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Physics #11

Exciting new podcast series that focuses on the nature of reality, ancient history, lost civilizations, conspiracies, and the multiverse.

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Recent Reviews
  • jael68
    Easy to follow
    I love the way he breaks things down in his books and his podcasts. He makes it easy to follow while maintaining interest. Hands down one of my favorite people to listen to!
  • kclemleu
    Where did you go
    Where did you go?!
  • american_greed
    highly recommend
    matt is incredible at explaining his thoughts. great to listen while driving or running/walking
  • floppy sheep
    Love this stuff!
    Matt is a very good speaker. He seams to be confident and he is good at getting his point to the listener. I love learning what he has to tell me. I suppose that’s a mark of a good teacher. I’ve always had a passing interest in history but Matt gets me excited about it! Thanks for all the hard work you put in to giving me info in a way that’s easy to understand.
  • wendytownfarms
    Unlocking our ancient memories
    Thank you Matt for asking these important questions about our ancient civilizations. We are going through a time of remembering and I believe the rediscovery and remembrance of these ancient technologies will help us in understanding how to use the elements and innate power of the Earth and cosmos to harness free energy, heal our bodies through frequency, and understand the fabric of this reality/matrix we live in.
  • Mpizz144
    Great content
    I feel like this show is about good content, not ad revenue, which most shows are nowadays. The content on this show is spectacular and the conversations are natural. Great show. Enjoy it while it lasts before ads ruin it.
  • zormble
    Not physics
    These star bros have some fun ideas about crystals and the like but if this is a physics podcast I’m a pharaoh
  • Montreia
    Shall I start with FINALLY!!!!
    Thank you for opening this untold history. In a realistic time line!! I’ve been privileged enough to have been to Many locations you’ve mentioned & the feeling was Always, as you’ve stated. So…beyond the time given Respectfully, Montreia
  • Ttvv67
    Host needs to never talk
    Host must talk less .. stop turning 5 words into 200.
  • Bigdaddycatfish5
    greatest podcast to ever exist
    matt blows my mind with every podcast i’ve listened to each one probably 3-4 times. to find out so much about our past makes me happy that one day this type of thinking will be taken seriously instead of the realm of conspiracy. KEEP IT UP MAN. MAKE MORE PODCAST!!! MAKE IT YOUR LIFE!! WE NEED PODCAST 24/7!!! lol. thanks man
  • Gennaro Lobaito
    Great podcast
    Very well researched host and incredibly interesting if you enjoy info on ancient civilizations
  • Lojlin
    Love the show- really hope you continue and maybe you can connect the bizarre things of our world today- to include CERN and the Papacy’s interest in the large telescope they have and how it relates to ancient civilizations But the Nephillim play a part with all the same architectural similarities but it certainly is relevant for today and how it relates to what it all means for us today- those people had a mission that has carried on through out time by a small remnant
  • Barons44
    Good listen, expand your mind
    Great show, Matthew does great work! Look forward to more of these episodes after reading the Stage of Time
  • What Fur
  • n9f20b2
    First Time
    I go back before book “The Celestine Prophecy”. Thank you for putting words to feelings I have had for many years. Seeking truth and understanding through books and Bible. I had put together the fallen Ángels mating with earthling women introducing the Giants and therefore the ruling bloodlines. At my age 73 there aren’t a lot of people interested in those conversations. Also, absolutely aghast as the Taliban and ISIS destroyed the ancient monuments. Thank you for your program. Please don’t use this wonderful site to put down the US. This is not moving forward by constantly repeating negative events. Please know China, Iran, really hate this nation and the most free countries in EU are under the military protection of US. I hope this show is not the norm. Do I hate war, yes. Do I wish all nations loved the US, yes. Is that reality right now, no.
  • Vender33
    Almost all my favorite topics!
    This is the first time I listened to this podcast, I really loved it!
  • ancient Psychonaut
    I can’t get enough and I want more... I need more
  • PutridGospel
    Episode 7
    First review I have written and I mean I should of wrote a lot! James Corbett, no agenda, THC, crow777, I am not trying to take away the glory. But MY MIND IS BLOWN. The gracefulness and conciseness of that message, the two speakers have a very deep seated and firm reality on what’s going on and the destruction of history is a better tool than follow the money....
  • LeaGracelyn
    This is the most grounded and viable explanation I’ve heard about our existence and the current paradigm in which we find ourselves. This makes so much sense without being over the top conspiracy-driven and fear-mongering on the other side. I appreciate that you provide actions we can take individually to affect change. I am Leary of conspiracy theories that only provide circumstantial claims which create more fear with no solution offer. In my mind, that only perpetuates the fear that keeps us locked into the lower level vibration frequencies. I have always said out purpose here is to raise the vibration frequency on the planet. You guys validated that in this podcast. I am glad my girlfriend turned me on to you. Thanks for all you do! You are true blessings and wayshowers! Sending Love, Light, and High Vibes your way. 💜🥰😋
  • ronald smith 245
    Awesome podcast !!!
    Our civilization is in the dark Bring that light bro !
  • sdehave4
    Eye opening and mind blowing!
    I’ve been listening and following Matthew for a while now but his newest podcast with Billy Carson (episode 11) just completely blew my mind. Thank you so much for this eye opening conversation and all the work that you do!
  • DANswers
    We go deep homeboy
    Always love hearing Matt talk about our real history.
  • sskshiva
    Great discussion.
    I am not a historian or history student though, but loved the details of the discussion. How much of time and reading these people spend to get real answers is unimaginable. Great work...
  • durtydurn
    My brain melts when I listen!!!love it
  • 0004566327
    Really enjoyed the question and answer show.
  • MoeBux
    Great show with inspiring perspective
    I love what you are doing and I think it’s awesome that you a bringing such Light into the the world. This show is both educational on alternative history as well as eye opening in the spiritual nature of existence. I think you should hook up with “The brothers of the Serpent” for a swapcast. Also check out “Kosmographia” for the most in depth analysis on Atlantis. Drop the Richat structure nonsense in the bin.
  • Mad At Us Cause They Ain't Us
    Great Show!!
    Great Show!!
  • 12/45))$$&&
    A snuffer in the light
    Given the current state of the world I was searching for some good new astronomy podcast. These people shouldn’t be peddling this nonsense. I’ll Always keep my mind open but these people have let their brains fall out.
  • real steezy
    Waiting for this!
    Haven’t been this excited for a podcast since Randall carlsons cosmographia podcast
  • SirNipsAlot33
    Absolute Mastermind
    Very much enjoy the podcast! Keep up the great work! Love too all 💛🖤💛
  • Bassman97
    Thank you!
    I’ve been following Matthew’s work for the last year or so across various podcasts, and it has truly changed my life for the better. A lot of scattered dots across the page of existence have been connected for me, and I have a better understanding of myself and why I've had a lot of the innate thoughts and feelings over the years without knowing how or why I knew them. Things make a lot more sense to me now, and I’d like to thank you for sharing this information and starting this awakening in me that I’ve been waiting for the past few years. Please continue to share your Truth, it will change many more lives than it already has!
  • TrishaToyota
    For some reason I have been coming across this same content all week. Very enjoyable and informative. Looking forward to learning more🌙
  • newnewtheDon
    Great stuff
    Amazing !!!! Now we need more episodes !!!!
  • dewtx
    Mind blowing
    Mind blowing info on so much stuff we have been forced into believing since grade school !!!!! 🐍 all day serpent
  • Giraffe killa
    Just speechless . Great work!!
  • Jewish hamburger dispenser
    Good work
    I’ve been questioning history since 14. Now I question it more. Thanks for your research that questions everything. More out to the waves.
  • BunchC
    Great podcast
    Keep up the great work!
  • fine_honey
    The swarm
    Thanks for the knowledge
  • Mr.Shinso
    Yeah it was good. Recent tfh appearance led me here I was a fan of his previous visits (matt).... I very much enjoyed the discussion brought forth. Basically who are we and where did we come from. Although I don’t agree with some subjects brought up like nukes , Mars, and dinosaurs. I think there all false narratives to keep up constrained in this matrix like system. I would like to suggest get guests like Freeman fly, Jason lindgren from secrets of Saturn....etc .... very decent first episode . I subbed cause I like Matt and his brain ... other host is decent as well don’t know much about him but I’m happy to take this journey.
  • d_bendel
    Love the Pod!! I am a devout Christian who loves when perspective is brought to organized religion... Matthew does a great job of producing an open environment where parties won’t feel attacked and produces high level information with apologetic backing... the ancient world is awesome!!!
  • Ricky Sticks
    Serpent over Eagle!!
  • The Great Young One
    Pure Genius
    Always great information and TRUTH!
  • Jim Garman
  • africanName
    Thank you!
    I was introduced to you from the Tin foil hat podcast and have been a fan ever since. Keep spreading the truth and opening minds!
  • ThatManJesus
    Eagle Vs. Serpent
    Love you Matthew. Never stop telling your truth and spreading the ultimate truth that humans are more powerful than we know. Will always support.
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