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  • chadisTx
    The best
    Love this show don’t even care Bobby is Chinese I will fight McKone’s grandma for him
  • Taller than Joe
    Nasty Jew on the show
    Too many baby killing Jews on this show
  • Ehh dude
    Unrecognizable from the original show
    They used to be the proverbial underbelly of Hollywood and that’s why we loved them. They are just another faction of Hollywood now and it’s disgusting.
  • Seattleite206
    It’s heartbreaking that I don’t have the power to wipe my mind and listen to every episode over again.. If only I could slip into a coma between new episodes now..
  • jsbsjdbdja
    The guy talking about how terrible everything is
    Lick a battery. I bet you’re nowhere near as comical as this podcast is and could do no better yourself. I disagree with every point you made judging the fact that you think the “little Thai girl” adds nothing to the show just proves you’re nothing but a surface dweller who’s listened to maybe one episode and decided mehhh
  • lompo87
    I’ve got a bad religion shirt with a similar logo
    Anyway funny show gets me through my Monday mornings
  • MioRosa
    Comedic geniuses
    You two make my day! This podcast gets even more funny with every episode! Love you all!♥️
  • Alan ppww
    I’m back
    I listened to too many episodes in a row and decided it was just too toxic so I switched to Stavy’s World, until I realized he’s actually a way bigger assshole, so now I’m back on board
  • JeremyOrta
    Big fan. Watched every episode.
    Love you guys. Very funnh
  • PickyPodcastListener
    Who in their right mind…
    Who in their right mind would pay these guys for patreon , what is the point of getting a early release of the episode when every episode consists of the same chaotic barely comedic back and forth banter. The little Thai girl brings no value whatsoever to the mix, her input is infuriating and annoying , also the constant budding in of the three clowns behind the scenes is quite unnecessary. They yell the adverts at you instead of simply reading them like a normal person, not sure if that’s a ploy to get you to sub to patreon what. All and all chaotic and only good for background noise.
  • yhk dbfftu
  • Kael cline
    Well well well
    First of all, I’m 14. And I’m obsessed with this pod, even got my girlfriends dad into it. Bought him the bad friends mug for Father’s Day… then proceeded to cheat on her (oops) Love y’all, hope to see yall live soon. Come to charlotte!!!!
  • gayrepublican
    why does this exist
    Only the addition of Brandon Wardell could make this worse.
  • StormOneThree
    If I didn’t have this show to get me out of bed every Monday morning, I’d probably end up a failed feet finder model addicted to Flonase. Thank Bobby Mom.
  • InstoneNJ
    Should make a cartoon
    Seriously do it
  • KEM woof
    Laugh out loud every time
    Andrew and Bobbi along with Jules, Juicy s d other guests are amazing. I laugh out loud almost every episode. I’m all caught up and bummed I now have to wait each week for new episodes.
  • Charityp
    Boring 😴
    Love Tiger Belly but not this one and really wanted to!
  • Kails Baby Momma 😂
    Snooze fest
  • skillletboy22
    Confidence + vulnerability = great comedy
    Santinos confidence + bobbys vulnerability = comedy genius. Gotta watch the YouTube content for full enjoyment
  • Bandits19
    Listened for 5 minutes and had to stop
  • russmcgruss
    I love this show, but…
    That last episode with the goop was almost unbearable to listen to it it’s really hard taking in someone that makes hundreds of thousands of dollars and can’t even hold a conversation Love Bad Friends but this one really turned me off. #bringbackrudy
  • mfthemantho
    Redbar is Watching
  • Omac gillicious
    I would’ve kissed Bobby fsfs
  • HistoryNick
    Bobby & Bobbi
    So you had the super duper “talented” Bobbi Althoff on an episode just because Bobby has some weird gross crush on here? That’s cool..keep up the good work guys, thumbs up
  • 78_gold_78
    Liked the suggestion of turning off his mic
  • App KO!
    Careful fellas
    I think Coco is going to Skippy and David Spade Andrew and Bobbi 😂
  • TheGuyAndJunk
    Quit eating on the podcast
    How have you not learned that no one wants to hear that? Gross noises in my ear.
  • Aiyana Edmund
    Fast forward to next week
    Crushed they had her on - we all make mistakes though
  • SkylerECU
    things done changed
    more wacky, less hollywood. sorry boys can’t handle anymore of this one
  • Leto4896
    Bobbi way too cringe
    Only room for one bobby
  • Sir Squidball Teasmonger III
    Who is Bobbi Altoff?
    Was that a prank? Is she trolling and trying to be that bad? She doesn’t even know how to use a mic. I struggled and made it only 20 mins. Least likable/funny guest in the show’s history
  • Hey,!,
    Bobbi altoid is lame
    Never let Bobbi altoid on the show again
  • Shanna's NEW TOY
    Bobbi Althoff
    Love bad friends but this chick was the worst….definitely ruined the vibe for this episode
  • Ethan Allen Hawley
    five stars for rudy. she’s the best part of the show. everything else is meh.
  • Willllllllszzz
    Since day 1 / episode 1
    Been here since episode 1. Still going strong 💪 best pod of all time !!
  • MoGoIsTrash
    Listener from the start!
    Love the show! They vibe different than any other comedy show. Was weird hearing Andrew try and stir up drama between Lance and every other comic, until he wouldn’t jerk off his buddy Fahim (another comedian I like) and then he was butt hurt. Dude said NOTHING terrible and Santino got on him. Should’ve left it where he tried to. You dug, got answers you didn’t like then cried about it. Everyone doesn’t have to like who you like, that’s the beauty of comedy. You’re not doing open mic night anymore, you’re the upper echelon. When you up your game you need to learn how to take criticism. I played pro ball the last 9 years and everyone had something to say about me and my team… we don’t care lol, we cash checks about it. Other than that exact moment, love everything about the show!! “I’m Bobby mom”
  • Jaypatattack
    Best podcast there is
  • Shutterfan1
    Love the banter
    These guys are hilarious. Stories are great but even just their talking about trivial stuff is super entertaining,
  • Bex1122
    The top comedy podcast
    There is no other podcast like yalls! I have looked. There are some okay comedy podcasts but nothing compares to y’all’s bits or just yalls banter. Thanks for making me laugh until I cry! Looking forward to the newest episode! (:
  • taki hater
    Best unfilter comedy
    Love it.
  • All musician
    Cracks me up
    You guys make my day listening to your conversations. Sounds a lot like convos I’ve had with friends throughout the years. Great chemistry and nothings off limits. Keep doing what your doing because it’s very funny and entertaining and much appreciated.
  • Poopacker9
    No More Goop
    Please no More Goop
  • chichi benson
    Guys please
    Whatever “the goop” is doing isn’t funny. Like at all. Please no more
  • Ryan loves selena
    These guys make my work days as a mail man so much fun
  • J-Muck
    Good bad fun
    Two of the best comedians out there! I’ve loved Bobby’s comedy since I first saw him do standup 15 years ago. I like that sometimes it can be real and emotional and still funny too. They have great guests on as well. I loved the recent episode with Graig. Always a great time. I’ve been watching since the start. Keep it up guys! Saw you on the road too. So funny!
    Sour skittles
    Just turned off the lights and ate sour skittles in the dark.
  • unruly95
    Wake up or I’m calling 911!!
    Take our Rainbow is the funniest thing I’ve heard in a long time. Please have Graig back ASAP!
  • Charles_D_96
    Thanks for being a bad friend :)
  • Ricopittini
    If you want a laugh, this is the place
    This is the best podcast out there. These two are hilarious right from the start of each episode. Listening in my car I am often laughing out loud by myself like a mentally ill person. I started listening because Bobby Lee has made me laugh for years, but adding Andrew i to the mix, pure comedy gold. I can’t write enough positive words about this podcast. Keep on producing, hours and hours of wonderfully hilarious content.
  • Sanny$&
    We don’t need 2 min trailers for your patreon
    Cut that out
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