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Join Matt Abrahams, a lecturer of Strategic Communication at Stanford Graduate School of Business, as he sits down with experts in the field to discuss real-world challenges.
How do I send my message clearly when put on the spot? How do I write emails to get my point across? How can I easily convey complex information? How do I manage my reputation? Whether you’re giving a toast or presenting in a meeting, communication is critical to success in business and in life.
Think Fast, Talk Smart provides the tools, techniques, and best practices to help you communicate more effectively.

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  • VMR?!
    The best one yet
    How a podcast about communication can be so entertaining, I will never know. But you are miss out if you haven’t click play already. This is the wagu meat of podcasts.
  • Regui8er
    An honest assessment
    I’ve always been someone that I feel struggled with communication. I mumble, get stumped easily, let my emotions dictate my choice of words. Improving my ability to communicate has always been a focus of mine. Maybe I need to start listening from the beginning but I really don’t know what the hype is about. I’ve tried really hard to actually extract some value from this podcast but it’s difficult. The host Matt is pretty good, he enunciates very well but to the point he sounds like a robot. For some reason he doesn’t use contractions and sounds like he’s reading off of notes. However the topics are good and his questions are good. Since these guys are master communicators, they’re very good at giving answers that sound good but don’t hold weight. These conversations are very academic and in theory seem to be very useful but the episode ends and I find I haven’t gained any practical benefit. Take for example season 4 episode 73. Matt asks Allison Wood Brooks to give tips to make small taco more smoothly. A very good question. Dr. Brooks talks about why small talk is important buy subsequently provide zero tips. This example is emblematic of the entire podcast. The guests are very successful academics, and it seems like they only communicate with people of similar socioeconomic backgrounds. Maybe it’s not meant to be more, but when the episode ends and I arrive to work I find myself not having learned anything I could use myself.
  • vqeioudcfrehf
    Just too good
    Just like click play and you will not why
  • A. Maks
    Best podcast!
    Best podcast to learn communication skills. Matt you rock!!
  • soham p
    Great Insights
  • TM_Dos
    It’s not often you stumble upon a great podcast that you weren’t searching for, and then leaning into it HARD. There’s more learnings in here than most leadership podcasts out there, and it really helps energize conversation around the advantages of effective leadership communication. Keep it up!
  • AL192725
    #1 podcast in my library
    The Best podcast ever!
  • HeyThereComeOn
    Amazing toolkit to communicate better!
    Loving the myriad of mindsets and actionnable insights that I can use to better communicate and convey my ideas and stories!
  • Dylan98979695
    Best Podcast Ever!!!
    Stop scrolling just start listening! U will love it!
  • Seattle Seminole
    Learning something new every session
    Great content every week. Thanks for investing in making a difference. Your message is getting passed along to others. Thanks for your commitment to help others. It’s working!!
  • Embuuuuuu
    Exceptional Podcast
    This podcasts is exceptional in its ability to give interesting, actionable (and though provoking) content I can use in business and in my personal life. Shout out to the host - I hope you continue to explore and discuss communication in this way.
  • Nikname20
    Bait & Switch
    Thought this would be an unbiased podcast... so wrong... plus totally boring & scripted
  • jgoodsell88
    One of the best!
    I came across this podcast by chance, but it’s now in my regular rotation. The host is fantastic, and the guests have incredible insight into communication with ties into other management & life concepts. I’d recommend this podcast though not just to those in business, but anyone who wants to strengthen their verbal communication skills. I’ve enjoyed and benefited from every episode!
  • Marklebutt
    A liberal take on conversation
    Definitely sounded great, but then I got slapped in the face by Hillary Clinton.
  • KhushaliDesai
    Communication handbook
    Love to the point , insightful and personable talks. I love the last three questions he asks every speakers.
  • next business woman
    The interviews are so stilted that they sound like they are reading from notes rather than having a real conversation. As a result, the episodes are boring and hard to follow and absorb. Better to put the notes and professorial lectures away, and have real spontaneous conversation.
  • Pichloo
    Great podcast but very bad sound quality!
    I love this podcast, great topics, wonderful guests and just very insightful! The only issue is the sound quality, in some episodes it’s very hard to understand what the guests are saying. Please fix the this issue. Thanks!
  • ASobering
    Entertaining, insightful, and actionable! 🔥
    This podcast is so insightful and I’ve enjoyed every episode I’ve listened to so far! Matt is a very skilled interviewer - he does such a great job of sharing his own wisdom and I love how he leads meaningful conversations with other communication experts who bring so much experience and actionable insight to the table. Highly recommend checking this show out - there’s an episode that will benefit everyone, and you’ll always leave having learned something new!
  • @MichaelUnbroken
    Must listen🔥🔥
    I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for creating such an impactful podcast! I believe that we all have a voice that deserves to be heard. Thank you for putting this into the world! BE UNBROKEN! @MichaelUnbroken
  • jooyakh
    Ask a favor
    How can we reach the text of the podcasts, in some cases it will be easier to read
  • nati_sf
    The podcast you have to follow
    Matt was my public speaking professor in Stanford and taught me to overcome insecurity while presenting.
  • Union Jack NW
    New favorite show on public speaking
    Clear, concise and well thought. I look forward to hearing more episodes and putting to use what I’ve learned.
  • YAYalways
    So good
    This show made me talk like a pro!
  • Melanje B
    Nice !
  • JLBond
    Insightful and Actionable
    This was a podcast that I’d work into my playlist now and then, and came to realize just how much I anticipated hearing these discussions when new episodes were posted. Lately I’ve been going back to listen to past episodes. Great interviewer and thoughtful guests. I take new ways of approaching my call communications from EVERY episode!
  • klink111
    Well worth the listen
    If you’re looking to improve your communication skills, this podcast is absolutely worth the listen. Matt will guide you with helpful information from communication anxiety to skeptical audiences to leading virtually. Get ready to learn how to communicate better.
  • Fillmore64
    Relevant content, actionable advice, and insightful commentary all in one place. Thank you!
  • KalyGator
    Helpful. Keep Producing
    This podcast has been very helpful for me who has public speaking fear. Listening to the style of how Matt and his guests talk in addition to the helpful communication tips they provide have been an inspiration for me to get better. Thank you to the team that creates this podcast!
  • Ambitiouslyfocus
    The best Podcast on communication
    I wish I can listen to more and of this Podcast, i don’t know how many times I listened to all Episodes. As a Trilingual speaker, I tend to doubt myself when I speak in front of great communicators and Well spoken English speakers etc.. I wish I had a professor or a mentor to help me have better confidence when I speak. Please share more and more Podcasts on Speaking smart... I need it to advance in my career.
  • Pam Happier
    I love this podcast. Keep it up. I’m hoping for more frequent episodes Thanks
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