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Empowering women (and the partners who love them) to live their best mid lives. Combining the power of mind-work, body-science and relationships, I joyously smash the societal barriers that are keeping us from living our best intimate lives. Whether you are young or past menopause, single or in a long-term relationship, it is never too late or too early to realize YOU ARE NOT BROKEN. With humor, candor and ease, I break down the stories that we have been told about being sexual beings, to help us play, and normalize our intimacy and health. Nothing in this podcast is personal medical advice, of course.

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  • Minera75
    Listen to This Podcast!
    Thank you, Dr. Casperson for going above and beyond to reach as many people as possible about this vital information. I’ve been extensively researching menopause the past two years after being misdiagnosed and I have found your podcast to be the most informative. I’ve sent this podcast to every woman I know. I am a more informed and communicative wife and a better mother by teaching my three daughters about all things female. We play “red light challenge” while driving where my daughters have to answer my female questions or name as many female parts as you can while the light is red. Not only are you impacting my marriage, my well-being, and health but the lives of future generations, so thank you!
  • readgal23
    Dr Casperson is an amazing leader in the menopause industry fighting for our womanliness!! . She brings useful interesting podcasts each week and I am grateful. Plus she is a fabulous person!!
  • little-k74
    I have told many of my friends about this podcast!
    Having just turned 50 I was curious about menopause having had a uterine ablation a few years ago (no regular periods). I remember listening to my first episode and someone mentioned irregular bleeding as one of the menopause symptoms. As I continued listening, in my mind I kept thinking “yes, yes, yes…” to many other symptoms. Thankfully my symptoms are not life altering at this point but if left untreated could be. I started HRT for prevention of symptoms of menopause and other diseases and conditions from aging. I love all the different topics Kelly discusses and all the women she is helping and empowering. Keep up the amazing work!
  • iPad becky
    Look forward to each new episode
    I can’t wait to receive the book! I am learning so much. I wish I lived in your area to see you as a provider.
  • Lana fb
    So helpful
    This podcast has been so helpful in addressing my questions.
  • jencrogre
    Much needed PLAIN TALK!
    Common sense advice that no one shared when we were younger! May todays women (and men) understand more about sexuality so it’s better for all of us!
  • 1972Motormouth
    Helping women navigate midlife 💪🏼
    I’ve learned so much from listening and I often send to my friends and my mom who is 77. We have a third of our lives left and there’s no reason to not have the support we need during menapause.
  • JustMe Tracy
    Episode 214 trigger warning!
    I have listened to only a few episodes and had been enjoying learning tips about sexuality as a woman who just entered menopause. Unfortunately, the “obituary” portion of episode 214 describes sexual abuse and was very upsetting to me. I felt like I was calmly half listening and then was jarred awake hearing about someone’s abuse. I think this should be noted at the beginning of the show and again before it is narrated.
  • Moobmoob
    This show helps my doctors do their job!
    Thanks to this podcast I have known the right questions to ask my doctor , understood my symptoms and felt empowered to demand menopause care and prevention. I’m so thankful for Dr. Casperson!
  • Dancebabe6
    Worth Every Minute
    I love feeling validate as a menopausal women. I feel empowered.
  • DTuscano
    Lancet Menopause Article Rebuttal
    I really enjoyed this podcast as I do most of the material. However, I was very disappointed at the end where alcohol was brought up. I think you really missed the mark on that one by saying “it’s just not possible (to go zero alcohol) in our society”. Wow. You should know that it’s of course entirely possible. Maybe not easy, but yes, anyone can. I did and so have many of my friends. You gave the stats of how not drinking is better for overall health, less chance of breast cancer, less symptoms with menopause but then kind of…dismissed going zero. I think with your platform, it could really be encouraged.
  • SRoeLMT
    As a middle aged woman who is experiencing many changes, I found this podcast very helpful. Finally we are talking about things that need to be talked about. Especially hormone therapy. I wanted to comment on a specific episode, but didn’t see that option. I started testosterone therapy to feel better…not to increase libido. I was lifting weights, doing CrossFit, and always felt sore. Always. Even with cutting back and recovery days. Testosterone has helped big time with this. I do injections once a week at home. It was tough finding a provider to work with me and prescribe T shots, but 100% worth it.
  • ffgshh
    Changed My Life
    This podcast has changed my life… I have had so many problems with my body throughout my life. It’s left a lot of emotional scarring. Most physicians made me feel like I’m the problem and at home my partner made me feel the same. This podcast woke me up and helped me realize I had real problems, I deserved more, and I was NOT broken. I had believed I was totally and completely broken and was told I was …. Between the guests and Dr. Kelly on *segs, anatomy, hormones, and more… the episodes have given me IMMENSE hope. The information they provide has kept me busy reading and listening to all the sources they offer. I only wish I could have heard this 15 years ago… my only complaint to date. Thank you so so so much Dr. C and guests!!!!!!
  • psv723
    Love love love
    Finally a doctor speaking truth and sharing solutions for midlife women ! I share this podcast with all my friends. Kelly Casperson tells it like it is with a sincere authenticity. I’m a total fan girl!
  • WHYY fan
    life changing
    I found Dr Casperson on Insta & just listened for the first time, jumping in on ep 250 Bio-psychosocial Medications. As the episode ended, I had chills & felt like I might cry. I felt so seen & have so much home from the information I learned here.
  • MaNurz
    Life Changing!!
    This podcast is changing lives!! I’m 58 and have been on HRT since I was 42, I am feeling my absolute best! It has inspired me so much as an RN that I’m going to graduate school to pursue NP in Women’s Health, with the hope to specialize in hormone therapy. You are the best Dr. Casperson!!!
  • utz15
    Life changing
    I was desperate and found your instagram by chance . Your work is LIFE CHANGING! I have shared with every woman I know. Thank you !
  • EMK-B
    This is necessary. This is healing. This is so very helpful on so many levels. I hope she never stops speaking, learning, and sharing… changing lives….and saving lives…just through this podcast. Listen-you will have no regrets other than not having found this earlier.
  • MissyMeaux
    Love your podcast!
    Thank you so much for all that you to educate us all! Knowledge is power!!
  • kid with a passion for drawing
    Dr. Kelly is changing lives!
    Thank you Dr. Kelly for your presence on Instagram and for this podcast! Thank you for telling women that we don't need to suffer. The latest episode with Katey had me in tears. I could relate to all of it!!! The prolapse discussion hit me in the gut. To not know what's happening with our bodies is terrifying. Thank you Katey for being so open. I finally took control at 53 and while I fired my last doctor (gave me HRT but I had to fight for testosterone and she refused to discuss progesterone) I'm feeling so much better! That being said I can't help but feel such a loss of the last 10 years, years of depression, anxiety, RAGE, and drinking because of it. So many things could have been different. But I can't look back... I'm sober almost 5 years and getting the hormone help I need. Now I'm screaming from the rooftop about HRT because women need to know about this stuff much, much earlier. Thank you Dr. Kelly, for being an advocate for us!
  • Pheediep
    Dr Casperson Is A National Treasure!
    Every time she says “You are not broken”, I want to cry because for too long I’ve been feeling like a big mess. Wish I had found her sooner.
  • Katzcloseup
    One of the very few talking about BHRT
    We women were done a big mis-service with the inaccurate WHI1 so I’m late to the party at 71, trying to get some benefits from BHRT and found my regular docs are bought into the misinfo and not re-educated in the truth that, frankly, is their job to know. This pod cast has been most helpful in understanding how to navigate a broken medical system (you are not broken, but chances are your GYN is ;)
  • newpodcastuser
    So thrilled to find this
  • Miami teacher
    Great podcast
    I started listening to you for a few weeks now. I love how informative it is. Thanks for the awesome information 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
  • B K sms
    Wanna bet?
    I liked your cast but I still feel like I am alone and will continue to be a part from and broken for good.
  • Alison Arians
    Wonderful information!
    Thank you for this information! I’m 52 and my new amazing doctor suggested I listen to the podcasts about HRT (so helpful!!) and I’m branching out and listening to lots of other episodes. Thank you!!!!
  • LaurieMavesArt
    Your show is life changing
    At 52 not one doctor told me any of this information. I got a new doctor this year and she is mid thirties and she is the FIRST DOCTOR EVER - to suggest HRT to help me out with so many physical and mental health issues. I keep studying HRT and finding docs like you, podcasts like this - I came to you via Cynthia Thurlow - keep rocking it!
  • ChechiStew
    Life changing information for menopausal women
    I am SO happy I discovered Dr Kelly Casperson and her amazing podcast. I have been listening and sharing her podcast with every woman I know over the age of 45. I have also been frustrated that this information isn’t more widely available sooner. I have a good friend who is a family dr and in menopause and even she didn’t have this information!!! Please listen to every episode and learn how to help yourself and your friends
  • AM25*
    Love this podcasts
    Great information! I have learned so much from this podcast. A must listen to for men and women!
  • flkdsjfdslfjdsl
    Ladies~ this is for us!
    Dr. Kelly Casperson’s podcast is a beautiful mix of scientifically backed medical information delivered in an easy to digest, fun, authentic way. It feels like talking with your close friend who happens to know all about the issues that us ladies going through peri & post menopause are dealing with. I also feel well informed and ready to have discussions with my doctor. I continually share this podcast and her book with friends and on FB, because we need to know about our own bodies in order to stay healthy and live our best lives. Thank you, Kelly ❤️
  • Informed and thankful
    I am driving around and listening to these podcasts everywhere I go! I am astounded by all that I am learning and understanding. I think I’ve told about 20 friends, both men and women. Every healthcare provider I know has been reached out to and given any info I have about Dr. Casperson. I am meeting with my OB/GYN Tuesday. Set up an appt. To have a discussion with him. Thank you so much for caring, Dr. Casperson. You are sassy and cute and so smart!
  • Insta-leafam
    I absolutely enjoy every episode! Lots of great information! I especially enjoyed this last episode with the journal updates. I love the relaxed, conversational tone like we could be sitting at the doctor’s lounge. Thank you for sharing your expertise!
  • Kathye76
    Must know information!
    I’m so happy I found this podcast. It gave me the tools to take charge of my 47 year old health care. If I would have just listened to my primary care provider I would still be miserable. Kelly taught me how to advocate for myself and find a provider to help.
  • SDCel
    My favorite Podcast
    Sunday nights are my favorite because that’s when it drops! I’m so thankful to have found this podcast right when I needed it! Thank you for all you do to keep us aware of the latest research and for teaching us how to advocate for ourselves.
  • Debbbbbbbss
    Great evidence based information!
    As a fellow women’s health provider, I already know most of what Kelly says, but it is nice to have it reinforced and hear it in a different way. I frequently refer my friends and patients to her book and social media to supplement their knowledge. Keep up the great work!
  • Berriesncreamy17
    I learn so much from this podcast
    I’m a medical professional in women’s health and I learn so much listening to this podcast! I love it. Thank you so much for your expertise and passion and keep up the great work! We need you!!!
  • WAB55!
    Excellent podcast!!
    So informative!! I am 55 on fda approved bhrt +testosterone !! Thanks to you I knew what to ask for:)
  • StashuPendowski
    I have a request. This really belongs in your DMs, but I really stay off social media bc I tend to be an angry bird when on those platforms. But I freakin love you and everything you do……except for one thing. Please oh please stop referring to APPs as “midlevels”. It is offensive. When you use this term, know this is the patriarchy speaking through you. The patriarchy that dismisses the many year journey we as APPs endured to get to where we are as advanced providers. Our pay and benefits might not reflect it. And by describing us as between a nurse and a doctor is seeing the nurses as “lower”, and doctors as “higher.” I hope this resonates.
  • malibujacqui
    Great insight
    Always great information
  • …OR What My Gyn never told me…
    Answers Glad for This Info Episode 195. 8 Truths about Hormones
    Where have you been all my Menopausal Life? Finally a podcast that answers the questions I’ve been asking for 10 years. This is a great podcast and I am so glad to have this resource. Highly recommend. Thank you so much for this podcast.
  • kmbrettrn
    Great podcast with lots of helpful info! I have learned so much! Thank you
  • arpa97
    Excellent podcast!!!
  • Parteraross
    Fantastic podcast!
    Thank you so much for this podcast! Your podcast and your book are on a resource list I give to all my sexual wellness patients and I recommend it highly all the time. Great, factual, no nonsense. Love it!
  • Gotta get in my Chalene dose!
    Episode 195
    Episode 195 was super helpful!! There’s so much info out there it’s hard to keep things straight - thank you for all that you do!
  • Leigh-Lew
    Thank you!
    I share this podcast with patients all the time. A great resource!
  • Hosechicken
    Fantastic podcast!! I’ve learned so much! Thank you for taking the time to educate us!!
  • L&J T
    Fantastic podcast
    I love Kelly’s podcast! I’ve learned so much about the science of what is changing in my body during menopause. I’ve learned to advocate for myself at all of my doctors appointments. I’m using vaginal estrogen and HRT. Life is WAY BETTER!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge!
  • smwfire
    So interesting and informative
    I love her straightforward forward no holds barred style in terms we can all understand. I’m learning so much about my body and health as I age. I didn’t know what I didn’t know until Dr Casperson.
  • Vagestrogenforlife
    My favorite podcast!
    Dr. Casperson and her podcast have taught me so much about menopause and woman’s health. This is definitely a podcast you want to listen! 5 stars⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • mrswellness
    Well worth your time.
    Dr Casperson will not disappoint or waste your time. Listen, learn, and see your life and health improve. Share with all the women in your world, too!
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