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No Dogs In Space is a music history podcast featuring Marcus Parks and Carolina Hidalgo of the Last Podcast Network. Season 1 - Punk Season 2 - Alternative

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  • MidwesternCoot
    Worth a listen
    It’s like Behind The Music but better! This show is broadening my musical palette. Keep up the good work.
  • CR
    I want to love this podcast, but…
    Ok, I found this on the recommendations page after listening to another show focused on the Replacements, and that is all I’ve listened to up to this point. The hosts are CLEARLY music nerds and also clearly put in the work to research their subject. There is an enthusiasm for the ‘Mats that shines through. The only reason I left this at 4 stars instead of 5… does every third word have to start with “f”? I mean, it’s a rock n roll podcast so I expect some colorful language. A well place f-word is a way to really sell a point or cap a great story, but when it sounds like you’re using the word just to say it, it wears thin (and overshadows the spots where it is perfectly placed). That said, a good show overall, lots of good info and worth your time if you’re a music nerd.
  • roundart
    Love this podcast
    Marcus and Carolina do an amazing job! They bring a great history of punk and proto punk
  • Perfect|Midnight|World
    Excellent show with tremendous research
    There are enough ridiculous one star reviews where someone says something vague as if Marcus and Carolina are going to reply to them without any elaboration on their vagaries, so here’s 5 stars for the brilliance of the research, which is always cited in the show. Also, here’s 5 stars for those who show up for one deep dive into their favorite band, got upset because it wasn’t to their precise liking and gave it a 1 star while personally attaching the hosts. People need to grow up and move along if something isnt to their liking. Also, no one owes you a guaranteed schedule on a free podcast. The dude was extremely sick for a long time. They needed time. Be thankful they returned.
  • jon111111111111111111
    worst of both worlds
    worst aspects of corporate radio mixed with the worst aspects of podcasting. terrible commercials, check, dorky unfunny humor, check, the best friend wife husband combo, check.
  • fijimermaidable
    Excellent Show
    Marcus and Carolina do thorough research and are both great storytellers. Their banter and humor add flavor to each episode and they feature the BEST singles. Love it.
  • the-boulder
    Thank you
    Thank you for showcasing these bands amd providing these in-depth histories and reviews. Many of these had little mainstream appeal which has to make it difficult to research and find information on. Dead Kennedys were my favorite band in growing up and I learned a lot. Looking forward to moving onto the Misfits, Cramps, and Joy Division as well as others.
  • Jessa Sparkles
    Maddening schedule… is this pod a nepotism baby?
    Sorry I tried for a long time but no new episodes in three weeks? This sort of puts me off not just this show but LPOTL as a whole bc this schedule so sloppy and messy and spoiled… is that who LPOTL has become now? Like MFM or Crime Junkie? Just another lazy entitled network making money off of victims and not holding the creators who are their friends and family to any kind of a real deadline. It’s sad they use to be different. I adore Marcus Parks, I love his research work on LPOTL, I own three different copies of his book, and lots of LPOTL merch. I’m a fan like a big fan. I also love this era of music. I also hate inconsistencies. This podcast is wonderfully researched, adorably produced in such a way that it feels like an informative dinner with your cool music friends. However, there is no upload schedule, they sort of drop episodes whenever they feel like it. Which is maddening , and it’s hard to believe Parks would allow anyone else other than his wife to be this haphazard with programming. 3 months between substantial uploads and two weeks between smaller shows, is just bordering on disrespectful to the audience and again it’s hard to believe the network would allow it from anyone other than Carolina… five star content, (and this breaks my heart bc if they had a Patreon where they released it sooner or more I’d pay for it, but they don’t ) 3 star programming.
  • corgiR0SE
    Love the Beastie Boys series!
    Thank you Marcus and Carolina for reminding me how much I loved punk & the Beastie Boys growing up!! :) it’s been fun taking that trip with you.
  • Shgbed
    Fish sticks!
  • ArtGeekMom
    The bar is set!
    For anyone that even remotely enjoys music. There is no one in podcasting like Marcus when it comes to research, storytelling, and humor. Add in the AMAZING, brilliant, and hilarious Carolina, and you get hands down best music history podcast available.
  • kathyx96*
    If you love music you will love this podcast!
  • DRex212
    Nice nice
    Marcus unleashed!
  • m8135411
    Love every episode!
    So many good times love your pod Some ideas for this season: Pixies Red Hot Chili Peppers Weezer
  • Andrew4045
    Needs More Cursing, Banter, and Referential Inside Jokes
    Marcus and Carolina’s research is among the best of the best, deep-dive podcasts focused on the origins, influences, evolution, and impact of mid-to-late 20th century music genres. My only complaint is the tonal conflation of the Beastie Boys with the apex of Hip-Hop/Rap music and culture. I’m not suggesting this was a deliberate attempt to minimize the broader world Hip-Hop/Rap music and culture. It’s more akin to the commonplace biased oversight that exists in all ‘infotainment’ content. Regardless, I love the show and eagerly await future seasons. Much love to NDIS and the entire LPN family, ❤️✊🤘
  • Tennessee Resd
    Yall Rock
    Y'all rock. Favorite podcast. Share it all the time. Don't stop. Keep doing your thing.
  • cassie.CUNextTuesday
    Thank you
    Your storytelling style. Really resonates with me. I love your personalities, your passion for music is translated in the stories & research. love the playlist idea. I also appreciate your introduction and incorporating of music from the band timeline as well as relevance, and inspiration.
  • Marc Nischan
    Carolina and Marcus go deep on the research and create comprehensive biographies of bands, weaving in the cultural connections and influences that shaped them. Thank you so much for this!
  • DankHoustonMemes
    So disappointing
    Are y’all kidding me!? I listened to all of the Velvet Underground episodes before getting to the Stooges. The way you talk about child rape is honestly disgusting. Also the way you skirt around race and its role in music is tone deaf for a modern day podcast. I deeply regret giving your work any attention. Please educate yourselves and do better.
  • François Baptista
    Great Depth and Very Fun
    Love the show. Excited to see more seminal underground bands get the in-depth treatment. Would particularly love a Talking Heads, Throbbing Gristles, or a No-Wave Scene series. Great show, would recommend.
  • Tarantino0987654321
    Great Podcast
    just awesome love the in depth research on each band. definitely check this out
  • Tswizzle3
    Loved your Replacements series. Very comprehensive although I can’t get behind your hate for Don’t Tell a Soul! Great work!
  • Beegerkeeters
    I love everything about this podcast. The incredibly in-depth multi-part deep dives into the bands they cover is just fantastic.
  • CookieAbracadabra
    Deep dive on Joy Division
    The Joy Division deep dive was my first experience with this podcast and I learned a lot, even having read Hooky’s book. But you do have to grit your teeth through two of the most irritating podcast hosts I’ve come across. What is this guy laughing at? Everything he hears is the funniest thing ever: lame joke, declarative sentence, you name it. Having said that, I’m looking forward to the Velvet Underground episodes.
  • "Scamp to Champ" fan
    Cite your sources
    Credit where credit’s due, guys. Using someone’s stuff and not citing it is a bad look. It’s also how you get sued.
  • Cummdumpster616
    This is my favorite podcast
    There straight up isn’t a podcast out there that has expanded my musical taste quite as much as this one. I love both of the hosts, they are genuinely wonderful and intelligent humans. They have a beautiful relationship, and they have the most expansive and entertaining podcast network I’ve ever found. LPN changed my life, and I really can’t thank them enough! Thank you! I even sent in my own music in hopes they play it on one of their episodes! Sincerely, please keep making this podcast. Your loyal listener, Daymie
  • gotchaknows
    For anyone who loves hearing about the history of rock’n’roll, this podcast is the first and last word. Carolina & Marcus go above and beyond each week to give us every important detail about the music and bands that shaped music history. Beautiful and comprehensive.
  • Poodletude32
    The Replacements
    Like every other band that they have covered, I learned more about this band from this podcast than any documentary I’ve ever watched. They are informed and entertaining and you can absolutely tell how much work and research goes into each episode. Just really great stuff, and can’t wait for the next one!
  • jay987rdn
    Very cool concept and fun to hear about all the stories and history. I don’t really enjoy Punk or Alternative for that matter but despite not listening to these bands on my own it’s still interesting to learn about the more famous or important bands. I’m sure it will be even better once they get to a genre I truly like.
  • amydlink
    Absolutely love
    This has to be, hands down, my favorite podcast. I learn so much about some of my favorite bands and really enjoy the curated playlists. So intelligent, well researched, and the little details really make the connections with the bands to special. And their banter makes listening so joyful. So happy they are back (and feeling better).
  • Choc lab 75
    Fantastic podcast
    In-depth, incredibly well-researched podcast. The multi-part series on individual artists is superb and a delight for fans of great bands and artists. Cannot recommend enough.
  • Jorg_A
    Great show!
    Very good.
  • Dognose Media
    Ry Ruv Roo!
    I’m still on ep1 & am surprised I haven’t cried. I’ve always wondered why Paul Westerberg felt like a cousin. Our early lives were a decade apart, yet eerily similar. My mom was 35 when I was born in 1970 so we were raised by the same generation. And the details line up in a weird way with the introduction to punk.
  • FrankBlbc
    Creates a deep appreciation for the artistic process
    The depth, enthusiasm and insight provided is exceptional. Their goofy midwestern perspective is seriously endearing. Please never stop!
  • The Vampire Squid Chronicles
    Consistently Brilliant
    Quite simply the best rock music podcast out there of them all! The Replacements were a genius transition from the VU. Lots of my favorite bands ever have been covered in depth here. And some less familiar to me with nice deep dives ( I.e, DKs and Slits.) where I am learning a lot as well. Keep it up and thanks for all of it! The music means so much to so many of us as I know it does to the both of you! Stay punk and stay beautiful!
  • stupidstupididiot
    Deep dives on fantastic bands
    Like grabbing a beer with your most interesting friends
  • 74cb400f
    A Dead Kennedys Fan
    Friend of mine sent me this pod to listen to the Beastie Boys eps but I got distracted by the DK pods because I’ve been a huge fan since 1986 when I was introduced to Punk. Absolutely love the hosts and history. I’ll take my holiday in Cambodia thanks.
  • inwardempire
    Best compilations ever!
    An amazing introduction to punk!
  • Bobba Robba
    Great pod, horrible language.
    Imagine if Cocaine & Rhinestones was funny and about punk rock. Only problem is Marcus’ incessant f-ing this, f-ing that makes him sound like a moron. It’s like he is looking to establish street cred by sounding like a outer borough Moe-Mac.
  • Cheebis710
    The best music podcast
    Deep dives on awesome artists with likable hosts. Win win win
  • la cheesery
    Bummed I’m all caught up
    Wonderful hosts do a great job of research and presentation! I’ve listened to all the podcasts even though I had only heard Ramones and Velvet underground previously.anxiously awaiting any new content from these entertaining and knowledgeable hosts thanks guys
  • tslagle
    Incredible show filled with amazing music
    The best music based shows I’ve ever listened to. Carolina and Marcus do an amazing job researching the info and bring so much knowledge into these stories. So glad to have you on Apple again.
  • Tfiveisstillalive
    If you love music you’ll love this podcast
    This podcast has reanimated my love for music history. It reminds me of when I was younger and every classic band was new to me. I would research and read up about the bands on I would get lost in the stories, clicking on each band member, seeing how other bands were connected or not. As I’ve gotten older, less and less bands are new to me, and I’ve stopped discovering. This podcast has brought back that love of discovery and even though I know a lot about some of the bands they talk about, hearing the stories gets me so hyped and reminds me to binge their music library. Sometimes they even introduce or remind me of a forgotten band or song. Love love love this podcast and the people making it.
  • Russanie
    Fun Times
    i love this podcast and so glad it’s off only spotify!! eagerly awaiting the promised Modern Lovers episodes! this podcast has been stellar from day one! Carolina and Marcus clearly do their homework and have so much fun as storytellers! Love it!
  • mmt-felix
    Incredibly Fun Way to Learn More About the Bands We Love
    Carolina and Marcus have made me snort laugh so hard while listening to them! (I do not generally laugh out loud while listening to podcasts, let alone laugh uncontrollably). Their energetic, loving deep dives into musical history are both entertaining and informative! I also deeply appreciate the ability to listen to a lot of the tracks discussed during an episode by going to Marcus’s Spotify playlists! Such a great idea that makes it easy to immerse oneself in the music of the band that has just been thoroughly dissected. My favorite series so far are the Velvet Underground (chef’s kiss!) and Joy Division (Who knew that those lads were hilarious?)
  • Nico. D.
    When are y’all coming back?
    I’m excited for anything new you guys put out!
  • oldmancoyoteface
    The Best Music Podcast Ever
    This podcast is great! Super informative and entertaining. Carolina and Marcus have an amazing energy and love of music that’s infectious. It’s a great way to learn about music you love and to find new music to love. Also listen to Side B by Neo Hippie Salivator of Love.
  • Suhk Mahdikh
    Outstanding music history
    In-depth biographies of the bands who inspired the bands I love. You will enjoy the presentation style, too. So much fun!
  • speedreeder
    My Favorite Music Podcast
    If you are into the history of punk, underground, and independent music, this is the podcast for you. Each series of podcasts is focused on the history of a particular band, and wow, the hosts really do their homework. The research is so well done, and the hosts' love of music comes through in every episode. I look forward to each new band! Great job Marcus and Carolina!
  • Scottyar
    Great research, great charms, great style
    I thought I knew all there was to know about some of these bands and I learn something every episode. Witty, funny, smart, great back and forth between the two hosts, and mostly they have great taste!
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