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Strap in the cockpit as we dive into the stories of the men and women who defend the freedoms we love. From the cockpit of military jets to boots on the ground. The Afterburn Podcast dives into their stories, the planes they fly, and the missions they fight.

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  • Anonymous1234566
    The Service after Service
    This is a long time coming and I just wanted to say thank you for creating the link between civilians and military aviation. Rain and the bros are giving mil personnel a chance to tell and document their stories. Whether it’s day to day stuff or an engines out and jettisoning weapons to crawl home story. I deeply admire the courage of these guys and gals. Just think, these stories will be heard for generations and hopefully centuries to come. Not everyone wants to write a book but they will sit down for an interview, so a story that was originally left for friends and family, can now be shared with us. I’ll say the same for the other military aviation podcasts as well. Thank you guys.
  • Love the app. maybe not the UI
    For any aviation enthusiast
    If you love aviation, pilot or not, you are missing out if you are not listening to this podcast. The focus is military, but even if your interest is commercial or general aviation, you will find it engaging. The guests are not limited to fighter jocks. In fact, some of the best episodes are with transport pilots. Many of the guests have and discuss flying experience outside of the military as well. Must-have subscription for any flying-nerd.
  • Iceman829
    I love this Podcast and look forward to new episodes!! Definitely a 5 out of 5!!! Keep up the bro chats!!!
  • FutureAirman1234
    5 stars
    This is really awesome!! Thank you.
  • VMI12’ AKM
    Great! 5 stars!!
    As a current airline pilot I always love listening in and learning more about the aviation community. The content and stories are fascinating. It will make you appreciate what these folks do day in and day out for our country!
  • OrangeTornado
    The Afterburn Podcast
    Rain has done an incredible job on this podcast! Thoroughly enjoy listening to every episode! Keep up the great work Rain!
  • adammoiles
    Thanks for providing relevant content. Keep up the great work!
  • hazejm21
    Too much politics.
    Too political.
  • Ztrippin
    Garbage podcast. Super fancy wit guys who have nothing
    This is a setup for failures. Garbage podcasts. Garbage stories. The stories are not good at all. Move on. Go find “10% percent true”. The podcast here. Is garbage. No meat. Boring. So boring. So so siooo boring. Garbage
  • ProudVeteran
    Great podcast
    I am a combat veteran and I enjoy your show. I am proud that people have the opportunity to hear these Hero's stories. Thank you.
  • Alongwayaway
    Fantastic content
    This podcast is for anyone interested in a military flying career or anyone who enjoys the military. I cant get enough! I listen while I work and absolutely love it.
  • Tturedraider5
    Great Content
    This podcast is great for anyone interested in military aviation!
  • NoSweat88
    One of my “can’t wait for it” podcasts
    The Afterburn podcast is one of those shows where I can’t wait for the next episode to drop. I especially look forward to the “Bro Chats”…even though they are bursting with acronyms and initials I have to look up later. If you like military aviation shows, Rain’s Afterburn is always entertaining. I’d give it 6- stars if I could.
  • Georgia Boy US sailorman
    Love the story telling and the documentation of history. The podcasts are fascinating as well as addictive. Full of facts and significant historical dates and accurate info on the topics discussed.Thanks for telling us these stories that we otherwise wouldn’t have heard about. These stories are extremely important and valuable to our nation for history as well as the younger generation so they will know how important joining our military forces are.
  • PhiDelt129MU
    F16 Demo Pilot talks about the good stuff
    Always a great podcast. Rain’s podcast brings you into a whole new perspective when talking to other fellow aviators. Highly recommend. You won’t be disappointed
  • Rtodonn
    Awesome podcast
    I first saw a clip on TikTok. I then looked it up on here and have been listening ever since. It’s so cool to listen to all the stories and interviews. Big fan keep up the good work.
  • Kershaw5
    The Afterburn
    One of the best fighter aviation podcasts to date. Really enjoy these. Keep ‘em coming!
  • Hippie cowboy
    Future pilots’ dream!
    As a senior member of the Civil Air Patrol mentoring aviation enthusiasts in the cadet program, this podcast is a WEALTH of great information. From realistic views of life as a military aviator to the paths to academies, ROTC, etc, Rain covers it all, with some cool war stories along the way. I highly highly recommend this podcast for anyone considering a career in aviation.
  • !HFAN!
    You’re last podcast with MRT was your best yet !
  • Phantom103***
    Really enjoying this podcast and The guests “Rain” brings to the show.
  • 4Primo
    Refreshingly funny
    I started listening to the pod as a means to relive my glory days as a maintainer while driving my daughter to school, now she gets P.O. if I listen without her. The BRO Chats are an excellent wrinkle to the pod.
  • jim and maegan
    Awesome aviation podcast with a very down to earth host with tons of knowledge and awesome guests. The bro chats are absolutely awesome!
  • Hagie1
    I love this Podcast!!!
    Outstanding!!! Great content!!!
  • GAA59
    Great content!
    Your style is very good, you get your “victims” to talk well. Well done!
  • Brian98146
    Loved the Billie Flynn episode
    Who knew there was so much that went into the piddle pack. And the solo KC-46 discussion was good. Lots of good stuff in this episode. And agree, would be awesome to have him back on a bro chat. I bet a wealth of history there. Keep up the good work! Love the pod cast.
  • devil 0311
    Kill kill kill ‘em all
  • Mousitch
    Great podcast
    Great content and great guests. Highly recommended.
  • Jennings2882
    Podcast Guest
    Great podcast! Would love to see an episode with Nike if possible.
  • butch307
    Love the content!
    I’ve been listening to the podcast since the beginning. Great job on keeping the content fresh and applicable. I’ve been loving the bro chats with Bender and Vader, those have become my favorite part of the podcast!
  • Fire and Rain!
    Very Interesting and entertaining
    This is a fun podcast to listen to, very awesome to hear all the stories of the wonderful pilots and soldiers who served in combat. I met "Rain" in 2019 at the Planes of Fame Airshow. He is such a nice person. Thank you Rain for your service!!!
  • Timdeck
    #57 Richard McSpadden
    Great job with your talk with Richard “Spad” McSpadden. Like him, I fly a lot of General Aviation and I’m always looking for ways bring in best practices from military and commercial aviation to make it safer. He’s doing that full time at AOPA and I know it’s making a difference and making GA safer. Keep up the good work Spad and Rain!
  • Golfing wannabe golfer
    Unique perspectives on life!
    Easy listen that is informative and impactful!
  • Corsair chief
    Great podcast by a standup guy
    Very fortunate enough to travel around the airshow circuit with this guy. He and his family have made a lasting impression in the industry, and now to hear the stories of his career and others is the icing on the cake!
  • jonathan tims
    It’s dope
  • Jooooosh#1
    Solid listen
    As a lower time PPL this provides great aviation content, but more importantly great life perspective
  • texasmedic01
    Exceptional content
    I was an Army Mortarman (11C) that transitioned (Reclassified) to be a Medic (68W) after my first enlistment was finished; both of those rolls saw me deploy to combat areas as an Infantryman and later as a Line Medic where aviation assets and their drivers were Angels that watched out for my Brothers and I when we needed a hand. Listening to this podcast and the guest that appear gives myself a perspective into the lives of those pilots/aviators/sky warriors that covered down for us when their skill set was most appreciated to join the fray. Thank you sir for your efforts to bring the listeners of your show a high quality and informative experience that is entertaining, educational, and gives troglodytes such as myself a window into the world you and those like you experienced during the United States military operations abroad.
  • DrDocko
    Provides great insight into the military world
    This really helps me understand military culture and thinking
  • rhoodcomplaint
    Best podcast out there if interested in aviation
    The host himself is very interesting, but the guests are also incredible. They’re generally engaging, and have incredible careers and stories to discuss. Episode 50 is especially good in my opinion
  • just keep living
    Better ones out there
    This podcast is probably enjoyable if you’re a trained military pilot. If not, then you’ll have a hard time understanding what the host and his guests are talking about. There’s also a real lack of any kind of structure: asking people where they grew up, explaining the progression of their career, etc.
  • JaWes207
    Don’t bring it weak
    If you have any kind of interest in aviation, this podcast is a MUST LISTEN.
  • Matt'shomie
    Great Podcast!
    A great insight and great stories of aviation
  • Adam persons
    Phenomenal podcast that has taught me so much
    As a soon to be student pilot going through UPT, this podcast gives me so much insight as to what it’s actually like to be a pilot in the USAF. I only get more excited to start my journey every episode.
  • J Wala
    Let the stories live
    Solid podcast for incredible stories that would be otherwise forgotten without documentation and chats like this.
  • 19Delta, Cavalry Scouts
    Great content from great people.
    As an Army veteran, I can relate at a very low level. In every branch of service, everyone sacrifices, that is without question. But the majority of us, including myself, have rather inconsequential tours where we either took part in anything of historical significance, or individually, didn't do anything substantial enough to be remembered, if that makes sense. Generally speaking, the guests on this show are the exception to that statement, not the norm. Whether it's their military record or their personal achievements, they definitely fit the mold of exactly the kind of people we should want our kids to both idolize and emulate. A great program for civilians and veterans alike, and everyone can find take aways worth their time.
  • JasonArms
    Also interesting for the average aviation enthusiast.
    I was never in the military. I am just an aviation enthusiast. Some of these stories will be lost forever if a podcast like this isn’t here. Great stories from many different sources.
  • SLUF A7D
    Go beyond the fear!
  • ChrisShelton24
    The best jet fighter podcast out there!
    Rain’s content is the best. Can’t get enough.
  • Vegas Plocinski
    Great podcast
    Double Down!
  • mallorygrum
    More apolitical than most shows of its kind, but not totally
    I’ve listened to every episode of this show and they’re all bangers. Fascinating guests and great interviews by the host. I don’t like politics in my aviation podcasts and for the most part, this show provides that, and even when it doesn’t, the views expressed tend to be far more level-headed and based-in-reality than others. Regarding episode #47; Rain, as a member of what you would likely call the ‘woke mob,’ what part of melting racist benches would I disagree with? Melting racism is cool.
  • SmittyMan5679
    Awesome Show
    Rain is a great interviewer. The discussions with his guests are very entertaining
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