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No Dogs In Space is a music history podcast featuring Marcus Parks and Carolina Hidalgo of the Last Podcast Network. On this first season, we're taking a deep dive into the history of punk rock, told through the stories of ten bands who helped define the genre.On our first series, we cover the so-called godfathers of punk, The Stooges. Join us as we explore the early days of Iggy and the boys as the more innocent of their drug-fueled escapades as the band tries figuring out their voice in the midst of the ultimately empty peace and love movement.

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  • eggboiii
    Quality content
    This podcast hits the spot for me as a person who has spent countless hours of my life reading books about various bands and artists. I don’t have as much time to read anymore so this is a great way to get a condensed version of not just one, but multiple books, about bands and their origin stories. Marcus and Carolina have a natural way of making each episode a conversation and slide in some humor occasionally. My absolute favorite thing about this podcast is the clips of songs not only from the band/artist their covering, but from their influences and peers as well! I always had to stop the book I was reading to google songs, and look up references. I’m overjoyed that I have a free resource that does all that for me, and every episode has a corresponding Spotify playlist.
  • Map-Wezt
    Geeses & Gooses
    This is just what I wanted! Two silly goosey gooses blabbing about bands I love. It’s humorous and informative. I find myself surfing greed waves after each episode. “S’over?! What?! Ummmm, jus do part 2 rn.”
  • SlimeQueeeen
    The Cramps - Part I
    Thank you Marcus and Carolina!! Long time listener of LPOTL and I've loved No Dogs In Space ever since you guys started. An excellent look at Lux and Poison Ivy 🖤💚Very excited for part II
  • Poor Old Granddad
    Who New The Slits Were Such A Cool Group
    Yep, the Slits flew under my radar. Thanks, for the education. I almost skipped the series because I had never heard of them. Carolina and Marcus’s chemistry and enthusiasm have made for very informative entertainment. Please make more podcast.
  • oldmancoyoteface
    The Best Music Podcast Ever
    This podcast is great! Super informative and entertaining. Carolina and Marcus have an amazing energy and love of music that’s infectious. It’s a great way to learn about music you love and to find new music to love.
  • aaronwaddell
    Punk Rock is my life and this is good
    I’m a fan of everything last podcast network, and as a punkrocker from the 80’s this introduced me to stuff I’ve ever heard of and stuff I forgot I loved. I have shared with anyone who will listen. You guys have done an awesome job! Thank you Marcus and Carolina!
  • wolfraaven
    Why Have I Just Found Out About This!?
    Found a referral for this podcast as I was looking up podcasts about The Stooges since their 50th Anniversary of the Fun House Sessions on vinyl is about to come out. Man! This wife and husband host duo are on POINT with everything. Well researched, sources cited, excellent flow, host rapport, and production quality is extremely high. The pacing and presentation, along with the musical vignettes are so perfectly done. I regularly have around 15-20 podcasts in rotation normally, but without a doubt, this is now my favorite podcast, hands-down. Thanks you two, and please don’t stop anytime soon.
  • Vilsport
    No dogs in space
    Turns out I like punk. Who knew? Carolina amd Marcus help me feel calm. Thanks.
  • B. Moore from Ohio
    Just found my new favorite podcast. It’s perfect the way it is, you both are great on the mic, and episodes are so well researched. Thank you!!!!
  • -/:;((
    I took some advice awhile back to make the podcast I wanted to hear. This is that podcast. Never got that project off the ground but I’m so happy Marcus did it. #1 researcher in Podcast history, keep going!
  • volune 10
    Great podcast
    Love this podcast and love music. On De des rap Mashed potato sounds a lot like monster mash listen to them both. Volume 10 Every time I finish a Series I add like 15 songs to my Spotify playlist great songs I am 10 bye the way
  • Chris737!
    Fantastic podcast
    I like it, I love it, I want some more of it! Stoked to see the Misfits series begin!
  • shanti (shawntee)
    Love this show
    Marcus parks voice is honey
  • Dial43
    Great show! Fun and enjoyable to listen to.
    Love this show. I’m not a huge punk rock fan, but I’ve always enjoyed it. I love the behind the scene aspect of this podcast especially the details on how bands formed and rose to fame and/or infamy.
  • HeshNJohn
    Love it!
    As a fan of Last Podcast On The Left and Disgraceland this was right up my alley. I really like the deep dive LPOTL style and the music clips from all the artists mentioned is a particular favorite aspect that I enjoy. I have found this to be one of my most anticipated podcasts of my week and save it for times I know I can really digest the whole thing. Hope they can keep going for a long time
  • Bored at work.
    If a podcast was a used record bin.
  • Raven Carpenito
    Perfect Music History Nerd Podcast
    The most thorough music history podcast! This is what dreams are made of, I love knowing every little influence musically and details that all add up to the bigger picture. Well done. There was mention of a Ween series...Marcus, if you’re reading this, I beg of you to do it.
  • ozrules
    Spot on delivery, like USPS
    Nicely conversational. Killer playlist. Like where they’re going. Hopefully, we’ll see Aussie bands, Boys Next Door, Birdman, the Saints, hell, even the Dogs in Space scene. Throw in some killer Kiwis, and it’s on.
  • Carmenhi5
    I like it, I love it
    I want some more of it.
  • demontedjoel
    Amazing !
    Thank you so much for this podcast. I love the Damned episodes. I hope you two do episodes on The Cramps.
  • MechJoy
    Love it
    Marcus and Carolina play off of each other really well, and the cuts are rrrrrrrreal deep.
  • -5(82379&;25)!
    Great show
    Really loving the show it is introducing and reintroducing me to some great music
  • kerry_did_it
    For the love of music!
    The premise is of this podcast is perfect for music history lovers. Knowing there are others in the world with extensive knowledge of music, but always wanting more is quite pleasing. The first season starts off with PUnK! I look forward to the playlists and background this couple will offer up. 5 STARS! Ps. My son’s middle name is “Zappa” and all hail the mighty Boognish
  • buckskinnersball
    Love it!
    Great show. Great historical content. Great music.
  • wheezyleigh
    Excellent music history podcast!!
    The only other LPN show I’ve found that I like as much as (possibly even more than) LPOTL. Meticulously researched, excellent presentation, phenomenal soundtrack. Marcus & Carolina are great co-hosts and storytellers. If you’re a music nerd, a history nerd, or just a nerd nerd, you’ll love this show.
  • postpunx
    Suicide episode 1
    Anyone know the closing track on Suicide episode 1? It’s it on the playlist.
  • Bsmith1979
    Great Podcast
    I thought The Dropped Culture Podcast was the only podcast to cover Suicide and The Stooges but it’s great to know people other than than them loved these bands as much as them! Great podcast and can’t wait for more!
  • duckdog
    Nothing but love for that source material but ultimately the podcast falls short due to the presentation. I’ll refrain from being critical of the hosts as that’s low hanging fruit but a bit of coaching and editing would go a long way in making this a solid offering. Hopefully this will evolve as it goes along and end up being a bit more concise and less like a college radio outing. Keep working at it folks......
  • Conjob2084
    Love This Show !!!!
    Hoping this review still finds Marcus and Carolina. Love love loved The Stooges series as a long time fan but these Suicide episodes have been mind boggling. Naturally I’ve heard of them in passing but never listened and it just blows my mind because they literally tick off all my boxes and influenced pretty every band I adore. So a huge thanks along with every last breath of praise I have for your work. Congrats Marcus, I do believe you’ve turned another ear to Suicide.
  • yourmommaspod
    So happy
    Love this pod! You two are happy, fun and it shines threw to the listeners. Thank you
  • Owl girl😋
    Saturday morning cartoons
    Saturday morning cartoons for people who remember what that means. Give it a listen on your next Saturday morning, on that long run, bike or even swim (?). Remember Friday night, right?...Saturday, Sunday? Marcus and Carolina are two lovers of the genre. Cool and hip.
  • TattooedGaytha
    As a low-fi audiophile and all around music geek with no time to sit and bury my face in books, this podcast popped up on LPN and I was curious. Thank you for finally creating content on here that I understand and identify with. I’m a busy tattoo artist who also maintains a social life, podcasts like this is perfect to keep my brain entertained while I’m enjoying my morning coffee or driving to work. 🤘🏻would LOVE to hear a few episodes about the Cramps.
  • SquidEyeball
    Hells yeah
    Fantastic podcast so far. Anyone who would include Suicide in the history of Punk is aright by me.
  • trendy_dad
    Carolina and Marcus can’t make this S#!? up
    Thanks to these super creepin’ curators we get a well researched deep dive into the aural stories of artist we knew, thought we knew or may just meeting for the first time! If you are interested in, or like music of any kind I would 100% recommend you listen up! 5 STARS!
  • zetnabres
    Fun stuff!
    Well done! Cheers
  • Ricetimes2
    I Didn’t Even Know I Was Into Music History
    I started listening because Last Podcast On The Left is my favorite podcast and I love the way Marcus tells stories. I didn’t think I’d like this new one because I’ve never been interested in music history, but this podcast makes it SO interesting! Really, really well done with the classic Marcus humor and the charm of his adorable wife.
  • CircleSam
    Above average
    Very informative. I like hearing all the back stories about Iggy and Stooges, and the tangents as to how they relate to Punk Rock. I like the interplay between the two. Would like to hear more about the girl’s ideas on how philosophy and punk rock intertwine. And, less of dude’s non-effacing humor. His laughing at his own jokes, his laugh in particular are like nails on a chalkboard. He does have interesting voices, and stories though. I love the sound editing overall, and all of the music choices. Can’t wait to here more really, but maybe less male laughter. “See Spot Run” 1980-1983 LA Hardcore. G$
  • clpep
    Love the story. Quit dissing the boomers. The musicians they are talking about are boomers and we boomers listened to them!
  • BIGEASY!!!!
    I really like listening to these two sweeties. As far as I know they are newlyweds. They share a love of music and they are punks. The first 4 episodes are great, I learned a lot about Iggy. I can't wait for Joy Division and Ramones. Keep up the good work ♥️-Isa in Oakland
  • ShaneLanden
    Marcus, you lovely bastard.
    Often I found myself thinking about the LPOTL guys as a band. Henry of course is on lead vocals. Ever flashy and boisterous. Ben is on the guitar. He wants to be heard and seen right up front. Then there was Marcus. Oh, Marcus. The driving force of the band. Often not as loud as the other instruments but the pulse of the band. Marcus is on the bass. Then look who took the sticks and sat down behind the drum kit to finish out the rhythm section. Welcome to the band, Carolina. I’ve been looking for a music podcast and I just saw that you had started your own so Imagine how excited I was to hear that my favorite researcher/narrator had started one. I’m excited to dive into this and give it a listen. Really like the path you’re taking it down too. Thank you for the dedication and effort that you both put into this and if it has half the amount of research that you put in with LPOTL I know I’ll be entertained.
  • mk20272
    One of the best podcasts I’ve ever heard!
    I think every episode I fall more in love with Marcus and Carolina, hearing their love for music together and teasing each other through the episodes gives me everything I didn’t know I needed in a podcast! Can’t wait for more episodes as we continue on through punk!
  • raw.heid
    An absolute pleasure
    Loved Marcus already, and Carolina is an absolute delight! Everything is so well done, and the delivery and obvious compatibility between these two make it so enjoyable:)
  • nick names are useless
    Please kill me
    Please kill me is one of my all time favorite books I’ve ever read. The New York punk scene is among the most interesting periods in music to me, I was gonna send you an email but two birds one stone since you have about as much chance of reading this as you do my email haha. This podcast is great you really did Iggy a service with your great research and even I learned stuff about Iggy I didn’t already know. I would love to see you guys go through the story of Johnny thunders and him with the New York dolls because he often does not get the respect he deserves and I think you guys could really help tell his story. Keep it up you kill every podcast you start, this got me back on lpotl after I was worried you guys had lost your way just because how magnificent this podcast truly is and will become. PS Bowie and page please!!!
  • KG Mills
    Didn’t even know I wanted this
    I love music but these guys are getting me into the “appreciation” stage of it all. Like always with this podcast channel, super well researched and interesting They have great chemistry and the passion overflows (for music, don’t be weird). They are completely wrong about Steely Dan, but their podcast is awesome, so I forgive them. Looking forward to more from Marcus and Carolina!
  • jtmay16
    Love it!
    I started listening because I love Marcus on LPOTL, but I’m sticking around for Carolina! She is absolutely delightful and hilarious!
  • dj cripedid 61
    This is Marcus at his best. The pure joy you can feel makes me giddy
  • Dissatisfied5
    Hi patreon for no dogs?
  • ChazMatt70
    An obvious labor of love
    I’ve been a music geek since the early 80’s, so none of the info in this podcast was new to me. Even considering that, I loved every second of it and eagerly await more. Carolina is hilarious, and she and Marcus have carried the irreverent feel of LPOTL over to this one. The two of them gave great chemistry and I liked the little insights into how music has affected their relationship. My wife and I are the same way. So yeah anyway, five stars. Keep ‘em coming! And do one on Stiv Bators, and another on the Cleaners from Venus!
  • cassie.CUNextTuesday
    Thank you
    Your storytelling style. Really resonates with me. I love your personalities, your passion for music is is translated in the stories & research. love the playlist idea. I also appreciate your introduction and incorporating of music from the band timeline as well as relevance, and inspiration.
  • Chadillac©
    I subscribed to Last podcast, not this generic welfare attempt at dragging the fan base along to give Marcus wife a job, like her last failed podcast..
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