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Talk around America's water cooler surrounding faith, politics, and culture is changing fast. Just the News' political affairs program "The Water Cooler with David Brody" takes a deep dive into the issues of our time to get to heart of what people are talking about today. Journalist David Brody sits down with some of the biggest newsmakers and thought leaders of the day to talk about values and traditions in a non—traditional way.

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  • Anony00_
    Awesome podcast! Even better guy!
    I actually started listening to David’s podcast after meeting him. He was kind, intelligent, and willing to talk to you like you matter. The show is great, informative, and has become daily listening for me.
  • >:-(!
    Today’s show comment
    It’s Nehemiah 4 time: work but keep your military tool onhand-handy.
  • Classic Star Trek Forever
    July 20th
    While I agreed to some of the things your guest brought up, he has no idea what is going on in Portland Oregon. There are some peaceful protest, but there are fires burning, police being harmed without provocation. I support the Feds filtering out and convicting those who are rioting not about race, but another agenda. The mayor by his policy in this matter, make the city unsafe for any race who disagree with their politics. Your guest needs to talk to the other oppressed people in this city, the conservatives. Your guest hasn’t talked to the many minorities who have better jobs now and prosper compared to the last administration.
  • Metta-Man
    Too many ads
    I’ll change my review when the ads are only on the ends of the podcast.
  • I don't like ads
    David always is insightful and entertaining plus interesting guests.
  • Ayobami326
    Weirdest discussion ever
    (5/18/20) Today’s show was surreal...On the integrity meter, Trump is leagues above of Biden...too much consumption of Correspundit spin, this guest. Love the show, though.
  • Jim Pfaff
    David Brody is a pro
    I got to know David when I was working for Focus on the Family in 2006 and he interviewed me when I was running the Marriage Amendment effort in Colorado. He was a real pro who understood the issue and created an honest, insightful report. When I worked in DC as a Capitol Hill Chief of Staff, he covered Washington with equally strong insight and professionalism. This comes out clearly in his podcast. His years of experience and connection to key newsmakers and leaders makes this an invaluable podcast.
  • hoitzitzillion
    Not insane to have church
    I agree with what that preacher was saying, he’s right, what’s happening right now is insane, this country and others have had some kind of virus come through that was probably way worse then this one will be and the country was never shut down. What is happening right now is tyrannical like and if President Trump wasn’t President I would be screaming from the roof top. We are a free people who can choose to take the risk like we do everyday we get in a car or on a plane, and as believers we were not given a sprit of fear, and I believe that God will protect the ones he does not want to get the virus those of us who are covered by the blood of the lamb, all of this is very spiritual what is happening in the world right now, I believe God is wanting the church to wake up and start preaching the truth, his truth not the worlds, it is Passover, we believe his children will be spared from the judgement that God is bringing to all the nations right now, he’s wanting to know from the people “are you going to chose him or the world” we have a choice right now, who’s side are we on? That preacher has every right to open his church, he is not forcing anyone to come, that’s also their right to choose. My church has decided not to have church and so it is on line right now and that’s ok too, again we are a free people and this is way over the top. Like he said, you can get it going to the store just as easily but we still go, the liquor stores? Dispensary’s ? they can open but not church?
  • retroman75
    Straight Scoop from Brody
    Always enjoy David’s analysis and this show allows even more direct content from him. The last few years his connections have been stellar and glad he is leveraging those relationships on the show. Another rater docked him a point for the humor attempts but that’s part of the package my friends. Enjoy the 5* David!
  • Short, Peter
    Stick to the News!
    David - although you asked for only 5 star reviews . . . I’d give you 5 stars if you dropped the feeble attempt at humor. Some people just aren’t funny, no matter how hard they try.
  • Golden State_Media Junkie
    Great Podcast
    Added to my must listen list. Thanks for solid journalism.
  • Kisstodian
    Brody is the man
    My absolute favorite journalist. David Brody is great at mixing professional news analysis with a little light hearted fun.
  • twolf20c
    Thank you for information not propaganda.
  • Noname B
    Nice mature and CALM information and analysis
  • velmasdil
    Good Interviews
    I enjoyed the focus of the first two podcasts. The interviews were great. Hearing the news straight from the newsmakers is helpful.
  • wa4wga
    Welcom addition
    I pull down allot of news talk podcasts and I like the approach you take here because I can and do form my own opinions and I prefer my opinions not to be colored by talking heads. One quibble. A bit less chatter between the interview segments where possible might make it flow a bit better. Not bad for the first 2 though.
  • Jenny Wish
    So refreshing
    What took David Brody so long to get a podcast? The Pod’s Honest Truth is a refreshing, well rounded, deep dive into the news of the day that embraces faith. Five stars. Hooray!
  • Podcast Lover 288!
    Great Podcast!!
    I love David Brody’s Podcast! He does a great job of keeping me up to date with politics in a new and exciting way! I also love that he incorporates God and Faith into it!! Keep it up David!
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