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Former U.S. Air Force F-16 fighter pilot John “Rain” Waters hosts The Afterburn Podcast. Bringing people together to share their journey along the "path" of life.

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Recent Reviews
  • RevDaddy75
    Awesome show
    The BEST bumper in the business full stop. Love the topics and Rain is a great host.
  • grandma helping
    Finally an Air Force voice!
    Great podcast! Enjoyable and informative for operators, maintainers, and aircraft enthusiasts.
  • marcocomp
    Great show
    I have been listening for just this past season, but am really liking the tone and insight of aviator/pilots of different branches and their procedure and stories. Keep it up!
  • FlyHigh423
    Awesome Podcast!
    Keep up the great work Rain.
  • S3onewire
    Great podcast
    Rain, Absolutely great podcast. Keep up the great work
  • Amazing to the moon haha
    Great stuff. Thanks !
    Very good !
  • ktskip17
    Don’t bring it weak.
    Can’t get enough of this podcast! As A current enlisted member of AFE in an F-16 unit and aspiring fighter pilot, I find it helpful and inspiring. My heart and prayers are with MEZr’s family and squadron. Great work Rain!
  • AtomicBang13
    My new favorite podcast!
    I’m blowing through these too quick. Bring “Tuna” back for some more stories. “How many traps do you have?” “Well over a hundred”. Nice work, Rain.
  • alex5000jlkfhjklafsdjhgdhjfads
    Great podcast
    Listened to every episode from the beginning. Was turned on to the show through the fighter pilot podcast. The latest show which was a review of a fatal viper crash was very different than the standard show but I enjoyed it a lot. Would be interested in hearing more shows like it of other incidents or even successful missions
  • matchineguner
    Awesome show
    Rain never fails to deliver interesting guests who have great stories and experiences. The podcast is long enough to get the good stuff but short enough to avoid boring. Also, he and his guests do a great job of breaking down the jargon so us civilians can understand. Hard to wait for the next episode!
  • D Galloway
    Great Podcast!
    Love listening to this podcast. Very well done! Informative and entertaining ! Keep up the good work Rain!
  • jayak2020
    Great podcast
    Really terrific podcast for the aviation enthusiast & wannabe pilots.
  • DarkCornerReader
    Thanks for the great work Rain.
    Love the show, love the intro track. I really enjoy your guests and your interview style-keep at it!
  • Sam Beyer
    Great podcast with a great host
    Great podcast for the military aviation enthusiast. Basically the air force version of the Fighter Pilot Podcast.
  • RalphNMead
    Great job!
    Thank you for the awesome podcasts! I enjoy the content and learning about the paths your guests have taken to become pilots. It is an inspiration for others.
  • Kidjay76
    Very enjoyable
    If you have a passion for aviation you will enjoy this podcast
  • Joseph R Denver
    Great Content!
    Keep the podcasts coming. Interviews and guests have been great! They keep me occupied during the early morning hours of the MEM outbound.
  • @titolavelle
    GREAT host, asking FANTASTIC questions, to FASCINATING guests!
    This has quickly become one of my favorite podcasts. A must listen for any aviation enthusiast!
  • Juice Whisler
    Tuna episode is gold!!
    Rain, Juice here...”Viper” from the ‘13-14 sequestration years. Just listened to your episode with Tuna. Took me back to the Heritage days. He’s a great pilot and better human! The stories, the banter, and the Air Force literal Heritage that you’re preserving by having them tell these stories is awesome. For all those listeners out there that have never flown fighters (or any Air Force aircraft for that matter) this podcast gets you as close as you can without inking to serve and getting lucky enough to fly fighters! Keep up the great work Rain! Awesome job! I’m rubbing an ROTC Det right now and sit in my office just wanting one more flight!!
  • Be ash
    Such a good pod
    Great podcaster with interesting and intriguing guests thanks Rainn!
  • JoeyCool2
    Keep up the good work! 👍🏼👍🏼
  • Jones28F18
    The Afterburn Podcast is a must listen for any aviation/ military enthusiast! “Rain” and guests provide unique and insightful perspectives on a range of interesting topics. Definitely not weak!
  • @sb_flying
    Awesome Podcast!
    Anyone interested in hearing about military aviation and or more importantly listening to some of the best people America has to offer check this out!
  • longrun26.2
    Fantastic podcast
    Outstanding podcast for anybody interested in military aviation. Superb content.
  • 3boysdad2018
    Wonderful for young people to hear
    I have been listening ever since my oldest son (14) said he wants to fly jets. Giving him the opportunity to get is PPL and help him realize his dream and aspirations, not surprised as Grandpa was a Crewchief on the c47 sky train during DDay & Crewchief on B29’s during bombing of Japan. After the war Dad flew pipers for fun on weekends Much success to you and your team on this podcast. & Thankyou for your service! Frank A.
  • CLT Wook
    Seth Rogen?
    I swear the interview in episode 19 sounded like Seth Rogen. I’d think I was in for a wild ride if I was in a Southwest Airlines plane and he came on the PA and chuckled his was through the announcements.
  • trevor450
    Great podcast
    Love the podcast also find rainwaters27 on TikTok for some cool vids.
  • macsteve5
    Cool stuff
    Author has a nack for finding great subects.
  • Queen of pies
    Put this one into your auto-update list as well
    With so many aviation podcasts out there you need to draw the line somewhere, right? Well, sorry, this one needs to be included as well. The human aspect of the stories and the detail given make this podcast a must listen.
  • WINTER14
    Outstanding Podcast, Phenomenal Stories!
    The podcast features exceptional guests and it’s great to be able to hear some of these stories that you’d never hear about otherwise. He also has a few “famous” guests and it’s insightful to hear the stories you think you know, but in great detail from the people who were actually there. The production and sound quality are excellent as well. Keep up the great work Sir!
  • AliHoward18
    Triple Threat
    Combine amazing real life stories, supercool military aviation hardware, and lessons about peak performance and life’s challenges, and you have Rain’s awesome podcast. Keep it up, loving every episode. LH
  • Glick6950
    No Complaints Here
    Thanks for the podcast.
  • Jeannette_Benoit
    Great content
    I love the stories. These guests are great role models.
  • hemingway766
    Nice addition
    Super pleased with the podcast. Learning a ton, laughing along the way. Wish the format was longer. I really enjoy the technical aspect of it, and the small details on what it is actually like to pilot these beasts. Keep it going and make the format longer!
  • Hesprus.
    Historical information.
    Gets off to a somewhat choppy start regarding audio quality. But the information presented here will probably be used by future historians.
  • TA FFPM122
    Great podcast
    As a former sailor that launched planes off of an aircraft carrier I love all things aviation but especially military jets. I really enjoy this podcast, I would like an explanation on the abbreviations or what a bunch of capital letters stand for. Also how did the pilot earn his nickname? Keep the great podcasts coming!
  • New Pilot 91
    New Pilot
    As an aspiring fighter pilot it gives me a small look into a day in the life and besides my flight lessons it’s the best part of my day !
  • crich_11M
    Awesome Podcast
    I love seeing people I know pop up on an awesome podcast with great interviews and insights.
  • Dingoboy77
    Great podcast
    Great podcast with amazing vintner! I met you at Oshkosh and it was an honor to do so. Jeep yo the good work! God Bless!
  • Clintpage
    Amazing Content & Interviews
    Great content, motivational and inspiring. Interviews are top notch! Highly recommend.
  • E. Schweller
    Full Send
    Rain, great work with the podcast. It’s awesome to listen to your guests share their stories. Keep up the good work!
  • Timdeck
    Outstanding job!
    Great job Rain with the interviews and helping your guests tell their stories. I especially enjoyed the Caleb Brewer episode- what a great American warrior. And it was fun listening to you and MG talk about air shows, Red Bull races, and the demo flight you gave him. I flew a few air shows with him and he’s a class act. Keep up the good work!
  • kelly.flight
    Outstanding and inspiring!
    Every episode has a great story and connects with the theme of overcoming obstacles. Rain has interesting guests with compelling stories that keep you tuned in and eager for the next episode.
  • middleken
    Just listened for first time!
    Listed to the episode with Tally - very informative, and Rain is a great host. I've known Rain for a few years and he is very knowledgable and personable - a perfect fit for hosting a podcast like this. Now I need to listen to the rest!
  • ChrisTheAviator
    Totally immersed with my first episode, Episode 8. So humbled by our service members. Not really a podcaster listener, but that just changed.
  • Flyguy183366249
    Absolutely outstanding
    This is the military aviation podcast I have been wanting for. Rain is a humble, approachable, and credible host. He is telling the stories and lining up the information that us going into military aviation. Thanks for what you are doing sir 🙏🏻 Chris
  • Jen in ct
    Great shows so far. Balanced with technical and personal info. The passion comes through.
  • Dirty Mike89
    Awesome podcast.
    Great content here! Excellent insight into some of the most interesting careers in the USAF. Genuine conversations between the host and guests and many lessons learned for those trying to pursue a career in the Air Force as an aviator.
  • NastyMcCracken
    Major Rager John “Rain” Waters
    For those that have enjoyed Rains videos on Instagram, this podcast takes it to the next level. #949designs #familyfirst #dontbringitweak #merica
  • KellerCarson
    Awesome podcast.
    I have to disagree with sal on the "rambling” aspect. If you want a classroom style podcast, the fighter pilot is great. But as far as listening to stories and finding out what the individuals feel is important information. This is spot on.
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