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Award-winning investigative journalist John Solomon, who helped unravel the bogus Russia collusion scandal, gives you his exclusive reporting and big newsmaker interviews. To get the unvarnished truth about what’s really going on in Washington, subscribe today to John Solomon Reports. To find out more go to

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  • Gallaghers from Philadelphia
    Mt.Rushmore awaits…
    Speaker Gingrich is a national treasure! His knowledge and experience in politics and government and his historical perspective are a “gold mine “for the conservative movement and for America to exploit.Personally, I am encouraged by the fact that Congress appreciates the Speaker’s genius and are involving him in their deliberations! Thanks Gallagher in Philadelphia
  • Q10fitness
    JS review
    Too many commercials The first 5+ minutes and between each speaker. Great investigating and appreciate his knowledge, but too soft in interviews.
  • Love-twigame
    Knows news before anyone else
    06/03/24 Great podcast. I’m from Texas, and the second half I learned I’m not the only person who feels a dramatic unease as an American. Thank you John, you do a great job of validating Americans basic thoughts. Thank you for being trustworthy. 12/05/23 I’m loving MTG-she’s obviously doing something right if Barnes and Noble and Amazon is giving her book negative reviews, what a great woman! Great informative podcast
  • Bert*1
    Georgia Elections Chief
    So now Raffensperger claims he actually wants elections integrity?
  • dpdunning
    The Gold Standard for news
    Thank God for John Solomon. Real journalism that’s trustworthy.
    God Save America
    God bless you John, and Mr. Waller too!
  • sue weaver
    In support of Senator Bill Eigel
    Thank you for the fantastic interview with Senator Eigel! This MO conservative is a big supporter of Eigel! MO needs his conservative values and his guts to help rid us of the RINO problem we’re suffering from!!
  • LA Zorro
    And the hits keep on coming
    Just when I think your podcast can’t get any better you come up with another great one.
  • NoteZart28
    Just The News: Uncovering Problems & Solutions
    John you & your staff are the hardest working news staff in the country and it shows! God bless you as you all do this important work and may God continue to give you all the strength & energy you need to give us the truth without the noise🙏
    Alone in voting booth
    Mr.Solomon I was a little disappointed and perplexed. Disappointed that you do not fulfill a civic responsibility in voting. Perplexed that you do not realize in the voting booth your vote is private. Voting, one means those of us without a national voice can make ourselves heard. Respectfully Bruce, Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • Janice Fahy
    Deeply dishonest but also boring
    What in the world happened to the party of Lincoln?
  • Melbourne Washington III
    Over and out
    I used to like listening to your podcast, with your research and insights, but the addition of excessive advertising, especially in the first five minutes, has killed my desire to spend time listening to you.
  • Wardo Ky.Boy
    Covid death vax
    Thank you for coving what few do. The Gov’t / big pharma cover-up. Every one of these vaccines impacts your immune system. Millions have died as a result of the vax that doesn’t turn off. One researcher had a number of 1/800 or 1 /1,000 jabs. Millions suffer chronic illness not from long covid but Long Vax Syndrome, as do I, 3 yrs. Congress needs to act. & clean up the biggest medical disaster in history. Wardo, Louisville
  • Cheriecare
    So refreshing !
    You can follow up on his website to see the documents /paper trail. If you miss an episode you might miss a coverup. Something that is being suppressed. Helps tie together what/why the undercurrent is doing..... Thank You! You are a real reporter . Fact based facts WOW!
  • Houston Holiday
    I like the content but too many commercials
    Stopped listening. Too many commercials
  • Balladman1
    Too many commercials
    Annoying commercial breaks
  • Poppa Willis
    Great news show
    Great commentary and great way to stay caught up on the news
  • bkellllly
    Too many commercials
    Too many commercials
  • Whitey8293
    Too much commercial time
    Feels like more commercials than content.
  • jxberny
    Awesome Amanda !
    I love this podcast but especially the duo with Amanda . Hearing about her personal life today was so fascinating and impressive ! Amanda I am a wife and mom of 5 and love cooking for my husband & family every day too ! I just started a blog helping people learning cooking quick, clean nutrient dense & flavorful + kids friendly meals every day with a steam cooker ! It’s called the steamed cuisine lifestyle at I love the field of greens idea when you travel, but to cook at home I haven’t found better and easier way to make even small kids eat healthy ! You can learn about it at steamed_cuisine on YouTube. It is new Trying to encourage great people keep healthy and thriving ! Love the show ! Keep at it please
  • ZzZz2Bb
    Keep digging up the truth. Thank God there are still journalists and your work is helping save this country and our individual freedom!
  • Cherished freedom
    I appreciate what you do but when I tune in to your podcast I come to listen to the news and not an infomercial about weight loss.
  • >:-(!
    Re: Brad Rath’ in GA episode
    Never listening to him! No respect for him! I would listen if I knew someone verbally beat him up on 2020 election integrity of the elections HE RAN!
  • The_T_K
    Michael Rappaport. You’re credibility took a BIG BIG hit…. He’s a crazy leftist…. Don’t give them a voice now!
  • groovy squirrel
    The short bus stops here
    ‘Nuf said.
  • marciarobbins
    John, I applaud, respect and truly appreciate your work and your integrity! I pray for you and for the work you do. Keep it up. You are needed!!!
  • fiction is great
    Talking in Circles
    Austin Scott and the so/called republicans in Congress are not going to ever vote to cut spending. Please prove me wrong and make it meaningful. I doubt any of these crooks in congress are going to die harm to the heir primary goal and that is to get re-elected and cutting spending is not in their own interest. I hope I’m wrong yet stop talking and show us. FISA, it doesn’t matter which version they give lip service to are they going to actually enforce it or lack the about getting away with it over cocktails? I think our government has lost my faith in them and I have very low expectations of them hem based on their track records. I’d love to see the initial net worth of each member of congress and then what their net worth is when they exit and then one or two years after they’ve left. Why do they get to keep security clearances and Bennie’s after they leave. Serve and get out and pay your own way. We don’t owe any of these people a darn thing.
  • Jefe Pa
    No one better
    There’s no other
  • Rosiepigs
    Blatant misnomer
    For Solomon to call this “just the news” is appalling. Solomon is a hard core right-winger; he’s not just doing news but has a very conservative slant. Truly deceitful.
  • ViktorGee
    Veterans Day
    Thank You John for All You do in tell current stories!! Our Country could use more like You. A special shout out on this Veteran’s Day! I am a Retired Army Veteran. I also worked 16+years for the USPS and retired from them 2 & half years ago. I struggle with some physical issues from my Military Service but was proud to serve. Anyway, thank You for this special show today! May God Bless You and Your Family/Team!!!! God Bless America!!!!!
  • Bamaboy591
    Love your show!
    Senator Tuberville is one of the few willing to stand up for the tax payer. Thank you Tommy for all that you do whether it’s keeping the pentagon in check or keeping the senate honest when it comes to funding foreign wars or the UN.
  • Zed_55
    Not Conservative.
    Let’s stop calling these people “conservatives.” The Republican Party has devolved into a cult of personality, working to install a strongman in the White House who has been charged with 91 felonies and who could easily be convicted and sentenced before the 2024 Republican convention in Milwaukee. It’s a real possibility that Trump could deliver his acceptance speech for the Republican nomination from prison.
  • crazy mimi64
    Go John Solomon!!
    News. Not noise. Love listening to interviews, always informative. Thank you.
  • Sun Diego
    The best of all
    John’s show is the only one that tells you what is really going on from the mouths of the people that are fighting the evil. And it’s pure evil they are fighting for all of us. Thanks is not enough for the countless sleepless nights John must be growing through for brining all of us the truth. The rest of us aren’t sleeping all that much either. God save our Republic.
  • Kaopac
    Part information, part advertising podcast
    I like John Solomon whenever I hear him on Fox, so was excited to listen to his podcast. I thought I might get extended information and opinions than what is on Fox News . What a disappointment this podcast is. It's half interview with "the listed guest" then 15-20 minutes of advertising a product. John Solomon has just found a way to bring the dreaded late night infomercial to the podcast genre. So when he lists a guest interview and reports it's 48 minutes long, it's not 48 minutes with that guest. It's not 40 minutes with the guest and then 8 minutes of sporadic ads throughout the podcast. It's about 24 - 28 minutes of a real guest interview and then 20 - 24 minutes of advertising and product hawking, DISGUISED as an interview with someone who is selling a supplement they developed. I quit listening to this podcast after 2 shows. If I want infomercials I can go back to the tv ones. At least you get to watch something rather than just listen to a 20 minute commercial. All these Fox guys have really "sold out" and spend the majority of their shows hawking pillows, sheets, slippers, Relaxium, Magnesium and some environmental product I couldn't bear to hear about. Sorry John, you lost the plot.
  • advernut9691
    Good show. Too many ads
    I listen to a lot of podcasts. Your two 10min blocks of ads is too long for a 40min show.
  • Westsideconnetion
    Real and refreshing
    John is a real journalist, I like his content!
  • pipercub1
    Impeach now!
    Why is it so difficult for repubs to impeach when dems did it TWICE so easily. This is rediculous!
  • GH Quincy
    Best reporter around!
    John always does his homework and gives the true facts. I know if he is reporting it then it has to be the truth. He’s never rude and always soft spoken. A great source for information. Thank you John.
  • Uncle Al the kiddies pal
    Rasmussen interview
    Did I hear Rasmussen say “The economy is good.” And no follow up question? Good economy by what standard?
  • atjsaj
    Great information
    Just be aware, the first ten mi utes of the show are ads.
  • MyAmerica10
    Do not impeach Joe Biden
    Forget impeachment! The entire Biden family needs to be tried an convicted of treason. They sold America to China, Russia and Ukraine. We’ll never know the full extent of their corruption.
  • Media darling
    Second favorite podcast
    Please watch the edits. Many edits cut off a final comment from guest to go to a commercial. On the other side, there’s a new guest, new topic. Poor editing equals poor user experience.
  • MrScrubby7
    4 Patriots
    Hey John, already have my supply. But, why is the promo code “Solomon”? Was Just the News, taken? I doubt it was.
  • shane563
    Great show, I like how there’s little fluff and a lot of topics we all want to hear. Heavy on commercials though.
  • Furst
    6 min of commercial ads to start
    So many ads in podcasts today. This one has 6 min of them before it really starts.
  • Amistead Maupin
    Too Many Commercials
    Way too many commercials, great reporting though 🤷‍♂️
  • Di McC
    Nothing but the TRUTH 🙋‍♂️
    This podcast is ur one stop for truth and important news you need to know. In MY opinion, John S is the number 1 reporter of our times. He does reporting the way reporting should be done. Facts and proof.
  • safeAgain
    Important news
    Can depend on getting serious important news with this podcast- thanks
  • Free Patriot Tim
    Awesome job!
    Thank you for your honesty and for always revealing the facts. Your shows always send me down rabbit holes doing my research.
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