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Aviation #18

A Drinking Podcast; That Sometimes Talks About Airplanes And Learning To Fly. A Private Pilot, A Commercial Pilot And An Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) As Hosts. They Got Board With The FAR AIM Book Years Ago But Are To Lazy To Change The Podcast Name (or do any show prep whatsoever for that matter). Welcome To The Oddest, Most Irreverent And Controversial Pilot Podcast In America.

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  • Subpay
    Insightful and absolutely hilarious 😂
    These guys are great! You will learn a lot and hear the view point of 3 guys that have many years of aviation. Not to mention how hard I’ve laughed 🤣“Go-arounds”
  • 3.14perSlice
    Great podcast
    Really helps me fall asleep. Love that there are no noisy ads. Just the dulcet tones of a bunch of aviation nerds lulling me to sleep. Not recommended listening while flying or operating heavy machinery. Keep 'em coming
  • Davein907
    Great Podcast
    Mildly informative with great humor or Greatly informative with mild humor. Keep the pregame going. Yours truly, SeeMa DHC-2
  • MaynardMagic42
    A masterpiece of tautology!
    Prithee and well met! Thank you gents for providing a satisfying meal of aviation intellect for my daily dose podcast consumption. T’would not be irregular for myself, to play previous episodes whilst I slumber as preparation for the test of written. Joking aside, I do regularly listen to the podcast during the hour long drive to my flight schools new location (KGYI) and I’ve taken some things to heart. This last Sunday I completed my first solo flight! On my final landing, I experienced a heavy crosswind lending me an unstable approach, and I nearly made a grave error. However, I remembered very important words, “never do a go around”. Luckily the runway is nearly 2 miles long so I powered up and tried again a few hundred feet later… and greased it! Thank you from the great state of Texas!
  • Clintpage
    True masters of aviation, FARs and podcasting. 5 out of 5 milk jugs.
  • SlippingTheSurlyBonds
    Lee, Scott, and Rob are the perfect mix of entertaining, informative, educational, and funny. You will not find another aviation podcast that is this much fun to listen to.
  • MegfromNH
    Helpful and entertaining while studying for checkride
    You guys are awesome! I’ve been listening to you for a few years now along with my Private Pilot journey and recently passed my checkride! I had been playing your episodes while in the car which helped keep the information light and fun. I will continue to listen and learn!
  • jpg1226
    Miracle: they make talking about the FAR/AIM funny. For real.
    On today’s live podcast Lee, Ryan, Scott and Rob broke down the differences of fixed vs constant speed props into an easy to understand/ “crayola” version for us newbies to aviation that was so helpful I wanted to sit down and finally write a review for this hilarious, uplifting and educational podcast. I started listening a few months ago while on a hunt for study materials to help prepare me for my PPL checkride. Thankfully this is not a verbatim reading of the most boring text on earth, the FAR/ AIM; but rather discussion of the regulations from a few guys with a variety of backgrounds and skill levels - from leisurely to commercial airline pilots. Some of the best teaching points are in the post-show banter, after a few drinks: real world flying and career advice, stories, lessons learned from their missteps and mistakes, and most importantly… trying to convince Scott to stay up past 8 pm. Taking my checkride soon. Highly recommend you listen to the ACS prep podcasts a few times each. Some of these guys are also flight instructors and at times I feel like I’m getting a free ground school session with booze and some laughs. Cheers!
  • murph OU
    Great pod to listen and learn
    Don’t listen to these losers who give them a two star rating because they wanted them to read the regulations line by line. Super funny and you can pick up what you need to know.
  • BonaanzaPilot
    I have this in my rotation of aviation related podcasts, but I sadly find the hosts to be ignorant on many topics. If a topic gets technical, their depth of knowledge is quickly exceeded. And often they come across as young cowboys who have some skills and ratings, but can’t fully explain things. I often find myself cringing at their answers.
  • Don Tujax
    Just don’t.
    If you don’t understand FAR/AIM then you can listen to three other people that also don’t understand FAR/AIM try to poorly explain what they don’t understand.
  • atimetofly
    Aviation nerds unite!!!!.... this podcast is maken thirsty.
    If you're looking for a entertaining way to learn the FAR and AIM or simply looking for a refresh, this is the podcast for you. Lee will wow you with his in depth Analysis of the nuances, Scott will fascinate you with how he ever got his pilots license(I can do it too!), Robert keeps the boat from straying off course. Well done boys. It got me through my PPL. When I was struggling with a concept I would simply search out the far/aim podcast and I would get it. Not a big drinker but when I listen to the podcast on a hike, I really want an ice cold beer.
  • Brett Rozier
    3 guys + alcohol + aviation
    I’ve started from the beginning and am currently on episode 41. I listen to this at work. All the host are experienced pilots and comedians. My favorite part of the show are the stories. They have a perfect dynamic. Thanks for the entertainment and re igniting my interest in aviation.
  • ohheychris
    Perfect to binge one cast a day
    I discovered FAR AIM while trying to find podcasts that will help me reach my goal of earning my PPL. After listening to a handful of other podcasts that are everywhere from mind numbing boring, way too preachy, infomercial, and remind me of my youth church days to one’s that just start talking about their day and current events for 20 minutes at a time. FAR AIM reminds me of sports talk radio (that I listen to daily and have for the last 20 years). The guys don’t take themselves too seriously while also talking about serious aviation topics. Unlike other aviation podcasts, they make me want to look up topics just to be more informed. 5 out of 5 would not ever let Scott be my PIC.
  • aman1276
    Very funny!
    These guys are hilarious. Scott and Lee are polar opposites and Rob balances them well. I’m too broke to afford flying lessons now but I’ve always wanted to learn how to fly and listening to these guys talk about their different experiences flying is great motivation for me while saving up for flying lessons. I’m intentionally trying to write a long review so Scott has to read all of this. Great show! One day when I’m more financially comfortable I will join your ground crew to support the show. Thank you Rob for putting this together it shows how much you care about this podcast
  • DudeBrody
    Awesome Job
    I am currently a student pilot and on episode 87. I have enjoyed all the information good and bad. Keep it up guys! More Gahndi!!!!
  • neelyb12
    Great show!
    Currently a student pilot and this is a great way to review concepts in a fun and entertaining way. I’ve learned from all of you and your guest. The stories are also hilarious
  • B Martin IAH
    Why Far/Aim is a great podcast
    Started listening to your shows a few months ago as a newly minted student pilot who assumed I would find very serious conversations about the regs. Was I wrong or what? But I kept listening because I never knew what Scott would say next that would irritate Lee. During one episode I discovered the foundation which makes your show successful. You stole the format from Gillian’s Island. Robert is the skipper, Scott is Gilligan and Lee is the professor. Perfect combination and you added alcohol. Keep up the good work. Firemanhouston
  • bsutt812
    I send my students to you!
    Fantastic content, but not too heavy. As a ground instructor, sometimes you need someone to explain things differently to students. You have been such a great resource! So easy to listen to and very informative! Thanks guys!
  • FlyNavy12
    Keep it up!
    Hey guys, love the podcast. After flying for the Navy the last several years I have started to get back into GA and even putting my CFI cert to use. The podcast is a great way to learn and get in the GA mindset. You always bring up some great points and it’s awesome that the three of you all have different backgrounds, experience levels, and perspectives. I find myself agreeing with a different one of you depending on the topic. (Including Scott. He makes some great points occasionally.) It’s also a lot of fun to crack some beers l along with you. Keep up the great work. You guys are crushing it!
  • humblehounds
    A Little Too Loose
    To be called “FAR/AIM Podcast,” I was hoping for something a little more scientific; referencing regs on a regular basis, linking topics to the AIM, etc. The conversations are cool, but I guess I judged the book by the cover and now am disappointed after a few episodes. If it were called, “Dudes talking about aviation stuff,” I would give it a couple stars more.
  • PapaSpegs
    Piper vs Cessna Battle Royale
    If Cessna is Ford and Piper is Chevy then who makes the Dodge of Aviation? Robert, Lee, and Scott are the top tier when it comes to aviation education and entertainment. You will find no better source of knowledge, laughs, and frustration for learning all or nothing when it comes to the FAR/AIM. Come for the lessons, stay for the drinks.
  • FlappyDubs
    Comedy and Learning!
    Great podcast! My flight instructor from KPCW linked me onto this podcast in order to prepare for my check ride. I took the written over a year ago right before I started my flight lessons. The combination of the 3 different mindsets allows the listener to understand from different perspectives. They provide the knowledge and examples with some comedy mixed in that allows the average person to understand most of what is being discussed. Even my wife(who has little to no interest in aviation) enjoyed listening to the podcast. After catching up on all of the episodes, this was a good way to refresh a lot of the topics that I might’ve forgotten from the written exam. Next step is probably to take a practice check ride with Eckel before heading to the actual thing! Thank you all for the help! Flying since: Sept 2, 2020 Total Time: 46hrs
  • cdosjwndm
    Scott and Ryan show part 2 please
    I’ve been listening to this show for a while now and have yet to find a bad episode. I’m about to do my first solo and you all have helped with the process!! Scott has to take a shot after reading this
  • From the Birds Next
    Enjoy the heck out of your show! Just earned my private pilot certificate (and learned on your show that it is not a license). Found y’all a few months ago and have been chewing through older episodes. Love the info and the banter! Thanks for all you do!!!
  • Gracie734
    You guys are the best!!
    I have been working on my PPL since March 2021. I’m so happy I found you guys. Your show helps me get real world information while I try to study for my written. I commute 2 hours to work every day and it’s so nice to have an entertaining, informative and easy to listen to show. Love hearing about your adventures revolving around 88D and the islands. I grew up visiting the islands with my family every summer so very relatable. Keep up the great work.
  • X-29FTE
    The Fantasy Footballers of Aviation!
    I don’t know if our FAR/AIM heroes play fantasy football, but they are the mirror image of those 3 highly successful lads. Rob, Lee & Scott’s domain is the real world of aviation vice the make believe world of a game lots of us love to play that Andy, Mike and Jason discuss. But, the dynamic of 3 old friends bringing their different perspectives to all things aviation is spot on. Informative, most of the time, irreverent, some of the time, and entertaining, all of the time. I download a lot of podcasts, but there are only 2 that I ever really listen to and I’m sure you can guess which 2. Somebody needs to give these guys a sponsorship!
  • Jerome1223
    I just finished my PPL written exam and am about to start flight school. I’ve been listening to this show non-stop for the past few days to stay fresh. These guys are hilarious. Their banter is off the wall. It’s a fun way to review concepts.
  • steele_aviator
    Keep Up the Terrific Podcast!
    Thank you, Rob, Lee and Scott, for such an entertaining and informative podcast. You deserve FIVE STARS! I have enjoyed listening to your series since I found it several months ago. Each episode makes me feel like I am hanging out at a bar with three veteran pilots. You share very interesting and hilarious stories! I started flying in May 2020 and I earned my private pilot license in Jan 2021. I am working toward my instrument rating now with a total of 120 hours. I fly out of St. Pete/Clearwater (KPIE is a class delta airport. Earmuffs, Scott!) All of my hours are in a ’78 Piper Archer (Cheers, Lee!) As a new pilot, I have such a limited scope in aviation. But your podcast has helped me to expand my knowledge. Now when I’m hanging around the airport, I feel like I have something to contribute in a conversation between much more seasoned pilots than myself. I value your insight and I am thankful that you plan to continue the podcast. I do most of my listening while driving in my car. My wife and two teenage daughters also enjoy listening to your stories about your good ol’ days. (That is saying a lot considering they do not share my new-found passion for aviation.) Let me raise a cold, frosted mug of ‘show prep’ to toast the three of you. Cheers to Rob for being the podcast chairman and editor! Cheers to Lee for being the attending physician of aviation! And cheers to Scott for being the chief resident jester!(Scott? Scott? Has anyone seen Scott…) Well done, gents. Respectfully, Brian Steele P.S. I am only on episode #41, and I am listening to the podcast series in order. So, it will take me several weeks to catch up to your current episode. Of note, I listen to your show via Amazon Audible.
  • Razorback 172
    Very informative
    Lee, Rob and Scott all bring 3 great views to their experience in aviation. Your 3 different backgrounds make for neat stories that truly is a “hanger talk” atmosphere. Started listening after my discovery flight and have listed to almost every episode except a few IFR ones. Finished my PPL and now building time before my next endorsement. Keep em coming!
  • jramseyw
    3 FAR out dudes that AIM High
    Great listening episodes on my way to and from work. Student pilot myself and enjoy Rob leading, Lee’s expertise instructions and Scott’s incoherent renditions. Keep’em coming fellows, all the way to RVS country.
  • ajswizzle
    I’ve been out of the game for a couple years and was looking for something to help me start thinking like a pilot again. While it’s not always the most organized show, I do get something useful out of every episode. I’m sure they’ll polish it up eventually but honestly I enjoy the random banter so it doesn’t really matter if they do. Here’s to not saving all your drinking for the weekend 🍻Thanks for doing this show.
  • sapienflyes
    Sapien Juan
    I’m a on the verge of completing my private pilot training and your info is helping me grasp the info a bit faster I drive a big rig and I’m going through all your cast on record time. Keep up the awesome work! Drink up!
  • AV8R Mo
    Is Scott drunk all the time or does he need to see a speech therapist? Thanks guys, keep up the entertaining podcast.
  • Roy Roda
    Great podcast
    Entertaining and educational at the same time. Great topics and really enjoy listening.
  • Greg9130
    Makes my road trips amusing and educational
    Great podcast, I binge listen to ya’ll all the time, mostly on my weekly roadtrips to pick my son up. I’m a private SEL/MEL pilot about half way through my instrument rating and then onto Comm Multi. It’s a great entertaining way to keep info fresh in my mind even when I’m not able to sit down and study formally.
  • BobG88
    An awesome podcast with entertaining and informing aspects!
    As a student pilot, I find myself immersing myself in all things aviation. I stumbled upon the Far/Aim podcast a little while back and it has been my primary podcast ever sense. Listening to three separate opinions/viewpoints greatly helps one to understand a subject and of course there is a nice touch of entertaining content mixed in as well. Keep up the good work!
  • Gaskin urn
    Love The Show
    My life goal is to do tequila shots with Scott Bores someday
  • Buicksfiturbo
    Great stuff keep up the great work. I love the content and it’s helped tremendously as I’ve just started flight lessons
  • E. Zachary
    Amazing Gem of an Aviation Podcast
    For background: I’ve worked professionally in radio/podcasts for 10 years, so needless to say, I’m fairly critical when it comes to anything audio. With that said, I’m also pursuing my PPL, a 5 year on again-off again and now, finally back on again journey. I’ve been actively seeking a solid podcast to listen to while in the car that can help keep my head in the game of thinking all things aviation. This is it. The right amount of knowledge and entertainment without a doubt. I really love how even the more plainly written and dry FAA articles are explained and debated from a devils advocate point of view. It really helps me wrap my head around certain nuances that can seem overly complicated at times. Truly a great dynamic. *only small bit of constructive critique from an audio standpoint: either balance out each mics left and right prior to mixing down or bounce the final audio file as mono. As of right now the voices are fairly split between the left and right channels. Love the show guys! Cheers! Erik Z.
  • @michaelrexford
    Aviation Podcast GOLD!
    You guys are amazing. Being a new CFI I’m always looking for ways to enhance my knowledge and listening to you guys is always informative and entertaining. Thank you so much, keep up the great work. Best, Michael Rexford CFI,CFII,MEI
  • BahamJoe
    Rob’s a Savage
    Ran into that dude at a tiki bar one time.
  • Fighting for the right cause
    Thank you
    I enjoy the way you three have different piloting experience and also different ratings. I learn a lot. you guys crack me up with your idiot like demeanors! My patience is stretched thin sometimes by the way you get way off track however I really do learn a lot and I clean a nugget of information every episode. Thank you and I wish you all luck!
  • mtndan22222
    Good stuff
    Y’all are a fun dynamic and I am fond of the Lake Erie flying stories, but the podcast needs more factual info and actual discussion of the regs (thanks Lee) to make it worthwhile listening for 1-2hr
  • hairy DHC-2
    Fife stars
    I can’t stop listening for some reason. If you enjoy listening to teeth being pulled, or slamming your steering wheel while cursing pilots totally making a mess over simple rules, this podcast is for you! Keep it up boys!
  • Jimmyz:-)
    Love listening to these guys. Learn something from every podcast. The information provided is very easily digestible from the different perspectives of the three presenters.
  • 12345678910nametaken
    Thanks for providing a wealth of experience and knowledge from all facets of airplane pilotage. I am a student pilot in a 141 school and it is incredibly valuable to listen to the FARAIM podcast crew’s insights. Thanks folks!
  • c0rndog
    Fun and informative show!!
    I look forward to Thursday each week and my commute to/from work. I’m a 40+ hour solo student. I fly both a 172 and Cherokee 180. I’m finishing up my requirements and practicing for my checkride. Hoping to have it done by the end of the year! Thank you for the great balance of knowledge and entertainment! Keep it up!! Happy Holidays!!
  • Donotdownloadthis
    More info, less banter please. Got in a good 20 min nap during the “clear prop” conversation. Not very informative. Hardly useful for pre-check ride. Will continue to listen. Hopeful that my criticism is received in a constructive way.
  • Walterrr
    Grade A show
    Really enjoy the show, guys. Been out of flying a while and nice to hear people who have been in aviation a while need refreshers on the regs too (except Scott of course.) I really enjoy the anecdotes from the GA and commercial perspectives each of you bring. I listen everyday on my commute to work. Keep up the good work and looking forward to hearing this review on a future episode when I finally get caught up.
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