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No Dogs In Space is a music history podcast featuring Marcus Parks and Carolina Hidalgo of the Last Podcast Network. On this first season, we're taking a deep dive into the history of punk rock, told through the stories of ten bands who helped define the genre.

On our first series, we cover the so-called godfathers of punk, The Stooges. Join us as we explore the early days of Iggy and the boys as the more innocent of their drug-fueled escapades as the band tries figuring out their voice in the midst of the ultimately empty peace and love movement.

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Recent Reviews
  • randadivine
    This podcast has everything.
    I am continually delighted by how much I love this podcast. Carolina is an absolute riot. Her DeeDee Ramone had me screaming. Everything about this is perfect and It’s so cool to have the background to the music I love!!
  • bernard_w
    i tried.....
    ......too many F-bombs. Foul language doesn't make you cool.......and it doesn't indicate intelligence. And i work in construction. Swearing certainly has its place. But not when you are hosting a podcast. You gotta know the difference. The co-host seems to be able to make her contribution without trashmouth. Get it together.
  • Tome Wilson
    Researched and Entertaining
    Endlessly fascinating look at the people who defined the early punk rock scene. Well researched and fast paced. 5 stars.
  • haley1227
    Great Quarantine Listening!
    Thank you Carolina and Marcus for keeping me entertained and informed while I work from home during quarantine! I’ve always loved punk, but doing a deep dive was daunting because there’s SO. MUCH. Having y’all break it down has helped me discover new music and have a deeper appreciation for the music I grew up loving. Can’t wait to see what comes next!!
  • dadscallion
    seriously the best
    this podcast has been such a comfort and fun thing to listen to! i love how marcus and carolina get really excited about things and it’s so nice feeling this camaraderie with them about loving these bands and their stories. carolina is so funny and puts so much work into the podcast and marcus ties everything together eloquently and does hilarious impressions. excited to see what y’all do beyond punk, but i’m glad you decided to start with this genre!
  • Z33M0
    The Best!
    Marcus & Carolina are fantastic podcasters & hosts. Exceptionally well-researched. Comfort food for the brain & heart. Instantly a favorite.
  • Spayspay
    Thank you!
    Loved the Misfits episodes! Learned a lot.
  • Hellooooookitty
    💕 LOVE
    One of the best podcasts out there if you like music. These two are great! One of the few podcasts that doesn’t get monotonous.
  • johnny epinymous
    The Best!!!
    Probably my favorite music podcast right now. Carolina is great, Marcus is a mastermind, and the way they approach the history is so smart.
  • Red Sox Baller
    This should go in The Smithsonian
    This is hands down my favorite podcast. As a lover of music and history I cannot think of anyone better to tell these stories. The writing and research are impeccable.
  • boner biter
    Great but just one thing
    I love the show. Great content and you can tell they’ve done their research. Just one thing. I’ve had to shut it off a couple times because the hosts in-breath laugh is horribly annoying and it seems like they at absolutely everything. I’d be willing to bet that 25% of the show is laughing and mostly not funny stuff.
  • satan's pilgrim
    This is the podcast I’ve been craving. It is incredibly well researched, passionate, and hella funny. Love the hosts and the music. Well done!
  • Jade Villanelson
    FINALLY, a great punk rock podcast!
    My husband, who is not big on the same music as I am, actually turned me onto this podcast and it’s quickly becoming a favorite! I was so happy to see that the damned was covered... I also agree that they’re highly underrated! If I can make a suggestion, I’d love for y’all to cover descendents. I think they’re also underrated, but have so much respect for them. They made being punk and nerdy cool. Keep up the great work, y’all.
  • SethsHere
    Informative and Fun
    I spent years procrastinating on reading the bios of some of my favorite bands, then this podcast came along and did all the reading for me. Parks and Hidalgo are great together, and all the recommendations are appreciated.
  • Lordzedddd
    Not funny
    Started listening to this show for the Stooges series. Really good info and I like that they play a lot of music examples, but this couple’s humor (or lack thereof) is sooo bad that I really can’t continue after episode 1. I wish they could stick to the info more without trying to make a joke every 30 seconds. Of course some joking and humor is great but they are really overdoing to the point it’s not enjoyable and it gets pretty cringey. I want to like this podcast but I can’t. But maybe I’m in the minority here because so many reviews say they are funny *shrug*
  • Colonel Treize
    The podcast I knew I needed, but am still blown away by.
    As soon as this was announced on LPOTL, I knew I needed to at least try it. One episode in, and I was hooked. It’s taken me over 6 months to write a review because my first child was born in early March, (right before quarantine,) so Carolina and Marcus became my background for 3am diaper changes. I’m glad that my daughter still is learning what words mean, otherwise I’d have a LOT of explaining to do. Even more fun: Marcus’ playlists for each episode. I didn’t know my kid needed to know who Del Shannon was... or that she needed to hear The Ramones version of Let’s Dance. But she did. Also, she starts dancing every time she hears that last one. Looking forward to everything that comes next!
  • peggypaine
    Happy Happy Joy Joy!
    Update: Now I’m up to the first episode of The Damned. This podcast has been a super fun ride so far! Marcus & Carolina are really funny with great chemistry and cute little insights into their relationship. It’s fun learning about the bands by them riffing off each other as they tell the stories. But Carolina’s improv tellings of some of the stories as if she were there are HILARIOUS!!! She’s a born comedian. ALSO! The playlists on Spotify are AAAAAMAAAAZZING!! Maybe MC No Dogs will consider making You Tube playlists with the videos they think are the best representations of the artists? They talk about videos a lot and some musicians they’ve said are on YouTube but not Spotify. PLEEEASE?? Someone out there is generously creating playlists for the podcast, but I’d really love to see more of the specific videos/performances they talk about. THANK YOU! I cannot love this podcast enough. I hope the Plasmatics get at least a mention or two. They were an early love for me, around age 15. When the trouble started ... 😬🙄😂❤️ 🎶 So far I’ve only listened to the first episode and I love it already! Can’t wait to sink my ears into the rest of it 💗
  • hanncakes
    One of the best out there
    Marcus & Carolina are funny, interesting, and have great chemistry which in my opinion is the basis for a great podcast, but they go even further and add extensive research, personal experiences, humor, and playlists. (Thank you so much for the playlists) I’m a child of the 70’s and have listened to these bands for decades now, so learning the history is truly fascinating. Thank you & Keep up the great work, guys!
  • Filmjunkie333
    Man is this fun!
    So, despite some minutia being inaccurate due to viewing the past through younger eyes, it’s pretty well researched, fun to listen to and funny. I learned things about bands that I thought I already knew everything about. It’s really great. To up the experience, the hosts offer their playlists on, as they say, “another platform” of all the songs featured in the episodes. Really great.
  • Newbtastic
    Helped me connect with my dad
    I hadn’t realized it going up, but I had been exposed to some of the greatest hits from the Dead Kennedys, The Damned, The Ramones, and many others. When I shared this podcast with him he opened up about what the screen was like and how he and my uncle would dress up in overalls and join the mosh pit to piss off the other punks. This podcast brought my dad and me closer and I thank you for that.
  • Duke Brutus
    Dream topics and Hosts
    They take their time crafting the stories as well as they can be told. Engaging and hilarious, its suited for fresh fans and those who think they may know everything already. Favorite part: the inclusion of the actual music mentioned as the story progresses. I would love to know more about Fear or Bad Brains in a future installment.
  • TheBenj74
    I love this couple
    Although it focuses on punk rock (which I love) they don’t gloss over the missteps these bands made. Great music and research, which can be sketchy at best when it comes to 50 year old music and artists. If you love punk and “proto-punk” it’ll enlighten you.
  • RevIsYourBuddy
    Exactly what I wanted.
    This podcast is perfect. Those hosts are funny, and entertaining, yet informative. The way the stories are told is compelling, and it keeps me wanting more. Their one off episode on the Trashmen is my favorite. This podcast is bang on. 5/5.
  • Nope0
    The podcast I didn’t know I needed!
    I didn’t think I’d care this much about a music podcast! They relate music nerdiness in a completely unpretentious, fun & hilarious way I’ve never experienced before. Bands I loved before I REALLY love now (The Slits, swoon). Also, Carolina & Marcus’ relationship is adorable without being annoying. I can really tell they love each other, but I somehow don’t hate them for it!
  • Evan K. K.
    -Great Podcast-
    I have been listening to Last Podcast and Tophat for years and I always get so disappointed that I’ve run out of content from them to enjoy. This podcast is perfect for filling the void a little bit more! Marcus and Carolina are so funny, smooth, and natural. They’re a really cute couple too. This podcast is very entertaining and informative. Thank you so much Marcus and Carolina for helping me get through the monotonous work shifts and helping me fall asleep ❤️
  • Born 70 years ago
    Great show
    This has turned into one my favorite podcasts. I lived thru all this music and appreciate the time and research you put into the show. Thanks.
  • eggboiii
    Quality content
    This podcast hits the spot for me as a person who has spent countless hours of my life reading books about various bands and artists. I don’t have as much time to read anymore so this is a great way to get a condensed version of not just one, but multiple books, about bands and their origin stories. Marcus and Carolina have a natural way of making each episode a conversation and slide in some humor occasionally. My absolute favorite thing about this podcast is the clips of songs not only from the band/artist their covering, but from their influences and peers as well! I always had to stop the book I was reading to google songs, and look up references. I’m overjoyed that I have a free resource that does all that for me, and every episode has a corresponding Spotify playlist.
  • Map-Wezt
    Geeses & Gooses
    This is just what I wanted! Two silly goosey gooses blabbing about bands I love. It’s humorous and informative. I find myself surfing greed waves after each episode. “S’over?! What?! Ummmm, jus do part 2 rn.”
  • SlimeQueeeen
    The Cramps - Part I
    Thank you Marcus and Carolina!! Long time listener of LPOTL and I've loved No Dogs In Space ever since you guys started. An excellent look at Lux and Poison Ivy 🖤💚Very excited for part II
  • Poor Old Granddad
    Who New The Slits Were Such A Cool Group
    Yep, the Slits flew under my radar. Thanks, for the education. I almost skipped the series because I had never heard of them. Carolina and Marcus’s chemistry and enthusiasm have made for very informative entertainment. Please make more podcast.
  • oldmancoyoteface
    The Best Music Podcast Ever
    This podcast is great! Super informative and entertaining. Carolina and Marcus have an amazing energy and love of music that’s infectious. It’s a great way to learn about music you love and to find new music to love.
  • aaronwaddell
    Punk Rock is my life and this is good
    I’m a fan of everything last podcast network, and as a punkrocker from the 80’s this introduced me to stuff I’ve ever heard of and stuff I forgot I loved. I have shared with anyone who will listen. You guys have done an awesome job! Thank you Marcus and Carolina!
  • wolfraaven
    Why Have I Just Found Out About This!?
    Found a referral for this podcast as I was looking up podcasts about The Stooges since their 50th Anniversary of the Fun House Sessions on vinyl is about to come out. Man! This wife and husband host duo are on POINT with everything. Well researched, sources cited, excellent flow, host rapport, and production quality is extremely high. The pacing and presentation, along with the musical vignettes are so perfectly done. I regularly have around 15-20 podcasts in rotation normally, but without a doubt, this is now my favorite podcast, hands-down. Thanks you two, and please don’t stop anytime soon.
  • Vilsport
    No dogs in space
    Turns out I like punk. Who knew? Carolina amd Marcus help me feel calm. Thanks.
  • B. Moore from Ohio
    Just found my new favorite podcast. It’s perfect the way it is, you both are great on the mic, and episodes are so well researched. Thank you!!!!
  • -/:;((
    I took some advice awhile back to make the podcast I wanted to hear. This is that podcast. Never got that project off the ground but I’m so happy Marcus did it. #1 researcher in Podcast history, keep going!
  • volune 10
    Great podcast
    Love this podcast and love music. On De des rap Mashed potato sounds a lot like monster mash listen to them both. Volume 10 Every time I finish a Series I add like 15 songs to my Spotify playlist great songs I am 10 bye the way
  • Chris737!
    Fantastic podcast
    I like it, I love it, I want some more of it! Stoked to see the Misfits series begin!
  • shanti (shawntee)
    Love this show
    Marcus parks voice is honey
  • Dial43
    Great show! Fun and enjoyable to listen to.
    Love this show. I’m not a huge punk rock fan, but I’ve always enjoyed it. I love the behind the scene aspect of this podcast especially the details on how bands formed and rose to fame and/or infamy.
  • HeshNJohn
    Love it!
    As a fan of Last Podcast On The Left and Disgraceland this was right up my alley. I really like the deep dive LPOTL style and the music clips from all the artists mentioned is a particular favorite aspect that I enjoy. I have found this to be one of my most anticipated podcasts of my week and save it for times I know I can really digest the whole thing. Hope they can keep going for a long time
  • Bored at work.
    If a podcast was a used record bin.
  • Raven Carpenito
    Perfect Music History Nerd Podcast
    The most thorough music history podcast! This is what dreams are made of, I love knowing every little influence musically and details that all add up to the bigger picture. Well done. There was mention of a Ween series...Marcus, if you’re reading this, I beg of you to do it.
  • ozrules
    Spot on delivery, like USPS
    Nicely conversational. Killer playlist. Like where they’re going. Hopefully, we’ll see Aussie bands, Boys Next Door, Birdman, the Saints, hell, even the Dogs in Space scene. Throw in some killer Kiwis, and it’s on.
  • Carmenhi5
    I like it, I love it
    I want some more of it.
  • demontedjoel
    Amazing !
    Thank you so much for this podcast. I love the Damned episodes. I hope you two do episodes on The Cramps.
  • MechJoy
    Love it
    Marcus and Carolina play off of each other really well, and the cuts are rrrrrrrreal deep.
  • -5(82379&;25)!
    Great show
    Really loving the show it is introducing and reintroducing me to some great music
  • kerry_did_it
    For the love of music!
    The premise is of this podcast is perfect for music history lovers. Knowing there are others in the world with extensive knowledge of music, but always wanting more is quite pleasing. The first season starts off with PUnK! I look forward to the playlists and background this couple will offer up. 5 STARS! Ps. My son’s middle name is “Zappa” and all hail the mighty Boognish
  • buckskinnersball
    Love it!
    Great show. Great historical content. Great music.
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