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A podcast about the web comic Lore Olympus by two people who have no qualifications but a lot of feelings.

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  • KateTheGreat93
    The Lore Olympus audio book
    A friend asked if there is an audio format for this comic (since reading is apparently a bit pedestrian) and I recommended this podcast. No other audio format could so clearly describe a visual medium. You’re doing the work of the gods. Keep it up, ladies!
  • osrirefghoesgh
    New Year, New 5 Star I-Tunes Review
    I would love to write witty or clever review, but I’m just not that creative. You two and this podcast are an absolute delight! I adore the varied levels of analysis and thirsty humor. The Patreon is the my favorite gift I give myself every month - the Outtakes and Bonus Ups are top tier.
  • ImASlytherinAndImProud
    Absolute perfection
    I am almost 100% convinced that Rachel takes this podcast into account when writing Lore Olympus
  • bijoukruszka
    Hello! I don’t use Apple Podcasts but I had to leave a review because this podcast is just so good!! It unlocked so many layers of Lore Olympus I never recognized before, and the hilarity Zoe and Erin add to it with their references and jokes is amazing (my favorite bit is about their lack of knowledge on the Bee Movie). As a musical theatre person, I’m OBSESSED with the constant musical references, and I have two I’d like to add! #1: the fact that “My Unfortunate Erection” from 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee hasn’t been referenced yet stuns me to this day, and #2: I find that Persephone and Demeters relationship is a lot like “I Remember How Those Boys Could Dance” from Carrie: The Musical. Anyways, I love this podcast so much and every person should listen to it.
  • DemiboyDisaster
    Spotify Minutes
    These ladies were my top podcast of 2022, with 11,308 minutes dedicated to in depth analyses of Gods, long diversions about salt, pure unadulterated hatred of certain purple characters, and flesh light coffee grinders, and I feel like that warrants a five star iTunes review.
  • bex.dilly
    comfort millenials
    i am loyal to this podcast like no other, zoey and erin are my comfort millennials and they always provide‼️ i will laugh, i will recognize musicals i didn't know i knew, i will indulge in bits i don't think should ever come to fruition i'm writing this during finals week where my brain is dripping out of my ears and nothing will bring me back to sanity like this podcast, truly my lifeline rn 100/10 great work, worth a cult following honestly
  • Bones092
    I just got my Spotify year in Review and wow
    It is safe to say this podcast is absolutely amazing and I have numbers to prove it. In 2022 according to my Spotify year in review I have listened to 17,409 minutes listening to podcasts. Of that total I have spent 9,876 minutes listening to Lore Olympod. While that may not seem like a lot over a year, I started listening in August. In 4 months I sunk 9,876 minutes of my life into this AMAZING podcast. Thank you ladies ♥️
  • DayDreamer61620
    3,803 minutes
    I’ve been an avid fan for quite a while but this is my first review, prompted by todays Spotify wrapped release. This is my top podcast for 2022 with a total of 3,803 MINUTES listened 😳I figured that deserved five stars!! Y’all feel like friends and I love the shenanigans, can’t wait for more in 2023! Also if anyone hasn’t subscribed to the patreon I totally recommend it, it’s worth all four (4) quarters 💕
  • Savi💜
    I started listening this podcast on Spotify in October I DOWNLOADED ITUNES AND APPLE PODCASTS JUST TO LEAVE THIS REVIEW!!! I love you guys so much and we Stan daddy Hephaestus and BIG BUISNESS DADDY HADES!!! Oh and mommy I mean Persephone ❤️
  • mvonbarn
    Giving me LIFE
    This podcast is the only thing that makes me feel not dead inside while I’m at work. Thank you Zoey and Erin - great comedy, great songs, great friendship and great job on breaking down my favorite comic.
  • GneissKitty-Catcus
    I am DYING waiting for the next episode!
    I’ve recently finished binging LoreOlympod for the second time this year and caught back up just in time to find out I have to wait a whole week for your reaction to Hypnos’s opinion on Persephone’s tree. As soon as I saw that panel I knew you’d have a hayday with it and am soooo excited for the screaming to commence hahahaha! That being said, absolutely love the podcast. It’s full of sass, screams, and side quests.
  • Momo shikiro
    A+ but also thanks for graduating past Artemis hate
    I just found this show and absolutely love it! It’s been a great way to replay the series and get great commentary while I’m at work. Both of them are so relatable and quirky to me; probably because we are in the same age bracket 😂definitely a 5 star show. However I would not have considered it god tier entertainment if they hadn’t come around to Artemis’s perspective. Since I was listening to episode one after already reading to chapter 220 I’ll give some grace, but I was pretty put out by their original takes on Artemis. I finally realized it was because Artemis comes off as neurodivergent like me, so almost none of her actions in season one read as wrong to me, just tragic that she couldn’t see the problem. Likely because I would have done similar things and made similar mistakes. It really lifted my spirits to see them turn around their opinion is season 2 because honestly Artemis there to save Persephone from the house of debauchery is also 100% my energy. But the bright side is their original opinion about Artemis made me reflect on why I didn’t see anything wrong and made me realize all of this and how amazing Rachel Smyth is at writing complex characters including neurodivergent characters where that isn’t their whole identity. TLDR: A+ podcast and Artemis is an ADHD baby, fight me.
  • Truemansluv
    It is 2 am, 8 hours through a 12 hour shift and I am tHRIVING because of all of the content I get to go through. The musical references and werewolf erotica are so hilarious not to mention they are hardcore LO fans. I’m talking DEEP DIVES people, they over analyze and I LOVE IT. TLDR: it’s great
  • awesomeness banana girl rhing
    Here’s your daily 5 star rating. Have a good day! You deserve all the awards in the world. You make all your listeners happy and make us laugh. Ty! <3
  • lyons35
    i will keep writing 5 star itunes reviews until the world implodes
    i feel like you guys missed a crucial “the proposal” reference (a scene that lives rent free in my mind) in ep 211 when demeter says “why are you wet?” but otherwise you guys are the greatest and i literally listen to this at the gym when i’m trying not to die when doing my cardio
  • TimeTraveler89
    These kooky gals are so fun
    This podcast really feels like sitting around with friends and screeching about your mutual obsession. This is really fun. They also do a lot of work to try to break down and analyze the meaning and mythology behind the comic. 10/10 d!ld*s/coffee grinders
  • I loved this podcast but...
    You will get used to their laughs and extra noises
    They are your equally nerdy friends obsessed with a WEBTOON. Any negative reviews need to look in the mirror. I’m obsessed and happy to find others equally obsessed people. Love all the singing and the sass. Keep doing what y’all are doing. I finished all the available episodes over the course of a week
  • MellyBean20
    The Kinda Sad One
    I’ve been listening to Lore Olympod for over two years now, which is crazy because I have the attention span of half a squirrel. I’m the same age as these two amazing idiots-said with so much love- and it feels like I’m sitting at a friend’s house just hanging out and talking. I lost my Dad in 2020 and it was the most I could do just to open my eyes every day and this podcast was the only thing that could make me smile for months. I even laughed! It was a great break from my sad reality. The little bits of the podcast, arguing over the qualities of the number 3, the anxiety of Sam making a phone call for work, the Exceptional Halloween costumes. Those are what really make it shine for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love Lore Olympus but I think I love these two even more. I hope once the comic ends they find another thing to podcast about. Musicals, politics, Disney movies, other WEBTOONs, anything. Happy weekending to you both, thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my life bearable in my most difficult days.
  • DBibsy
    5 Stars for Z & E
    I have been listening for a while… two months because I had to go to a laundromat because reasons. Long story long, every Sunday I am binging as many Olympod episodes as possible until I catch up. This podcast is hilarious and will have you adding your own commentary… out loud in public (oops). If you like Lore Olympus, Broadway references, cute animals and side stories, this is the pod for you.
  • ArtHo3
    Screaming into the void
    I quickly became obsessed with LO and desperately needed people to talk (read: foam at the mouth and yell) with about the show and hear others opinions about everything and this podcast gave me that!! Thank you Erin and Zoey for showing yalls feral fan girl side and helping me find a community where I could unleash mine <3
  • julese's boyfriend jack
    Daddy hades
    His chiseled face just gets me going😮‍💨
  • Grean_Bean
    Does your one brain cell need a break?
    Then this is the podcast for you. Zoey and Erin do all the research and inferencing for you, so your brain cell can focus on more important things, like how many quarters make up a dollar, what qualifies as a belt and the practical need for fashion tape, and whether or not you got a coffe grinder in your subscription box this month. Listening to Lore Olympod in conjunction to the Lore Olympus webcomic is the only way to get the full understanding of the story.
  • togorowan
    Makes my day
    Truly, I found this podcast like a week ago and have already made it through about 80 episodes. I really wanted to say—episode 74 started this morning and I started laughing really hard because the duo says not to operate heavy machinery. I listen to podcasts on the job, while typically using heavy equipment like I did today. You guys make me laugh on the regular and I really appreciate being able to fan-person over this wonderful comic.
  • bobathicc
    my favourite podcast
    i listen to yall at work and aside from being the best podcast ever, your laughter is contagious and i have to stop myself from laughing along with you. listening to this podcast feels like hanging out with friends and i love that energy
  • dorkyxchick
    Thank you
    I had to get iTunes just to write this but I just wanted to say this podcast brings me so much joy, I’m high key obsessed. I realized I couldn’t read while I was at work but boy can I listen. I just started listening a few days ago so I don’t know who is who but I thank you for blessing my ears
  • Avery C.G.
    OMG it’s unhinged but amazing.
    This is one of the best podcast I’ve ever listened to. As a person who love lore Olympus this is simply the best these lady’s are funny, entertaining, observant and genuinely just amazing. Also the simply unhinged conversations are the worst but in the absolutely best way. From tub time to the coffee grinder and babo def give these lady’s a chance I promise you’ll love it. Also the patreon is a dollar a month and has some simply divine content. Love y’all keep it up and can’t wait for more!!!!!!!! ❤️
  • BlessBlessMess
    Our girl Persie is just doing her best 🌺🌺🌺
    I discovered this pod last week and I am here for ALL of Erin and Zoë’s shenanigans, screams, and sweating. Y’all make analyzing this epic work of art so so much fun. Never change bebes. xoxo!
  • nennasnow
    This is gold-*Updated review*
    I love this podcast. These ladies are funny, knowledgeable, funny, insightful, and FUNNY! If you are a fan of the comic please listen to this podcast. **Updated Review 7/25/2022** I have been listening to this podcast for the last two and a half years now and I still love it. Their deep dive into every detail is thought provoking and makes you also slow down in your own reading of the comic. I continue to Stan these two nymphs and I look forward to two more years of listening to them talk about my favorite web comic. And to that I say…thank you for podcasting my podcast hole.
  • mrmosebystoehair
    Seagull Screeches and colon jokes have my 💛
    When I started this podcast, I was skeptical because usually those fandom fueled theories and discussions can get WILD. AND LO IS SO WILD BUT SO WORTH IT. I’ve never loved a podcast before but this was amazing. I’m a theater major so every single musical reference is hilarious. Not to mention how FRIGGIN HORNY YALL ARE FOR EVERY GOD IS AMAZING. I feel like I’m talking to two great friends who have the most hilarious laughs. I’ve been binging from the very beginning (literally started in June) and I JUST caught up and idk what to do with my life anymore. I’ve even convinced my gf to listen once she finishes Lore Olympus. Erin and Zoey, congrats on engagements and also good luck in law school!! I can’t wait to hear more of your content! >:-)
  • Velarian Reader
    Energy: Unmatched
    I originally left a five-star review with no additional commentary because I couldn’t figure out how to adequately summarize how much freaking JOY and laughter Erin and Zoey bring to my life, but I’m here to give it another go. A few things that make this podcast unparalleled include: 1. Erin’s laugh. Anyone who comes for it can catch me outside. 😤 2. Zoey’s showtune references. I’m a Les Mis girl (and Hadestown, duh) personally, but I now consider myself educated in the art of Cats.💅 3. Accessibility and inclusion—they strive to make everyone welcome AND make even bonus content accessible (one of only two creators I subscribe to). 4. They’re fangirls like the rest of us. As a member of the Maas Trash and Fictional Men Do It Better communities, I feel seen. 5. This is maybe the most important one: their very clear love and excitement for each other, the story, our BBD, and the audience. I’ve tried to listen to so many podcasts, and this is one of only a few that’s not only been a constant, but that I listen to on repeat. Their convos remind me so much of the feeling of getting lost in a long conversation with your best friend (I literally send screen recordings to friends who don’t read LO), and I think their authenticity and energy are truly unmatched. To conclude, you’re both the best, and I’d give you a million stars if I could. Much love🫶
  • Julese <3
    Is it just me or does Hades give off the same vibe as Listerine… sexy Listerine bottle anyone?
  • Rshan001
    The laugh, the showtunes, the thirst!
    So much thirst! I love this podcast!
  • Mcstolzy
    I have recently binged this podcast and now that I am all caught up I do not know what to do with myself! I can’t wait to get home to I can subscribe to their Patreon! I have come to feel that I am sitting down with my good friends talking about this thing that I love so much! 100% recommend this podcast and 100% recommend Lore Olympus!
  • Spazerella
    This Pod Really Slaps
    Seriously, I re-added apple podcasts to my phone so that I could leave a review. Zoey and Erin have a great vibe going on this pod that I can only compare to Jason and Mal’s vibes from bingemode the ringer pods (specifically the HP series) The perfect balance of humor and analysis of the story and every once in a while a DnD reference or joke. Check this pod out their patreon is fun too!
  • ImAHungryNacho
    Best Lore Olympus Podcast Ever!
    I am o b s e s s e d with Lore Olympus. Anything I could find, Reddit, tumblr, instagram- I became a follower. And now with Lore Olympod I feel like I have two sisters who are just as obsessed as I am. Not only do they go into depth about greek mythology, possible theories, and point out foreshadowing hinted within the visual storytelling in the composition of panels- they’re so funny. I can’t wait for more shocking reveals- ever followed by the: “Erin-“ “Zoe- I know.” Lots of love! You girls keep doing you! You have made my Mondays THAT much more bearable!
  • aceofgracex
    Maybe They’re Magic
    Hello! Many Moons Ago, Lore Olympod began their journey Way Dow (to) Hadestown. If You Don't Know the One Singular Sensation, I'd Be Delighted to tell you that these Dancing Queens are a Small Umbrella in the Rain. Some Things are Meant to Be and this podcast is The Most Amazing Thing. One episode and You'll Be Back. It's Astonishing. Join in the Tradition of drinks, gods, and lots of laughter. And Hey, Big Spender, their patreon is only $1 a month for hours & hours of more content to leave you Satisfied. Don't Say No to This, I Believe in You. So Long, Farewell. I Guess This is Goodbye. 🌸💙🎶
  • glossmins ♡
    My comfort white girls
    I’m not an eloquent writer, so I can’t give you a well worded explanation as to why I love this show so much but these are my favorite white girls of all time and I will support them until the very end.
  • sobe_doodles
    Getting me through College lol
    Last time I wrote a 5-Star iTunes review it was the end of my freshman year of college, now I write to y’all at the end of my sophomore year. Still killing the game ladies, love the vibes every episode. You’re getting me through these long college student nights with good Lore Olympus fun and lots of laughs !! Thank you☺️💓🫶
  • Ohheyitsalyssa
    My life would be an empty void without this podcast
    I look forward to waking up to notifications that Erin and Zoey have posted a new episode because everyone I know is uncultured and doesn’t read LO so y’all are my main source of theories and talking about how much we love Persephone with the added amazing humor and small touches of songs from musicals 🙌🏻
  • jpodlistener212
    Thank u for your service
    This podcast is literally carrying me through my undergrad degree and internship (yay women in STEM) by providing me with copious amounts of dopamine and serotonin. I’ve been hyper-fixating on it to distract myself from the college grind and it’s helping me so much. I started it in February and I’m halfway through my second time listening. At this point I may like it more than the actual WEBTOON 💘 (no shade to our lord and savior Rachel Smythe)
  • chai16
    I love listening to these thirsty twats so goddamn much
  • emmynj24
    This podcast is just phenomenal for a Lore Olympus fan. However in the season 2 return episode they mention the love interest from the Goofy Movie. Her name is Roxanne and y'all best put some RESPECT on her name!! She did have some big Roxanne energy though. 🤷🏻‍♀️ In all seriousness though, I look forward to this podcast every other week to get my Lore review fix and Zoey must have some hidden off shore funds that the IRS is sus about. 😎 10/10 podcast 11/10 with rice. 👍🏻💖
  • ChthonicKween
    Bringin the thirst and the fun facts
    Erin and Zoe bring the thirst for hot ancient emo gods as well as those historical mythology fun facts: I love it, I love them, I love that they love Lore Olympus this much 💙💖👑
  • lore hottie
    Perfection, giving me life
    Zoëy and Erin are geniuses. They are the moment. They are everything. This podcast is gold. I am reborn.
  • Ashleigh 💚
    Just YES!!! This podcast is the only thing that get me through my day anymore💙💗
  • Little_Godess22
    Greatest lore Olympus commentary
    Firstly, your show is a ray(a) of sunshine and makes my day when it airs. But I wanted to know what you both thought about how hades might be portrayed in the coming season. Will he be our hades or will he be cool and calculated more so than he was? I think he might have turned into the hades of myth that is much more harsh and cold. Love your show and can't wait for next week!
  • a sentient fire baby
    The Lore OlymPOD Starter Kit
    A few things to prep you for this 5 star worthy podcast: Water slides / nymph wing Lots of booze (drinking games) A friend who can drink like Brenda BIG!! Aquarius!! Energy!! Business capes (NOT matador style) Character voices and accents A tub (you know why) Extra salt Deodorant for the excessive sweat Extensive musical theatre knowledge a forbidden coffee grinder And most importantly, a Zoey to your Erin
  • chaso-cast
    This got me pulled over
    These two made me laugh so hard I pressed down on the gas while driving and got pulled over for going 90+ on the highway. The cop was so confused by why I suddenly started speeding he didn’t even give me a ticket.
  • Jaden2K3
    It may have taken all of 3 months, but I’ve finally caught up with the podcast. All this premium content and just for $1. Thank you both for laughs and being a highlight of this hiatus
  • kdeanie
    Hades is a Pizza Thief
    Leaving a (well deserved) 5⭐️ review because of anyone will join me in thinking this is funny, it’s you nuts: I had a dream that the Fates were given security footage of an alleged Underworld pizza thief and asked to identify the perpetrator. They then picked through hundreds of images and videos to match the face. It was OBVIOUSLY Hades, but this went right over the Fates heads somehow. I lost all the context and fun little details (that make perfect sense when your dreaming) when I woke up, so I don’t know why Hades was stealing pizza from his own realm. I like to think it was for Persephone.
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