Come step ‘Behind The Velvet Rope’ with all your favorite TV stars and pop culture icons with host David Yontef as he asks his guests all the pressing questions YOU want answered! 

David’s relaxed, friendly interview style has welcomed a wide variety of guests -- from Real Housewives, musicians, comedians, actors, reality stars, designers, Bravolebrities and more! 

Behind the Velvet Rope has been mentioned in publications and media like Vanity Fair, The Today Show, People, TMZ, Page Six, OK! Magazine, Us Weekly, Entertainment Tonight, ExtraTV, Billboard Magazine, Telemundo, Marie Claire, the Wendy Williams Show, Life & Style, Access Hollywood, Perez Hilton, The Daily Mail, Radar Online, Bravo Daily Dish, E!, The Sun, Just Jared, InStyle, Watch What Happens Live, Architectural Digest, Fox News, Hollywood Life, Too Fab, Rolling Stone, USA Today, MSN, The Drew Barrymore Show, Yahoo Online, The Mirror, Women's Health and more! 

Ranked #1 Real Housewives / Reality TV Podcast by BuzzFeed!

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Recent Reviews
  • MollyD OC
    Kathryn Edwards
    Love her takes but can you please tell her to say “Rinna” not “Renna”? She talks about her a lot and it’s so distracting! Love the show!
  • bravobandwagon
    Great Interviewer, love the topics
    Love to listen to this podcast! The topics are the best and it is a great escape from the doldrums of the pandemic. Episodes are never boring!
  • BC2787
    Love love love !
    Always fresh. The best guests. I love how David is so interactive with his listeners as well. It really makes watching reality tv a more immersive experienc. I love knowing the secrets and behind the scenes tea. Listening now ♥️ thanks David
  • AngelinaF97
    Interview Style
    The best thing about this show is David’s interview style. He is so casual, gets guests to relax and open up, knows pop culture facts I, and most people have never heard of, and gets everyone to divulge their deepest secrets. He really cares about his subjects. Recently Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo cried during their chat and told him it was the best interview of her life. It was so powerful. Anyone who loves Bravo, Reality TV and Pop Culture needs to list. Oh also, its 5 days a week and the Patreon bonus shows are even more insanely good.
  • Lil' D Turn
    Where have you been all my life?
    I don’t know what rock I’ve been living under, but I just stumbled upon David Yontef’s Behind the Velvet Rope Podcast, and I’m obsessed! As a podcast fanatic, I’m ashamed that I’m just now finding out about this amazing show with a host who is so entertaining and real. Give it a listen. You won’t regret it!
  • suebmoe
    David has ALL the guests you want to hear from
    I don’t have a lot of time, so I'm super choosy about the podcasts I choose to listen to. If you care at all about Bravo, then this is literally the only show you need (unless you’re looking for recaps, in which case I recommend Watch What Crappens). David gets the best guests - the guests that leave you wondering, “How did he get this person to come on his show?” Answer: he knows everybody and he’s a solid interviewer. He’s the kind of interviewer who knows when to talk and when to listen and let a guest roll, so you will find that many of the interviews are deeply fascinating. HIGHLY recommend you also go to Patreon and ante up. You’ll find way more depth and longer interviews. It's definitely worth it.
  • TullyLane
    Fran Drescher & Kelly Bensimon
    David’s guests get better EVERY week. Blown away by his interview style. Best Podcast for Pop Culture and Bravo. Love.
  • auberti0721
    Love this podcast!! Great guests and conversations <3
  • MiksMoi
    Fran Drescher
    David has conducted the best interview I’ve ever heard with Fran Drescher and as a Superfan of hers I’ve heard them all. Now obsessed with this show. If you aren’t listening you are missing out
  • MelisaG62312
    LOVE this podcast!
    I LOVE this podcast! I listen to every episode released and have my notifications on for new ones! 😆 David is an excellent at interviewing every guest he has on, I am always fascinated by each person and find myself truly invested in what they are saying. My favorite interviews are always the ones with past housewives. He has a way of getting to the meat of the conversation without being overtly pushy. Truly enjoy listening! ❤️
  • JenM08648
    Okay but SO. MANY. ADS
    I get this is a business for people and I appreciate the hustle but this podcast has WAY more commercials than any other podcast I listen to!
  • arcrawley2
    My Fav
    Behind the Velvet Rope is one of my favorite podcasts. I listen to every episode and love the Patreon episodes with Richie Sky! If you love reality tv (not just Bravo) you will love this podcast!
  • deeno4
    Fran Drescher!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Wow. Wow. Wow and Wow. The Guests getter BIGGER and BETTER EVERY week. This show has grown into a bona fide hit and there are two reasons why. One the guests are huge - Fran Drescher - wow. The second - David Yontef is a brilliant interviewer and is not afraid to ask the hard hitting questions. Highly recommend.
  • Kelly's Opinion Makes Sense
    As a new listener to podcasts in general, I was fortunate to find Behind the Velvet Rope pretty quickly in my search for interesting podcasts. As The Real Housewives franchise is a guilty pleasure of mine, it was pretty cool to find a podcast with so much access to such a big collection of reality personalities/stars with connections to not only The Real Housewives, but a bunch of different shows from all different networks. The host David Yontef is not afraid to ask the hard questions. He does so in a way to make guest comfortable enough to spill all the detail. Fun and interesting show. Highly recommend giving it a listen.
  • Rungirlcc12
    Binge worthy material
    Love listening. Great podcast to get into.
  • SiSON692
    Amazing show!
    David is such a great interviewer. Also the guests are top of the line and tell some pretty fascinating stories.
  • Emo28
    Feed my need for Some Bravo gossip
    David gives just enough to talk about and gossip about. I swear my friends think David is a close friend as I refer to him by name 😂 5 stars for his interviews and up to date information. However, I do agree the no warning that a commercial is coming is a bit annoying but that what that 30 second forward button is for I guess. 😂 Whatever. The bigger picture is amazing. Thank you for the entertainment. Juniorluv30 on IG 😉 The shows are so juicy that I’m listening to “all” his podcasts to get a sense of My pal David. 😁 Give it a listen, you won’t regret it. ♥️
  • vivvyviv6
    The guests
    Keep getting better and better. Big names in pop culture. Blac Chyna. Wow. Jerry Springer. Wow. Theresa Caputo. Wow. Highly recommended
  • pattysven
    David is a Brilliant Interviewer
    The best. He gets so much tea. Kelly Bensimon was the best. She hasn’t changed one bit. What a get.
  • jaaaaaackkssssooonnn
    David is my go to for all things Bravo and more!
    I love listening to Behind The Velvet Rope podcast because David definitely does his research! He is a former attorney so, you get a legal perspective as well and let’s face it, we ALL need the dirty deets!! I love his gentlemanly style of interviewing that seems to get the guests to let their guard down and open up! This is THE BEST!!!
  • Former flat squirrel
    I love ❤️ BTVR!
    I originally started listening to David’s podcasts for all of the real housewives & friends deep dives. I have since been hooked as he has such a wide variety of guests that I have thoroughly enjoyed. I find his voice and personality very charming and fun! He has his special way of making his guests feel comfortable as he asks the questions we ALL WANT TO know the answers to! If you’re a Real Housewife fan, definitely check it out as he has lots of current, past and friends of HW’s often on his show. I’m definitely a fan of BTVR and would highly recommend it. David has so many shows he puts out per week that there is some thing for everyone! I look forward to listening almost every day. Paige
  • Shawac
    Not great
    I listened to the Josh Flagg episode and I find the frequency of commercials so distracting. It feel like I can’t even listen to this interview because every few minutes is a commercial.
  • iNick1224
    Deep dives into “those people”
    BTVR doves deep into the real housewives gritty realities we don’t see! During quarantine I binged several franchises and immediately needed to know all the stuff the cameras didn’t show me so if that something you’re into, this is the show for you! Great stuff!!
  • Shmorgesborge
    Loving Stepping Behind The Rope!!!
    Are you a Bravo fan? Do you enjoy a good interview with a random reality celeb new or old??? David has the connections to get some pretty interesting if not random interviews and I’ve enjoyed every one of them!!! Ad this one to your library - won’t be sorry.!
  • em4023.
    Ms. Kelly Bensimon
    The most hilarious, epic, non stop ride interview David has every done. Run through the streets for this one.
    Great Podcast
    David has a great podcast! Very entertaining and interesting. He is intriguing and has good topics and guests well. Give it a listen!
  • Nicnic815
    I’m Loving Behind the Velvet Rope!
    I finally found a podcast that I can consistently listen to and enjoy! Every interview is interesting and fun. David does a great job of asking questions and getting the guest to open up. I enjoy it so much that I joined his Patreon, which is really fun to listen too! Lastly, his advertisers are the real deal. One brand in-particular that I tried is ORG SKIN CARE and he wasn’t lying! These products are great! Looking forward to listening on and trying other recommendations that David talks about. Definitely an entertaining podcast !
  • deanna_b9934
    This show is brilliant. This here Aussie loves me some Behind The Rope. David is a charm and it feels like two best friends talking instead of formal interviews. Housewives, Bravo and so so much more. Highly recommend.
  • mattyjade1
    No way
    Dorinda chat was epic. Erika Jayne chat even better. What podcast has Erika and Dorinda and LuAnn and Sutton and Gizelle and Meredith Mark’s and Whitney Rose and Wendy Osefo and Lisa Barlow. Do I go on? David is the king of housewives. Name one other Podcast as successful. I’m waiting….
  • Kramersmama08
    Best podcast for housewife fans
    When I want inside scoops or anything housewives this is my number 1 go to podcast ❤️David is my favorite interviewer❤️Absolutely love how he interacts with his followers❤️
  • Carrie112704
    Pop culture go to podcast!
    When you want all the deeds on the most recent going’s on, this is a great podcast.
  • bay area lady
    Josh flag difficult
    It felt as if Josh flagg didn’t want to be there. Painful!
  • Kenna0282
    Tabatha Coffey
    OMG David does 5 shows a week just realized I missed one of the best episodes ever. It has been years and years since Tabatha did a Podcast. What a delight to discover her sitting in David’s back catalogue. The best podcast to deep dive into. Keeps me busy for hours. 10 stars
  • EricaO3
    The MOST diverse group of guests anywhere. Fav eps have been Dorinda Medley, Bad As$ Lisa F’ing Bloom, Legend Jay Manuel and Janice Dickinson. However, dying to know who the A list actresses David says he has lined up are. He says there are many and now I have every guess running through my mind. THE beat Podcast out there for Housewives. Pop Culture Legends and A list Hollywood Talent!!
  • cuppycake1992
    Luann, Eboni & Sutton
    Just discovered this show though a Bravo Instagram and I cannot believe the amount of current housewives on the show. Luann, Eboni and Sutton were all great and current. Just as I was thinking, where is Potomac, oh hello, there David has Gizelle from this season. Addicted
  • popcornfan4430
    More Dorinda Please
    David is the hardest working Podcaster out there. With 5 show a week I am just now getting to the Dorinda interview. I have never seen her so happy or relaxed. It was like a whole new Dorinda. I kinda like her now. That is the brilliance of David as an interviewer. He has a way to relax his subjects, like two friends talking, and draw out things we have never heard before. The best of all the Dorindas out there
  • ddtj45
    Dorinda Again
    Addicted to the Dorinda chat. By far the best and most natural of all the chats she has done. Loved that David focused on Dorinda and not the past RHONY drama. Bravo. Please have her back!!!
  • Aa099623
    Dorinda Medley - Best Interview of All
    This chat with Dorinda is BY FAR the best of her entire Book launch. I had to listen to it again because I cant even understand how this is the same woman I watched on RHONY. I like her now and never thought that possible. David is a mastermind at what he does, like two old friends talking. The chemistry they had. Other favs were Tabatha Coffey, Luann de Lesseps and the 3 times Sutton has been on. The ONLY place for Housewives fans.
  • nytooc
    Too many pauses with no reaction
    Not sure if David is thinking or he just pauses and then just gives the same reaction of “I know” or “totally”. Speaks very slow and has long pauses when speaking during an interview
  • jodie8301
    Great guests and content!
    If you love pop culture and reality tv, this is a fantastic podcast to listen to. I look forward to the guests every week! David is fantastic and asks the questions we want to hear. Keep up the great work!
  • mich hung
    Love your podcast! Found you during covid. You are so genuine ❤️
  • Mrndogs3
    🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟Get Roped “7” Days a week!!
    David ✨ Thank you for working so hard to bring us outstanding content! It’s incredible how hard you work & always bringing it! You’re the real deal.. ✨
  • Brandon1111z
    The best podcast out there!!!
    David is such an amazing interviewer, he lets all his guests speak with out interrupting which is surprisingly not common! David is funny, caring, and brings out the best in this guests. i would recommend following him if you haven’t already!
  • barbB556
    Dorinda Medley / Sutton Stracke
    Back to back blockbuster Housewives!! RHONY and RHOBH. David is killing the game! Best Pod for Bravo.
  • ravensbabe
    My favorite podcast!
    I have listened to other reality podcasts out there, but nothing comes close to David! He asks all of the questions that I as a viewer want to know the answer to! I am a huge Bravo fan - so I love all of the Bravo - lebrites - and he definitely gives the inside scoop! He has great guests and I never miss an episode! It is the must listen for every Bravo fan - believe me!!! Thanks David!!!!
  • Sean Correa
    Ive been listening since the start of the pandemic and I love listening to every one of my favorite celebrities and david’s inquisitive questions that always get asked in a friendly non invasive form. Amazing context !!!
  • Mol1818
    So entertaining!
    I love this podcast. The guests are consistently interesting and this podcast gets me through my work days. I also appreciate the daily drops of new episodes. Love it!
  • redheadchic.
    Dorinda Medley!!!!
    The BEST episode David has EVER done. Bluestone Manor, Real Estate, RHONY. Wholly trifecta! Loved both parts of the 2 days Dorinda chat.
  • katie_jo/
    Make It Nice
    Wholly Blue Stone Manor. David got an interview with Dorinda Medley!!!! I am not sure how he does it, but David has the Midas touch. Anyone who is not listening to this Podcast is missing a lot. I have listened to every Bravo Podcast and gave up 99.9% of them. David is the best Bravo show out there. Danny P a close second. All the others are a hard pass. Dorinda Medley was the BEST he has ever had. Everyone must listen
  • LindaYogaGirl
    Hardest working man in podcasting! Best interviews with a wide variety of A thru D list celebs we love. Support David on Patreon—he gives us so much! Loved the Elyse and Barbara episode. Thanks David!
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