps every week. But I dipped in to listen to the latest one, and there were two additional guests, including the original hosts. First of all, they all sound completely drunk and therefore there’s more giggling and laughing and there is recapping. Secondly, they were talking over each other non stop. UNLISTENABLE
  • kristie_in_geneva
    Love this pod!
    You’re great on your own but the crossovers are another level. Killing me! 😂😂
  • Veronica Mezquiti
    I LOVE this podcast!!!
    I just want to say how much I love this podcast!! It’s so good and gets me through my work day.
  • layla70
    I have a lot of feelings about this podcast. It’s the only way to watch Sisterwives. I found it 2 months ago and went back and listened to all of the episodes. It’s almost embarrassing the volume of episodes I plowed through in such a period of time. I listen to a lot of podcast and these two are a dynamic duo. Literally can’t think of one thing annoying about them- lol! They have great synergy rooted in humor first. Love when they make each other laugh. Appreciate their perspective on all the evidence of misogyny, privilege and (I hate to say this word) COVID protocol. I’m so so so glad I found them!!!! Just a true pleasure!!! Edited to say- I now listen to episodes twice cause they make me laugh so hard! Edit 2 for clam bake. 😂😂😂😂
  • Franticsloth
    Getting to be mean for the sake of it
    I was OBSESSED with this podcast for awhile and listened to it every week—their interpretations of early seasons and more recent seasons was really good and funny and made me feel like I was doing a rewatch along with them. Lately though, the humor’s just getting kind of mean. The most recent episode has them making a joke about one of the wives’ dead sisters, and I’m just…all set. Love it when they snark on the family’s actions, not on who they are as people.
  • Addiedawn
    The Funniest Podcast I have ever heard!
    I stumbled on this yesterday and I am completely hooked. My friends and I have followed/made fun of Sister Wives for years and I feel like these hosts are sitting in our living room with us. I honestly can’t think of a better podcast if you are a fan of this show. Thank you!!!!
  • Monkey Maze
    Date with dateline led me to this great podcast
    I listened to this podcast because you had Kimberley on as a guest. Now I am hooked! I stopped watching Sister Wives years ago but have restarted now that I have this podcast to unpack this ridiculous family’s antics and share in my not so pleasant feelings about the husband. Thank you for the great podcast.
  • SKInsomnia
    Excellent Sense of Humor and Chemistry
    Very rarely do I go back to listen to all the prior content catalog of a podcast but I binged listened to this one. I was sad when I listened to everything. Cory and Carly are so funny and have the best chemistry. I love how Cory makes Carly laugh because I’m laughing along with them. I hope that they will branch out with other reality shows like 90 day fiancé. Please! Thank you guys for brighting my day in this chaotic world right now. Highly Recommend this podcast!
  • coyotehardpass
    Filling my emotional back account!
    Thanks so much for becoming my podcast BFFs! You two crack me up! I look forward to listening every week. I get the best belly laughs when Corey imitates Robyn!
  • Jen Vu, MN
    Super funny
    Thank you for the laugh out loud comedy covering this show!!
  • melindaaz90
    Very Funny
    Great banter. I’ve only watched a few episodes of Sister Wives here and there over the years, but it’s still very easy to jump in and enjoy the recaps.
  • BrookeNFLI
    Laughing Out Loud!
    These two are hilarious! I have been watching Sister Wives since day one and the content here is right along the lines of what The Tell Alls should be addressing, but won’t! Their comments and sarcastic humor address every bit of ridiculous behavior and things that just don’t add up. I am constantly laughing out loud when listening to this podcast!
  • Natnat1428
    Hilarious and Witty
    Hosts are so great, they recap the show, make hilarious and witty comments and don’t venture far from the topic at hand. Highly recommend if you live reality tv! Also the many references to Drop Dead Gorgeous and the office bring me so much joy.
  • Kitten10182000
    Perfect take
    I’ve religiously (😂) yet reluctantly watched sister wives since day one. A complete ridiculous mess you can’t turn away from. Your podcast is everything I’ve always wanted to yell at the tv (or at least laugh at). And the attention to detail is amazing. Like things in the background of their houses and tying similar things together from throughout the years. It keeps me learnin’ and laughing about this debacle. And that’s a big Di eal. 😂👍🙏
  • AnnieLovesDoga
    This is one of my favorite podcasts! I look forward to every episode. Sarcastic, witty, and makes me belly laugh frequently!
  • ElizaJane17
    Hard Pass on Corey
    I’m a nutritionist and movement specialist who focuses on working with women with eating disorders and Corey is a sizest. Meaning he holds antiquated judgment about weight and body size. He needs to stay in his lane and worry about his own wellness and his own body. His wife’s body isn’t his to judge and micromanage. In this day and age, he should be more evolved and accepting. Educate yourself, it’s not 1950!
  • Mar1334
    You guys are so funny! I’ve been subjected to sister wives at the end of my 90 day DVR episodes. First heard you on the crossover with Reality Gays, and I laughed so hard. Now I listen to your pod without having to watch the show (thank you from the bottom of my heart). I don’t know how you guys toe the line of staying hysterical and sarcastic non judgmental all while drinking. I love listening to you while I’m sittin around, and plan to join the basement wife their soon : )
  • It's Me Krae
    I Love this podcast and look forward to it every Wednesday. I literally laugh out loud while listening to it at work! It’s a refreshing and lighthearted break from my true crime podcasts. So great to hear others discuss the show that is my my guilty pleasure with the same opinions as my own. Keep up the great work Carly and Corey!
  • bdieikwnsjsjskansns
    Making fun of school shooters and the Plath family tragedy? I love to snark, but that’s not humor, it’s tasteless.
  • colleencb
    So good!
    Episode 133 had me cackling. Pretty sure the Richards share a bedroom and the Browns were so shocked! Love watching the old episodes with you guys and hearing your take on it because I don’t remember them!
  • Allie H 24
    This Podcast is the Real Dill
    I look forward to listening to this every week, and laugh out loud l while I am tediously washing dishes, doing my chores and baking meals like any good basement wife.
  • BreOlly
    Pregnancy comfort show
    This podcast has replaced The Office as my preferred comfort show, especially now that I’m knocked up. Will my child come out of the womb yelling “LEHIIII?!” It’s a possibility.
  • anonymous_user_52
    Can’t get enough!!!
    I only wish I had found this podcast sooner! The hosts are hilarious. I often listen to episode multiple times because it’s so enjoyable.
  • Sometime Listener
    Out of several Sister Wives podcasts…
    …. this one is by far the best. Well produced, witty, perceptive, and consistently entertaining.
  • AnneJoseph610
    Love it!
    So funny. I love listening to their honest recaps full of humor!
  • Coopapotamus
    Listening in Pennsylvania
    This podcast is a Big Dill! Please continue all the good work you guys do! Delightful
  • Carolina1
    I’m just sit’in here loving the show!
    You guys are great and love your sense of humors, too funny….
  • barackobama1108
    Great pairing with Sister Wives! Really funny! Recommend :)
  • dayoldred
    Love it!
  • julia2649462
    So hilarious
    I just found this podcast this morning and I’ve been listening all day. Finally people who find sister wives as hilarious/amusing/cringey/bizarre as me. I hope they go back and do it from season 1.
  • Ascen626
    I love this couples recap. I cry at least once an episode of laughter, it is so entertaining and the perspective they provide is both unique and what we are all thinking. Recommend. Also, please bring back the yell.
  • robynsobyn!
    I’m in tears! Recap / point of view of sisters wives how Corey and Carly throw some jokes and mocking Robyn voice lol the best ever wow hilarious thank you so much very entertaining!
  • Ted3bear
    My husband and I Iisten to this podcast together. It is amazing and love it. Love listening to a couple who discusses silly tv shows the same way we do. They say they are not professionals but the sound, editing, content…,etc is all high quality.
  • wanzong420!
    Love It
    I think I heard about you through, Without a Crystal Ball. I have watched every episode. I’m loving your take on this show!
  • loo_loo_
    I die!!!
    This is just so good! Their commentary on sister wives is perfection. I die laughing every episode! Please listen!
  • IraAnderson
    Surviving for this podcast ❤️
    I LOVE these two, totally entertaining, intelligent, and witty. I can’t wait for Wednesdays and to lol at the banter. I love their rapport. I totally prefer when they do the podcast just the two of them and don’t invite guests. The guests throw off their vibe. You just can’t improve on what these two possess!
  • ormond by the sea
    Hilarious 😂
    You guys are great!!
  • NJ EJ
    Phaedon Brown 🤯
    This Trumper has nothing interesting or important to say. His beef with Mariah is disgusting. I usually enjoy the show but not this time.
  • digriffino
    Married Couple Goals
    Corey and Carly are comedic superheroes individually, together they are a whole new level of perfection.
  • BARBRA1952
    The best
    This is by far my favorite podcast! They are so funny and I love listening to their take on Sister Wives.
  • stellaaaaM
    You are helping me survive Sister Wives!
    Love you guys- this is sooooo much fun. My new fave!
  • Napoleon_Chan
    Cracking up every episode
    One of the best podcasts ever!! It gets me through my workday!
  • Cyn257753167
    Hate Watchers
    I’ve only followed SW via commercials and gossip and decided to watch from S1 after hearing the crossover with my reality gays. This podcast is hilarious, I especially love how Corey and Carly crack jokes with pop and multi cultural references. Great podcast!!
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