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Hi there...welcome to Mushroom Hour. Listen in as we venture into kingdom fungi with unique and beautiful humans who all share a passion for mushrooms. We'll go forage for wild mushrooms, explore their potency as nature's medicines, become citizen mycologists, transform human consciousness and learn how mushrooms inspired art, spirituality and culture throughout our history. There are so many ways that mushrooms can benefit (wo)mankind - we just need to tap into the mycelium network and let them share their gifts. Excited to have you along for the journey! Mush Love

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  • Whathefungus
    If you are interested in Mycology, you MUST explore this podcast.
  • yoyoyorambler
    Thoughtful, curious and fascinating interviews
    This is one of my favorites not because I’m totally into mycology—though I do find the subject fascinating—but because of how thoughtfully the interviews are done, and what amazing guests come on the show. The curiosity and humbleness of this podcast is just wonderful and I always feel uplifted and educated after each episode. Can’t recommend it highly enough. Keep up the great work!
  • shyborg.madrobot
    Platformed someone who spreads eco-fascist propaganda
    it’s possible that this podcast just doesn’t vet their guests but it’s also possible they platformed Olga from smugtown mushrooms specifically because she’s spread eco-fascist propaganda on social media,particularly Michael Moore’s planet of the humans documentary which talks about human overpopulation being the major concern for climate change and also has links to anti-semitic conspiracy theories. In my community she has a reputation that leads people to avoid working with her but she’s treated like an ‘expert’ in some circles for being a business owner, lending her credibility even when she spreads fascist takes online
  • Nickmo720
    My favorite mushroom podcast by a long shot!!
  • Ohla00
    Nerd it!
    This is one of my favorite science podcasts out there (ok it is my favorite, but I really like learning about mushrooms). This one is top notch. I also listen to Allie Ward and Talk Nerdy To Me. Every time I listen I feel like my brain is exploding with so much information. It weaves organic chemistry, culture, botany, community, food, foraging, medicine, bioremediation, cultivation… all of this into the realm of fungi. I love this podcast. The host does a phenomenal job asking questions and you can tell he’s engaged and just as curious as the listener. He’s great. Thank you for all your hard work and getting really thoughtful and smart, so smart, guests. It’s been such a pleasure getting to listen to this gem of a podcast! My world is brighter because of it. Thank you 🍄
  • HeidiSB76
    I love this podcast - such varied topics within the field, interesting guests, and so informative. Thank you!
  • the Cordy kid
    Best podcast on subject!!!!
    This is by far my favorite podcast with really amazing guests and info! Host is very knowledgable, well spoken and asks great questions. I’m always excited when a new episode pops up. David
  • LorelleMorel
    11/10 Give this a listen!
    Darren is a beautiful conversationalist who gracefully communicates with all guests no matter their background (forager to scientist to chef). I appreciate how his thoughtful questions facilitate a deeper understanding of the topics being discussed. This is a staple podcast in my life!!
  • Houseofpearl
    Very educational
    I love the in-depth interviews in this podcast. The guests are so interesting & have great info to share. Very enjoyable podcast!
  • hylacedros
    Fungal hazards too
    Great podcast: professional, entertaining, stimulating point of view. But try to cover hazards too! Like this: I brought home buckets of lovely humus-rich soil from the mountains to mulch garden trees. Little did I know I brought home Cytospora fungus which proceeded to kill 3 lovely cottonwood trees. Please report the dangers of fungus as well.
  • qrispa
    Been listening for a months now, probably more like a year, enjoyed your YouTube channel before discovering the podcast. This past episode with Doug was so great! I want to read his book! Totally resonate with the reality you guys were discussing, the genuine excitement of people in the community, keep it going please🤎💚
  • Peck the Town Crier
    Open minds and deep conversation
    Darren is a very sensitive conversationalist, and always goes deep on research before every interview. Shakti, his wife and creative partner here, finds a range of brilliant guests for the show. Mushroom lover or no, I think people can get a lot of nourishment from this podcast. It’s a rarity and a gem.
  • outgunnedoutmaned
    Mind blown
    I have always been fascinated by fungi and herbs even when I was a little kid, this year I finally decided to explore this magical thing that I was always warned to stay away from -which is probably why I was so persistent- and I am very glad I found such a good recourse! (That’s you guys!!❤️🍄)
  • appcoyote
    Infectious Enthusiasm!
    Darren has it all, so articulate, humorous, creative w/r/t all things fungi. Darren is energy, always positive, joyful and happy to be alive. This podcast not only educates on mycological subjects but also reminds me to stay stoked and keep seeking about the things that used to make me jump out of bed with excitement in the morning. Who doesn’t need more of that!?!
  • Vg37
    Great podcast
    Tons of great info for anyone who likes mushrooms, very entertaining and covers a wide variety of mushrooms related topics.
  • thunderbird420
    Hi there
    I love this podcast and all the info. This podcast is for anyone excited about mushrooms and all that they can do. Thank you!
  • MG Greenbunny
    Welcome to Mushroom Hour podcast is one of my favorites. Fascinating, informative, fun, a bit cheeky, and reminds me to keep connecting with nature! Mushrooms can heal the world and Darren’s brilliant pod is a way to understand how move forward into that reality.
  • GasolineBobby
    Well Done!
    Wow. Mushrooms are so fascinating. And Welcome To Mushroom Hour is THE place to get right in there with any one of the expert interviews that are listed. Darren is smart and curious and able to angle his questions to get the most out of his guest. I will admit there is a lot to digest in these podcast. I find it helpful to have a piece of paper and pen handy to write down words and books mentioned and websites to explore later. These are extremely interesting discussions that take you all over the globe. Fungi are fundamental for life on earth and Darron’s foray deep into the minds of these experts for answers is much like the mushrooms themselves! Well done.
  • LadyShay__
    Thoughtful exploration of the natural world
    I never know which angle of mycology I will explore with each new episode— and I’m never disappointed. Some episodes have brought me to tears, others into deep reflection. This podcast is very informative, but also thoughtful, and diverse. Highly recommended!
  • Helga of Troy
    Mushroom Journey
    It’s rare to come across a person so passionate and devoted to a subject now and days. The main reason I enjoy listening to these podcast is the pure passion that exudes on the mushroom topic. The host brings a lot of value and knowledge to this podcast and I guarantee you will not be bored.
  • ebbbbbbbbbbt
    yes please
    Incredible podcast where our host gets us great and dynamic content with each guest. thank you for sharing the knowledge
  • Bergy764
    Electric ⚡️ Earth 🌎
    I love this podcast! It really explores mushrooms and fungi from so many different facets. Its not easy to move fluidly from all of these different ways into this amazing kingdom. The host takes us from pure science through ethnopharma, art and creativity to mythology and legend. What a great addition to the world of Mushrooms and Fungi!
  • Nate doggiexxx
    Great podcast
    Really hard to find good podcasts about fungi. The host of this podcast is great- competent, smart, a great speaker and interviewer. 5 stars. If you are into fungi then you will like this podcast. Thanks for making this.
  • Anon452
    love this podcast
    such a great resource for all things fungi foraging and general good vibes. my new favorite program to listen to and recommend to everyone. sending good vibes from north of you. cheers.
  • Jack Crawson
    Favorite new podcast
    The amount of content here is a lot to ingest, but taking it slowly, and absorbing the information, you can learn a ton. This man has singlehandedly sparked my interest in mycology, and for that, I’m eternally grateful. I implore everyone, regardless of whether or not you have an interest in mycology, to check this podcast out.
  • cilmarasan
    This is so great - thank you
  • JuiceMan82
    This is awesome!
    I also always enjoy tuning in . Keep up the Mushroom Love 👍🍄
  • GoddessShakti
    Informative & FUN 🍄🍄
    Mushrooms are going to save the world! Look forward to a new episode every week. So many amazing guests sharing information about every aspect of kingdom fungi. Witty, informative and loaded with inspiration. MUSH LOVE ❤️🤩🍄
  • neilthenier
    I love this show. I feel like they are coming at mushrooms from all angles. Whether your looking to improve your foraging skills, increase your knowledge on psychedelic mushrooms, or learn how to grow your own. This podcast has all the necessary resources to do so. Can’t get enough!
  • Tterwill
    Mycology + fun = Mushroom Hour
    Loving the first 4 episodes and can’t wait to see who else you bring on and what other fun mushroom facts you’ll be sharing with us. Great entertaining and educational podcast
  • LaurenKells
    Thank you for the knowledge #mushlove
    What a cool podcast! Letting me listen and learn more about the wonderful world of mushrooms and fungi while I sit in my cubicle and do my boring job 😁
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