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No Dogs In Space is a music history podcast featuring Marcus Parks and Carolina Hidalgo of the Last Podcast Network. Season 1 - Punk Season 2 - AlternativeSeason 3 - Experimental Rock & Pop

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  • Seantmcca76
    Love it but unreliable
    This is an amazing podcast, you should absolutely listen to the Stooges series. However, they like to just stop in the middle of series and not come back. They talk about the podcast on LPOTL but never post new content.
  • Dogfightyyyyyyyy
    My most shared and talked about podcast
    It’s like your older brother takes you out of school and you and his probably too hot for him gal drive you around and teach you about the coolest music that ever was. And they play songs you would never find on your own, and flip through your records saying yes your taste in music is so cool, now you gotta check out this dude who inspired it. And hey this isn’t for everyone but here’s what I like about it. It’s a great listen if you want to do something else, it’s a great listen if you want to absorb every word they say. If it’s a band you’ve never heard of or even one you don’t care for… I promise the episode will still entertain you. Golden they are just so freakin cool!
  • Dataylor1000
    I Miss This Show!
    Title says it all. I really enjoyed listening to Marcus and Caroline. They were funny, irreverent and smart. It was apparent that they did their homework and the cross references to other bands and tracks was an added bonus. To me, the show felt like having a conversation with friends at a bar. I miss my friends.
  • magicvoice1
    Very good, but…
    American in London. Your show is very good but some of your research on the original UK punk scene in the Damned Pt. 1 is incorrect. Come to London and you’ll see!
  • kmeah1987
    Keep going!!
    Guys, we need a series on the pixies!! Seriously!!
  • Tea-biscuits
    The podcast I didn't know I needed
    I caught a promo of this show on LPOTL and didn't think that it would be for me. Suddenly it's two days later, and I'm still binging these episodes. No Dogs is a show where you can really feel the love and enthusiasm for the topic. Carolina and Marcus are amazing storytellers: entertaining and funny but also great at making you feel things. You end up learning not just about music but also history, politics and the inner lives of the people they talk about. It's very human, and often really motivating. I'm not a music enthusiast and had never listened to any of these bands before. It's the show I never knew I needed, and I'm glad I finally gave it a try.
  • mhale85
    Come back already!
  • J.Marinelli
    My current favorite music history podcast
    I just discovered NDIS through the Dead Kennedys episodes and have since started from the beginning. I’m hooked — Carolina and Marcus’s sincere enthusiasm for the music is absolutely infectious, and while they may make a factual error now and again (it’s “The Rite Of Spring” not “The Rites Of Spring,” and the composer is Stravinsky, not Vivaldi), they serve up enough deep knowledge to make up for any minor errors. They also remind us that at its core, punk (in all it’s dark and angry permutations) should be FUN! Keep ‘em coming!
  • Yaredbenhamin
    Come for the music esoterica, stay for the heart wrenching adorableness of Marcus and Carolina…from Marcus’s constant reminders of how hard Carolina works and how great of a job she does, to the moments when Carolina fanes over Marcus’s clever turn of phrase this podcast is great. I really like it.
  • vernoid
    let me explain
    i’ve been following multiple reviews based on the fact of; hosts laughing for one-liners every second of each episode, time-frames for episodes are almost impossible to keep track of, etc. and even though i almost plainly agree, they still have a great contact and understanding of the history of the band they’re presenting. with bands like the misfits, the members of the band moreover have their interpretations of a certain situation, and they do an exceedingly well idea of explaining the difference between the members. sure, they aren’t the prominent knee-slappers of personalities out there, but as a podcast, and as a whole, they’re humble folk loving music. that’s what really matters. ( though, i might add if you even find this review, if you could really keep a schedule. I know you have lives, and Marcus has the last podcast on the left, but if you could do them maybe monthly or two weeks in advance and so forth, or maybe record the episodes in set days, and again, just a suggestion. love you guys either way. )
  • Blurgh
    Don’t finish what they start
    Have a tendency to start seasons and don’t finish them. Make announcements as to when episodes will drop, then nothing. Announce subjects they’ll cover, then don’t cover them. NDIS is actually a good podcast but it’s impossible to maintain interest when episodes are so few and far between.
  • @davedelaney
    What Marcus and Carolina are doing here is commendable. These heavily researched and hilarious discussions are exactly what the doctor ordered these days from so much doom and gloom. I’ve already spent hours listening to the history of the Beastie Boys, Ramones, and Misfits, and I plan to keep digging into each fun and fact filled episode. This sweet, smart, and talented couple deserve a few minutes of my time to write a review to encourage anyone who loves great music to dig right in.
  • manayunk wall
    info 5 stars, hosts zero stars.
    Great info but PLEASE STOP with all the unnnecessary laughter!! You ARE NOT FUNNY!! Please stop already! Just give your script to an adult that will act professionally and give it to me straight. "History of Rock in 500 songs" is what you should be doing. Your info is great but this constant "i have to belly laugh about everything" nonsense just drives me up a wall!! Update: I had to delete the remaining downloads I did for some of these episodes. The hosts are just that bad. I just can't listen to this anymore.
  • Red (its.redrum)
    Introduces me to more music!
    I been a fan of LPN for nearly a half decade already and I been listening to this podcast for a bit now and I realized I haven’t reviewed it. I’m autistic and it makes me overwhelmed to try new things and sadly trying new music is overwhelming sometimes but I come to find out If I learn the history it’s a fun way to expand my horizons (I was predominantly new wave/goth music only before this podcast lol) Since I started listening to this podcast my playlist, CD collection, genres I listen to expanded. Turns out I like surf music, and I’m down with odd avant-garde music. would have never known without this podcast. Thanks Carolina and Marcus for this awesome show.
  • Western MA Love
    Modern Lovers
    Love the chemistry. Great research. Objective without faltering into dry. Where are the Modern Lovers?
  • Gillandro
    Great show
    Not only do i think Marcus parks is funny because of lpcotl but this pod cast not only introduces. Me to music i never heard before, but it also gives great history on the bands I know of and am just learning about.... and yes Marcus... started watching sid and nancy... what a boring movie
  • Jinxied
    Great Deep Dives!
    I was already a huge LPOTL listener going into this. I love the passion Carolina and Marcus bring to their research and story telling. Their dynamic is so stinkin’ cute it makes me sick 😘 I’ve been able to add sooooo much new stuff to my music library and have enjoyed relistening to old favorites through a new perspective. Hail No Dogs! Ps, my 3 yo daughter walks around the house singing “no dogs in space ruff ruff!” now and it brings me such joy 😆
  • Zachery Hunter
    My First Ever Podcast Review!
    I've never left a podcast review before but that changes now in celebration of the No Dogs series on kosmische musik aka "krautrock"... Regardless of the terminology (the latter being the perhaps-obvious handiwork of the British music press/papers)- the amount of amazing, stylistically-different, and truly forward-thinking music produced in late 1960s/early-mid 1970s West Germany is beyond astonishing. Personally hoping for plenty of stories involving Neu! & Klaus Dinger, Can/Malcolm Mooney/Damo Suzuki/et al. Maybe even a little history of the Dingerbeat (aka Motorik)- mistakenly thought by many to deliberately invoke the experience of driving on the autobahn but the more-likely origin story has much more to do with long runs down a soccer pitch than with machines traveling at high speeds along a futurist network of roads... Maybe one day down the road we'll also get to hear a series on Stereolab (do it, do it!)
  • carlinmetal
    Awesome podcast
    Freaking awesome podcast!!! Taking about music history and playing tunes just long enough without over doing it, love it!
  • brodzilla 69
    And thank you 🙏🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • DarthCat4QTip
    I tried
    Carolina Hildalgo is unbearable.
  • BadHairCutsGuild
    God darn
    This podcast rules !
  • DieselRamen
    Tried to get into it after reading some REALLY good reviews, but could not get through the first ten minutes. One of the most annoying thing is laughing and giggling in 80% of the conversation as if it’s a sit-com playing a laugh track for response. Is it funny ? Debatable, but totally distracting and throws listeners off the content.
  • thedp321
    Mediocre hosts
    Who love to add their little dumb narcissistic hot take opinions that doesn’t belong.
  • bekkaaahhh
    I love this show so much. Hearing the Monks for the first time was life altering. Shout out to everyone at LPN they always make the most enjoyable, accessible, and well written episodes. Love this pod❤️
  • martiancake
    Fantastic music history podcast
    Hosted by a married couple who really really love music, y’all. I especially loved the series on The Ramones, the one on Joy Division, and the Beasties Boys miniseries. Great production values and the hosts have such a charming rapport. Highly recommend if you like music at all, even if the genres they’re currently covering aren’t your bag.
  • Zack Scott Frank
    Awesome Informal Radio show
    Highly recommended for youngish folk who never got exposed to older rock music. Especially if you like weird, hard, and artsy things. Feels like hanging out with your cool aunt and uncle with good taste. I have looked up almost every tune mentioned in the show to put in a playlist.
  • Stanley Touché
    Fun and brilliant!
    I want Marcus and Carolina to cover every single band on the planet! Their research is stellar and they make you fall in love with every band they cover! Great camaraderie between the married hosts, and great storytelling.
  • Hddvjrrdd
    Love the show
    If it wasn’t for my unhealthy, love of serial killing, no dogs would be my favorite show on the net work. Pretty please do a Descendents episode.
  • Lucifersmile666999666
    No! Not The Monks!
    Seriously that’s a mini episode at best.
  • Shoe String Construction
    Binge worthy
    I may have binged through the entire series earlier this year. Even though i dont have a wide familiarity with a lot of the bands that Carolina and Marcus cover their enthusiasm and banter is just fun to listen to. I have even added a few of the bands to my music playlists. So excited for the new episode!
  • devil zilla
    You cannot speak on a podcast with phlegm rattling at the back of your gullet. Nope. Can’t do it. Never. Ever. Never, ever, ever.
  • earpain
    Nothing new here
    Another non-funny podcast where the hosts laugh AT EVERY SINGLE THING THEY SAY. Nothing earth shattering or groundbreaking just another self absorbed duo who really aren’t funny or entertaining.
  • NotCMackFisher
    Muito Obrigado de Portugal
    I very rarely write reviews…who cares what I think? But…No Dogs in Space is simply too good not to formally applaud in front God and the internet. Many thanks to the Hidalgo-Parks family for giving so much of themselves so that I may be entertained whilst I work/drive/etc.
  • joydivisionstan
    This is the best podcast ever because not only do Marcus and Carolina do an outstanding job at researching and bringing us through the story like we are actually there, but I think their chemistry just works so well together that I could really listen to them talk about anything and I would not be bored!
  • RiffRaff13
    Great show for milk!
    Seriously, pour a glass and listen!
  • Jamieljamile
    Just the best music history podcast
    I’m a huge Last Podcast fan, but No Dogs has become my new must-listen. I finally understand the music that has intrigued and/or confused me over the years. Marcus and Carolina do an amazing job of putting music in the context of the era, the musicians’ personalities and influences, and the scene at the time. Carolina is hilarious, so smart, and an excellent researcher. I’ve discovered so much. Who knew I’d become a fan of The Stooges and The Slits? Can’t wait to methodically listen to the rest of the seasons.
  • MidwesternCoot
    Worth a listen
    It’s like Behind The Music but better! This show is broadening my musical palette. Keep up the good work.
  • CR
    I want to love this podcast, but…
    Ok, I found this on the recommendations page after listening to another show focused on the Replacements, and that is all I’ve listened to up to this point. The hosts are CLEARLY music nerds and also clearly put in the work to research their subject. There is an enthusiasm for the ‘Mats that shines through. The only reason I left this at 4 stars instead of 5… does every third word have to start with “f”? I mean, it’s a rock n roll podcast so I expect some colorful language. A well place f-word is a way to really sell a point or cap a great story, but when it sounds like you’re using the word just to say it, it wears thin (and overshadows the spots where it is perfectly placed). That said, a good show overall, lots of good info and worth your time if you’re a music nerd.
  • roundart
    Love this podcast
    Marcus and Carolina do an amazing job! They bring a great history of punk and proto punk
  • Perfect|Midnight|World
    Excellent show with tremendous research
    There are enough ridiculous one star reviews where someone says something vague as if Marcus and Carolina are going to reply to them without any elaboration on their vagaries, so here’s 5 stars for the brilliance of the research, which is always cited in the show. Also, here’s 5 stars for those who show up for one deep dive into their favorite band, got upset because it wasn’t to their precise liking and gave it a 1 star while personally attaching the hosts. People need to grow up and move along if something isnt to their liking. Also, no one owes you a guaranteed schedule on a free podcast. The dude was extremely sick for a long time. They needed time. Be thankful they returned.
  • SpongeBobbyHil589
    worst of both worlds
    worst aspects of corporate radio mixed with the worst aspects of podcasting. terrible commercials, check, dorky unfunny humor, check, the best friend wife husband combo, check.
  • fijimermaidable
    Excellent Show
    Marcus and Carolina do thorough research and are both great storytellers. Their banter and humor add flavor to each episode and they feature the BEST singles. Love it.
  • the-boulder
    Thank you
    Thank you for showcasing these bands amd providing these in-depth histories and reviews. Many of these had little mainstream appeal which has to make it difficult to research and find information on. Dead Kennedys were my favorite band in growing up and I learned a lot. Looking forward to moving onto the Misfits, Cramps, and Joy Division as well as others.
  • Jessa Sparkles
    Maddening schedule… is this pod a nepotism baby?
    Sorry I tried for a long time but no new episodes in three weeks? This sort of puts me off not just this show but LPOTL as a whole bc this schedule so sloppy and messy and spoiled… is that who LPOTL has become now? Like MFM or Crime Junkie? Just another lazy entitled network making money off of victims and not holding the creators who are their friends and family to any kind of a real deadline. It’s sad they use to be different. I adore Marcus Parks, I love his research work on LPOTL, I own three different copies of his book, and lots of LPOTL merch. I’m a fan like a big fan. I also love this era of music. I also hate inconsistencies. This podcast is wonderfully researched, adorably produced in such a way that it feels like an informative dinner with your cool music friends. However, there is no upload schedule, they sort of drop episodes whenever they feel like it. Which is maddening , and it’s hard to believe Parks would allow anyone else other than his wife to be this haphazard with programming. 3 months between substantial uploads and two weeks between smaller shows, is just bordering on disrespectful to the audience and again it’s hard to believe the network would allow it from anyone other than Carolina… five star content, (and this breaks my heart bc if they had a Patreon where they released it sooner or more I’d pay for it, but they don’t ) 3 star programming.
  • corgiR0SE
    Love the Beastie Boys series!
    Thank you Marcus and Carolina for reminding me how much I loved punk & the Beastie Boys growing up!! :) it’s been fun taking that trip with you.
  • Shgbed
    Fish sticks!
  • ArtGeekMom
    The bar is set!
    For anyone that even remotely enjoys music. There is no one in podcasting like Marcus when it comes to research, storytelling, and humor. Add in the AMAZING, brilliant, and hilarious Carolina, and you get hands down best music history podcast available.
  • kathyx96*
    If you love music you will love this podcast!
  • DRex212
    Nice nice
    Marcus unleashed!
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