Surviving Sister Wives

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The comedy podcast where a monogamous couple drink heavily and recap the TLC show ”Sister Wives.” Join Corey and Carly for a new episode every week!
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  • Keeky88
    I have to stifle my laughter when I’m out and about listening to these recaps - I love them so much. I get so excited for the release of each new episode, but I also love re-listening to old recaps as well. Makes my day!
  • csawesome22
    Love them!
    I love the podcast! One of the few recaps pods I can stand bc they don’t reference followers nonstop. Please stop doing guests though—I like you guys, not the guests that try to take over the episodes!
  • Dipsy Daisy
    Sister Wives Ep 162
    I’ve always enjoyed listening to your reviews of Sister Wives. I really didn’t care for your review of Ep 162. Seems like your guests high jacked the show. Please go back to your normal format.
  • hoooo2394
    Don’t need guests
    I like Cory and Carly, and their hilarious takes on this show are spot-on. Really didn’t like the guest Amanda they had on this week~ she is a wheezy mouth-breather and very annoying in general
  • OS xj9
    I love their chemistry!
    They’re so funny. They make this podcast one of the best ways to catch up to date with the browns.
  • Sunshineface3
    Can get enough
    I love these two! I follow them on all their social media and patreon! They stay on topic and add in their jokes.
  • tasyakyle1
    My favorite podcast, clever and hilarious!
    On the money
  • Pat from Missouri
    Smart and Funny
    I started listening to podcasts to wind down at the end of the day and fall blissfully asleep. This podcast keeps me laughing the whole time. Irreverent enough but not raunchy, with truely (haha) humorous insights into these ridiculous characters on this stupid show Sister Wives. The hosts don’t talk over each other which is a breath of fresh air. Thoroughly enjoy.
  • Henryfigaro
    My favorite podcast
    These two are hilarious. I laugh out loud every episode. Thank you for the content. Going through some challenges and listening to the show has been my bright spot. Keep up the good work :)
  • Sarahntastic
    These two….
    So funny, and Carly’s laugh is the absolute best. Thanks for always being hilarious!
  • Trmroller
    Great podcast!
    I appreciate your recaps. Fun, witty and hysterical!! Keep it up!!!
  • LakeTahoeChick
    Not one to comment but this week’s recap contained so many military faux pas and not just from the Browns. Hunter did not enlist…he went to the Air Force Academy which means he’s an officer…very different. Garrison is not a private simply because he is in the Guard. He enlisted rather than commissioned which is why. Same thing would have applied had he gone “full fledge” into the military. You have to have a bachelor degree to commission as an officer. Finally all service members can deploy…active duty; guard; reserve…enlisted or officer.
  • Briar123120
    “Narwhals - are they true?” -quote from the show
    My favorite recap podcast and their patreon content is 10000% worth it!
  • Azgirl25
    Not Mormons
    I like your podcast, but please stop referring to the Browns as Mormons or making broad statements about Mormons. The things you’re saying are untrue.
  • MplsFood
    What year is it?
    Aren’t we in a time where making fun of a family that is falling apart is a bit - bad taste? I get it - they put themselves out there but that doesn’t give us permission to make money making fun of a family’s difficulties no matter how much we can’t understand it. Making it sound like Meri is an alcoholic? They have kids. And young ones at that. Making money off this is just really pitiful. I know I’m in the minority - and that just makes it even more tragic.
  • Sarawabet
    Favorite Sister Wives Podcast
    They are hilarious. I love their takes on what the Browns are doing. Highly recommend!
  • Mks2188
    Love it!
    Such a fun couple to listen to! Love them and of course love them talking about my favorite topic I have no one to talk to about.. haha
  • Lumala16
    Dont know why they dont have 5 stars all around.If you are a true sister wives fan you will love this podcast.They've gotten me through many sleepless nights boring commutes and even helped me fall asleep when I was in the hospital recovering from a miscarriage (and not because they are boring). Just listen you wont regret it!!!
  • Miss Penthouse '98
    Love It
    This podcast is so funny, I had to start watching this garbage show. Also a personal thank you for quoting “Drop Dead Gorgeous” aka the best movie all time. You have successfully courted me with those gems and I have became on wife on Patreon.
  • MauraBKF
    Surviving Sister Wives
    Great podcast, professional and on time and laugh out loud funny. Five stars.
  • jdolla5263
    My new favorite podcast!
    I look forward to new episodes of SW because it means more of this show!
  • F@&k You Kody Brown
    Love it!
    One of my absolute favorite podcasts! You have made my January “spring cleaning” so much more enjoyable. Thank you ❤️
  • KAbamagirl
    So funny!
    I laugh SO HARD esp at the Robyn impressions! Worth the listen just for that; but, there is so much more!!!!
  • follow me on insta Tigirl1307
    Love it
    It’s a great podcast of sister wives !
  • blazing in the Desert
    Hilarious, one of my favs!!
  • Ag 90909
    Literally one of the funniest pods I listen to. I cackle when Corey does his spot on impression of Robyn.
  • racheljessica14
    Love this podcast!
    By far my favorite sister wives podcast! The hosts are relatable, honest, and hilarious! They say everything I’m thinking! I would love to see @zachariahporter as a guest one day!
  • Case Woz
    Love This
    I love this podcast so much- you guys have inspired me to rewatch the whole show so I can listen to your episodes concurrently!
  • Siouxie316
    Love the Episodes about Sister Wives!
    This podcast is hilarious! Love the snarky humor. Watching Sister Wives is one of my guilty pleasures.
  • Hoostina
    You two are hysterical!!!
    Love your legal wives and the not so legal ones!! You two are such a funny couple it warms my heart! Keep making us laugh long past the Browns end up single!
  • caldronofcumlistner
    Love it
    Ok but why does Corey’s impersonation of Robyn sound like Gru from despicable me 🤣 love y’all and the TikTok’s
  • Jill4H
    The best!
    Love this so much! The perfect amount of snark and they bounce so well off each other. Follow along as they get that pony in the water!
  • Aubrey Sagalovich
    My Absolute Favorite Podcast!!!
    You all are simply the best!!!
  • EmeraldCityGurl
    This podcast is Elite Status
    I absolutely love listening to these two! They are funny and they say all the things me and my husband say about this show! Looking forward to listening to past seasons, too. Elon Musk is a loser and I can’t believe one of his butt sniffers left a 1-star review on here! Y’all are on fire! Love it! Keep it up. 👏🏼👏🏼
  • Quartercrazy
    I have never watched Sister Wives
    I have never seen an episode of Sister Wives. I was just scrolling through my podcast feed and found this one evening. I was hooked from the first, it’s hilarious! It’s just entertaining. I probably won’t ever watch the show but I will continue listening to this podcast. It’s fabulous!
  • Hundo %
    I unsubscribed before because of hosts’ blind wokeness but decided to give it another try after a year hiatus. These two podcasters state that twitter is circling the drain and they won’t have anything to do with anything Elon Musk is associated with. Oh that’s right, Cory the podcaster read a few headlines and he, this pitiful attention seeking podcaster, predicts the death of twitter and musk is bad man. I can’t deal with this level of ignorance. Bye for good this time.
  • Ashleyschutt
    Belly laughs
    You guys kill me weekly and I *so* look forward to listening since unfortunately I’ve not convinced a soul to watch this garbage show with me. Also very jealous of that 😅 keep it coming guys!
  • katiebm88
    Can’t stop won’t stop.
    I have listened to other podcasts about sister wives, and they’re not good. This one is organized, easy to listen to and so funny. Don’t EVER stop those Robin impressions.
  • Dramagirl1
    I would listen to these two read the back of a cereal box
    I love Corey and Carly. I listen to this podcast primarily for them and the Sister Wives topic is secondary. They really crack me up. I hope they branch out to covering more shows or maybe movies, I almost don’t even care what it is. Besides them being hilarious, I just really like both of their voices. Now this is going to sound bad but I like to fall asleep to the podcast because I find their voices super soothing. You should definitely check out this podcast!
  • Dedramc
    You guys are the worst and I’m in LOVE! Lol
    I’m so happy I found you - I’ve been hate watching this show since the beginning and I too Am perplexed by Robin’s jaw line…what has happened! Keep going guys, I’m hooked!
  • AmyDeeFtWorth
    Legally Wed
    These follow up podcast show reviews are a MUST!!!! I got hooked on this funny but true duo on a family trip and soon found myself sharing it with my husband. I find myself going, …”Oh, my gosh YES!! That’s exactly what I was thinking!!” Oh Janelle…she’s the only one who seems to have any sense. I love how hard she’s trying to hold on for the sake of family but I just want to see these women happy!! I have SO many tips for Janelle as someone currently living in an RV while building. She needs support!!!!
  • 11111111111111111111111121@
    Pure joy!
    Love your podcast. Late to the Sister Wives show, but love the commentary. I have laughed so hard listening to you both. Margs for everyone!!
  • rdajl
    Wow! Insensitive and cruel to make fun of medical conditions
    I use to like this podcast but they have become cruel regarding physical appearance and really insensitive to listeners who may be suffering with a goiter. They should hope that karma isn’t a thing.
  • bellebleu
    Meri and Mariah
    I love the show but I notice y’all drag Meri all the time for not having the perfect, politically correct reaction to Mariah coming out. You have to understand, Meri is human and is having a very human reaction. Carly, if Corey came out to you one day, do you REALLY think your first reaction would be excitement and acceptance OR do you think you would be shocked and heartbroken? Maybe you would come around one day and be happy for him but that’s not going to be your initial reaction. Maybe y’all could try to give Meri a little bit of the grace that you keep saying she should’ve given Mariah.
  • DLRB22
    Bad audio
    The last 2 episodes I can’t get to play. It’s only this podcast. All the other podcast I listen to play just fine. You might want to double check your audio.
  • Saint rocks 2018
    My favorite Monday ritual
    After I watch Sister Wives, sometimes twice, I patiently recheck my feed so that can enjoy their recap on Mondays. If you are Sister Wives obsessed you need this podcast like Janelle needs to run.
  • joco_2
    Highly addictive podcast!
    I love my weekly dose of this podcast. I have watched this show since the beginning but have never had anyone to discuss it with. They say exactly what I have been thinking… but are way funnier. I have listened to every episode. It sounds so casual and relaxed, like listening to friends, yet is actually incredibly professional. The format and editing is slick and there is no self indulgent waffle. Very high quality. They know what they are doing and I hope they keep doing it, beyond this show.
  • Valleyfaired
    So FUNNY!
    I just LOVE this podcast. I bust out laughing multiple times each episode. Rewrites of the summary are perfect, and they nail all the high points of this ridiculous show.
  • Rigtor
    Trying to listen to this in public and I look like a crazy person laughing to myself. Biggy Housey I’m dying over here. 😂
  • tjbakk22
    Bring back LeeeeHiiiiiiiiiiiii!
    Love the podcast.
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